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Current Back in my day, the site was grayer, and it took 15 years to get an Advanced RP started, onloy for it to crash and burn in less than 15 posts.


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We're not even trying, don't kid yourself.
Wait, what?

You lie.
In MOONQUEST 5 yrs ago Forum: Spam Forum
>Go peep dat shit in that puddle over there.

If it were just a rock I don't see why it'd be a different color than the rest unless it was important.
In Breakfast 5 yrs ago Forum: Spam Forum
Spam is filled with just as much quality as I remember.

That's not my mood, I just enjoy posting that gif.

Who are you?
Life is work. Everyone is an idiot except for me.

Why am I here?
Taaj said
Makes me upset that people think mental and emotional illnesses like depression, anxiety, etc is a choice. Do you really think I or anyone else would CHOOSE that for themselves? Really?

Remember, these are probably the same people who think you can "pray the gay away", and that simply having faith that your Super-Cancer+AIDS combination will be cured will cure it.

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