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Hi. I'm just a user, maybe just AGenericUser.

I like to write and that's al-write, or at least I like to think so... and of course, I like to roleplay as well. It's a pretty neat pastime, eh? I certainly think so.

I live in Australia, more specifically in Victoria. I live in a really boring, tiny town that practically nobody's ever heard of, where nothing happens. Sucks! All we've really got here to keep us interested is the internet.

I'd like to get better at writing and roleplay, though. I'm not necessarily new to it - I started back in 2013 on another site, but I've still got a lot to learn and all.

So that's that, at least for now. Don't know what else to put here and all.

So, bye-o. Get it? Because it sounds like 'bio'? Good one eh

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The blonde lady had spoken up, netting Feine's attention quickly. To this point, he'd only really heard the man from the group of three speak. So what was this lady like, Feine wondered...

The very first words out of her mouth - 'I've never heard of your books'. As soon as Feine registered this, he placed his dominant left hand into his pocket, and clutched onto it, as discreetly as he could muster - a tic Feine had developed when someone had offended him. The purpose of this was to essentially hold his tongue and think upon what he would say next.

It was almost insulting to the prideful writer from the Rhiter family. All those hours, days, even months devoted to writing stories - all that effort he'd expended on creating the perfect works? He'd put in what he considered a gargantuan effort, having done his best to emulate the styles of famous writers and combine their strongest parts. It was simple, really... so why was Feine's effort going unnoticed? What could've been so hard about adopting each writer's strengths, with none of their negatives, especially for a self-proclaimed prodigy like Feine?

It wasn't just this woman that made Feine seethe, regarding his works and their lack of notability. It was everybody. Nobody seemed to know or even care... and sometimes, that extended to the world of literature as a whole. Many a person didn't seem to give a hoot about any of it!

The woman continued what she was saying, and Feine chose to listen. What she said next shocked Feine. She stated that she loved Shakespeare's works, and liked A Midsummer Night's Dream the most... and then she asked for Feine's favourite work from William Shakespeare.

This broke Feine's attempt to feign a cool, mystical, powerful composure as he suddenly gasped, only to hastily cover his mouth as quickly as he could muster. What the lady said to Feine had surprised him to an incredible degree. She knew Shakespeare, and even had a favourite work of his! She seemed to respect the man, too... not only that, but she even asked for Feine's favourite work from Shakespeare. Feine couldn't help but respect the blonde haired lady, all stemming from her liking Shakespeare.

'She knows one of Shakespeare's works! I didn't expect this!' Feine thought to himself, still shocked. 'I'd planned what I'd say if they didn't know much about Shakespeare! I didn't think one of them would have an interest in the literature arts!'

Shortly thereafter, the lady offered Feine a cookie, which netted her even more respect from the writer. Feine certainly had an interest in the cookies, in two senses. The first of which he was lead to by his writing-centric mind. If he were to write a piece on the interactions of this group of three he'd been analyzing, perhaps knowing the cookie's flavour could help him? The second reason was far more mundane. Feine thought they looked like good cookies...

"My favourite of Shakespeare's works, personally... when I was studying his style, I always ended up coming back to Macbeth. I studied the popular ones mainly, because Shakespeare's a famous writer - and those are his most famous works. I want to draw people to my works, and create sprawling, creative stories people can enjoy." Feine began to explain somewhat excitedly, clearly enthused that he'd come across a fellow fan of literature. "Though, I like all of Shakespeare's works, really. There's something beautiful in each of them... they're full of meaning. Am I right?"

Feine's feigned attempt to make a stoic and superior composure had completely and utterly fallen away. He was simply astounded that he'd come across someone else with an interest in the vast and expansive world of literature. She hadn't heard of Feine, and while that definitely still did annoy him... it was forgiven very quickly in Feine's mind. The offering of the cookie also amplified his opinion of the lady. All this made it a little hard for Feine to utilize his usual, smug attitude, and instead - he couldn't help but gush about his love of Literature. It had been a while since he had.

With Feine's next words, however, he calmed his excited tone and talked in his usual, calmer tone.

"I'd definitely like to try one of these cookies. They seem, how do I put it... both intriguing and scrumptious? They seemed to cause quite a commotion between your two friends. Perhaps your cookies are so excellent that they caused this little squabble between your friends?"

Feine's words were carefully picked. Deep down, he knew that chances were, the blonde lady's two friends were not fighting over a single cookie. That would be ridiculous, after all. Feine's reason for stating that assumption was that it would likely be confirmed as incorrect, thus leading to an explanation of why the two are fighting in the first place. This would lead to a net gain all around for Feine. By knowing what the two were arguing about, that could lead to further ideas for his next work.
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Feine had faced himself away from the group he'd been analyzing. He'd begun to approach them, only to get cold feet. It was not out of shyness - Feine wasn't afraid of the trio, not in the slightest. Besides, what was there to fear about them? The young writer was unsure.

What caused Feine to reconsider his course of action was his pursuit for none other than inspiration. The group of three had come off to Feine as very interesting... Feine believed it could very well form a passable story for his next work. Feine had approached the trio intending to speak to them. What caused him to reconsider was the fact his intrusion could very well lead to a different scenario. Sometimes in writing, it was best to let what inspires you flow free and act on its own.

And unfortunately, Feine had made a mistake. Heading closer to the group proved to be quite an error, as he heard exactly what he dreaded. A voice, quite clearly a man's, spoke out and questioned Feine, asking if there was anything he could help with. Disaster had befallen the young writer! There was no doubt that this was the wild seeming man of the group of three. He seemed to serve as a catalyst to the group of three, in a sense... he'd changed an ordinary conversation between two ladies into something far more interesting. Cookies were thrown and shouts were, well, shouted. And not only that, but Feine had been noticed soon after the group's situation became even more enticing a piece, too - The man of the group seemed to be having an argument with the woman Feine presumed a tomboy... it was interesting, but... now the man seemed to be talking to Feine himself.

'What a blunder... I may as well make the most of this...'

For a brief moment, Feine didn't react to the man's word, still turned around.

Seconds later, however, Feine slowly turned around, his scarf billowing in a breeze which had suddenly appeared. In truth, this was Feine discreetly using weak wind manipulation for dramatic effect, as if he was a fictional character from some show. It was always an enjoyable way of introducing himself, much better than a simple ordinary introduction. Feine also believed it conveyed an aura of superiority, but that was up for interpretation...

Feine glanced at the man who addressed him. It was indeed the man from the group of three he'd been analyzing, but that was no surprise. Very rarely did Feine find his intuition wrong, hence why he considered himself a prodigy, a savant.

"My name is Feine Rhiter, though I'm sure you already know that." Feine introduced himself grandly, his scarf still billowing in the breeze. Briefly, Feine considered bowing to show respect, but ceased that thought quickly. "As a well esteemed figure in the modern day writing world, I seek to find inspiration from real life events. You and your friends struck me as interesting."

Calling himself a 'well esteemed figure' in the writing world was a grand overstatement, to say the least. Feine pointed to the three people he'd been analyzing. The blonde lady, the woman Feine considered a tomboy, and the 'wild man', who was the person talking to Feine. Along with that, Feine stopped sneakily using his wind magic to blow his scarf around, as to not drain his energy.

"I never thought a cookie would... pique my creative juices, but here we are. Isn't it interesting, how even the most minor things can bring forth inspiration?" Feine inquired, with both a neutral expression and tone. "I'm sure William Shakespeare underwent such hunts for inspiration, too... I guess I'm quite like him. Ah, forgive me... do you know who that is?"

Thank you! I've wanted to write a character like him for such a long time. And boy am I loving writing him - turns out writing a snob is really fun. And I'm really enjoying writing his search for inspiration. It's a little weird writing a writer, and I love it.
Still with a watchful eye locked onto the man and two women, Feine's mind wandered from seeking inspiration from his next piece, albeit temporarily. It was definitely an interesting interaction to Feine, though he couldn't put his finger on why.

However, what sidetracked the young writer was a brief realization, one which had arose out of the depths of Feine's mind all of a sudden. It was something he hadn't realized before. Feine temporarily shifted his glance away from the group of three, and instead looked around the room. People were talking, having fun, and making dumb jokes, while Feine was all alone, as he'd done so in the past - he justified this as willingly, though this wasn't true. What Feine realized, however... was that so far, this assembly of sorts was exactly the same as the ones he'd experienced, back in 'regular' schools.

A wave of disappointment struck Feine. These people had been blessed with all sorts of supernatural powers, yet they rotted away doing the same things they'd always done - gossiped and gabbed about who knows what. The existence of these 'powers' was still rather new to Feine. He didn't consider that to others, they were completely normal... but for himself, they were largely foreign, outside of literature.

"How... disappointing." Feine spoke to himself in a level tone... only to realize he'd spoken what he'd been thinking. A common problem, which led to a few students giving Feine confused looks once more. "Forgiv- no, consider that a look into a brilliant mind, if you can even comprehend it. Otherwise, just go ahead and babble some more as I seek inspiration."

But following the wave of disappointment came forth a surge of relief as another thought made itself clear to Feine. These students likely hadn't utilized their powers here at the Academy, yet. In all regards and purposes, so far the school was completely normal in terms of what anyone had experienced... at least, that was what Feine thought. It wasn't particularly important to him what his fellow students got themselves wrapped up into, unless it provided entertainment and inspiration to the writer, Feine Rhiter. Otherwise? It was null and void to him.

Feine shifted his attention back to the group of three, though. Feine overheard some a loud voice - he presumed it was one of the ladies, but who knew? Feine knew full well that life was a mysterious thing, full of surprises. Was it the blonde lady with the cookie who yelled? No, perhaps it was the man? Or maybe - maybe it was the lady Feine had dubbed a tomboy in his head? As it would turn out, it was the latter.

With eyes like a hawk, Feine watched the group converse, seeking inspiration. Excitement had made itself known in the group of three, for one of the women had raised their voice! While Feine couldn't quite hear what they were saying, it was interesting nonetheless, and opened up several realms of interpretation. Perhaps she was defending the man from the cookie? Or perhaps she wanted it herself? Who knew?

But eventually, the cookie was thrown across the room, all of a sudden... this surprised Feine, who raised an eyebrow and stood up. What an interesting turn of events! Who knew that a cookie would lead to inspiration for Feine! Inspiration could truly come from the most unlikely of places.

Perhaps the tomboy lady was a hero, who saved the man from consuming a dangerous cookie? By tossing it into the crowd, the man was saved... perhaps. Feine straightened out his green scarf as he stood up... then laughed. In seconds, however, he covered his mouth and ceased his laughter.

Feine had a bit of an interest in this group, now... and took a few steps closer to them, only to abruptly stop himself and turn away.

'If I go closer to them, then I run the risk of interfering with the natural order of things. In this case, I would be a variable that may just influence what events they undergo... thus, that could be a downside. Though, these people seem interesting. I have no doubt I stand over them, but even a lion takes interest in mice, do they not? Asking them a few questions may prove beneficial. I need to think this over.
Something had piqued the young writer, Feine's attention. The area was full of commotion, and chatter. Feine sought both of these, but he sought something that both commotion and chatter could lead to. That thing Feine was searching for was nothing other than... inspiration.

Taking out a small notebook from his pocket, along with his trusty, though somewhat roughed up pen of four years, Feine got to work as he glanced at various people within the room. The first person that came to Feine's mind was none other than the headmaster. If Feine's memory served him correctly, then the headmaster's name was Elysion. The very name brought forth inklings of inspiration towards the writer's mind - the next step for Feine was to utilize such inklings to turn that ink into text with meaning. In particular, one thing stuck out to Feine about the headmaster. That thing was her name. Elysion.

'Elysion... a word relating to Greek myth, am I correct? Oh, what am I saying... of course I am. After all, I am a master writer, aren't I? Knowledge of words is vital to my very being.' Feine thought to himself. 'If I recall, it relates to the land where the dead dwell, an afterlife of sorts... of course, I expect this to be a little over the heads of everyone else here, I'm sure.'

Feine jotted down a few notes, then hastily diverted his gaze around the room once more... and his eyes eventually landed on a group of three students, much like a ball in a roulette wheel. The trio of students consisted of two women and one man. They seemed to be talking, and this tickled Feine's fancy to quite a degree. It was quite a diverse duo.

The first person to catch Feine's eye was the man, who seemed to have a slight slouch of sorts, along with long hair, though perhaps both were a trick of Feine's eye. But nonetheless, nonetheless! Feine stood by a saying in the world of writing - there is no wrong interpretation! And Feine's interpretation of the man was a somewhat wild fellow, though perhaps with a calm side...

The second person Feine's eyes investigated was one of the two women in the group, a lady with a ponytail and just about average in height. Feine's interpretation of this lady was 'tomboy', a character archetype which he found quite interesting. As for Feine's interpretation of this lady, he believed she was a tough tomboy - with a heart of gold, who wouldn't harm a fly!

And as for the final woman, she had blonde hair. Feine noticed she was slightly smaller than the person he'd identified as a tomboy, but perhaps, once again, it was a trick of the eye? What Feine noticed, was that she was handing the wild looking man a cookie.

'That woman - she may look kind and innocent, but in truth - she's got a hidden mean streak and feeds off the despair and misery of others! And that cookie she holds there - it is, in truth, laced with poison. As soon as that man takes a bite of it, he'll crumple to the floor, choking and in disbelief - for he's been had by this not so innocent blonde beauty, having been taken in by what seemed to be generosity. Feine thought to himself, analyzing the group further. 'What will then follow is the blonde woman acting confused, when in reality, she knows the situation off by heart. However, the ponytailed tomboy will be coated with a thick wave of shock, for her wild friend has fallen prey to the poisonous delicacy.'

Feine chuckled exactly three times, which netted him a few confused glances from a couple nearby students. Feine was aware that perhaps he stood out, being alone, and staring at a group of two ladies and one man, while feverishly jotting down notes. He didn't care, though. In fact, it could even prove to be a benefit to the writer. What excitement comes from a life of nothing but sugar and rainbows?

Feine's mind wandered back to the realms of writing swiftly.

'And I will entitle this piece... An Unseen End. How lucky I am for inspiration to have stricken?'
Feine had an odd relationship with assemblies and similar gatherings that took place within schools. For years, he would tune out within assemblies and instead think of almost anything else, usually writing. Feine saw no reason in listening to what he already knew... but this assembly, and school was evidently different.

The Academy was obviously different to an ordinary, boring school... from what Feine knew, it focused on powers, which were uncharted territory for the young writer. He'd heard of them, but now he had them... and was in a school filled with power users. Feine would have liked to think he was naturally a savant, but that was outlandish. He'd only learned of powers being real a few years ago.

Feine knew it'd be best if he listened in on this assembly... and that he did. The woman, Headmaster Elysion, welcomed the students, and advised them that hardships would await... but in turn, they'd grow, they'd learn. There'd be things like pain, too... all standard stuff, but it pleased Feine all the less. Each and every one of those things had a vital role in an exciting story.

Growth, learning - two elements of character development! Hardships - things that could lead to growth, and learning - hence character development! And, most interestingly of all - pain, which could lead to dramatic moments and the like! It was all very exciting stuff to Feine.

'This Academy has the potential to bring forth an excellent tale, one that will shake worlds. Perhaps I'll find inspiration for my next masterpiece here... not only that, but this gives me quite the opportunity. The opportunity to experience a glorious adventure the likes of which have thus far been unseen outside of fiction! Feine thought to himself.

Feine smiled faintly, not uttering a word - though his mind still raced with thought.

'Such an opportunity has presented itself to me, Feine Rhiter! I'd have to be a complete and utter fool to even think of turning down something like this! Fate itself has smiled upon me, by granting me with these powers. Ah... it's almost like a novel of its own. A youth, blessed with a mysterious power and a lance - who enrolls in an academy of similarly powered people, only to rise to the top... much like an ice cube in a cold cup of water.'

Here's the form for Feine Rhiter.
Alright, made a few edits to Feine's backstory. New information is in bold, and on the previous post.

A general gist is that he comes from a town who doesn't really see much of anything, not even powers. They're only really seen on the news... and some people choose to dismiss it as a hoax, for varying reasons. Feine is in one such family. However, his family eventually begins to believe in them, due to a man with powers making their appearance in the town.

Sorry if there's any problems, again. In particular I'm not sure how well the new additions gel in his story, but that might be because I'm a little sleepy admittedly.
My bad on that part, sorry about that! I should be able to make the necessary changes fairly quickly.
As for a semi-revised backstory - my idea for justifying his disbelief/lack of knowledge on these power things to being raised in a family who doesn't particularly believe in the stuff, nor have they seen it - adding a reason for Feine not knowing about these powers and fantastical elements being real.

If that sounds alright, I'll quickly write that in. It should be no problem.
I like the look of this roleplay! Here's my character submission - sorry if I wrote too much... I might've gotten a bit carried away. I like how this form turned out, personally... other than its wordcount.

If there's any problems, I'll quickly fix them up. Hopefully.

EDIT: Added some more stuff, in order to make Feine's backstory make more sense. The added information is in bold. It should hopefully fit everything in better.

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