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Replies will be slow due to upcoming exams. Have patience. I'm sorry for any delay
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I seriously do not understand why I need Calculus for Computer Science. Let me just take my programming classes and get this degree over with....
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Stressful Calculus test tomorrow. Completely clueless. Will be slow to reply for a few days while I recuperate...
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It's been 4 months since I disappeared from this place...and it's never looked so beautiful O_O
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I draw crappy pictures of animals. I play a lot of video games. That's my life.

I'f you're interested in starting a 1x1 with me for whatever reason:

I can play any gender
I will post at minimun one paragraph a post. At least enough for you to go off of
I'm no stranger to dark themes and gladly accept them
I'm fairly open minded

Fandoms and Genres
Assassin's Creed
How to Train your Dragon
My Little Pony
Apocalyptic survival (zombie/post-war/ect)
Some casual slice of life

So hit me up with your ideas

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Red still needs fleshing out but hes basically a Test Tube baby grown from DNA of a human and ET species. He has weak and developing psychic abilities and hears voices. He was a reject created to be a Super Solider.

He also has a very long and super fluffy white tail.
I really hope I'm not keeping this RP back. My character doesn't have much significance at this early point but still XD I hate when personal issues arise right as an RP gets going >_>

Sorry in advance guys :P
Ahhhhhh it's started! XD

I'll think of a character tomorrow and post it :3

Actually...I think I have a character I can use

Now I'd be changing a lot about him, mixing things up about his personality and such to better fit the unpredictable twist and turns that may pop up in this RP, but for the most part if there's anything in the original that's meh to you, let me know :3
Right now I don't have time to edit it, so I just copy/pasted the original :P Will get to it later in the day n_n
I think I'll give him an animal form for no reason other than I feel like drawing him and I can only draw...not people.
Oh hey. Yeah I'm still interested, just got myself caught up in life stuff and the works. Still in works actually, so I'll read this thread another time. Just dropping by to say I'm here n_n
Okay well that's fine. Like @Takashi is saying, theres a good lot of us so we can discuss how we want this to go down while we wait. It doesnt seem like the GM had a clear idea of what they wanted, just the basic concept, so I doubt anything we think up will stray to anything they had in mind when/if they return. If it turns out they dont come back, which I'm guessing they might not, then we'll just roll with what we've got.

On setting, ill throw in my hat on a modern setting.

Hmmm..I dont know what we're all thinking will come out of this RP, but are there any of us who may have have an outlandish character in mind, such as possibly non-humanoid or powers and magic?
It looks like you may be full but might as well ask if there's room

I love the concept of Kingdom Hearts , the world hopping, and am currently in the middle of the first game so I dont have too much lore. Which is exactly why I'm interested in this since you are taking your own liberties and creating a sort of fresh start away from the cannon
Well an RP like this wouldn't be too hard to whip up but I agree. I'll stick around for the OP to return from god-knows-where :3
As Oliver followed behind the yellow Shih Tzu, he was in awe at the beauty of the town. It was extremely simple and open, the houses, from what he could tell, were nicely spaced out and everyone had room to roam and explore despite the small size of the town. As they passed the white roofed house he tried to read the sign attached to the fence. Before he could get close enough to read the words, Isabelle had already took a guess. Medeina. Isabelle and Medeina. Two names down, however many to go. Oh gosh, how he was expected to memorize and familiarize with all the townsfolk, Oliver didn't know. He would have to eventually, in order to fill the role of a good Mayor. For now, he would brush that worry aside. The names and familiarity will come with time. Baby steps.

Oliver returned his attention to Isabelle, blinking to focus his eye sight and silently cursing his less than perfect vision. As they neared another residency, Oliver caught the scent of salt water, the sound of gentle waves breezing by him. He took note of the upcoming houses location. "Chester must have a great view. I'm kind of jealous," he stated, a lighthearted laugh caught in his tone. He hadn't noticed that he had started to walk a little ahead of Isabelle, passing Chester's home and reaching the edge of the cliff. It was still early and the sun was shining high above the horizon but Oliver could already imagine the sight of a golden sunset slowly retreating behind the ocean. He peered over his shoulder at Isabelle and perked up a dreamy smile. "Does this town have any prime real estate looking over the beach?" he asked, turning back to look out across the ocean's surface. "We didn't have this sort of thing back where I'm from," he uttered under his breath just enough to be heard.
Echo hovered over to the ships guns, looking them over as a blue light shining out of his core as is scanned over the surface. “This thing can fight through an armada?” He took a few feet back to fully take in the ships exterior. “Well it definitely looks the part.” The ship wasn’t too big, but it definitely stood out from the other jumpships. He turned to ask Holliday how more about the ship and the added features that she had failed to mention but she had already made her way back to her little corner of the loading dock. In her hands was a tablet of sorts, a silver frame with a light blue holographic screen within. Just after she tapped a few things on the screen, a plethora of information flooded Echo’s database. He now had access to the blueprints and could see the inner workings of the ship itself. It was fitted with new tech that Holliday herself designed and had planned to embed into the newest models of jumpships. Some of this tech included a cloaking mechanism, enhanced tracking on weapons, as well as a cleansing circle built into the small infirmary, a technology extracted from the Vex. Echo returned to Evana but was distracted by the joyful and ecstatic shouting of the young ghost belonging to the human Warlock.


Echo slowing turned his attention to his guardian, amused by the other ghost’s reaction. “Hmm?”
“Stay here, have a look around. I must grab a few things from the Vault before we take off,” Evana instructed, already starting to walk away toward the Vaults.

“Roger, roger,” Echo replied, turning to face the ship when he sees the overjoyed ghost rush out and stop just at the entrance of the ship, exclaiming that there was a minifridge on board. “Sweet…” he murmured, floating toward the entrance. Just as he passed the other ghost he asked, “Think you can steer this baby, kid?” half chuckling as he asked. He went inside to check out the interior, going by a fellow guardian who had made herself comfortable in one of the seats. “I bet the fridge is empty,” he said to no one in particular.


It didn't take long for Evana to access her Vault, a virtual storage system that holds all the loose items, weapons, and armor she had acquired over a few years. In all honestly, she didn't need much. It was just a relief to be away from all those guardians. There wasn't too much as she didn't feel the need to have anything other than her MIDA Multi-Tool, though she kept a few others around. Mostly, one of each type she felt she'd ever need. Looking through the list of items she had stored, Evana selected some ammo synthesis, in the event of particularly sticky situations. She grabbed an old sniper rifle she had purchased from Future War Cult a long time ago. Though she hardly used it, she didn't know what exactly she'd be facing. It's always better to be safe than sorry, something she had heard was a common term in the olden days.

As she exited out of the Vault, Evana threw her head back, glaring out at the open sky, the large and broken structure that was the Traveler hovering protectively over the Tower. She let out an softly audible sigh before starting her walk toward the others.
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