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My writing isn't good enough to be apart of one

RPing or at least RPing done right in my humble opinion is a continual process of self-improvement. People like to imagine it like Bukowski's "so you want to be a writer?", but I'm sure most people here would agree it ain't like that at all. A lot of the times it takes blood, sweat, and copious amounts of alcoho,l but you get through it. Each post you learn a little bit more and maybe even more importantly with each post you read, you get better; for it is my humble opinion is only as good as the stories they've come to know. Cause a lot of it whether people like admitting it or not is a delicate art of stealing in a sense. Taking stylistic traits from others, things that you say are cool or awesome and incorporating it into your own writing. And in the end you have something that is distinctively yours somehow.

But, yeah the only person you are really hurting is yourself when you at least don't try. At the worst you may get rejected. And if that happens, you can do the thing that a lot of people have seen to forgotten and ask about it. I guarantee if you politely PM the GM, asking them why you got rejected a good one will be able to provide criticism to make yourself better. If they don't respond well they probably weren't worth the time anyway. But by pushing yourself and making a conscious effort to improve your writing you will get better. As Ronnie Coleman puts it "Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but nobody wants to lift no heavy ass weights." Everyone wants to be a better writer, but unless you put yourself out there it's never gonna happen.

And I'm sure the kind folks here can all tell you stories of how they improved. For example back in the day I was one of those people that wrote one liner posts gasp. Less brevity is the soul of with though and more I was just bad. And now well... Maybe I write too much at this point. lol But, that's the point I'm not perfect and nobody else is either. But that's the beauty of it since RPing is a collaborative art form we can all get better together.

Personally in my experience writing level wasn't my biggest concern when I was GMing. (Maybe, that is part of my own fundamental "upbringing" on the OldGuild back from a time when Advanced was a bunch of elitest shits. Which kind of turned me off the whole every post most be the great American novel method.) I was more concerned with the fact that does this person care, is this person going to give the story 110%. Cause I'd take the super excited guy that posts a solid three paragraphs every time over the super serious writer man any day. Cause RPs in the end are about doing something you love with loveable idiots.

And in the end there is one mantra you can just keep on telling yourself. "Fail Faster."

Anyway time to climb back up the mountain top. See you folks in another 2-3 months.
Didn't really know where else to put this so it is going here.

Howdy you beautiful bastards. This day has been a long time coming but it still feels strange. After a decade and some change, it is finally time that I hang up my hat and walk off into the sunset. Now I could spend this last post explaining my reasons or reminiscing or some shit. But frankly that is a bunch of bullcrap. Instead I'm going spend that time highlighting some individuals that have made the past couple years on the guild a wild and crazy ride, cause if I've learned anything in my time on the Guild it is that RPing isn't about telling the best story, it doesn't matter if you are a master of the written word or some bored teenager. In the end what it is about is having fun with cool people and this is just my way of saying thanks. And hey it's only fitting that I go out with one more stupidly long post

Myke I still hate you. Also, Myke I still love you in totally non-homoerotic fashion. Myke we've been in a lot of RPs together over our time some of them good, some of them not so good. Throughout all of it though you constantly impressed me from your writing ability, to your ability to figure out the entire logistical needs for imaginary armies, and by creating one of the most detailed and involved space-operas I have had the pleasure of fucking around with. It has been a pleasure 'doing the thing' with you.

And in the same ball house, I would also like to say thanks to @Whoami for being the best CO-GM in the history of CO-GMs.

Seuss, I got a confession to make way back on the Old Guild when I was a pleb underneath the banner of a different name and you were still a mod I was scared of you and all the advanced kids. Took me some time to figure out your just a cool dude and I'm a better RPer and better writer for it. You know your way around military jargon better than anyone else I know, and your RP ideas always manage to bring something new to the table.

The rest of the Spiritum Kids @Mercenary Lord@Draken@AlexStarsion@Mike73
I left and you fuckers came back. That wasn't something I was expecting and we were on a roll again until I had to leave again. For that I'm truly sorry and it isn't fair that I left on you folks twice. But I will say Spiritum for all its faults and all its problems was one of the most fun I've had writing for a RP. You guys showed dedication and persistence that is very rare and for that I’m truly grateful. So thanks.

And while we are speaking of RPs I also have to say thanks to the final members of the Omega Serenade Team @DJAtomika@Dervish@McHaggis

You guys are the only ones that are left, but hey. It has been like two years so this is weird right? Omega Serande was much like Spiritum was cut short because you guys caught at the very end of my depressed alcoholic phase and the RP was part of that fall out. But I gotta say that RP was awesome and you guys were really awesome and honestly it really helped restore my confidence in my ability to GM again so uh thanks for that. You folks are the best vigilantes an asshole like me could ask for.

@Byrd Man
What is there to say except that you are one of the best writers I have ever had the privilege of knowing. You got style my man.

I'm still waiting on like five character sheets from you but that is okay because I still love you.

Everything you make is, by no exaggeration of the word, beautiful and don't let anyone tell you otherwise girl.

We never got around to that Samurai RP and I suppose Chaurri and Nat will be stuck in the undercity forever but oh, well. Thank you for dealing with me. Thank you for listening to all my stupid pitches. Thank you for letting me vent to you so that I didn't strangle people. Thank you for all the undeserved praise on my rather lackluster writing style. And thank you for everything else. Despite popular opinion you're a pretty good person and an even better friend.

Well that's it folks. If I missed anybody now that I still think you are pretty swell. It has been fun. And with that I say Adieu.

@Inkarnate@Doug@Sloth@vietmyke@Damiann47@bloonewb@c3p-0h@McFazzer@Malchivo@Medjedovic@Iuniper@The Grey Dust@Dark Wind

And the things has been done!

I think that is everything y'all need to start working on character concepts or fleshing out ones you have already been working on. My own sheets will be up sometime tomorrow if you need to look at a sample. It is kinda a lot to go through but really for basic understanding you just need to skim through it and a thing I forgot to mention for those of you that know me this will be no surprise but for all you new faces I run exclusively on Rule of Cool so don't feel afraid to pitch those crazy ideas my way as long as it is A. Cool and B. Contributes to the collective story I'm always game. But for now I'm going to bed so talk to you people later! ^-^

Using the provided template, please create a character sheet
All other posts to the OOC tab.
Please first post your CSs to the OOC, only Character sheets that have been accepted by me shall go here.

Name Goes Here
"A fancy quote"

Some people have nicknames, some don't.

| AGE |
5-100 or whatever suits your fancy

Give us a paragraph or two of what your character looks like, how they dress et cetra. Give us a good picture of what they look like, the more detail the better. A picture can be used to supplement the description but the description should be able to stand on its own without the picture if you catch my gist.

What makes them tick? What irks them, who are they? Basically the personality but a little bit more than that.

Either a couple of paragraphs or a whole analytical essay. Remember quality over quantity. Kiddos.

Everybody has a goal from getting the girl, to getting vengeance, to saving the day. What motivates your character?

Everybody is good at something and it is those skills that may just mean life and death on the long road ahead

What do they carry on their persons?

If anything else suits your fancy


Sorcery is somehow at the same time one of the oldest arts in the Kingdom and one of the newest. The time of gods and demons actively partaking upon the mortal sphere was thought to be long ago but the chaos and discord caused by the war has made the two worlds begin to bleed together. Thus practitioners of these ancient arts have regained abilities thought to have been lost long ago, these practitioners being collectively known as Tongji. The powers they use are best understood as three different ‘schools’ of thought.

Channelers typically use scrolls, potions and the like part alchemist and part sorcerer. Through the uses of these materials as casting mediums they are able to perform miracles small and large from casting fireballs, to creating blades of moving wind, to healing wounds. Channeling is more of an articulate science than it is anything else with the formulas, incantations, and materials used have to be just right or things can just not work or go terribly terribly wrong. Channelers are considered by many as the most powerful of the Tongji for their versatility and ability to seemingly bend reality to their will, but resultantly they are also very very rare as it takes typically a lifetime committed to study to actually use their power to any effect, as a result most are just old souls trying to gain back the youth of their glory days.

Binders are the type most commonly seen in the South. Binding unlike channeling is less based in science and study and more upon feeling and understanding. A binder can as their name suggest bind spirits and demons to their will through pacts of communion. Some spirits are little more than floating orbs of light that help guide their path, others more vengeful creatures are fearsome beast of battle that will fight their foes to the death, and some binders have been known in dire circumstances to bend animals and in rare cases humans to their will, though such arts are looked down by many as dark and evil things. Generally the rule of thumb with binding is the stronger the things will is the harder it is to bind them which is why controlling humans is feat only performed by very powerful and very desperate binders.

There are also of course Physical users, Men and Women that devote their entire lives to achieving harmony through bodily strength and sheer force of will. By harnessing their own inner strength and tapping into these energy they are able to do feats considered miraculous by the common man. Shatter armor with a series of punches, catch arrows out of the air, jump walls with great leaps. But such users typically devote themselves to lives of simple living in isolated monasteries and for them to take place in affairs simple as common warfare would be great indeed. Though it is not unheard of simple soldiers being able to tap into such abilities in times of great stress when they exert themselves to the fullest.


It is time of learning and new technologies despite or maybe because of the war. Steel exists but is a relatively new invention in the scope of time with most weapons and armor still made of iron. The firelance predecessor to what one would recognize as a gun exist but they and their larger cannon sized brethren are still made of bamboo wherein they are used once and then discarded for more traditional tactics their inaccuracy and tendency to explode on the user making them more of a scare tactic than anything else. And so the prefered ranged unit of the day is still the crossbow. The horse gained after the pacification of the East has been introduced by this point into everyday life including warfare and the first cavalry units had been formed. It is fun fun fun.


Demons and Spirits encountered will be listed here

the world.

THE NORTH - The Northern expanse of the Imperial Kingdom holds a special place in history. It is believed here that their ancestors landed amongst the soaring cliffs generation upon generation ago. The many natural harbors and coves intermittently cut by the jutting cliff faces create a good location for shipping and trade to thrive. Resultant the North is a surprising blend of surrounding cultures and ideas from scholars of Sinjeon willing to trade knowledge for coin, to the warlike Nami whose brigadiers stalk the seas and mercenaries fill the ports finding plenty of work with the Fan's new warlike agenda, and even the wealthy princes of Vua who had distant bloodties to the late Emperor. And so through commerce and food the sea has always been kind to these people

THE EAST - The east is a rugged and harsh land reflected in the people that reside within it. Composed of large steppes and plateaus of mostly flat land where one is at the mercy of the winds, the East is the home of many nomadic tribes using horses adapt to travel across the long flat expanses. Though not even these nomads have traveled past the vast Fùhuó Desert upon which stretches seemingly endless with only the rare caravans of strange dark skinned men with large two-humped horses who seem to disappear as suddenly as they appear trading gold for common silks and porcelain. Yet what the land likes in general appearance it makes up for it with what is contained beneath the surface. Beneath the rocks lay large mineral deposits which have made these rugged land into an industrial powerhouse. Arguably the most important of these minerals are what the local call Dragon Tears from which trained alchemist can create Dragonpowder allowing for the construction of the terrible cannons and armants called firelances (very basic and pretty inaccurate rifles). Under the watchful gaze of the Zhen, these industrial capabilities have been used to their fullest potential arming Zhen soldiers with strong weapons and armor, and with the capability to call in swarms of vengeful horseman.

THE WEST - A land of fertile plains that end washing against the sea which grants them some measure of safety as the rugged currents from the meeting of warm and cool waters makes landing a treacherous business along the coastline save for a scant view rivers and natural harbors whose courses are more or less predictable. These lands compose of the agrarian center of the kingdom and it is said that they have enough foodstuffs so that no man may never die hungry. Though in reality many die hungry as much as it is a land of prosperity and extravagant riches it is also a land of corruption and strict social hierarchies. This is enforced by heavily of what remains of the Imperial Army now under the direction of the Sum, much of the army remained loyal with only those that served directly under Fan or Shen having gone rogue as it were. In their current position the Sum have the distinct advantage of being able to run a defensive campaign using their experienced armies to hold the large, well supplied fortress that defend the roads inland and wait for everyone else to go and kill themselves and they can easily pick up the pieces or that is the plan at least.

THE SOUTH - The South is maybe the most distinct of all the lands at least culturally. A divide that can be seen most easily in the ruling figure of the Tseng the greatest of the southern tribes Tseng Xia, a woman some say who is older than the world itself. The last to be integrated into the Kingdom, the Southern Wars haven ended a mere decade ago to many it is a land of mystery and intrigue. The land itself composed generally of trembling marshes, ancient jungles, and towering pillars of stone that erupted from the ground long ago.The people here follow an old spiritual faith distinctly related to the old ways of the rest of the Kingdom. It is a land where the people have always had a deep and intimate connection with the spirit world, and it is no coincidence that the first dragon in over a thousand years was sighted in these lands. Resultantly these communities produce the highest calibre of Tongji known and one can be certain their magics and demons they bend to their will, will be used to their fullest potential in the battles to come.

The Story So Far

The Emperor has died, The kingdom has shattered, and war has consumed the land.

In the northeastern province of Guijiang the terrible effects of this war has come crashing down atop of their heads. A small and inconsequential strip of land situated within the Guijiang Valley where its name is derived. Yet now with conflict brewing between General Zhen Ba and General Fan Yi, the valley ability to move troops more easily through the surrounding mountains has made it into a contested war zone between Zhen and Fan.

The troops and supply caravans moving into the valley has put both sides into conflict with the local bandits who dwell within a series cave hidden within the surrounding woods. The bandits seeing opportunity with the Zhen and the Fan being preoccupied with one another would strike out against their lines taken food, supplies and the like at their leisure, the raiding parties always coming at night and slipping back into the woods before any real response could of been thrown against them. These attacks have inadvertently gained the support of the mostly agrarian populace of the province. As they saw anyone who was attacking and harassing the soldiers that were raping their women, burning down their homes, and generally causing a ruckus while not doing anything useful like DEFENDING them from MONSTERS the bandits were almsot preferable.

Shortly thereafter there was a small influx of the local populace into the woods to join up with the bandits for protection. (Most staying in the confines of their homes either too stubborn to leave or willing to risk it with the soldiers, only the desperate and the vengeful willing to even consider it.) At first the bandits were taken aback but as they began to be treated as heroes and the populace they offered shelter to began rewarding them for their service it turns out the bandits liked being rebels instead. And so now this cluster of deserters, brigands, and peasants must somehow repel these invaders.

They know it is only a matter of time before the Zhen or Fan secure the province and when that happens a much stronger force will be able to be sent into the woods and crush the rebels once and for all. And so using the smoke and carnage of the ongoing conflict as their only advantage they move to strike first aiming to take over the small Fan controlled town of Daluzhuang for if they can do that and show their ability to actually defeat the armies they may be able to gain support of the local elders and with the support of the elders comes the province.


1. Follow Guild Policy
2. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you have a question, or whatever.
3. Be Fonz Cool
4. If you have a sudden urge to be an asshole please refer back to # 3.
Update time!

I have returned home. It is my turn to cook dinner and as much as I love you guys, I enjoy sleeping on the bed and not the couch more lol. But after that I'll finish up what work needs to be done!

Hey look at that people! I'm pleasantly surprised about that. If you got any question feel free to throw them my way and uh OCC should be up sometime tomorrow from my current estimates, maybe earlier, hopefully not later.

Well the Pinyin, the romanization of it, is Cháodài Xúnhuán if I'm not mistaken. But I could be wrong because I'm not the best Chinese speaker in the world. Though I suppose there is always google right?

More or less yep.



Sure another corpse Player is always wanted

A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it.
~ G. K. Chesterton


If you could travel time, wouldn't the massive injustices of history you witnessed, piling on year after year, century on century, millennia long, wouldn't they start to trouble you? Even reaching into your sleep?

How could you possibly ignore the suffering, the screams, and live with yourself? Could you shrug these blood-drenched humans away, and still claim to be one yourself?

Our collective foe has all the power and force and organization. They enjoy the fruits of the civilizations they tend, as many times as they can stand enjoying its sameness. They do nothing to better the eternal horrors of history, claiming it to be impossible to even try to alter events. They dispose of their souls in the process, killing and eating and birthing as their fixed destinies demand. They often lose their sanity in the process, too.

Sometimes we have nothing left but our wits. But when we go insane, at least it's not from obscene quantities of boredom or angst or ennui.

When we die, we know we fought for something . And when we do survive, and when we do save people from the sword and the flame, we go to worlds and lands unsuspected since man was born, and we can live forever .

But we begin life as nothing more than ants.

To become something bigger it takes one big mistake. Maybe it would be more correct to call it an accident. You saw something you weren't supposed to see. You suddenly became aware of the Waltz, and that makes you a threat.

So they kidnapped you. You woke in a strange place, surrounded by strange people. Some other folks like you that don't know other better, others are your Initiators, the ones that took you in the first place, the ones that make you. So they give you a whole talk about the sanctity of time and who billions of lives depend on its continued linearity. And if you just do a few things for them you can join their little society, and it's best not to say no, you wouldn't want to know what happens to those that say no.

But you my friend, you are a smart one. Somehow you escape their clutches before their damn mantra can get rooted into your head. And soon you get picked up by some like-minded individuals intent on changing things, making things better for everybody. Fuck that sounds better than preserving the status quo right?

But this isn't a game nor is it some graceful Waltz as they call it. This is war. Every time you Traverse you are putting your neck out there. Every mistake you make brings them closer and closer. And when they do find you, you won't be able to escape, they will be behind you, they will be ahead of you, they will push you, they will destroy everything you hold dear and then they will devour you.

So get a move on Breaker, time’s running out.

A G E N T LE M A N ' S G U I D E T O T I M E T R A V E L

The ability to jump through time is what the Enemy refer to as Traversal. Traversal comes in three distinct forms. Static Traversal which occurs when you travel within the same plane of time your just moving yourself and not say the entire universe. This allows for teleportation and while useful isn't that powerful in comparison to its elder siblings - Descension Traversal and Ascension Traversal. In short when one descends, they descend from their plane of time going into the past, when they ascend they head into a future.

As Breakers are reliant upon antique technology the range of their traversal is limited to decades at the highest level where the Enemy can span full millennia at will with seemingly no ill effects.

Yet smart and cunning as they are Breakers have devised ways around this. The Enemy calls this system Breaking upon which the Breakers names are derived. A Break occurs when a time traveler induces a paradox. By carefully observation and understanding of an event you can alter the events to create a small parallel universe. A flux of distorted time and space. Breaks are small and unstable things that are either closed by the Enemy or collapse in upon themselves after some period of time, you don't want to be even near one of those when that happens. Luckily for you, your just using them as a short cut. For when you ascend or descend within a Break, the effect is amplified launching you up or down through across much longer ranges.

The main goal of the Breakers is to create a Break big enough that they can traverse with enough power to escape our current Universe all together.

Looking at the diagram above it goes something like this. You have a breaker currently stuck in the Ascendancy prescribed universe this is (Point A). This of course sucks a lot so they want to escape so they create a paradox. (Point B) At that point a break occurs allowing them to jump into another paraverse for a limited period of time (Point C). At the same time members of the Ascendency are sent out and fix that Break (Point D). This causes the break to collapse back in upon itself reconciling itself with the timeline of our universe. The goal of a breaker is to create a break stable enough and large enough so that a hole can be punched into another paraverse and it won’t collapse allowing for them to effectively live in another Universe away from the Ascendancy's rule hopefully. (Point E)

Breakers are trying to change things, the Enemy is trying to change things as well but they want to put back to way that they were. Either way you are damning an infinite number of other universes to a similar fate. In the end nobody can save everybody. But you can save those that you can.

Lastly any traversal event creates presence. Presence are noticeable fluctuations that others can pick up on and use to find you. Generally the bigger the traversal the larger the presence, and the higher the presence the higher the chance that the Enemy finds you. Presence can be mitigated in some regards by performing traversal events in secluded areas where such disturbances can go unnoticed but there is always the danger that the forest in the last is a city in the future and vice versa. Remember the more you know, the safer you are.




Do you enjoy high concept RPs about time travel, espionage, and reality-warping? Well if so you are in the right place. If you want sales pitch Perturbation is basically what happens when Demon: The Descent and Looper get down and dirty in the back of Doc Brown's DeLorean. A small group RP focused on a Circuit of Breakers, a bunch of Time Travelers fighting against a mixture between the Time Police and Illuminati on crack. It's about fighting against the odds for all you have are your wits and some accumulation of gadgets and objects to fight against a force that can conjure fireballs at wall and reserve gravity on you. Don't go quietly into that good night and all. With a heavy focus on character interaction as while the plot is linear for the most part the subplots and various outcomes are all dependent on you. A world of alternate universes, eldritch abominations, and Issac Newton crying in his grave is waiting for you.
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