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Teg (Cora)

The hiss of the automatic airlock as it saved all of the air from escaping was a welcome sound to the mercenary. They were alive. Somehow. More importantly there were pirates left alive. Pirates left on board the ship. And she had reloaded. She was ready to go.

Two pirates. Two pirates trapped on the Veritas Lux Mea without their shipboard cannons to back them up. Easy kills. Easy money.

Teg didn't waste time waiting for the Judge. He seemed the capable sort, she figured he'd back her play. Firing a hellish burst of molten metal in the direction of the remaining pirates, Teg bounded forward. Bracing against the exposed edge of a the ship's superstructure, Teg walked her fire across the closet pirate. A scream and a flash of red followed sparks as the thin metal plates the pirate had strapped across his chest were punched through.

She couldn't see the other pirate. So she waited. Time was on her side. The Judge was a big enough target. Her finger pulled slowly on the brutish trigger of her weapon and she almost sent a hail of Glaos bullets down the corridor before she noticed her target was a white cloth slowly waving in the air. She shifted her sights upwards and to the left. It would have been an easy shot. The pirates deserved it. But she was curious. She wanted answers. She wasn't mad. Death was part of the job. Personal grudges were not. The pirates would have answers. She was sure she could make them talk.

"What do you want, scumbag!" Teg shouted.

"W- We surrender!"

"What? You surrender?" Teg replied, letting the word roll uncomfortably off of her tongue. "Since when do pirates surrender?"

"P- Please! You got Henders. Our ship is gone. You killed our friends. We surrender! Just let us live! Please!"

Rolling her eyes, Teg nodded towards the desperate pirates as she addressed the Judge, "You got any cuffs?"

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Valanthe Vanatar

"Either charge me or let me go. You've wasted enough of my time, Sheriff," Valanthe Vanatar commanded from the jail cell bed on which she reclined. She had held court in the humble two roomed building that served as the Lanner County jail for the better part of a day and a half. She had received three full meals, consisting of food of such deplorable quality that she had begun to suspect that the Sheriff and his deputy were trying to poison her. Sloppy gruel, nominally oats, sprinkled with a depressing quantity mutton fat and sad looking vegetables that looked to have withered some months earlier were not food fit for a commoner, much less a proud moon elf of a noble house. Where was the fine cheese and wine? Where was the creativity? And most alarmingly why had they not found her a proper chef?

The Sheriff and his deputy were not fools, but they were not conversationalists. She had found the Sheriff handsome enough for a human. The deputy less so, he was far too dull and plain. Val rarely found herself drawn to Halfings, but she did not discriminate. Handsome was handsome, even if they were half your height. Imprisoned, unjustly, always unjustly, she longed for a glass of wine, a dance, and a pretty face to look at. A plain jail cell was no place for a master wizard.

In short, locked behind steel bars as she was, Val was languishing and boredom threatened to overwhelm her at any moment.

Noting the lack of response from the Sheriff, Val tossed the empty metal cup that she had been given against the bars of the jail cell, "Sheriff! Hey! I'm talking to you."

The loud, annoying clank of the metal up as it rattled against the metal bars pleased the wizard. There was no way that the Sheriff could continue to read his newspaper with the racket she had managed.

"I know. Miss Valleau. I'm ignoring you."

Val rolled her eyes. He thought he knew. He believed he had caught her. He had no idea. She'd given him a false name. She'd given them all a false name. She'd been a new person since the day she rode into Forsaken in a comfortable carriage. And her reputation had yet to catch up with her. Forsaken was too remote. It was too filthy. In a city where everyone was trying to hide away from someone or some thing, perhaps a devil or two, a name cleverly adopted on the spot did not stand out.

"Don't make me turn this decrepit building into a heap of rubble with my magic. I'll do it. Just watch me," Val declared sending a spark of magic from a hand.

"You wouldn't," the Sheriff replied finally turning his head towards Val. She could see the hint of doubt and the faint lines of concern that creased his brow. Everyone knew that the boundless power of a wizard was only matched by their anger and vindictiveness at even the smallest perceived slight. It was a reputation Val strove to cultivate. Turning a man into a rabbit for spitting in your direction was a phenomenal way to make a point about the proper respect owed that was owed a wizard.

"I would. I've had my rest and now I'm bored. It's time for you to let me out."

"I arrested you for disturbing the peace when the hotel owner asked you to leave on account of your unsettled tab and your argument with Mr. Redeker over his missing diamond. I'm still waiting to hear back from the Judge. If she wants to charge you, then I'm afraid that you're going to have to stay with us for just a tad bit longer."

"Alleged disappearance of Mr. Redeker's diamond. You didn't find a diamond on my person did you?"

"No, Ma'am, we did not," the Sheriff agreed with a tired sigh.

"And you searched all of my luggage."

"We searched your bag, yes."

"And when you spoke to the charming hotel staff this morning, did one of them perhaps have some information to share about the unfortunate events of last night?"

Pulling slowly on the cigarillo that smoldered between his weathered lips, the Sheriff frowned, "The bartender of the establishment said that Mr. Redeker had been following you around all evening. She said that he was acting most improperly for a gentleman of his age and stature. But I know Mr. Redeker, he's much to old to be chasing a skirt around the ballroom—"

"Sheriff," Val interrupted, summoning all of the offense that she could muster into her expression. "In your place I would be most careful about what accusations I leveled at a wizard. I would be very careful to suggest that an honorable woman was remiss to react with righteous anger when faced with yet another vulgar upstart merchant. I would hate for there to be any misunderstandings."

The Sheriff harrumphed, "And the unpaid tab?"

"Well now, my dear Sheriff, how do you expect me to pay my bill when I am locked behind these stifling bars?"

"But my case..the charges," the Sheriff muttered.

"It would appear that your case lacks much in the way of evidence, Sheriff. One might even say it appears the accusations against be are false."

"You would say that."

"Oh, I'm sure others would agree."

"They might."

"Wonderful, so you will release me at once then?"

"After you threatened to blow up this building with magic?"

"I merely reminded you of the consequences of detaining me past my patience."

"You wizards, you're all the same," the Sheriff grumbled as he finally moved. Putting his boots down from the table, he rose to his feet, and opened the door to the prison cell with obvious irritation.

"Oh, almost forgot. I got a letter for you," he added handing Val a letter.

"I'm a powerful wizard. Of course I received a letter. I'm very important," Val replied cheerfully, practically tearing the envelope from his hands.

"Sure. Whatever you say," the Sheriff said handing Val the letter. "We didn't open it. The seal is still there as you can plainly see."

"I should hope not. Reading a wizard's personal correspondence is a grave offense and I would have had no choice but to be very offended."

Unfolding the letter, Val skimmed the writing with a growing smile. She didn't concern herself with the task. Five hundred dollars upfront was five hundred dollars. Her funds were running a bit low as it was and it would be some days before she could fence Mr. Redeker's prized diamond. He was an awful, filthy dwarf and it didn't bother Val in the least that she had robbed him of a small fortune. Ignorance demanded swift retribution. There could be no mercy when faced with stupidity. Moon elves were never to be compared to the Drow. Least of all by some drunken beard-goblin. Thirty thousand dollars, even split between a party was even more enticing. There were plenty of ways to make thirty thousand dollars disappear if she just had enough time. Val would run a new racket, she'd plan a new scam. She'd be a hero and then she'd be rich. Again.

Offering her most magnanimous smile, Val turned towards the Sheriff,"Sheriff, you wouldn't happen to know where the Caraway Inn is would you?"

"Caraway Inn? Of course I know it. This town isn't big enough to forget an inn."

"Great, directions please."

"Make a right once you're out the door and head down Duran Street. Then make a left past the Singing Orc Tavern. Can't miss it after that."

"Wonderful," Val said gather her possessions from the Sheriff's table. "Thank you for your hospitality, rustic as it was."

"Get out," the Sheriff hissed.

Stepping into the Caraway Inn, Val walked to the with all the poise and grace that an upbringing as Elven noble had afforded her. The inn, if it could be called that was a disappointment. She had hoped that someone like A. G., someone with the resources to offer five hundred dollars upfront for a fool's errand would also have had the foresight and more importantly the refinement to schedule a meeting in a proper establishment.

Still, all was not lost. Money was close and she didn't have to sit down. Smiling gently at the barkeep, Val offered a most noble courtesy and channeled her best traveling-noblewoman-looking-for-romantic-encounter-with-a-simple-farmhand cadence, "Good sir, I have come to call upon my good friend, A. G., however it's been some time since we last met, but they say that the heart remains fondest when—"

"Look, I don't care. If you're looking for A. G., go to Room 301. Door's open and your friends, if you'd call that lot friends, just got here."

Friends? Val thought with a sudden shiver of excitement, noting the carefully contained concern on the barkeepers features. The endeavor was rapidly becoming all the more interesting. The moon elf began to suspect that she'd have fun.

With a final polite nod and a coin, Val turned and headed up the stairs. She reached room 301 just as what sounded to her delicate ears like a Kobold finished a serious sounding rant about the quality of food and the respect owed a cleric of some deity she had never heard of. She suppressed a small shudder, she had no problems with Kobolds. They were a fascinating and ingenious people, but she had suffered far too many long winded lectures on the nature of sin, her sins in particular at the hands of countless excited clerics. She had no patience for theoretical lectures. Her education had been finished decades earlier. She would not go back.

With a measured breath, Val adopted a new persona, gliding into the room with the gentle steps of a kind-hearted noblewoman. When she spoke it was with a soft, rolling accent as she lifted her dress off the floor to courtesy, "H- Hello. I think perhaps, that we might share a new friend. I believe we all here for the same noble goal, yes?"

She smiled at the perfection of her own hesitation. She was enjoying this role already.

I'm working on a Boomer Tribal who views Alfred Nobel as a saint and is on a quest to discover more bombers (the aircraft) for her proud tribe. Unsurprisingly she will specialize in explosives.

@Hexaflexagon Speaking of the Boomers and Nellis Air Force Base, do you have any thoughts on what happened to both (if they both got merced by the NCR, I can always write up some lost tribe of wandering Boomers)?
Awesome lore drop. :D
As one of my favorite RP writers, you'd have my interest based on your past writing alone.

However, this premise seems wonderful, so you have even more of my interest.
In Forsaken 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Yeah, I've got some rough ideas of how things might play out from Valanthe's side, but will be fun to actually test them out IC. :3
Background (and picture if I can ever find one that's not garbage) in bound tomorrow, but here's Version 0.8:

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Poor Soot. He just wants to make the world a better place, one fish at a time.

He's gonna lose a lot of fish to Val over cards.
In Forsaken 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
How's everyone else doing with their characters?

Planning how to steal all off Soot's fish @Crayt.
Before the new year kicks in, I would like to state for the record that I am withdrawing from this RP. It's been a lovely ride but I've just run out of creative fuel for superhero stories. I am particularly grateful for this RP and all of you all as this was my first RP on this forum and posting here helped me get to know a collection of truly wonderful RPers.

There were some really amazing characters and great posts that kept my interest along the way.

With my departure (following Bork) Dakota City is up for grabs, for anyone courageous enough to step off the more established parts of the map. If you have any questions on what I had planned with Bork, don't hesitate to contact me via PM or via Discord.

So thanks again, have a wonderful new year, and I'm sure I'll see you all around at some point!

All the Best,

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