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Current 4 years later~
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Replies will be slow due to upcoming exams. Have patience. I'm sorry for any delay
5 yrs ago
I seriously do not understand why I need Calculus for Computer Science. Let me just take my programming classes and get this degree over with....
5 yrs ago
Stressful Calculus test tomorrow. Completely clueless. Will be slow to reply for a few days while I recuperate...
5 yrs ago
It's been 4 months since I disappeared from this place...and it's never looked so beautiful O_O
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I draw crappy pictures of animals. I play a lot of video games. That's my life.

I'f you're interested in starting a 1x1 with me for whatever reason:

I can play any gender
I will post at minimun one paragraph a post. At least enough for you to go off of
I'm no stranger to dark themes and gladly accept them
I'm fairly open minded

Fandoms and Genres
Assassin's Creed
How to Train your Dragon
My Little Pony
Apocalyptic survival (zombie/post-war/ect)
Some casual slice of life

So hit me up with your ideas

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