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Hi everyone! I love writing and role playing even though it's been a long time since I've done it due to busy adult life. But I'm so ready to start writing again finally! I'm excited to see where the stories go! I love fantasy but I'm open to other genres. I like romantic elements too!

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I am trying to update the title I entered in for a PM convo I'm having. Any way to do that?

Adrina was intrigued by this character. Never before has she talked to someone so honest and blunt. Usually she was caught up in dreary proper dialogue, especially since she was a princess. She usually found herself in drab conversation about the weather and fashion. "I'll be honest that I am not sure of my sister's exact whereabouts. From the rumors I've heard about you, I thought maybe you'd be my best bet to help me track my sister. My father sent out his best men to try and track her, but I refuse to stand idly by and wait for them to save her. Plus, I have a reason to believe a few of the men that went with the group aren't fully loyal to the throne."

Adrina paused for a bit in thought, then continued on, "I have a suspicion that the kingdom of Aryuda has stolen away with my sister. There's been talk that their King Duradel has been planning a war against us. Do you know about the kingdom of Aryuda?"

Adrina gestured for Chester to follow her out of the dungeon's hall.

Awesome, thank you! I'm taking a look right now.

Sounds like fun! I like the dry humor you have going on with it. I'm pretty good with dry humor and "bad words". It's like a seasoning, just the right amount helps accentuate the flavor.
Dree stiffened as the black and white wolf's eyes snapped open and looked directly at her. She didn't recognize this wolf and he wasn't brown and black like the rest of her pack was. His scent was unfamiliar and mixed with the smell of the wild flowers in the meadow that surrounded them. Dree considered sprinting away and running from the male wolf, but for some reason she was frozen in place, watching the wolf and looking deeply into his strange and vibrant blue eyes. She tried to regain her composure and project her thoughts asking for his name and where he came from into his mind, but got nothing. This must be a wolf from a different pack since she couldn't communicate with him through the mind. This intrigued her. She never before met another wolf that she couldn't speak with using her mind. They sat in silence for a moment, just watching each other as they tried to communicate through thoughts. Dree relaxed a bit as she realized she was not in danger. If this wolf was going to attack, he would have already.

Dree's heart was still beating hard. She didn't know why she was feeling this way. Usually when she met stray wolves that wandered from their packs it was all game to attack. Being a member of the Ferox pack, it was normal and expected to always attack wolves of other packs since friendships outside of our own pack was forbidden. Being the most aggressive wolf pack in the known land, this was a reputation that was honored and expected to be upheld. But, Dree couldn't help but stare this wolf in the eyes in curiosity.

Adrina stood in front of the Chester's cell. Taken aback by his devishly handsome looks and casual clothing. He didn't look like a prisoner in a dungeon, he looked completely out of place. Even his voice was dignified and charming. She felt even more sure about her decision to let this prisoner loose, he didn't look dangerous or like a criminal at all. With a charming wink, he said "All that's left now is for you to open the cage, and I will be yours."

Adrina felt her cheeks go red at that. There was no way she was going to fall so easily for this man, and shook off the spell of charm he seemed to have on her "Look, all I care about is that you help me save my sister. If you fail to do so, you will be sent straight back to this cell with your execution expedited."

Adrina looked him straight in the eyes with her big beautiful grey glowing eyes. Her lips parting a bit as she tried to remain calm and not get distracted again by his charm. Can I really trust him? Ohhh I really hope I don't regret this, Adrina thought to herself thinking about her controlling over-protective father and how angry he would be if he found out that Adrina was about to run away with a prisoner to save her sister.

Adrina sighed, her shoulders relaxing in defeat as she decided to trust Chester. With a swift turn of the keys, she clicked open the lock on the cell door and swung it open, "Do I have your word that you will be able to help save my sister?" She asked seriously as she looked him straight in the eyes.

Random question - how did you do the cool big font for your character's name?

Personality: Adrina was raised in the pala[/img]c[/img]e and was raised to be a delicate lady. But, she was always wild at heart. She prefers spending her days with the courtyard animals and exploring as much as she could. Although she is elegant and beautiful, she never was a tame lady and would disobey orders and seek out mischief. When her sister was captured by an evil overlord, Adrina didn't even hesitate to do anything it would take to rescue her, even seek out help from a cunning con artist.

Extra Appearance Info: Adrina is 5'6" has teal hair and light gray eyes. She has a slender frame but has feminine curves. As a princess, she wears delicate silky fabric. Usually her flowing gowns are a light fabric that is easy to move in and lightly colored (like a soft pink and soft white).
I'm really interested in the Guilty Pleasure plot. I haven't read her books, but the idea intrigues me!
I am looking for someone who would be interested in role playing a type of romance where the man and woman start off on the wrong foot and struggle to get along, but end up falling in love after they have to go on a dangerous adventure together (think "Romancing the Stone" if you've seen it, if not I recommend watching it). I would prefer to play a woman. I am good with a modern time period, but open to suggestions. Also, open to mature.

Here's the plot summary to Romancing the Stone. We could use this or just some elements to create our own related plot:

A dowdy romantic-adventure writer is hurled into a real-life adventure in the Colombian jungle in order to save her sister, who will be killed if a treasure map is not delivered to her captors. She is helped out by a brash mercenary, and together they search for the priceless gem located in the map.

If you are interested, I am open to your suggestions and plot ideas. If you want to brainstorm a bit with me before we get writing that would be awesome because I haven't really come up with a more detailed plot than that. I am a casual player, but I will be writing back pretty quickly since I am super excited to role play.

If you're interested, PM me your character idea and plot idea. I will brainstorm and collaborate with you quickly so we can get this started up!
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