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5 yrs ago
Current Back in my day, the site was grayer, and it took 15 years to get an Advanced RP started, onloy for it to crash and burn in less than 15 posts.


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Is there still any room in here for one more, eh?
gr8 m8 i r8 8/8 don't hesit8 or h8
MDK did you die?
Who was banned? Other than Turt.

I saw Hank was still here and was quite surprised.
Kaga said
You don't need to feel guilty about leaving Spam. We're just an internet forum. You're not exactly obligated to come here on a regular basis or anything.

Since new spam doesn't seem to get anywhere near the activity old spam did before the wipe, it's hard to stay motivated in dropping by these days.
Totally forgot I posted this.

So, anything of note happen while I was away?

ImANargleHunter said
Who the fuck are you

Missed you, too.
It doesn't seem like April was the last time I was here...
Awson said
There was a Spam meet-up and everyone died. I've been struggling with my feelings about the whole "me not being invited" thing.


Been gone for a while. Graduating into an abysmal job market and all that jazz.
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