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Hi. I'm just a user, maybe just AGenericUser.

I like to write and that's al-write, or at least I like to think so... and of course, I like to roleplay as well. It's a pretty neat pastime, eh? I certainly think so.

I live in Australia, more specifically in Victoria. I live in a really boring, tiny town that practically nobody's ever heard of, where nothing happens. Sucks! All we've really got here to keep us interested is the internet.

I'd like to get better at writing and roleplay, though. I'm not necessarily new to it - I started back in 2013 on another site, but I've still got a lot to learn and all.

So that's that, at least for now. Don't know what else to put here and all.

So, bye-o. Get it? Because it sounds like 'bio'? Good one eh

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A few blocks away from the park?

As Ishido wandered through the dark, mysterious house... he began to realize that something felt distinctly off. Ishido couldn't fathom as to precisely what, however... though, Ishido simply tried to brush it off. Chances were it was something normal, something everyday to other people. They wouldn't even think anything was odd about the house, wouldn't they?! It was just an ordinary house, not too different from the Yoichi household. The strangest thing about it was that it was dark, and even then... Ishido knew that was completely normal.

So why did it still feel like something was weird, to the scarfed wanderer Ishido Yoichi? Again, he knew not why... but he placed those thoughts to the back of his mind and continued his investigation of the house. He kept a watchful eye open for anything that caught his attention, but either there was nothing - or he hadn't seen anything, which was the more likely possibility.

Suddenly, Ishido shivered, completely out of the blue. All of a sudden... he felt cold. It was a similar feeling to that of one breathing onto another's skin... a chilling feeling. With a flinch, Ishido immediately paused and gasped lightly... only to dismiss the strange sensation. While it did feel like someone was breathing on Ishido's skin, it was more than likely not the case. Mr. Yoichi always told Ishido to keep a sharp mind... and that the mind can trick you into believing things to be something they are not. After all, the sensation was a cold one. The wind could be cold, too, and it seemed completely reasonable to Ishido that a dark house would be rather cold.

Then, out of the corner of his eye - something piqued Ishido's attention. An open door...! At that moment, Ishido had an epiphany of sorts. The door to the house was ajar, wasn't it? Someone had opened it... unless the boy called Hans had opened it prior. But this door Ishido just encountered... it was open, too.

The theory Ishido had arrived on was that someone had entered the house, likely the homeowner - and that they'd entered the door that Ishido had his eye on. Ishido was hoping to encounter the homeowner. Perhaps they knew more about the situation, or they could confirm Ishido's theory on the golden fog?

And chances were, in Ishido's mind... that the homeowner lied beyond the door in front of him. A subdued excitement built in Ishido. Chances were, he was going to meet the homeowner! Perhaps they'd know more about the situation, and could help him and that Hans fellow out.

'I wonder how he's going...' Ishido wondered, as he slowly approached the ajar door that seemingly awaited to be opened, his steps audible. 'That Hans guy is still out there... I hope he's alright out there. Both of us sound pretty clueless... well, on this situation. I'm clueless all the time...'

Ishido placed a hand onto the ajar door, and began to open it. Was he brimming with bravery, burning like flames - or rather, was he simply full of ignorance regarding his current situation? Could he even fathom what he'd found himself in?

It was more than likely the latter.
@Crimmy @vancexentan

The boy Ishido was with revealed his name - Hans Olsen. Along with that, as it would turn out... Hans was part of an exchange program, from Norway to Japan. This interested Ishido, for he knew little about other countries. After all... he needed to learn about the country he was already in, first. All Ishido knew of Norway was that it was a place that existed, out there in the vast, enormous world.

'This 'Hans' person... he seems pretty interesting.'

With a nod, Ishido began heading into the house when a realization came to his mind. The fog... the fog! Something about it clicked with him for a moment. It wasn't ordinary fog... it was something like he'd seen somewhere else! This fog was familiar.

The golden fog... had Ishido solved its secret?

"The fog...!" Ishido suddenly spoke out to Hans, as he slowly walked to the entrance of the house. "Maybe it's not fog at all. Maybe... it's toxic fumes? I learned about those recently... aren't they unhealthy to be in? Because it made me feel a little weird to be in it..."

Ishido grinned slightly at his sudden realization. He was sure that this was the true nature of the 'fog'! He thought he'd solved an enigmatic mystery, its answer lost to the ages. However, Ishido quickly and suddenly hid his small grin with his palm, which he held open and a few inches away from his face...

'This is like what the people on TV do... with their fancy poses with their hands, isn't it? I'm not sure why I did it all of a sudden, but... That could be my thing, to make myself less of a blank slate.' Ishido pondered, still hiding his grin. 'But... on a different note, I solved that mystery. I think I feel a little... prude? I think that's the right word for it.'

Ishido then abruptly turned away, and started heading deeper into the mysterious house... full of burning curiosity, and a drive for discovery. To Ishido, he'd solved one mystery already. He felt like he could easily investigate this odd house... not that he knew what was particularly odd about it, really. He simply had gained the impression that it was odd, not even knowing what made it odd.

'I came in here to ask about that golden fog, didn't I...? I almost forgot. Well... I think it's still worth looking around. I kind of feel like I'm in a bit of an odd situation... judging from what that Hans guy said.' Ishido thought to himself, as he headed into the darkness of the house without a word.

'Me and that Hans guy got teleported by that pink light. He even said so... it looks like we're near the park, but the fog just suddenly appeared... and everyone disappeared. All of that is pretty weird... apparently. I don't think this is actually the street near the park.'

Nope, Ishido hasn't really entered the house yet. At most, I'd say he's put a foot into the house so far. Sorry if I'm going a little slow with progress!

But the next scene I've got planned will involve Ishido checking out the place... a little, if that's no problem. I should be able to get it up sometime later tonight - in AEST.

A few blocks away from the park?

Ishido's knocking on the door proved fruitless. There was not a response to the knocking sound... but the action instead slightly pushed open the door of the house with a distinctive sound. The door had been opened... and something caught Ishido's eye. A boundary, and on that boundary... was a pair of brown shoes.

'So someone must be here,' Ishido considered as he set a foot down into the house. 'Perhaps they're asleep? In that case, I will head to their room and wake them up. I hope they know about this golden fog... not even that other boy knows anything about it.'

Turning to face the other boy, Ishido spoke. Ishido thought it'd be best to introduce himself to this other boy? It was simply a hunch, but he thought it might be a good idea.

"Oh... people call me Ishido Yoichi. It's not my real name, but it's the only name I have." Ishido explained, and forced out a small chuckle. Oftentimes, Mr. Yoichi would chuckle after saying things - so Ishido was trying to replicate that.

Ishido quickly turned his attention away from the other boy to the inside of the house once more. The shoes implied that someone was there... didn't they?
Just two hours of sleep is something I wish upon nobody

In my experience it's pretty painful... I haven't had many but they mess me up real bad personally.
Just two hours of sleep? Dang... that's not a whole lot.
Here I was thinking I didn't get much sleep!

Also, I'll get another post up soon. Just going through some concepts for the scene.

The other boy informed Ishido that he, too, had been teleported by a pink light to his present location. But, the boy said something else... something that particularly stuck out to Ishido. What he'd said to Ishido that he knew nothing about the fog, or the nearby house.

'I was hoping he'd know... I guess he's just as clueless as me... On this topic, at least.'

Something else that the boy said to Ishido was rather interesting, too. He said that the nearby house 'looked empty', and 'maybe it has clues inside'. Along with that... he spoke about horror movies, horror movies that 'usually have some sort of dumb monster looking for dumb kids to eat'.

Ishido wondered. Was that common in horror movies? The house caught Ishido's attention, but he didn't see anything that made him think there would be monsters within. The other boy seemed to be interested in it, though... or at least, Ishido thought so.

'If he's interested in it, then I'm interested too.' Ishido thought to himself. If this boy didn't know something, then chances were that Ishido didn't know it, either... and not knowing something left Ishido with a burning curiosity that he needed to sate. 'It'll be an experience... maybe that'll make me less of a blank slate? Hopefully...'

"I'm going to check," Ishido spoke as he stepped over to the door of the house, and pushed open the door without much finesse. He wanted to know what was within.

Briefly, Ishido considered something... wasn't it rude to just barge into someone's house, unannounced?

"Hello. Is anybody home?" Ishido calmly asked into the now open house. Was anybody there? Perhaps Ishido would find out...

The other boy had asked Ishido a question - that question being one related to the pink light Ishido had caught sight of earlier, the same one he'd chosen to investigate... this was interesting enough, but the boy spoke of being 'teleported'. Ishido had a rough idea of what this word meant.

According to the boy, they'd been teleported to their present location... Ishido hadn't considered it before, but it was certainly a viable possibility as to how Ishido found himself in his strange location. And, Ishido didn't think teleporting was too unusual. After all, he'd seen it a lot on TV and similar media. All of a sudden... the situation seemed a lot more normal to Ishido. He knew where he was - the street from before, and he knew how he'd got there - by teleportation. The fog was still strange, but what things aren't strange at first?

"A pink light teleported me here." Ishido calmly spoke. "I'm not too familiar with pink lights and stuff like that, though. It's my first time seeing them... and being teleported, too. I've seen teleportation a lot on TV though."

Ishido then stretched, and yawned. Shortly afterwards, a question pushed itself to the forefront of Ishido's mind... a question relating to the odd fog. What was it? Ishido was dying to know.

"Do you know what this yellow fog is?" Ishido inquired. "Is it normal? I don't know what it is, but really... I don't know what many things are. But I've never seen yellow fog like this."
Sorry. I accidentally left out a part of my previous post, and I only just realized. The part that was left out was what Ishido called out - I deleted that small segment and planned to rewrite it, but I guess I must have forgot.

Sorry if it caused any issues! It won't happen again, hopefully.
A Lifeless Street, Cloaked in Golden Fog

As Ishido approached the boy and the house, he began to wonder. What was the boy doing here? Nobody else was around. Perhaps he lived in the nearby house, with the ajar door? In such a case, perhaps he knew what was going on?

But then, Ishido caught sight of the boy knocking on the ajar door... perhaps the boy was a visitor, someone coming by to say 'hello' - just like people did with the Yoichi family... or perhaps the boy simply wanted out of the fog. Ishido was beginning to feel that way himself; the fog didn't completely obscure Ishido's view, but it certainly made it harder to see than normal... which was a bit of an annoyance to Ishido.

Ishido's next move was to try to call out to the boy at the door. Surely, he'd know what was going on... wouldn't he?
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