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Might be good, I'd have to research her and her Stand again since its been a long time since I've watched part 3. You have a bio on your oc?
Which female from part 3? I'm guessing Mariah or Midler?
How are you with OCs? Parts 2-4?

I'm not a huge fan of OC's, but I am also not 100% against them either if there is doubling involved and the plot is good lol Out of those parts, 4 is my least liked part besides 6. I only really like Rohan, Kira, and Jotaro and I can't say how good I'd be at Rohan or Kira, I'd probably decent with Jotaro lol As far as 2 & 3, I'm a little more keen to. Have played Joseph, Caesar, Kakyoin in past, and Dio.

Were there specific characters you were mainly interested in pairing against in those parts?
Lets strike a pose, Jojo-style!

Anyways, abbacchio here. Short and simple, I am looking for a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure roleplay or two. Well as many as I can get, truly.
I am a 31y female seeking 18+ partners, can roleplay over DM's or Discord, and prefer MxM pairings over others. I am open to AU and canon plots, though I do lean more towards AU ideas. I am also very willing to double/triple and even have multiple rps with the same partner so feel free to suggest it!

As far as JJBA goes, I've seen parts 1-6, read SBR, but I am mainly seeking pairings from part 5 and 7. I also will do crossover pairings too.
Bold will my character choice/preference, if neither are bold I will play either.

Abbacchio x Bruno
Prosciutto x Risotto
Melone x Ghiaccio
Melone x Risotto
Melone x Prosciutto
Abbacchio x Risotto
Prosciutto x Bruno
Abbacchio x Bruno x Risotto x Prosciutto
Diavolo x Doppio
Diavolo x Prosciutto
Risotto x Doppio
Gyro x Johnny
Diavolo x Funny Valentine
Jotaro x Kakyoin
Jotaro x Rohan

NSFW allowed
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