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In Forsaken 10 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
In Forsaken 10 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Version 0.7 posted below. I still need to read through things again and do some editing, but it's starting to get closer to being done.

In Forsaken 10 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
IDK, that seems pretty in character to me. ;)

However, so as to be less difficult, I added a small description of her Moon Elf status.
In Forsaken 10 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Moskau Spieluhr One question. Why is she blue? XD

Because I can't just write a special snowflake (Elf), I have to write the ultimate special snowflake (Moon Elves).

On the reals, I don't actually remember my logic, I just remember reading about moon elves, and deciding it was amusing enough to write up.
In Forsaken 10 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
A first pass (nominally version 0.2):

Version 0.5:

In Forsaken 10 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

One noble Elven wizard (illusionist) turned robber turned card shark turned reluctant party member coming right up.
Teg (Cora)

Teg nodded towards the Judge as he joined her with an amused grin,"Glad to see someone else was spoiling for a proper fight."

As she waited the mercenary felt the familiar thud of docking clamps clamping down on the hull of the damaged ship. Their ship. The only thing keeping them safe from the void of space. Teg was uncertain how her employer, the erstwhile Captain Maria, would manage to pay her if she didn't have a ship anymore. The thought troubled her until she felt another, unexpected shudder and a small explosion on the other side of the hull. Whoever the suspected space scallywags were, they didn't quite seem to understand how boarding actions worked. You didn't blow up your own docking clamps. That was stupid. Very stupid.

Not that pirates were ever the smartest bunch in her experience. Villainous vultures and junkyard jackals, they weren't ready for a real fight. Cowards. They were all such cowards.

Observing sparks as the probable pirates began to cut into the bulkhead, Teg braced the heavy Glaos machine gun against a piece of support beam that ran from the floor the ceiling of the corridor. The Glaos weren't known for their discretion, but they were known for producing some of the finest killing machines that Teg had ever had the pleasure of using.

The sudden explosive sound of a significant piece of bulkhead exploding to the side Teg shouted at the armored figure next to her, "Hey Judge, do you mind if I have the first dance?"

Teg didn't wait for a reply before she squeezed the the trigger of her murder machine. The first space scoundrel had barely managed to steps into the corridor of the Veritas Lux Mea before the heavy Glaos rounds slammed into him. Teg assumed it was a him. There wasn't really a way to tell anymore. The Glaos rounds tore through the whatever passed as armor for a pirate and then exploded in a small shower of beautiful high explosive. Not that it mattered. In death, everyone was equal. Man, woman, cursed Glaos. It was all the same.

Counting loudly to herself, keeping track of every burst she sent down towards the opening in the hull, Teg maintained a steady stream of fire. Teg grinned as another pirate found his or her way to the great space locker of the damned. Several rounds of fire had managed to tag him in his leg and the pirate had time to let out a pained scream before the round detonated. It was not enough. Of course it was not enough. Teg knew it wouldn't be enough. There were more pirates. They had time to move. She would run out of ammo eventually. She had to steady herself to aim in between bursts. She watched with irritation as at least one pirate dove onto the ship, ducking behind cover before she could tear him to pieces.

A loud equally irritating click followed as Teg's gun ran dry. Diving behind the metal support beam, she yelled at the Judge,"Reloading! You're turn to dance, Judge."
Fantasy and Western are a tragically forgotten combination considering the mythos of the West.

I'm also a huge fan of an actually organized GM plot, so I'm in with all my fictional cowboy hats.
Just to bump the thread and to keep myself accountable, more stuff (will probably add more in like 30 mins):

Version 0.3:

Bara om du har kredit, kompis.

I'm just being silly, but Opp would know.
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