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Though it says it's for a bio... I ain't gonna put anything resembling one in here... Instead I'd just put a hopefully brief collection of words that would describe how I'd do in possibly the most important thing in this forum, character interactions...

  • First off... character preferences... I can run with making either OC's or playing characters from other already established stories provided I know them well enough... Preference for loud characters as well, though I did plan to play a mute at one point, never really got to see how that would work out.
  • Next... Posting style... I'm not terribly interested in doing narratives which means my post will contain a higher share of character dialogue than usual... I tend to let the characters speak for themselves with their dialogue and actions...
  • Which brings me to the last bit... RP preference, the above mentioned traits means I'm more at home in a character interaction centric roleplay than one that's overtly plot heavy. Plot can be dour but as long as the characters involve result in interesting interactions then I'm sold... Though I'd still stay away from anything too "normal"...

And so I'd leave space for anything else that I'd can think of to plonk in here...

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We slow bois
And suddenly that discord idea comes back to haunt us lol.
That sort of just kills the character development ark everyone would have had. Their first interactions and whatnot. Aka killing the best part of a crossover roleplay.

I propose making the characters with inactive players NPC's for the time being.
That was a surprisingly calm 24 hours after a legion post.
I'm not quite sure how this flew under my radar, I like magical girl Roleplays... Permission to participate if you'd have me Vita!
Chris rode a missile from the lower docks up higher (but not all the way to the top) of the station. And Sasaki and Mami was proceeding deeper into the station a fair bit before Chris tripped on the ribbon. So Samus and Kirby would be the closest characters aside from the VIP folks.
Chris Yukine, Meeting Strangers in an Infested Station

"Asking who someone is before introducing yourself? Didn't your mother ever taught you manners?"

Chris replied as she rounded the corner with her crossbows at the low ready position. In front of her, at the end of the ribbon was a girl, slightly taller than her with an overabundance of yellow and gold on and around her. In her hand was an ornate musket complete with engraving and scrollwork. Her hair was in curls and her eyes were a deep gold, and she wore a getup that Chris wouldn't mind wearing herself, course without the silly hat and with the colours redshifted. With the girl was the almost complete polar opposite a man who wore something so Japanese it looked more out of place than Chris's gear. He had long dark hair kept in long ponytail behind him. And with his sword and sharp eyes leveled at Chris, She couldn't help but see a resemblance to Tsubasa.

Chris stopped a comfortable fifteen paces away from the pair, still keeping her crossbows at the low ready position. Her gear has stopped playing music for the time being, but both she and her still had enough phonic gain to keep full operation for a few more minutes before she needs to sing again. She then just waited for a reply. Although she honestly didn't want conflict with the two, she's ready to give battle if it comes to it.

With Chris about to be in direct interaction with other characters, My post will be a bit shorter. Hopefully nobody minds.
Sasaki's hearing is definitely sharp enough to pick out the noises Chris is making... Especially her singing... And her tripping on the Ribbon will likely alert Mami as well, since she ain't exactly a dull blade either...

Chris Yukine Heading Out Into Space

With the song in her heart, and the Ichaival around her, Yukine Chris exists the airlock and starts surfing one of her missiles. With the long telltale trails of rocket motor exhausts following her arcing path up the station from the lower docks from which the old transport landed. Though getting up here was one thing, what to do was another. A quick plan was needed, And Chris can do quick impromptu plans decently well.

The lower docks were safe, for the moment, as the infestation has not quite reached down far enough to threaten the area. However, it's not likely to stay that way.

"Shit... How the hell do I even slow this thing down?"

She thought and grimaced through a small pause in her song. She figures that a place like this would have some security forces fighting somewhere on the station, and since she knows not how to even begin to navigate through the place, it should be better for her to just help whoever is fighting back, wherever it may be... So she deftly steered the missile onto a flesh growth coming from one of the many projections on the station causing it's destruction while coasting towards another service airlock higher up on the station, using the thrusters scattered around her gear for propulsion and steering.

As she closes the airlock behind her. She's greeted with... an empty corridor. It seems like everyone on this area has either been eaten alive and infested, or evacuated... Her stomach turned at the idea of the former, and sincerely wished the latter to be the case. She stopped singing for a moment and tuned out the music from Ichaival with her noise canceling headphones. Amidst the ambient noise of some damaged electronics, and the steady hum of electrical equipment and the ventilation, she could hear a sound that's unmistakable to her, a sound that so terrorized her in the past, and now a sound that is as much a part of herself as her song is. But however she feels about the sound, the sound of gunfire did give her one thing she needed, directions. Gunfire is the sound of fighting, and it's pretty obvious which side of the gunfire she'd like to help. And so she resumed singing, and she ran...

Quickly however she notices something odd about the gunfire, it wasn't the staccato of heavy machine guns, nor the distinct blasts and pops of semiautomatic weapons, but a more subdued thump. It sounds heavy, carrying impact and the rate at which they occur was random instead of constant. These were the sounds of guns unlike what Chris has been used to. But she couldn't stop to ponder about the uniqueness of it as a veritable wall of fleshy THINGS blocked her path.

And at that moment her song became the dirge that shall clear the way to a new path... a new path to where she needs to be that is... Her arm guards first transformed themselves into her usual crossbows, but immediately turned into...

Dakka standard... Her own Gatling's noises drowned out any hints of the gunfire from earlier, and with that she also drowned out the enemies in front of her with a fusillade of gunfire. Against enemies like these, there was no need for fancy movements or melodramatic grace such as what's more common with her colleagues. It was just a simple fire and advance, there wasn't much room to dodge in a corridor, and with her enemies basically clambering over each other, it was difficult to miss anything. She did however keep an eye out behind her for anything that might have any ideas of what flanking is. The only thing out of the ordinary, (if the ordinary was just shooting a mass of flesh slowly being turned into minced meat in the corridor) was a loud boom and a crash somewhere in the station. Though with what's happening to the station right now, Chris decided to worry about it later.

As her song dies down, so does her shooting, and soon the only sound in her vicinity was the dripping of blood and the sound of more broken electronics on the opposite end of the corridor where bullets which have overpenetrated went. She grimaced at her handiwork. While she has seen mutilated flesh like this before, it still didn't sit well with her, doubly so when she's the one that caused the mutilation. She transformed her Gatling guns back to the regular crossbow form as she daintily stepped over the bodies on towards the other end of the corridor.

What was missing however was the unique gunshot noises she was using as a guide earlier. There's only two ways it could have gone... Either the situation was dealt with... The fight has moved on further from her position... or they were overrun... She'd much prefer it to not be the last one...

As she advanced through deeper into the station, she passed by obvious signs of battle, and the lack of the grotesque creatures meant that someone else may have been in the area... Her musings were interrupted when one of her ankle thrusters got caught up on a gold strip on the floor. As she fell, she quickly put her left hand forward and caught herself, flipping over and with the right hand's crossbow at the ready. A few tense seconds later and without being attacked (thankfully) she relaxed a bit before inspecting the culprit... As it turns out it's not some raised part of the floor. It was instead a very tough gold ribbon.

"What the hell is this!?"

She exclaimed as she picked it up. She examined it a bit before her attention was shifted to where the ribbon's ends were... Or rather where they aren't. For the ribbon disappeared around two corners opposite one another. One end leads deeper into the station judging from what she's seen so far, and the other end out towards the edge. She figured it must have been someone leaving a trail that leads to a safe way out for other survivors. It's all well and good, but she's not looking for a safe way out, but if one end is safety, then the other end would lead to the opposite of that. So she decided to follow the ribbon deeper into the station, crossbows and song at the ready.


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