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Griffin Lee

Location: The Framework
Skills: Battle Axe Proficiency
Personality Traits: Brave Prideful Adamant Trusting Courteous Malcontent

"...氤戩嫚 臁措倶 牍澕." Grif curses under his own breath in his mother tongue; having not only just stuffed up his axe throw with his Quicksilver-given injuries but witnessed Sami getting downed by one of his fired shots being redirected back at him, courtesy of the same speedster, clean through his heart. Fortunately, this was a simulation with simulated injuries and death, just an apprehension test of sorts to assess our proficiency as newly enhanced agents, the farthest from a life-or-death situation. Still... that looked real unpleasant for Sami.

Never mind that. He needed to keep the mission as the first concern, despite their best efforts the speedster would simply not take any damage if at all, let alone be taken down. And with him in commission, freeing the hostages was out of the picture by a long reach. The X-Men was right: he would need to leave them for now and head for the virus instead, with any luck the others might have already secured it. Less than a moment spared to gather himself, some of the pain shooting through his body had subsided, slowly pulling together before dashing for the stairways downstairs.

As he sprints, or at least attempts to with his worn limping, Grif experiments with his new powers on the fly. A concentrated glow gathers, at the tip of his index finger aimed at Pietro, before shooting off as a focused beam of light that speeds towards its target. Only to fall short and leave a distinct singe mark on the wall behind the speedster, seems that his aim is still set off with his broken ribs. "鞌皽." He scowls at another miss before retreats into the stairways.

Bellamy Hughes

Location: Stark Tower - Top Level (Floor 93)
Personality Traits: Fearless Zealous Loyal Unpredictable Idealistic Forceful

Bellamy was more than fine with Magneto and Wanda do all the talking, though he would never admit it out loud he carried himself with quite some caution; he had never met so many mutants in one area. Joining the Brotherhood was... enlightening at the very least, at no point did he ever have any delusions of grandeur about being the 'strongest' but it was another thing to be humbled in front of real power from the likes of the Master of Magnetism. He'd do just fine by not taking any of the X-Men at face value here, case in point is Quicksilver, easily picked out to be one of the more formidable potential adversaries out of the gathering, despite the speedster having just taken cover behind the sofa. Wonder what would stealing his speed be like? He mused on his train of thoughts having lost interest in the exhange of dialogue fast.

All of a sudden, his attention shifts right back as one of the X-Men had jumped up to his feet and trained a bow-and-arrow at them, all sorts of wild noises being let off from the olive toned mutant. What a foolhardy reaction to having just arrived here to offer assistance. Preach peace, offer violence much? Bellamy leaps in front of the archer's line of sight, hand stretched out cautiously. "Mate, just first hear out what we have to say before you poke someone's eye out with that, alright?" He would advise the other mutant, the accent thick out of the Australian bushlands, "And might as well stow the bloody, handy menagerie away for now, ay?" Glancing back at his two comrades, or rather just Magneto, trying to find some level of approval after his actions.

Griffin Lee

Location: The Framework
Skills: Battle Axe Proficiency
Personality Traits: Brave Prideful Adamant Trusting Courteous Malcontent

Grif gasps for air as he lays collapsed on the cold office floor, his own weight acted against him as it painfully pressed down onto his broken ribs, a total of three so far. Virtual simulation or not, the whole experience couldn't have been any more real for him, being reduced to such an incapacitated state in a matter of moments. But he wasn't a battle-seasoned, combat-capable soldier of three years for nothing; pain was no stronger to him. It could have been the coursing adrenaline, experimentally enhanced endurance or just sheer willpower but Grif would pull himself to his feet, propping himself with his axe drawn out. The very act cause more pain to swell up across his frame, he would've liked cave into the blunt trauma but he soldiered on through the pain.

In the midst of pulling himself together from being a wheezing mess on the ground, he would fail to take much notice of the glitches in the Framework; be it distorted voices, bodies twisted and displaced beyond the limits of the human body. At any rate, Grif was currently acting on battle instincts alone, his body on auto-pilot as he wearingly borders between conscious and unconscious. He would hurl his battle axe with one good arm at Pietro, the speedster somewhat distracted and glitching in and out. But at the last moment, a sharp jolt of pain would tear across his chest, his grip would slip and the axe goes off-course and would hit the ground, missing Quicksilver altogether, and the axe blade would dig few inches into the office floor. The entire motion would aggravate the broken ribs even further, nearly having him black out on the spot.

"I'm stil... standing here, one way or the other." Grif manages to croak out, both arms lowered at his sides, practically driven to complete exhaustion at this point. Yet he refuses to be beaten like this.

Griffin Lee & Sami Rhodes

Location: The Framework
Skills: Photokinesis Power Sensing

Grif murmurs to himself, "I haven't switched it on yet?..." He noted that the lingering effects were gone, for the most part, surprisingly feeling rejuvenated; the feeling didn't look like it would let up any time soon. He looks back down at his two hands, some sort of sensation he couldn't exactly put to words began gathering at his palms, it almost seemed tingly as if鈥 his eyes closed shut on reflex as a bright light flashed in front of his face. Slowly blinking his eyes, he watched as from his hands a radiant glow was given off, not wanting to give away their position Grif quickly clenched his fists and dug them into his pockets, dropping his battle axe at his feet.

"Well, shiiiit." Sami whispered, wincing as the light flashed and danced at Grif's hands. Sami himself was still working out his own powers, so he couldn't quite focus as to whether or not this was the latent power he had sensed seconds ago, or simply an entirely different one. Besides that, it seemed to be useful. As a distraction, maybe? Could it even be used as a weapon? From what it seemed, it was glowing brighter than phosphorus... which made for a painful interaction with one's retinas.

"Yeah, I guess I'm some sort of human flashlight, an human torch if you will." Grif hastily goes over the situation in his head: multiple hostages with all seven in serious conditions, one Pietro Maximoff as an enemy combatant with super-speed, Sami with his hand-to-hand skills and his sidearm, and himself with the ability to shine light out of his hands. A plan in the makings begins to form inside his military-honed mind, attempting to come up with some sort of stratagem that'd take down a speedster like Quicksilver with as little loss as possible. An idea hits him, being one of those moments in cartoons when a light bulb goes off above a character's head.

"Sami, I've got a plan that has a surefire way of dealing with the speedster. So here's how it is..."

It took less than a few minutes for him to explain the plan to his fellow Operations agent, and even less them to get into their positions. The newly-discovered photokinetic sneaks around the pile of unused desks and cubicles before making his way to Quicksilver, who currently had his back turned away from him, as silently as possible. Before long he was now only two feet away, having gone unnoticed yet, his hands slowly start reaching for Pietro and it seemed as if his improvised plan just might have worked. What happened next seemed like a blur, and it might have just been that in his eyes. One moment he was behind the mutant's back, the next he found himself lifted up by the throat in said mutant's grasp.

"Wow, you really are dumb. You can't very easily sneak up on a speedster you idiot."

Grif only had moments to register those words as he struggled against Quicksilver's grip before a sudden jolt of pain tore through the left side of his chest, he immediately gasps for air but finds none with the speedster's clasp around his windpipe. The adrenaline rushing through his veins helped focus his waning consciousness on the plan, for now, his hands shakingly raised to the mutant speedster's face. See, a flashbang might not have the explosive kick to do any real damage but by producing a flash of light of around 7 million candela, it more than guarantees temporarily blinding anyone looking its way. Grif gathers up the same sensation he had felt earlier on his hands and recreate the radiant flash, this time multiplied by a factor of ten. Pulling through the pain, he managed to gather up what little power he had and let it loose, all under a second.

However, the brief milliseconds it took, might have just been hours to someone with superhuman reflexes like Quicksilver, having moved out of his hands' direction and avoided the blinding flash of light altogether. Instead, Grif's impromptu 'flashbang' move sped across the room in an instant and caught one of the hostages in the face; an unconscious Ayita is startled awake by the blinding glare in her eyes. The plan having gone to hell all under a minute, he stumbles to the ground in immense pain with three broken ribs, struggling to pull himself together.

"Aw, this bitch..." Hiding or even keeping his voice down at this point was pointless. Grif's sneak attack had failed, and after beating the shit out of him, Pietro had already clocked Sami. Reacting faster than he or even Pietro perhaps may have expected, Sami's gun was drawn, raised, and trigger squeezed before Quicksilver even had time to rush him. Unfortunately the bullets landed harmlessly in the back wall, the speedster having moved away in plenty of time before they had connected. Now Sami just had to try and shoot him again... as if it would even be possible with this over-powered asshole.

"Any kinda help would be much appreciated, guys." He called out to the hostages, gun still drawn and circling steadily, scanning the room for any sign of Pietro. Sure, they looked beaten up and were missing out on their powers, but surely they could distract the speedy bastard just a little bit?

Griffin Lee

Location: The Framework
Skills: N/A

Grif's first impression of gaining superpowers from the experiment was underwhelming at best as the past twentysomething minutes, since he woke up from the medically-induced coma, went by like a breeze. First, he remembers waking feeling strangely energized yet nauseous, like that one time he was stuffed with nothing but junk food after a day-long splurge if he could best describe the sensation.

Director Fury then enters the room accompanied by two other agents before briefing us of a practice mission into a virtual reality simulation, aptly dubbed the 'Framework', where our objective was to neutralize a bioterrorist attack and secure a group of hostages. Sounds easy enough? Only catch was that we were set up against the Brother of Mutants and and rescue the X-Men on top of that.

As the headsets were passed around, Grif quickly took his and slipped it onto his head, maybe he was acting in haste but frankly he just needed to get outside even if he wouldn't technically move from his bed. Almost seemed as if he was sick from spending however long he did indoors, it was strange, considering he never once had a claustrophobic episode before. Whatever it was, he wanted out.

Grif opened his eyes, finding Sami and himself on the top floor of some lab building, looking like the typical office space, with no sign of the other agents. He was sure that he put the headset as soon as he received his but only after he saw Abercrombie and Johnson do the same, which begs the question about their whereabouts. Perhaps one of the bugs, earlier mentioned by Agent Fitz during the mission brief, is to blame? Still, if the situation posed any real danger he was more than sure that the Director would have ordered the both of them to be pulled out of the simulation. With that being said, his mind crystallizes into strict, military discipline - assessing the environment and prioritizing the mission objective's completion.

Moving from his spot behind some unused desks and cubicles, he peeks around the corner to get a better idea of his surroundings. A group of six people was tied up from across the building floor but other than that Grif couldn't make out much. He ducks back behind cover and left constrained to his position, having hardly any known factors to act upon and not to mention the complete lack of awareness about his own powers. Glancing down at his own two hands, Grif briefly mulls over what they could be. Flight? Telekinesis? Precognition? Optic Blasts? He couldn't tell from what he had to go off of, he certainly didn't feel any different other than the lingering nausea.

He glances back at Sami another Operations agent he quickly befriended upon meeting, the two having trained with and sparred against each other, and spent quite a lot of downtime together. A solid partner to have for the mission ahead, "Sami, you good? We might've just experienced some of the bugs firsthand, can't say for sure." Grif asked him as he draws his one-handed battle axe out from its sheath by his side, "I spot a group of six tied up across from us, most likely our hostages. Do you have a grasp on what your powers are? I haven't got a clue about mine yet." Up against the Brotherhood of Mutants he'd very much like their chances with some semblance of an idea of what their powers were than as they were now.


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