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Hi. I'm just a user, maybe just AGenericUser. As the name might suggest I'm not particularly interesting, really, so that's something. Now is your cue to give me praise and say stuff like 'Generic, you're not boring!', so make sure you do that

I like to roleplay, which is definitely a surprise, considering I'm signed up to the roleplayer's guild. Perhaps the most shocking of revelations, for sure

Sometimes I like to join roleplays based on things that I'm not necessarily familiar with, but of course I'll give the source material a look to check up on details and stuff like that, so I don't cause trouble for other people. What I'm saying is I'm great and you should really be thanking me. That'd be sweetdiculous for sure.

Some people like to share their talents on their profile, so here goes:

Writing up half a character sheet and then deleting it: I've honed this one for years. If you want to do this really well, don't save any drafts on said character sheet, so later on you can think 'oh man, i should've totally submitted that character to that roleplay'. Hey, it's what I do

unfortunately i cannot think of any other talents soooo yeah.

So, bye-o. Get it? Because it sounds like 'bio'? Good one eh

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Lehariel Leet

Health: 700/900 (-200, was hit by Savage Slasher)

Mana: 350/1100 (-100, used Finger Lightning and Flash of Light)

It didn't take too long for the Fenrir Herald's canine cronies to get creamed by the crew, through a combination of powerful attacks. Lehariel Leet's combination attack, 'Shadow Breaker' didn't exactly do a lot of damage, but that didn't dissuade the young mage at all. It looked stylish, and felt real good! That's what matters, right?

But, unfortunately for Lehariel... the Fenrir's Herald wasn't exactly too thrilled at this turn of events, and, practically faster than the eye could see - it slashed at various people in range, including Lehariel, for quite a powerful attack. It wasn't exactly a weak blow at all, for Lehariel felt pain from it... which wasn't a bad thing to her.

"Finally! You've taken a chunk outta my life... that gets my blood pumping really good! If it's a battle of life and death you want, I'll give ya one!" Lehariel spoke. "I've been holding back, you know... I wasn't using more than 5% of my power. So, now, I'll use 10%. Feel free to be shivering in your boots, wolfie." Lehariel thought this a good time to boast. If it was a werewolf, then it was half man. And if it was half man, then it could understand her, surely.

However, only one more opponent remained for the group. And by no means would it be an easy opponent - it was the Fenrir Herald, and it was definitely not what one would call happy. Defeating its companions led to the beast becoming enraged, and even more powerful.

"The bloody thing's throwing a hissy fit!" Lehariel exclaimed with a grin. "Let's help this baby... simmer down!" Lehariel had her next move in mind - it was ice magic, to go with the whole 'simmer down' line. However, she then recalled something particularly bothersome... she didn't take up Ice Discipline, and instead had electric elemental spells, meaning her ice-related quip went to waste.

Lehariel was following the orders set by the other silver-haired fellow in the group, although begrudgingly - she was just in that melee combat mood! But, striking from afar with magic most foul was also quite acceptable. And a combination of those? Now that's just overkill! And Lehariel lived for overkill, but now wasn't the time.

That aside, Lehariel's next move was to... call out her attack, of course. "Come, lightning of the heavens! Ravage and smite my enemy! Leave nothing behind!" She called out, as she unleashed a Finger Lightning spell. "A real shock to the system, eh? But I ain't done yet...!"

Lehariel's initial plan was to utilize Piercing Light, though there was only a single target. Using Finger Lightning twice would be a little lame... but then, she noticed that her teammates were locked in quite the physical clash with the powerful werewolf known as Fenrir's Herald.

For now, Lehariel was teamed with this ragtag bunch of misfits... so, she reevaluated her choices. Instead of utilizing another damaging attack, Lehariel thought she'd help the others gain their footing in the battle - and her spell of choice in this endeavour was one that utilized the light itself.

Lehariel unleashed another spell, this time, none other than Flash of Light, in hopes of blinding the foe. Due to her passive ability, Luminous, her body glowed additionally - something Lehariel had noticed, though she was unaware of the passive's true effects. She thought this a good moment to reply to the red-haired girl, Chari, who'd spoken to her earlier. "How's that for some Lehariel Lighting?! Actually, don't answer... I know it was pretty dang good! ...Right?"

"That's... that's all I'll do for this turn. I don't wanna use too much mana, all that. That's right, even the great Lehariel Leet has to worry about that bloody mana..." Lehariel added. For a brief moment, she considered throwing her axe at the opponent, but she wasn't sure how good of a move that was. After all, what if one of the others decides to put their grubby mitts on it and sell it? Then she'd have to buy a new one! And that meant less money going towards Lehariel's personal mission. That mission? To obtain every discipline of spell someday.

But, then - a thought came to Lehariel's mind.

"So this guy's a werewolf, isn't he?!" Lehariel shouted. "Then is he weak to silver?! Anyone got some silver coins or something? It's silly, but hey... maybe it's silly enough to work? Right?" Lehariel shrugged, completely acknowledging the absurdity of such an idea. She had her doubts on if it'd work...

Lehariel uses Finger Lightning. -50MP.
Lehariel uses Flash of Light. -50MP.
Due to using Flash of Light, Luminous activates.
Lehariel Leet

Health: 900/900 (+300?, was healed)

Mana: 450/1100 (-200)

The battle between man and wolf-man still raged on, with weapons and magic clashing against the sheer might of the werewolves. It was definitely dangerous... though, Lahariel had no intention of losing, not in the slightest. It'd been a while since her last scuffle, so losing this one was definitely out of the question.

However, it seemed as if the other fighters, her current allies, came prepared. In particular, a silver-haired man had issued orders to the others. Lahariel assumed that this was their leader, something that was certainly supported by him giving an order to Lahariel herself. An order to attack one of the Wolfkin Guards, one that Lahariel had dubbed 'Wolfkin Guard 1' in her head. She'd been keeping good track of it, for defeating it first would ease up the rest of the battle. Lahariel wasn't the biggest fan of commands usually, but this command was spot on - the absolute best move for her to take, at least in her mind.

Lahariel had her next move planned out, but before she could even initiate it... someone, clad in apparel that gave off a mage-like vibe, came over to her - and even healed her! This was pretty spiffy, for sure.

"There's nothing like the adrenaline rush of being low on health, really gets ya going." Lahariel spoke. "Didn't really need a heal, but thanks anyway! Heals are always good, eh?" Lahariel uttered to the person who'd healed her.

'Well, I'm not gonna admit it, but that heal... it really helps me out. I can afford to take a few more risks, and hey... it's not like I'm some juggernaut! I can't take many hits, so I've gotta make 'em count. So, with that in mind, I'll unleash my combo attack!' Lahariel thought to herself, as she readied her wand - only for her hand to begin trembling.

"You!" Lahariel pointed towards the Wolfkin Guard 1, and spoke with a determined voice. "I hope you're ready for a beating, because my other self is telling me... it's telling me to unleash the secret combo technique, Shadow Breaker on you!"

Lahariel pointed forth with her wand, while holding her other hand over her right eye, obscuring it completely. Then, she utilized one of her attacks - Nether Pull. "Get over here!" She exclaimed, as dark energy pulled the Wolfkin Guard to her.

On its own, this didn't do much, and in fact, seemed to be an awful move. But this was only the beginning of Step 2 of Lahariel's Special Technique... to prepare for Step 2, Lahariel quickly swapped weapons, from wand to axe. "You know what time it is?... that's right, it's beatdown time with Lahariel Leet! Time for you and this axe to get acquainted on a personal level!" Bringing her axe down on the Wolfkin Guard with all her strength, Lahariel quickly swapped weapons once again, to her wand. It was time for the final step, and that final step was none other than a Nether Push, which launched the Wolfkin Guard away from Lahariel.

"How'd you like my combo? Stylish and effective... just like me, Lahariel Leet! The mage who makes battling look real good!" Lahariel boasted, evidently impressed with herself. "Anyway, I'm passing my combo on to one of you from here. Make it look cool, alright?!"

Nether Pull (Wand) on Wolfkin Guard 1
Regular Attack (Axe) on Wolfkin Guard 1
Nether Push (Wand) on Wolfkin Guard 1
Lehariel Leet

Health: 630/900

Mana: 650/1100

"Gee, it sure is boring around here... I haven't seen anything cool for like, a while! Just give me something to fight. A monster, a player - hell, I don't care if you send a clown or something my way! Just give me something I can practice my magical powers on and I'll be happy!" A white haired lady clad in purple, known as Lehariel Leet, complained to herself, as she ventured throughout the sprawling green hills that went as far as the eye could see... this location was The Hill's Sorrow, one of many dungeons to be found within the world of Talrae, or at least, that's what Lehariel had heard.

And, as one would expect from a dungeon, it was fraught with peril. Lehariel herself had caught sight of various none-too-friendly looking wolves, some of which she even had the opportunity to fight. But other than that, Lehariel hadn't seen much in the way of monsters. In terms of players, though - Lehariel had previously caught sight of what seemed to be a band of adventurers, who seemed to be quite the colourful crew indeed. Mages, warriors, you name it, they had it. Maybe. Lehariel didn't think much of them at the time, aside from wondering which of them she could take in a fight.

But now, the white-haired mage pondered. Where were they now? Fighting off dangerous beasts, maybe? After all, it only made sense that a large group would draw more attention than some solo adventurer.

"So where the bloody hell are they at? Maybe I'll tag in with 'em, and get some good hits on some monsters! Or I'll fight 'em! That'd be good fun, but I'm not sure they'd agree with that, actually... eh, what matters is I wanna find those guys, see what they're up to and all. Make sure they're not taking all the fights away from me!"

Lehariel continued roaming the area, seeking out any potential scuffles just waiting to happen. And, just as luck would have it... she caught sight of two things that caught her eye. A familiar group of travelers... and a not so familiar group of wolves. But these were no ordinary wolves... no, these beasts were known as werewolves. Standing on two feet, the beasts had quite an imposing form, even from far away. The two opposing sides of human and wolf were locked into a fierce battle... and so, a thought came to Lehariel's head. "Looks like I got what I wanted... twofold! Time to really let loose!"

Lehariel burst into a sprint and headed for the battleground of humans versus werewolves. While it took a little time for the mage to reach her destination, she eventually arrived at the battlezone, Wooden Wand in her left hand. "Lehariel Leet's here to crash the party, and kick ass! Don't count on me leaving any of these mutts for you blokes, though!" Lehariel bellowed. Her morale was practically sky-high! A fight had finally come her way... it was time to unleash the magic and brandish the axe!

At that moment, Lehariel analyzed her opponents. There were three enemies, two of which were significantly smaller. A larger one, the Fenrir's Herald, was also present. Lehariel had a hunch that the larger wolf was most likely stronger than the smaller ones... and so, her eyes shifted to the two smaller beasts, the Wolfkin Guards. A malicious grin crept onto her face...

"Let's see how you stand this, you Twilight reject!" Lehariel called out, as she pointed towards one of the two Wolfkin Guards with her Wooden Wand in an over the top gesture, which pulsed with light energy. This was her trusty attack - Piercing Light. "Let's shed some light on the situation! In particular, let's shed some light on the fact that you wolves are about to get served by the coolest, most dynamic person in Talrae!"

A thin beam of light shot forth from the Wooden Wand, colliding with just one of the Wolfkin Guards. And shortly after this - her body began to glow, due to the effects of the Luminous passive ability.

"How's that for ya?! I bet it stings!"

Summary Sheet:

Traveled to the fight.
Used Piercing Light on Wolfkin Guard 1.
Due to using a Light Discipline Spell, the Luminous passive was triggered.
Boasted about her abilities.
Framed against the setting sun, a solitary man with an enormous blade slung over his shoulder walked, a calm expression on his scarred face – and crimson red scarf flowing in the wind. He knew not where he was headed, yet he simply followed wherever the roads lead him. And today, it seemed that the road lead him to none other than Rome – a famed city with an absolutely incredible wealth of history behind it.

Catching sight of the city from afar, the man with the giant sword grinned slightly and stopped in place, holding his blade against the ground to act as a support. It was truly a sight to behold, the city of Rome – at least, the lone wanderer certainly thought so, for his eyes were transfixed on the city. However, the red-haired man began to speak. This was despite the fact that nobody was nearby, however.

“I knew this day would come!” The scarfed man, utilizing his free hand, posed dramatically, an open palm held a slight distance away from his face, his eyes taking in the visage of the famed city Rome. “Rome is a land of the greatest heroes and grand sweeping tales of adventure… it’s only fitting that destiny itself would lead adventure and heroism given form - I, Strife Firegaze, here!” A few more minutes of admiring the city passed until the man with the giant blade, Strife Firegaze, lifted said sword up onto his shoulder once again, ceased his posing, and continued following the path. Though, several thoughts ran throughout his head, which he saw fit to say aloud – once again, his words were to nobody else in particular – Strife simply communicated his thoughts to himself. This time around, his thoughts were focused on the fact that he was heading to Rome - and an old saying about roads.

“They say ‘All roads lead to Rome’… but that’s clearly untrue, now that I think about it.” Strife Firegaze uttered, as he moved his finger to his chin, pondering the legitimacy of that saying, while he continued travelling the road to Rome. “Some roads lead away from Rome. If I walked this path backwards, it wouldn’t be leading to Rome. I reckon the people who made that phrase are a bunch of goobers. It only took me a minute or two to disprove it.”

A few moments passed, but as it turned out, Strife Firegaze wasn’t done pondering this topic, as his mind drifted back onto that lingering question. Yet, at that moment… with a shocked gasp, the red-headed swordsman dropped his blade onto the ground, as he fell to his knees in a dramatic fashion. There was an audible thud as his legs collided with the ground below. “Ack! This is simply inconceivable How could I, mighty Strife Firegaze have forgotten such a fact?! The Earth is one colossal path that dwarfs the mightiest of Giants, the tallest of towers – a path that each and every one of us as human beings carve! For that path is our destinies! And if I see a fate I don’t like – then I’ll take up the legendary blade…! The Omeeeeega Cleaaaaver of… the Faaaaaates! He called out, raising his green blade into the air with both hands. Strife Firegaze spoke this with a grin – clearly impressed with his own words. There was no doubt in his mind that these words would inspire even people drowning in despair, for the sheer flame of Strife Firegaze’s passion burned bright! Brighter than the fury of ten suns! Or at least, in his mind, it did. Nonetheless, the scarred-and-scarfed man pulled himself to his feet, and in no time at all, continued following his path – the road that lead to Rome. Strife knew not what awaited him in Rome, but that only added to the allure for the wandering swordsman. It was the mystery, the uncertainty of adventure that drew Strife in. One never knew what would come next – and that revved Strife’s engine, so to speak.

In the dead time that passed as Strife walked closer and closer to Rome, he began thinking about various topics, though their importance or relevance was rather arguable. His mind drifted over to legendary weapons - specifically, Excalibur. “They speak of another ancient blade… none other than the blade from the Arthurian tales, wielded by King Arthur himself in the history books – Excalibur! Someday, I will find it – and I will wield the divine powers of both blades! Double the swords... double the power!” Strife bellowed, once again to nobody, though he was looking down at his emerald pendant, the so-called ‘Supreme Amulet of Ultimate Power’ as he spoke this. Shortly thereafter, he placed a hand onto it. “Actually, I don't need a wimpy blade like that, when I've got all I need, right here! All I need is my sword and my amulet. And together… our power transcends the very stars themselves!”

Strife immediately began pointing forth towards Rome in an over the top style.

“We’ll take destiny into our big, strong, hands! For I am Striiiiife Fiiiregaaaaze, Caller of the Verdant Flames, Wielder of the Omega Cleaver of the Fates!” Strife was close enough to Rome to see what appeared to be a citizen of Rome, clad in a blue shirt, looking at him with a quizzical expression, seemingly a glare. Strife took notice of this, but paid it no mind. Hey, he was enjoying himself! He wasn't going to let some fella put a damper on his day!

And with that, Strife Firegaze entered Rome, his heart itching for adventure, excitement, his passion burning like the most raging of infernos! Who knows what would await in Rome, for the mightiest, the strongest of heroes, Strife Firegaze, Caller of the Verdant Flames? Who knew what the future would hold for the self-proclaimed legendary hero. But one thing was certain... he couldn't wait.
@Genni @OliveYou

I was a little late to respond, but thanks for the feedback! Originally I answered the questions about Kai, and I would post them here - but I'm thinking that I might make another character sheet from scratch, with all that advice in mind. I'll trim out stuff like the discs - looking back, they're real unnecessary. Of course, that's if I make the same character again.

I should be able to get this revised sheet in fairly soon. Hopefully.

Here's my character sheets. Took me long enough to post it here, too, so that's something.

The bottom one is the original sheet at level 1, the higher up one is Lehariel's current sheet.


Thanks for the questions! I knew I'd miss a few things, so I'll elaborate on those. And sorry about all these issues in my form, and if some things here don't make sense. Wrote this post pretty late, so I'm a little out of it.

Class System: My bad on this - I probably should've went a bit more into detail. While his appearance would change, I feel like it would be limited to armour and equipment, depending on the class, while his physical body underneath stays the same. As for how they enhance Kai's abilities, I feel like it'd be closer to the second suggestion you stated there, that it pushes his body further in terms of ability, allowing him to run faster in a move-oriented class, or take more hits in a defense-oriented node... though, of course, not to such a degree that he'd outshine anyone who specializes in either of those abilities.

On the topic of wings and gills, if he can create a gun, I guess those would be possible and maybe even fitting for an Adaption focused Birthed, but I'm not sure if that would be making him too powerful. Though, if he wanted to use gills or wings, he'd have to switch to an appropriate Class equipped with either, provided he has enough time to switch.

Nanoweapons: In each of his classes, Kai has a set weapon or weapons. In the class in his sheet, he's only capable of using a sword and a gun in that class. If he wants to reform his weapons into something else, he'd have to wait ten seconds to shift into another class. In terms of what weapons the Nanoweapons could become: I'd imagine it mostly being ordinary weapons like swords, axes, lances, bows, the like, along with a few more uncommon ones like boomerangs and even staves. I could make a list, if needed.

Nanos: Yeah, his excess nanites can be depleted via this method - kind of like an ammo system, now that I think about it. Bullet nanobots can be recovered and reduced to regular old nanobots, though they regenerate over time... very slowly, though. I'll address these in an edit, sorry about that.

Personalities: I might actually get rid of this whole 'configurable personalities' part - now that I look back, it's a little unnecessary. But, yeah, the original concept was that a new personality would be added, and someone would be able to forcibly swap Kai between them, depending on how they're feeling. Though, this detail ended up being more or less Adaption Unit flavour text, now that I look at it. Not sure if I'll keep it... but if I do, I might just have to go through with the bleed part.

Depending on how this goes, I might completely rework the abilities. I'm a little iffy on this set of abilities, now that I think about it - it feels a little too broad, I guess.

Also, his name was originally Kal, but I really like Kai as a name, so I think I might just have to take that up as his new name.
I've had my eye on this roleplay for a while, written a few sheets, but I think I'm finally going to post one because that's a good idea.

I'm fully expecting a glaring error though, so there's that. If there is, I'll fix it up as soon as I can. Like in particular, I'm not really sure about if the abilities are alright, for one. If they aren't, I'll fix those too.

If you have a problem with his nanobot hair then I have a problem with you and that's that

Here's my character sheet I guess
I'm pretty certain there's a few glaring flaws here and there, so I'll fix them after I go to sleep and (hopefully) wake up
If I don't wake up then well that's a shame I guess?

But yeah, if there's any big issues, just tell me and I'll have them fixed up. Also said big issues are placed there intentionally to test you guys, of course. We'll go with that

Finally posted this here, with a few minor changes. Almost all the quotes have been changed because why not, along with a few small additions to the backstory - they don't really change anything but add clarification to a few things. I might add a character theme or two eventually, as well, along with a few custom made pictures, if I can find the motivation in me to do that.

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