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"El amor es como el fuego. Suelen ver el humo los que están fuera antes que las llamas los que están dentro."


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It is with great regret that I must inform you all that I will be hanging up my magician’s top hat come the beginning of Season 2. A mixture of burnout, the loss of drive to finish Z’s story, and inability to write myself out a hole of my own creation that I must respectfully admit defeat. To all of you that have read Z’s story up to this point and enjoyed it, I truly thank you for that and I hope that maybe somebody in the future I can come back and finish it in the future.

But this is not a goodbye instead it is a hello again. For some time, I have been teasing a “secret project” that I have been working on. Some of you have helped greatly in this project’s conception and some of you have no idea what it even is. All I can promise you that it is going to be one hell of a ride.

Hey y'all doing some planning stuff for season two and I was wondering if anyone had any plans for Nitro. Figured I'd ask while I'm still sketching things out.

Jailbreak In Fairyland VIII

The Royal Palace, Bathhouse, Faerie

"Frankenstein," asked Tefé "like from Alvin and the Chipmunks?"

"That's what you're going with?" Zatanna responded. "Of all the cultural touchstones you go with the one with animated chipmunks? Not Terence Fisher or even Mel Brooks?"

"I have never fraternized with any chipmunks real or animated." Frankenstein asserted.

"That's beside the point!" Zatanna responded trying to drag the conversation back on track."You're Frankenstein? Like Mary Shelly Frankenstein?"

The man in the cage gave a tired sigh.

"I became friendly with Mary and her husband after coming to their aid against a lycanthrope. I would only learn sometime later that Mary wrote a biographical account of my earlier years."

"And then you murdered a king?"

" I did not perform such a brutish act. Murder is something a plebian does when they find their lover is sleeping with another. It is senseless emotion getting the better of the senses." Frankenstein stressed "What I did was peak refinement, grace, and purpose, it was art. I did not murder a king, I assassinated one."

"Murder. Assassination? Does it really matter? Oberon is dead and that makes you the Kingkiller right?" Tefé asserted.

"Ah yes," Frankenstein replied "that title that was so graciously given to me. Is it just to define a man by his darker deeds? Do vilify Einstein for his work on the atomic bomb? Or do we remember him for all his broader contributions to science?"

"Listen," Zatanna said "I'm not interested in judging your past actions. I need a monster hunter and they say you are the best there is. So we are going to break you out and you're going to help me. I think that's a better deal than staying locked up in here and getting experimented on by Anton Arcane, and you?"

Frankenstein stroked his jaw as he pondered the magician's proposition. It was, to say the least for Zatanna to view him in person. Of all the various depictions that a lover of horror such as herself had seen, all failed to capture how human he was. Not even Shelly herself who made broke him down to the desires of revenge and belonging. There was the patchwork skin, the stitching, the bolts, and the destroyed eye yes. But despite his deformities, Zatanna did not see a monster sitting there, she saw a man.

"The opportunity to challenge me against a worthy foe once more is tempting." Frankenstein commented, "Though I do not swear my loyalty to any soul haunted by the dark, who are you girl?"

"First of all, I'm not a girl." Zatanna corrected "And second of all my name is Zatanna Zatara and Tefé is my chipmunk loving friend."

"Aww, you consider me a friend already?"

"Quiet you." Zatanna sniped back before continuing. "I'm a magic user from Earth and I've been having dreams, no, visions of great evil. These visions have come after someone sent a flesh elemental to attack me in my childhood home."

"Zatara you say? That would explain the taste of magic in the air." Frankenstein replied as he leaned in closer against the bars of his cage to get a better look at Zatanna. "I never had the pleasure of working with your father, but I'm aware of his work."

Zatanna let out a frustrated sigh.

"Are all you people getting your lines fed to you by an earpiece or something? I don't care if you knew my dad or jerked off to his picture or whatever! It's not him asking for your help it's me."

The magician pushed air out of her nose trying to regain her composure. Berating the person that you were trying to get to help you wasn't exactly the best of stratagems. She knew it wasn't exactly the man in the cage's fault either that he prodded an emotional nerve. Yet Zatanna wasn't about to lie and say that finally letting somebody have it didn't feel good.

To her surprise though if anything Frankenstein seemed pleased by the outburst. A grin stretched across his stitched together mouth as he buckled over in deep bursts of laughter. Fitting for someone of his gargantuan stature, the laughs felt cavernous. Each laugh more akin to a long deep rumble like stones falling in a rockslide.

"How I've missed humanity's rambunctious nature. These fairies are too concerned with their hierarchies and unspoken unruled rules. They have no spontaneity only calculations, but feeling will drive you to conflict." Frankenstein stated wiping at his eyes with his arm even though Zatanna wasn't sure if he even had tear ducts.

"So you'll help us?" Zatanna asked cocking a brow as she took a step back from the cage.

"If you free me from my current bondage, I will aid you in your endeavor."

"Well, you might want to start working on that quick Z'!" Tefé interjected gesturing towards the cell door.

Ensnared in her conversation, Zatanna did not notice the banging on the door had stopped. It appeared that the guards had gone and gotten something else to aid them. As now Zatanna watched as something was slowly beginning to cut its way through the door. A bright light shining through as the heavy metal bulkhead was pulled away. The progress on the door was slow but consistency in its pace. Already having almost made a man-sized line on one side of the door they didn't have much time.

Quickly Zatanna sprang into action. At first, she tried to use her magic to undo the locks off on the cage, but in a similar fashion to the door, they resisted its effects. Having Tefé use her strength was also a no go, otherwise, Frankenstein would have done so already. Searching the room from bottom to top for any kind of release lever lead Zatanna towards the back wall. A console of strange levers and switches greeted her written in a language that she could not read. Reaching for a lever at random she pulled it down to see what it down.

"This is peculiar..." Frankenstein commented as his cage was now suspended in the air.

"Sorry!" Zatanna replied as she pulled the lever back into its original position.

This is pointless Zatanna thought to herself as she looked over a panel. There was well over a hundred switches and levers and there was no knowing how many needed to be pressed to open the cage. The soft hissing of the guard's cutting instrument continued pressuring her onward. In desperation, she turned over her shoulder and called over to Tefé.

"Do you know how to read this shit?"

"Coming!" Tefé responded jogging over.

Taking Zatanna's position at the head of the console Tefé looked it over. She appeared to be trying to read one of the labels, running a finger along the etched in script as she silently mouthed a word. Nodding to herself, she turned back to Zatanna with a smile on her face.

"You are going to want to stand back."

Stepping away from the console, Zatanna watched as Tefé moved a hand towards one of the levers. A second later she would yell in horror as Tefé plunged her arm directly through the console. The air light up like a rave as bursts of magical energy filled the room. The light from the denotation too bright for the magician causing her to turn away and shield her eyes until it faded. When she was safely able to look back in the other woman's direction rage boiled on her face.

"What the hell was that for!"

"That!" Tefé pointed

The plant elemental was pointing towards the now open cage door. Frankenstein tested the door grabbing at it with a huge hand pulling it open and closed again. Satisfied with his experimentation, the large man stepped out of his cage and onto the floor.

"Freedom at last."

"Yeah, well only if we can get through the guards about to chop through the door," Tefé explained

"Yeah anyone have any other bright ideas in that regard? Preferably not involving punching potentially vital equipment?" She said.

"Hey! How could you've known it was vital if you couldn't -" Tefé was cut off as the room violently shook accompanied by a thunderous boom in the distance. As the shaking subsided, the magical lights in the room sputtered out. Outside the room, the cutting stop and Zatanna could hear the guards began to yell as she heard the sound of metal scraping against stone. Rapidly Zatanna muttered a spell and threw up a small globule of light into the air.

"An explosion to direct our pursuers to another part of the palace? Most cunning indeed." Frankenstein remarked sounding impressed.

"Hate to break it to you big guy, but that wasn't us." Tefé pointed out.

"Yeah who the hell was it?"

Suddenly the sounds of screaming and fighting broke out from beyond the door as the guards clashed with an unknown enemy. It was only then that Zatanna realized what that metal scraping was. Without the magical catalyst, there was nothing keeping the other cell doors shut. The other prisoners had escaped and now they were venting their frustrations at their captors. But it was strange, there was not the chaos and yelling that she expected from rioting prisoners. Instead of revelry and yells, there was a disturbing discipline and order of a singular chant. They all yelled a singular phrase that continued to grow louder and louder, loud enough to spell into the other room.

"The Dawn Will Rise"

"Ahh shit." Muttered Tefé.

"This day continues to get more and more interesting." Said Frankenstein nodding his head in agreement.

"Can the two of you stop being cryptic and tell me what is going on."

"It's the Court of Dawn Z'," Tefé explained never pulling her attention away from the door in front of them. The sounds of violence continuing to spill over. "They are attacking the Royal Palace."

Jailbreak In Fairyland VII

Faerie, The Royal Palace, Forbidden Wing

With Zatanna's assistance, Tefé was able to gather up the rest of the guard uniform. As the newly dressed guard finished putting her boots on Zatanna paced around the scene of the crime. Zatanna wasn't a professional criminal but even she knew that you got rid of the evidence. The last thing they needed, after all, was the whole thing going up in flames because they got found out early. The first order of business was the horrific display of Tefé's blood. Luckily for the magician a simple cleaning spell work just as well on viscera as it did grease stains.

The blood dealt with they now needed to deal with the bodies. The hallways barren nature provided little hiding space. Instead, they found the nearest door and got to work. With her strength, Tefé gathered up the guards while her black haired associate used her magic on the lock. With a click, the door gave way opening into an unused bedroom. Dust covered the dressers and nothing but a mattress sat on a sagging bed frame. They dumped the bodies on top of the bed in a small pile. As they left, Tefé snaked a root-like tendril into the locking mechanism breaking the door. They would still be able to force the door open, but it would still delay them if they woke up quicker than expected.

The last signs of their struggle dealt they finally advanced. Crossing the threshold into the forbidden wing, Zatanna couldn't help but feel nervous. Growing up in a place like Gotham crime and theft was always the reality. And yet even a city plagued by crime its population had a habit of romanticizing it. Crime would always be sexy you only had to look at Bonnie and Clyde or Dillinger to see that was true. Yet the platonic ideal of the Errol Flynn was that - an ideal. The reality Zatanna was finding was much more frantic, much more brutal.

Trying to distract herself, the magician attempted to talk to Tefé, the problem was she didn't know what to say. What did people talk about on heists? Or did they talk at all? It seemed rather counterproductive to the goal of not getting caught. But then again Tefé also didn't seem like the type to follow societal conventions. Deciding to go for it, Zatanna asked the only thought that she still couldn't shake from her head.

"So...."have you always been like this?"

When Zatanna was younger she had a pet corn snake that she found in the garden. She named the snake Lucifer, because of course she did, and was fascinated the first time he shed his skin. Now Zatanna found herself clinging to those memories of her old pet to reconcile with Tefé's ability. The comparison only worked so far though as Lucifer didn't leave a pile of melted flesh and blood when he shed. And even as she looked at Tefé's new red-headed, armor-clad form, a mote of queasiness still coiled in her stomach.

"Yep ever since I was a small babe," Tefé confirmed nodding her head in agreement. "A shame really might have been a more interesting story if I fell into a vat of nuclear waste or something."

"Are you a metahuman?" Zatanna asked before adding "Not that if you were it would be a bad thing. We kinda go hand in hand, after all, both having our starts in sideshows."

"No, but the way that people act when they see what I do, I might as well be." Tefé commented with a shrug "My dad controlled plant stuff and my mom controlled flesh stuff. So when I was born it turned out I got the best of both worlds."

"Must have been some family huh?"

"It was interesting at times yeah." The woman in armor responded before directing the conversation away from her. "How about you? Even a girl from the bayou like myself has heard of Giovanni Zatara before."

"It was a life."

"That bad huh?"

"Don't get me wrong, I had a very privileged childhood. Most kids, hell most adults, would have dreamed for what I had."

"And yet you always felt like you were missing something? Mardi Gras without the jambalaya?"

"Really working to battle stereotypes aren't you?" Zatanna asked with a raised brow and despite herself the start of a grin.

"Hey Z', Jambalaya is fucking great." Tefé insisted

Zatanna snorted and shook her head.

"Whatever you say, swamp girl," Zatanna teased "and maybe ask me later. I'm not really in the business of dropping years of emotional baggage on strangers."

Tefé shrugged

"Suit yourself. We are getting close anyway."

Zatanna didn't need Tefé's comment to notice the change in the environment. The ornate decorations of the palace had faded away to dark gray stone. It reminded Zatanna of walking down a street in the week after Christmas, watching the houses that were once filled with bright twinkling lights go dark for Winter's coming chill. There was no need, after all, they were trespassing beyond the veil established for the public. It was a waste of resources to focus on aesthetics when only guards or prisoners would see it.

An occasional door was the only thing to interrupt the barren stonework. Unlike the ornate wooden doors in the palace, these doors were solid pieces of metal. Zatanna deduced that their controls must be elsewhere given the lack of any handle or crank. As she neared closer to one of the doors to examine it she got startled as a fist slammed against the other side. Heavy and hard the repeated banging grew in intensity as the prisoner on the other side began to scream.

"Let me out! Please let me out! I don't wanna be here anymore!"

Tefé reached her hand out and tapped Zatanna on the shoulder.

"Come on," She stated gently "we gotta go."

Nodding Zatanna turned and followed her.

Yet the prisoner's ranting continued and it wasn't long before other prisoners joined. The arrhythmic pulsating thundering of fists sounded like a growing stampede. And on top of the slamming was the voices. Some of them were pleading like the first prisoners, others were yelling vile threats, while others still screamed. It created a cacophony of sound that only amplified with time as it traveled like a wave down the cellblock. Ahead of the magician, Tefé picked up speed as she tried to outrun the sound.

Soon the sounds of heavy footsteps joined into the chaos. Ahead of the infiltrators was a group of six guards no doubt coming to check on the commotion. Much to Zatanna's dismay, they had different uniforms than the one that Tefé was wearing. Black interwoven scales shined to a polish made up the uniform's primary material and rather than helmets, they wore masks. Horned demonic visages adorned the masks each snarling in a grimace.

"You look nothing like them!" Zatanna whispered as the guards approached.

"How the fuck was I supposed to know that?" Tefé protested

"You said the guard you were sleeping with told you!"

"Yeah, where they were keeping the Kingkiller, not the friggin' dress code!"

"What are we going to do?"

"Go with the flow."

They both slowed to a stop as the guards traversed the last of the distance. Zatanna tried her best to act casual as the masked individuals began to fan out across the width of the hallway. One of them stepped forward to address them. A large crystalline blade hung from his back and an orange mask adorned his face.

"What are you doing here soldier? And with a civilian at that?" He questioned. His voice was deep and textured like oil running over jagged glass. Zatanna didn't know if Faerie had cigarettes but if they did this guy must have smoked at least two packs a day.

"I'm to escort her to the Kingkiller, sir."

"The Kingkiller?" The man asked surprised "I'll need to see papers from both of you."

"What papers?" Zatanna asked

"Papers given to you by the Queen."

"Ah well, you see... funny story about that." Tefé started before sending an arm of bark flying forward in a sucker punch. The guard anticipating the move dodged to the right and drew his blade.

"Apprehend them!"

Three of the guards moved in on Tefé drawing crystal blades similar to the one with the blue mask. Zatanna moved to help her but before she could three sharp twangs sounded. Three crossbow bolts with crystal tips came soaring towards Zatanna. In a state of panic, she tried to leap to right out of their path. Her acrobatic efforts managed to avoid two of the bolts but a third clipped her in her left leg drawing blood. As the crystal made contact a pulse of cold energy ran through her leg. The magician having to drop to one knee as the chill made the entire leg seize.

The masked guards aimed and readied themselves for another volley to finish the job. Gritting through the pain, Zatanna looked up at her attackers and remained calm. She waited as they leveled their crossbows and fired another volley. As three more shots came to end her life, she yelled a command.


And for a brief moment, the air in front of her hardened into something thicker. The particles pushed together and pulled into a hardened barrier. The bolts one after another made contact with the shimmering magical defense. Two of the bolt's splintered from the force of the impact and a third rebounded off of it completely. The three arbalists looked to one another frantically before they prepared another volley.

But Zatanna was already on them.


One of the guards screamed as his crossbow transformed into a large serpent. Before he could drop the reptile it already began going for his neck. Screaming the man collapsed to the ground wrestling with the reptile as it began to wrap around him. One of his allies in a valiant attempt to defend him aimed his crossbow at the snake and fired. The bolt killed the creature, but the heavy impact pushed it through the snake and into the guard. He screamed in pain before the crystal's effect took place making him go numb. With the panicked guard f reloading, Zatanna turned towards the other about to fire.


As if attached to a cable, the arbalist was yanked upward. He shouted as he dropped his weapon as he soared upward. The guard slammed hard into the ceiling several feet above them. As he made contact the effect of the spell fizzled and gravity took hold of him once more. Screaming even more as he came down like a hammer upon the ground. He lay there groaning on the ground, only able to curl himself up into a ball.

Another bolt came flying towards her but soared far off the mark. Zatanna turned to face her last adversary having finally finished reloading. The magician could only feel pity when she saw the tremble in his hands as he held his crossbow. In a panic, he tried to grab another bolt but fumbled and sent it clattering to the ground. Showing mercy the dark haired girl put him out of his misery.


A soft pinkish glow surrounded the arbalist's weapon as the magic took hold. He began to struggle as the weapon grew heavier in his hands struggling to keep it up. The numbness in her leg fading, Zatanna stepped over the bodies of his comrades. Closing the distance, Zatanna took a single index finger and poked it into the center of his mask. The force was enough to send him teetering backward collapsing like a felled tree. He lay struggling unable to move pinned to the floor beneath the weight of his own weapon.

"Z' heads up!"

As Zatanna ducked the blue-masked swordsman was sent flying over her head. As the body landed on the floor ahead of her in a crumpled heap, the magician rose to her feet and looked back. Tefé stood her armor dented and blood dripping from a cut on her forehead but still smiling.

"We should probably go..." Suggested Zatanna

Tefé nodding in agreement they broke into a sprint running down the rest of the hallway. Zatanna's heart pounded and the muscles in her legs protested as they ran for what felt like an eternity. She pushed on though inspired by the image ahead of her. A large vault-like circular door at the end of the hallway. If Zatanna was a prison design it was behind a door like that she would store her most valuable prisoner. Slowing down as they reached it Zatanna shouted out a spell.


Nothing happened.


Still nothing.

"What's wrong Z' outta juice?"

"I don't get out of juice!" Zatanna replied as she got up close to the door. "They must of spell-proofed it somehow!"

Gently pushing her aside, Tefé stood in front of the door and closed her eyes. As she breathed out hundreds of tiny little tendrils burst through her flesh and began wedging themselves around the door. Zatanna could only watch in amazement as she could hear dull clicks from beyond the door as the tendrils worked at an unseen lock. Tefé's eyes were shut tight with concentration as she listened to the soft sounds to guide her in the right direction.

"Stop them!"

Spinning around Zatanna's heart sank as even more masked guards were running down the hallway towards them.

"No pressure or anything but are you almost done?" Zatanna asked

"Just.... keep them busy!"

Turning her attention back to the guards, Zatanna knew that she had to hold them off somehow. Recalling the frost stonework leading to the bathhouse, she was struck with an idea.


Patches of ice began to spread across the floor of the hallway ahead of the guards. The patches connected and multiplied and soon a thick sheet of ice covered the floor. The charging guards focused on the two of them did not notice the ice until it was too late. The first few that stepped onto the icy patch collapsed. The falling guards set off a domino effect as they knocked down the guards behind them and so on. Zatanna smiled as the sound of panicked shouts and metal clanging against the floor. The guards were already pulling themselves up but the diversion had bought them some time.

"Got it!" Tefé proclaimed

There was a loud affirmative click as the door slide open. Zatanna scrambled inside with Tefé following suit, the guards still hot on their tail. The plant elemental was just barely able to pull the door back into place before their would-be captors reached the door. The Guard banged against the door and tried to force it open but it would not budge. But it was not the banging on the door that drew Zatanna's attention.

The magician was staring at a large birdcage in the center of the room. And there sitting cross legged in the middle of the cage was a man unlike any Zatanna had seen before.

The prisoner was a large man wearing a pair of sackcloth brown pants and nothing else. He was gargantuan in size, a solid mass of muscle that seemed to fight with one another to take over his frame. But the thing that caught Zatanna's eye the most was the prisoner's skin. An amalgamation of different tones and textures patched together with staples, stitches, and screws. As they came in, he tilted his head upward from his meditative stance. Two eyes stared back at Zatanna one a deep green and the other a milky white. As they came in, he tilted his head upward from his meditative stance. Two eyes stared back at Zatanna one a deep green and the other a milky white.

"And who might you be? Does another observer come to see the freakshow? No that is not right at all, your demeanor is all wrong to be one of them. Interesting." The patchwork man commented as he rose to his feet easily towering over both Zatanna and Tefé. "Then tell me, why have you come to visit old discarded Frankenstein left to rot in his cage?"

Alright so I less want #1 then I have some problems about #2 currently. So I'm going to try and explain the feelings that I am having.

Here is how I see it.

What are we necessarily trying to do by switching over to a new thread? It seems judging from chats in Discord and Wraith's prompt its to gather up new blood to revitalize the RP? And personally I don't see the reason for it you know? Ask any experienced GM how an RP goes the distance and its having a reliable core group. Look at all the RPs that have gone the distance on the site now and old guild what did they have? A core group of players that stuck with it. If you want to ensure the survival of the RP you got to look after those players.

To that end, I feel that the move will harm us in that regard. Look what happened with UOU for example. Switching threads effectively breaks any kind of narrative cohesion and consistency. It particular it hurts anyone (such as myself) that prefers long term storytelling over the small bit-sized arc structure. Because now people will literally have to dig up old threads to read the entire narrative. And also it puts an unnecessary pressure of "oh well I have to move uber fucking quick because Crisis is going to nuke the the thread in three months anyway." Something which you guys specifically said wasn't going to be a concern this go around and that you would be able to continue your narratives through crisis.

To that end I will also speak of the effectiveness or lack of effectiveness rather of the suggested move. Long-running roleplays get new applications all the time, those role plays just aren't really us. That has something to do with us as players not because of the GM and frankly it is the childish claiming culture that we have going on. @Lord Wraith I'm gonna call you out the most on this because you are a man and I know you can take it. We joke about your protective claim over Gotham but its actually a problem. Gotham is much bigger than Batman my dude, but you are potentially limiting new people's possibilities of the characters that they want to play. Not to mention any one's real hopes of playing someone else in the Bat fam. And this goes beyond claiming areas. Whole characters that could rightfully stand on their own and antagonists and the like have been scooped by people without even being used. We take away people's options before they are even there. I'm also part of that problem and to that end the only way we would be able to fix a change like that isn't a thread shift its a cultural change, because trust me I'm part of that problem to taking Swamp thing and such. It is to strive to be more like Maxx and Webby. Both of these players show a maturity that is beyond all the rest of us because they are ready and willing to give up antagonists, supporting casts or work with players so that everyone can use the characters that they want. And that's how real comics work! That is in part because of why they are so awesome because of the sharing of characters and the collaboration, but the current system doesn't encourage that. Instead it encourages grabbing all your favorite toys and not letting go.

The other problem kinda falls in the same area. We have already taken claim over a lot of A-listers with more to come from folks we know who are joining and other characters. Currently two of the only A-listers that I know of that don't have a sheet in the works are Hulk and Aquaman. All the other big names have been taken and also a whole damn lot of other heroes have been snatched up through supporting casts as well. We are limiting the options of new people severally and not even giving them a shot at the story they want to tell. It would be like going to an ice cream shop and finding out they are all out of ice cream and they only have cones left. And don't get me wrong you can do great things with B-listers and lower but unless somebody really wants to play that character you aren't going to catch any new blood that way. And the only way I could see us fixing such a problem would be making everyone have to reapply for their character again in Season 2. Which presents a whole nother bundle of problems that I don't think anyone would want to deal with.

And realistically consider how many new players are we going to draw in from the switch. Consider our last batch of new people that came through, we were only left with what like Ceta in the end? So if we consider that to do be a solid working point to go off of for every completely new person to join we will only gain one person? And beyond that consider how many other new people have joined and left, honestly really Ceta is the only new blood we have managed to keep. And if all those new folks ended up dropping out, I don't think it is a coincidence. I think it is a sign of a bigger problem that we have.

There is a reason that these games have a reputation. A bunch of people don't just end up thinking that we are assholes for no reason. And in some ways they are right. We are combative, we argue a lot, we are over protective of our characters and ideas. We play favoritism towards our friends sometimes to the detriment of others. When your RP becomes the definition of an Old Boy's Club of course new people aren't going to join. We actively push out new faces not invite them in. We have a lot of problems and that is never going to change unless we try to be better people and I know that is asking a lot from the most of us lol.

So to summarize I'm opposed to Option #2 if we are just trying to use it as a quick cash-grab to get new blood. Because that is not going to work, we have seen it not work before for the reasons above. I will support Option 2 if we make a commitment to try and change the culture and the nature of the RP moving forward because that is the only way that we are going to get new folk's to not only apply but to stay. If we honestly take a moment to reconsider and think about why all these RPs fail in the first place instead of jumping to a perceived easy solution to the problem. Because the problem isn't that we have a big scary thread, people jump into big scary threads all the time, look at literally any other sandbox RP lol.

No the problem is we are assholes and the environment we foster does not encourage nor support new players in the first place.

Anyway rambling done. I've just had a lot of thoughts about these RPs for a long time and it was nice to organize them into a cohesive structure.

Jailbreak In Fairyland VI

The Royal Palace, Hallways, Faerie
CW: Some mild body horror towards the end, so if that ain't your thing you might want to skip this one.

“You seem troubled timoune.” Voodoo asked as he adjusted the collar of his guayabera again.

“I’m fine,” Zatanna replied dismissively “a little nervous that’s all”

Voodoo laughed

“That’s fair,” He agreed “it isn’t everyday you dine with royalty.”

“Yeah... that’s true”

Though I guess it isn’t everyday you try and stage a jailbreak either Zatanna thought to herself.

Before Tefé and her parted ways in the bathhouse they had come up with a basic plan. Fae dinner according to Tefé wasn't, “Sittin’ around a table thanking Jesus or some shit”. Rather the dinner functioned more like what Zatanna might call a ball or gala in the Mundane world. A function where the “who’s who” of society could socialize amongst themselves. If everything went well, Zatanna wouldn't be subjugated to such torture. The plan itself calling to spend as little time in the ballroom as possible. Once she rendezvoused with Tefé, they would slip out on the pretense of trying to locate a restroom. From there Tefé would lead them towards where they would be keeping the Kingkiller. If all went well Zatanna would use her magic to contact Voodoo so that he could also make his exit. They would then sneak their way out of the castle and meet back up on the other side of the bridge. From there it was as simple as getting on the next train heading back to London.

And yet Zatanna could not quite shake her own haunting anxiety as she prepared for the evening. If crime movies had taught her anything it was that no heist went according to plan. Though it wasn't even the chance of disaster that bothered the magician that much. No, instead it was Voodoo's earlier remarks about balance. Her actions would remove a society’s ability to choose and she wasn't sure she had that right. No matter the realpolitik behind the Kingkiller, he was still a criminal. Did she have the right to decide what measure of guilt counted? She didn't know but she knew what she was going to do anyway, she made her choice. And yet, despite her resolve, she knew there was also a reason she was choosing not to inform Voodoo of the plan before hand.

In an attempt to distract herself she looked at her reflection in a passing mirror. Deciding that her typical show outfit was too loud, she choose something more formal. She ended up going with a simple black dress. Along with the dress she wore a pair of white sneakers, not wanting to have to flee for her life in heels again. The outfit was more "student at fashion school" than "master thief" but a catsuit seemed a little much

Soon they arrived at the ballroom. It hung over the twilight below as its own standalone wing. A large octagonal space with dining and buffet tables lining its perimeter. The floor in the center made out of thick glass that provided a stunning view of the endless twilight. The nobles chatted amongst themselves on the floor in small groups. The hum of conversation accompanied by musicians playing string instruments alien to Zatanna.

"Jericho!" A voice called cutting through the noise.

From the other side of the ballroom Titania approached them. She wore a long gown weaved of moonlight that surrounded her in an ethereal glow. Like moths entranced by the glow, a small entourage of courtiers surrounded her. Yet Titania give them no mind as she glided across the floor towards the two magic users. She seemed happy to see them, a broad smile on her face.

"Queen Titania," Voodoo replied with a bow "you look as marvelous as always."

"Always the charmer Jericho," Titania replied chuckling "best be careful or I'll keep you."

"Oh you wouldn't want an old bore like me."

"Nonsense! Come! Come! We have much to discuss after all! I'm oh so very curious about what is happening in the Mundane."

As Titania took Voodoo by the arm Zatanna took the opportunity to slip away. The older magician glanced over his shoulder at her, Zatanna giving him a wave as he was dragged away.

Zatanna slipped through the groups of people as she headed towards an empty table. As she made a way over, she plucked two flutes of alcohol from a waiter's tray. Setting the drinks down on the table she sat and observed the crowd. The way they moved about the room reminded Zatanna about bees and how they danced to communicate. The nobles moving between groups as if following some kind of predetermined mechanism. Up close it was unbearable but at a distance there was a beauty to it that Zatanna couldn't deny.

She regarded one of the flutes of alcohol watching how the light caught the bubbles before she took a sip. As soon as the liquor hit the back of her throat, she had to fight the urge to cough. A hint of honey followed by a burning bitter burst that swelled in her neck like an open flame. As she tried to regain her composure someone called out to her.

"Didn't anyone tell you not to drink on the Job Z'?"

Tefé sauntered over to the table and pulled up a chair. Her look had transferred from The Clash to the Thin White Duke. She leaned against the edge of the table reminding Zatanna of a cat about to pounce.

"That's a shame, because I have this other glass right here." Zatanna explained as she offered Tefé the other drink.

"I never did say it was a bad thing did I?" Tefé explained as she took the other glass. Her fingers lingering for a moment as they brushed against the magician's. "Salute!"

They tapped the rimms of their glasses before they each downed the contents of the flute. Zatanna let out a long exhale as the burn of the alcohol settled in her chest. She watched in amusement as Tefé titled the flute all the way back to ensure the last drops of the liquid came out. She wore a triumphant smile as she slammed the glass back on the table.

"So," Zatanna questioned "we still doing this? "

"Fuck. Yeah."

Without another word needed the pair began to make their exit. They slipped out of a side service exit to avoid the guards stationed at the entrance. They slipped in through the door as a waiter carrying another platter of food stepped out. Ahead of them, Zatanna could hear the chaos of the kitchen as the shadows of chefs dance along the wall. Whispers and fast footsteps caused Tefé to pull Zatanna down another passage. This one-sided game of cat and mouse ending only as they exited through a door back into the upper halls.

"This way." Tefé gestured as she gained her bearings leading Zatanna to the left.

"How did you find out where they are keeping him anyway?" Zatanna whispered

Tefé laughed.

"I asked one of the guards?" Tefé explained with a grin. "Turns out they are as respective as anyone to questioning when their pants are down."

"Hmph," Zatanna mused as shook her head "guess some things never change."

"There are some things about nature that people can't fight Z' remember that." Tefé asserted with a wink.

As they continued the quiet rumble of the ballroom continued to fade. Zatanna followed behind Tefé as she navigated the labyrinth hallways with a purpose. The other woman only having to stop at one or two intersections to consult her own mirror before heading on. At regular intervals Zatanna checked behind them to make sure that they didn't have a tail. Their gambit having so far been successful as not a soul stalked the halls this far away from the ballroom.

As Zatanna was looking over one shoulder she almost collided into Tefé who had stopped at a corner. Before she could speak her companion raised a hand to her lips and gestured around the corner. Zatanna nodded in understanding before peeking around the corner to see the problem. At the far end of the hallway were three guards positioned around a large gated entranceway. Two of the guards sat on stools around a table playing cards, while the third watched the hallway.

"Guessing that's where we need to go?" Zatanna whispered cocking her head in the direction of the guards.

"Didn't say it was going to be easy did I?"

"Wouldn't of been fun if it was," countered the magician "what's the plan?"

A manic grin pulled the corners of Tefé's mouth tight.

"Act shitfaced and follow my lead."

With a wink Tefé wrapped a hand around Zatanna's waist and pulled her around the corner. Together they began to stagger down the hallway towards the entryway. Their erratic pattern drew the attention of the guard on watch who alerted the two playing cards. The card players readied themselves picking up their weapons and getting into position. The guard who had first spotted them took the initiative and step forward her spear raised.

"Stop and identify yourself!"

" you know where the bath...bathroom is?" Tefé slurred as she closed the distance further "We reallllllly need to find one."

The tension in the lead guards body relaxed her grip on her weapon loosening. Her two companions stepped forward on either side of her but did not raise their weapons.

"Drunks." Explained the lead guard shaking her head

"What should we do?" Asked the guard to her left

"We'll try and send them back to the ballroom."

Expoliting the guards confusion, Zatanna and Tefé closed the distance further. As they came within arm's length of the lead guards thrusted rward spear Tefé sprung into action. Dropping her hold on Zatanna, Tefé grasped the shaft of the spear and with great strength yanked it upward. The lead guard catapulted into the air could only shout in surprise before she went flying. Dropping the spear, Tefé outstretched a hand towards the guard on the right who was readying a thrust. Zatanna's eyes widened in surprise as the other woman's arm exploded into an expanded column of vines. The arm now turned battering ram slamming hard into the guard's chest sending him flying back. The force of the blow caving his armor inward as he crumpled to the ground in a heap.

The last guard did not have a spear but instead a long sabre which he brought down towards Tefé. The young woman still dealing with the other guards leaving herself open. But before the blade could make impact Zatanna raised a finger towards him and shouted.


There was a slight distortion in the air around the guard as spots of brown began to appear on his armor. Yelling the guard dropped the sabre and tried to wipe at the spots but the damage was already done. The rust crept across his armor locking the joints as his shouting continued. Unable to move he toppled over encased in a thick coating of rust, his yelling now muffled. Feeling bad because the guard was only doing his job, Zatanna knelt down and whispered a command.


The panicked shouts dying out soon after.

"Remind me not to piss you off" Tefé commented gesturing towards the guard.

"I could say the same about you!" Zatanna replied standing up "You didn't tell me that you were a plant person!"

Tefé chuckled at this comment as she sauntered over to orignal guard that she had tossed through the air. The impact was enough to knock her out but unlike the other two there was minimal damage to her armor. Tefé pulled off the guard's helmet revealing elfin features and red hair pulled up into a tight bun.

"Oh I'm so much more than a plant person." Tefé explained as she reached out and touched the guard's face. "A plant person couldn't do this."

For a second nothing happened and Zatanna was about to tell the other woman to stop pulling her chain. And then Tefé's skin began to bubble, it was slow and first before growing to a rolling boil. Zatanna could only watch in horror as her skin ran off her body creating a waterfall of blood and flesh. Her bones screamed as they cracked shifting in size and position as her height increased an inch or more. A new layer of skin and hair was visible underneath all the blood, but instead of her own face Tefé now wore the guards. Bloody and naked, she began to strip the unconscious guard of her clothes.

"What. The. Actual. Fuck." Zatnna spoke as fought the urge to vomit and failed.

"Yeah that's the typical response," Tefé responded as she continued to loot the guard "if it makes you feel better I can always change back."

"You... you stole her body!"

"I copied her body." Tefé stressed "And you trapped a man in a prison of rust. So neither of us are angels in this scenario darlin'. And how else did you think I got in here in the first place? I ain't fancy pants nobility or some spell-slinger."

"Bu-Bu," Zatanna protested "that was very just... it was very visceral and you gave me like no warning!"

"You could of turned away at any time. You weren't terrified, you were curious. Now are you going to help me put this armor on or what?"

"...Fine!" Zatanna relented as she began to pull at a boot.

Jailbreak In Fairyland V

The Royal Palace, Bathhouse, Faerie

Their previous escort had left two guards posted at the door. Each roughly stood at least a head and a half taller than Zatanna, dressed in knightly metallic armor tinged with green as a moss-like substance grew in the cracks of the armor, their insectoid-like wings reminiscent of a dragonfly's tucked tightly against their backs. Their purpose, either to keep them safe or prevent them from wandering Zatanna couldn't have guessed, but they served their uses well enough to the dark-haired young woman. Amicable enough to the prospect of conversation they listened to Zatanna as they leaned on their long elegant polearm their tip covered large jagged protrusions of glass. Between the two of them, they were able to aid Zatanna in her plight directing the magician towards a bathhouse located on the lower levels of the palace's guest wing.

Giving them her thanks Zatanna took a left down the hallway stopping at the third door before the end. The wooden door opened to reveal a long spiral stone staircase descends downward, the pathway lined by floating globules of light that changed color from a bright pink to a deep purple as Zatanna passed by them. Following the directions given to her, Zatanna followed this colorful display of light down passing by various landings similar to the one she entered the stairwell from. As she continued her descent, the magician couldn't help but notice the decrease in temperature around her, splashes of gooseflesh appearing across her skin as her breath became visible on the air. Pulling her arms closer against her body to try and ward off the cold, Zatanna soon arrived at the bottom of the staircase.

Reaching for a handle encrusted in frost she pushed open a wooden door and entered another hallway. Particles of ice hung suspended in the air creating a breathtaking effect as spheres of light similar to those in the hallway were reflected through them like a kaleidoscope. On either side of her were long windows that looked down onto a large workshop. Workers rushed about large vats filled with strange frothing liquid hauling containers of the strange substance to the craftsman busy sculpting the strange glass covered armaments that the guards around the palace and the city seemed to carry. Though the surrounding environment lead Zatanna to suspect that it wasn’t glass at all, but rather a kind of magically enchanted ice made resistance to melting. The bridge-hallway fusion that the young magician stood upon lead towards the center of the workshop where a large furnace continued to belch flames that the works thrust containers of the liquid into which seemed to cause the frothing liquid to stabilize. Above the furnace was a large egg-like structure that a pair of double doors at the end of the hallway lead into. Zatanna could only assume that was the titular bathhouse using the residual heat from the blasting of the furnaces to its own ends.

The thought of warmer climes spurred Zatanna onward as she picked up speed. As she reached the pair of doors they opened on their own volition scraping across the ice-covered stone of the hallway as they went. Immediately upon crossing the door’s threshold, Zatanna was hit with a burst of warm air, her extremities beginning to break out in pinpricks as blood began to rush back. A thick cloud of steam hung in the airlifting upward from a series of large pools that were dispersed across the room. Each pool was closed off from one another by an array of decorative paper walls inscribed with floral designs. A podium carved from a singular protrusion of stone jutting upward from the ground greeted Zatanna but there was no one manning it. Zatanna looked around experimentally for someone that looked like they knew where they belonged but couldn’t find any and so with a shrug she went deeper into the bathhouse.

The stonework of the podium served as an aesthetic prelude for the rest of the chamber that opened up into a cavernous space carved out of stone. The smooth stonework of the hallway and the rest of the castle faded into impure darken stone that rose and fell, made up of interspersed sections of smooth stone worn down by countless footsteps and rough cracked surfaces. Zatanna carefully made her way across the stone paths slick with water from the pools that they navigated around. The pools themselves were sparsely populated, a handful of patrons who mostly clustered towards the pools nearer to the bathhouse’s entrance. They paid little mind to Zatanna talking quietly amongst themselves as they enjoyed the water.

Not particularly in the mood for company, Zatanna made her way towards one of the pools towards the rear of the cave. Small and approximately the shape of a lopsided crescent, the pool was tucked away into the back left-hand corner. Stepping behind a privacy screen constructed out of the same floral paper walls, Zatanna began to undress. At first, getting in and out of her stage uniform had been something of a hassle which was made only worse by the fact that she was the one who designed it in the first place. Yet in the four years since then and an innumerable number of fast changes later, the outfit had become more or less a second skin for her and she was able to efficiently and quickly undo the many straps and hooks that held it all together. Gingerly like one would take care of a child, she grouped the clothes together in a small pile and left them on the driest area of rock that she could find.

Tentatively she dipped a toe into the water testing the temperature, Zatanna was aware of how human bathhouses worked in regards to efforts to prevent their inhabitants from boiling alive, but there was no way she could be sure that such establishments in Faerie work along with similar guidelines. Much to her relief though while the water was warmer than she was used to it was not excessively so. The young magician eased herself into the pool of water making sure to keep her head above the water. Sinking downward so that everything above her neck was submerged Zatanna let out a long sigh of relief as muscles that she didn’t even know she had began to loosen from the heat. Closing her eyes she leaned back against the perimeter of the pool resting her arms upon the stone,

She honestly couldn’t remember the last time she was able to properly relax. Between her show’s west coast tour, her father’s death and then everything that came after it had to be at least months. The sense of relief that she was feeling came with its own share of guilt. Zatanna had everything that anyone could have wanted, her name plastered in lights on marquees across the country and yet all she wanted to be was normal. She saw what famous meant, it meant having a father that barely existed, it meant a trapped existence defined by the high walls of your estate, it meant never feeling like you had a family. If Zatanna wanted to she could have lived the life of any rich Gotham socialite, but she had no desire to be the next Bruce Wayne. But no matter how she tried to desperately avoid it fame had managed to entrap her.

Deep in her own contemplation, the magician did not hear footsteps approaching her until a voice asked in an easy southern drawl

“You mind if I join you?”

Causing Zatanna to nearly leap into the air.

Crouching at the edge of the pool was a young woman roughly Zatanna’s age her blue eyes looking down at her inquisitively, a smile across her face as she nestled a hand along the shaved stubble along the back of her head, her sides shaved in an undercut, an uncontrolled puff of white hair cresting her head like a cloud. Her whole appearance screamed more punk rock show in Brooklyn than a royal palace in a parallel dimension: a worn-in pair of converses, black skinny jeans with a rip over the left knee, and a shrunken white crop top with a stylized black raven across the chest, the crop top in turn revealing the pale white skin of her stomach the definition in her abs clearly visible. Zatanna felt a blush coming to her face as her gaze rested on the exposed skin for perhaps a second or two too long.

“Sure?” Zatanna responded after a minute or so delay still caught off guard.

“Thanks” The other woman responded offhandedly before she began to strip.

Zatanna wasn't a prude, a quarter's lifetime of working in show business expunged any faux-pas or taboo that may have existed over nudity, but the blatant disregard that the other woman showed still managed to surprise her. Letting out a sound that generously resembled a squeak, Zatanna quickly spun around facing away from the stranger directing her gaze downward as a discarded bra landed in her periphery. This small display earned an amused laugh from the other woman.

"Aww," She teased "there was much more to stare at then just my abs."

Her comment was followed by a splash as she entered the pool.

Zatanna tentatively turned around just in time to see the stranger burst upward from beneath the water in total disregard to the potential bacteria that could find a home in the warm liquid. She stretched her arms out wide taking in all the warmth that she could manage, a large smile across her face as her eyes closed in bliss.

“My name is Tefé by the way.”

“I’m Zatanna”

“Oh,” the other girl laughed again “I know who you are”

“You know who I am?”

“Z’, it's your first day here and you've already managed to have an audience with the Queenie herself. Everyone knows who you are.”

“Is that why you wanted to join me?”

“Well, I ain't a liar so I’m not going to say I’m not curious” Tefé admitted “and you being cute only helps in that regard.”

“Cute?” Zatanna asked flustered before quickly moving on “I mean, curious what about?”

“Well, the rumor is that you are looking to free the Kingkiller.”

“The Kingkiller...” Zatanna sighed “the way all of you keep on talking about them I can only assume he’s some kind of boogeyman or the Second Coming, maybe both.”

“Wait?” Tefé asked with a cocked brow “Are you telling me you don’t know who the Kingkiller is? Have you been living under a rock or something?”

“Might as well of been considering the number of surprises I’ve had this week.”

“Somebody sounds a little angsty. Well, maybe I can help clear up that angst a little bit.

Once upon a time, all of Faerie was ruled by a cruel king by the name of Oberon. A warrior born and bred he ruled his kingdom like a general would an army demanding complete obedience and respect. But the Fae valued freedom above all else and so conflict between Oberon’s loyalists and those who stood against his rule. And so civil strife as nature tends to will it became civil conflict and soon all of Faerie was plunged into war. A war that would only end once the hired assassin known as the Kingkiller’s cold iron plunged its way into Oberon’s heart.”

“But who would have hired them?”

“Someone is asking the right questions! I had a good feeling that you were going to be a clever one” Tefé proclaimed.

“The most common belief was that it was Titania herself. The Queenie at the time was a neutral party choosing not to align herself with either faction in the squabble, and because of that, she was in a fine position to become a “neutral” party to rule after everything settled back down. So I don’t know about you Z’, but that might just cause a girl to hasten up the process.”

“And then she had him arrested to cover up her tracks!” Zatanna declared

“Elementary, my dear Watson.” Tefé concurred with a grin before leaning in closer to Zatanna “But that still leaves little old me with some questions, particularly what a pretty girl like you needs with a big bad assassin like him.”

“Well...” Zatanna said as she slipped out from around Tefé causing her to have her back against the wall “as you mentioned this Kingkiller is particularly proficient at the whole killing business and my companion and I, need help killing a very particular kind of monster.’

“Ah yes,” Tefé commented “the venerable Doctor Voodoo... so are the two of you an item? Not that I’m judging, he just seems to be a bit of a bore.”

“Ugh of course not!” Zatanna protested shaking her head and in her distraction, Tefé was able to switch their positions around again leaving Zatanna up against the pool’s wall “he’s a family friend and totally not my type.”

“Oh, you have a type?” Tefé prodded curiously

“Of course I do,” Zatanna explained with a wink “Not that I would tell some random stranger I just met though”

“Hmmm, that’s fair.” Tefé admitted with a shrug “Maybe you would be willing to divulge if I helped you?”

“Help with what exactly?”

“The Queenie isn’t going to let you have the Kingkiller,” Tefé explained like it was obvious

“Why? She said she would think about it! And Voodoo said she owed him a favor!”

All the flirtatious energy withdraw from Tefé as her face grew cold. “Because of the living shithole that calls himself Anton Arcane.”

A shiver went down Zatanna spine despite the warmth of the pool as she remembered Arcane’s ember eyes. “Arcane? I mean from what Voodoo has told me he sounds like a total creep but he has no control here right? He’s not the Queen?”

“He has what the Queen wants. The daughter of the late King Oberon and the Queenie’s former lover, the Girl-Traitor Queen Mab of the Court of Dawn is slowly rebuilding her father’s lost army to reclaim a throne that her lover took from her. The gristle of it is that Arcane is promising to create the Queenie an army to crush this rebellion before it can begin in exchange for her patronage, and that army will be constructed using the Kingkiller’s blood as its catalyst.”

“How do you know all of this?” Questioned Zatanna

“Let’s just say that I’ve made it my mission to keep tabs on Arcane.”

Zatanna shook her head “This.. this isn’t good. We came here specifically for the Kingkiller! They are the only one that would be able to help us.”

“Hey don’t be giving up just yet Z’, maybe the two of us could help each other out?”

Zatanna looked up at Tefé smiling face “What do you mean?”

“Well,” Tefé explained swimming in closer so that their noses were mere inches from brushing against one another, as she looked Zatanna earnestly in the eyes. “I know where they are keeping him and I don’t particularly want Arcane securing such a powerful ally as the Queen. So while most of the staff is attending the needs of the court at dinner, the two of us can stage a little jailbreak in fairyland. What do you say?”

Zatanna didn't even need to think about it.

“I’m in.”

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