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Hi. I'm just a user, maybe just AGenericUser. As the name might suggest I'm not particularly interesting, really, so that's something. Now is your cue to give me praise and say stuff like 'Generic, you're not boring!', so make sure you do that

I like to roleplay, which is definitely a surprise, considering I'm signed up to the roleplayer's guild. Perhaps the most shocking of revelations, for sure

Sometimes I like to join roleplays based on things that I'm not necessarily familiar with, but of course I'll give the source material a look to check up on details and stuff like that, so I don't cause trouble for other people. What I'm saying is I'm great and you should really be thanking me. That'd be sweetdiculous for sure.

Some people like to share their talents on their profile, so here goes:

Writing up half a character sheet and then deleting it: I've honed this one for years. If you want to do this really well, don't save any drafts on said character sheet, so later on you can think 'oh man, i should've totally submitted that character to that roleplay'. Hey, it's what I do

unfortunately i cannot think of any other talents soooo yeah.

So, bye-o. Get it? Because it sounds like 'bio'?

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Eliza stood guard, sword and shield in hand against the Savorask that dared approach the lady on the ground. Yet, this didn't seem to dissuade the beast, for it chose to strike with murderous intent. Its rotten, yet sharp teeth bared, the beast lunged. Yet, Eliza had seen such an outcome coming. The beasts were vicious... yet, they seemed to be rather quick to strike. Almost predictable, in a sense. 'Alright, focus... deep breaths. I can't screw this up, especially with people watching!' She thought as she readied her shield to defend herself from the enemy Savorask's assault.

In what felt like a second, the Savorask grew closer and closer to Eliza with a rather impressive pace... exactly what she was counting on. With her shield, Eliza struck forth, hoping to overpower the Savorask or at least stagger it. And, with a mighty impact, the savage beast was knocked back slightly, and its assault had been delayed. "Looks like a not-so-unstoppable force met an immovable object, huh?" Eliza remarked to her foe - she acknowledged that the Savorask couldn't hear her, but it just felt right to give a quip after such a move. But, in the heat of battle, Eliza had forgotten about the second Savorask, one that she had been battling previously. Her back was exposed to the beast - which was definitely not a favorable outcome. Looking over her shoulder briefly, Eliza spotted the Savorask, a feeling of dread washing over her... only for someone to step in.

And that person was none other than the person she'd tried to protect, the brown-haired lady. "Whoa, you really saved my hide there! Nice one!" Eliza spoke out gratefully. Though, Eliza couldn't let herself get sidetracked from the very battle she was previously fighting, against the Savorask she'd bashed with the shield.

Eliza slashed at the Savorask with a quick advance of her own. Taking one large step forwards and brandishing her wooden blade, Eliza performed a quick, horizontal slash on the target. It wasn't the strongest strike, especially considering what material the blade was made of, but it was worth a shot. And, unsurprisingly, the Savorask didn't suffer too much damage from the wooden blade, though its balance seemed to have broken. Spotting an opportunity, Eliza dashed forth as quickly as she could, and slammed her shield directly into the Savorask with all the force she could muster, toppling the Savorask over with an audible thud - though, Eliza nearly knocked herself over with the impact of the strike, though she quickly saved herself from falling over by pointing her sword to the ground like a makeshift cane.

"Geez... you fishmen things are like ten times as ugly up close. I'd better make this quick..."

Lifting her blade high into the air, prepared to stab at the beast's chest, Eliza brought the sword down with a swift motion, ready to pierce the skin. It wasn't something she was looking forward to, but it had to be done... but it was at this time that Eliza discovered that the skin of a Savorask was far, far more durable than she'd expected. The blade failed to cut through the Savorask's skin, and to make matters worse, it began writhing in an attempt to get to its feet.

"Are you f- are you kidding me?!" Eliza complained. Her blade's inability to damage the beast was a bit of a conundrum, but a thought came to her mind. Stabbing attacks didn't work against the beast... but what about blunt force? Crouching down and utilizing her shield, Eliza began to strike forth against the Savorask's head repeatedly with attacks that Eliza had dubbed 'shield punches', though there was little finesse to these strikes - it was simply Eliza trying her best to harm the Savorask. The Savorask seemed to be taking a little more damage from these, but the Savorask didn't plan on going down without a fight. With a lone claw, the Savorask slashed towards Eliza, who quickly reacted by trying to block it with her blade. In theory, this worked... it slowed the Savorask's attack down, but it also smashed through her wooden blade, shattering it into dozens of wooden chunks.

'... Oh crap. Ooooh crap. Maybe this wasn't the best idea... I need to put this guy outta commission fast, or... or I'll be in a spot of bother, to put it one way. That, or I'll be in a grave... and I ain't keen on that.'

Getting to her feet was Eliza's next course of action. It'd allow her a greater degree of movement to evade the foe... and then, her next move was to kick the Savorask's head with the mightiest kick she was capable of, hoping that would do more to the Savorask... and with a sickening crunch, that was exactly what happened.

'Oh man... that was a little more brutal than I expected. I mean, I suppose I won, yeah, but... well, I guess I'm feeling a little queasy... let's hope it passes soon.'

Eliza couldn't help but glance at the Savorask she'd somehow bested and gagged at its body. Her gaze quickly shifted away from the beast, to the brown-haired lady who'd attacked the Savorask Eliza had forgotten. Though, it wasn't just the brown-haired lady she'd noticed. There was a woman with hair that could only be described as violet. Eliza overheard the brown-haired lady thank the violet-haired woman... then heard something that caught her attention further. 'And you too, Orange.' was what the brown-haired lady said.

"No need to thank me! I don't think I could'a lived with myself if I didn't help out!" Eliza grinned as she gave a thumbs up gesture. "But, it should be me thanking you! That Savorask... if you didn't get it, it would've gotten me for sure. So, thanks for that!"

I'm still here and still interested, too.
Eliza Rebargo

One of the Savorasks leapt towards Eliza, teeth bared as if ready to attack... yet, Eliza saw this strike coming. Nay, she'd been waiting for such an attack. The Savorask was in the air... which, naturally, made it more susceptible to being knocked about. Readying her shield, Eliza put all her force into a shield bash. The attack hit its mark, sending the Savorask tumbling through the air - then back onto the ship, toppled over. Spying an opportunity, Eliza darted forth - her plan to attack the Savorask while it was vulnerable. Yet, the shieldbearer had made a miscalculation. As she got close to the enemy, she noticed that she'd lowered her shield... yet it was too late. The Savorask leapt up, claws at the ready, and swiped at Eliza's left shoulder, drawing blood.

"D-damn...!" She winced, as a wave of pain rushed through her body. Eliza tried her best to shrug this off - and stepped back from the Savorask. Being up close wasn't a wise idea against a beast that was capable up close... especially if you didn't even have a melee weapon of some sort. 'Wait... I think I've got time to get my sword back!'

Eliza attempted to clutch the wound on her left shoulder with her left hand, though it wasn't particularly efficient, as she rushed over to her blade - which lied off in the corner of the boat uselessly. 'I need to be quick... I need to hold the line!' She told herself in her mind, grabbing her wooden blade off the ground once more. Pain surged through her body once again, but she knew that letting it hold her back - that doing such a thing would only lead to a worse outcome.

Now with both her sword and shield in hand, she found that the Savorask she'd been fighting was following in close pursuit. Having learnt her lesson from before, Eliza raised her shield to defend herself... yet, out of the corner of her eye, she noticed something of note. One of her new companions - who she knew not the name of - was on the ground, with a Savorask approaching them.

'... I have to step in! I wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't - ever!' Eliza thought. 'Under my watch, nobody's getting hurt - I think I said something like that earlier, and I plan on sticking to it!'

Eliza rushed from the Savorask she'd been fighting - to the one approaching the person on the ground. Readying her shield, she planned on blocking the Savorask from attacking the person on the ground. "You alright?" Eliza inquired to the person, not turning away from the enemy Savorask. "I'll hold these slimeballs off - I guarantee it!"

'At least... I think I can hold them off.' Eliza mulled. 'Well... let's just hope I don't get any worse than that cut from earlier...'
The trip to Gullspire Rock was well in progress - Eliza found herself aboard the Skullfish, alongside quite a few other Divers. With every second that passed, they drew closer to their destination... and Eliza couldn't wait to arrive, and take a look at whatever the situation was with the place. It was a mystery, but she'd already pondered that enough. Now? It was just time to wait. With a yawn, Eliza sat herself down, and placed both her shield and her sword from off her back, and set them down onto the ground.

While the sword was in good shape - it hadn't seen much combat, her shield - nicknamed the Volt Vanguard, had. It was rather dented and even a little rusty... it was clear it'd seen better days. But even still, that shield served its purpose well as well - a shield. 'Geez... I'll need to find some repairman or something. Or... buy a new one. That works, too. Because it's really starting to lose its luster... in both senses.' Glancing over at the wooden sword, Eliza rolled her eyes with mild irritation. 'I really regret leaving my Shock Sabre... not my wisest move, but I'll be fine. If I really need to use my powers, I'll just find anything that's pointy and metal. That's real easy... I think?'

But, unfortunately - at that moment, the boat rocked something fierce, which, in turn, moved both Eliza's sword and shield. Instinctively, she grabbed her shield and braced herself against, as to not slip herself, but unfortunately... her sword slipped out of reach. With a sigh, Eliza began to eye the rest of the boat. Several of the others present on the ship yelled out with various cries for whatever reason, though Eliza didn't immediately see why. However, when she did... it immediately made sense.

Green, quadruped beasts that almost resembled frogs - Eliza immediately recognized these. Savorasks, beasts infamous for their tongues - and the sharp, ravenous maw that awaited anything unlucky enough to fall victim to said tongue. With her shield in hand, Eliza glanced over towards her sword... which was far out of reach. "Motherf-" Eliza exclaimed. "Y'know what?! Screw it!"

Shield raised to defend herself, Eliza rushed at the frog-like beings. 'I'll deadlock them, so the rest of these fellas can really let loose! Nobody's getting hurt under my watch." Eliza thought to herself, then she looked over at the rest of the people aboard the Skullfish, and shouted so they'd hear her. "You guys! No need to worry, I'll be your iron wall! The iron wall that'll block everything they throw at us!"

Then, her eye on the Savorasks, Eliza glared and spoke once more. "If you guys think you can take me... you're dead wrong."
Alright, I'm able to make regular posts again, so that's radical. Groovy, even. From here on out, I think I've got plenty of time to make posts from now on, so that's pretty dang nifty.
The goggled man from earlier had more tidbits of information to pass out, it seemed - and Eliza chose to listen carefully, not planning on letting a single word go unheard. After all - knowing the situation was typically better than not having an inkling of what was going on. Knowledge was power. The first thing that stuck out to Eliza that the goggled man said was the Diver's Creed, or at least, what could be described as an abridged version of it. 'Treasure to be found, jobs to be done, and knowledge to be won! That's the Diver's Creed!' was what the man spoke.

'I mean, that's a good Diver's Creed, but that doesn't go how I remember it. It's something like... Courage, Honor, and Integrity... which is nice, sure, but I like this guy's version a heck of a lot. It makes us feel more like... swashbucklers! And that's dang cool, so I'm on board.'

The next things that the man spoke of was of a particular boat. A particular boat called the Skullfish. Something about the name sounded familiar to Eliza - maybe she'd heard of it throughout the years. Though, there was another reason that the name stuck out to her. Simply put... the name was damn cool to Eliza Rebargo. 'Holy crap... that's a kickass name for a boat! It really gives you the feel that it means business. And... it just kinda sounds like the type of boat some pro Diver would be sailing aboard. I mean, I'm not at that level yet...' Eliza gazed out at the Skullfish - which was a rather impressive boat, and Gullspire Rock, off in the distance. 'But I know I'll reach that level someday. I kind of have to. I wouldn't be a Rebargo if I didn't get better at this whole diving business. But I'll know that I'll get there someday. I can just feel it in my blood!'

And then - the speech by the goggled man - that Eliza still didn't know the name of - was over... and the time had come to board the Skullfish. Eliza headed towards the boat at a somewhat speedy pace, thrilled to be taking a part on this diving mission... though, she paused, as she realized something. Instinctively putting a hand onto her back - where her sword and shield were, Eliza realized something that could be possibly problematic. Her shield was formed of metal - which was good. Her sword, though? A mere, somewhat unwieldy blade of wood. This presented a problem. A wooden sword wouldn't be entirely great at fighting off monsters, nor would it allow her to use her Aether abilities.

The divers did have time to head into town quickly and get anything they needed, but... Eliza didn't know if she should. Holding up the other divers wouldn't exactly be a great first impression - and from what she'd seen, they seemed like a pretty swell bunch. She mulled this over in her head for a minute as she slowly paced towards the boat... then, as if she'd made a decision, picked up the pace and headed onto the boat.

'I'll be all fine and dandy, I reckon. I'll just focus on being an iron wall for these guys. That's what I'll do, and I'll make sure to do it well!'
Just had my first opportunity to get on this today, yeah, I'm interested in the thing too. The discord thing. It sounds pretty neat - and I was kind of hoping we'd get one, actually!

My bad that I couldn't get any posts up so far - unfortunately it's been giving me a lot less time to set things up than I would've hoped. I should be back in the swing of things in 24 hours from now - a full day in Australian time. Sorry if I've been holding you guys up.
<Snipped quote by AGenericUser>

I believe you're looking for a sea faring, steampunk, magic girl anime roleplay. And I'm okay with that. And I'm not okay with the fact I'm okay with that.

... Ha, didn't even think about that! But now that you mention it? It sure does sound like a magical girl thing. Let's get our rainbow magic shiny power on, guys! Or, something like that.

On an unrelated, non-magical girls note, it's looking like I should be able to get a few posts up on those three days I mentioned. It's looking likely-ish, I think, so that's pretty radical.
We've got seven characters. There are also seven colours in the rainbow. See, what I'm saying here is that we all need amazing technicolour hair, so we can form a rainbow squadron. Great idea? No need to answer that, I know it. We can have dramatic posing and goofy catchphrases, folks.

Personally, I'm dye-ing for this idea to add a splash of colour to this roleplay.

Eliza Rebargo

'Well, if I'm gonna get myself into this Gullspire Rock business - which I am, no questions asked, then I'd better get myself into high gear! ... And if I'm gonna do that, then... Uh, where do I go? Usually I'd go to a guild hall, but I'm not sure if this place even has those. Maybe I'll go check out the tavern and ask around... and drink, of course! That's what a tavern's for.'

Eliza's eyes darted through the area like that of a hawk's, and before long, her gaze shifted onto that of a building off in the distance, entitled 'The Sunken Shepherd', a name which she felt would befit a tavern quite well. But she didn't dally on this for too long - she had a tavern to check out. Or, maybe it wasn't a tavern, and she was making quite the blunder. It certainly was quite the possibility. Not letting this stop her for too long, Eliza then began to make her way towards The Sunken Shepherd, weaving (albeit poorly, to her chagrin) throughout the crowds of people who were flocking onto the island by the dozen. It was like stepping through a minefield, though only slightly less lethal - and a whole lot noisier.

Some of the people Eliza bumped into weren't exactly thrilled, choosing to voice their distaste quite clearly. Eliza chose to held her tongue, which wasn't such an easy task - she thought it'd be best not to cause trouble. She'd only been on Windward Island for not even a day, so causing some strife already wouldn't be ideal. Though, it'd certainly be impressive but not in a good way. Eventually, though, Eliza managed to reach the tavern in one piece, so that was all fine and dandy.

'I came here for a nice break, but it looks like I'm getting roped back into diving... it's like, destiny or something.' Eliza mulled with a hand to her chin, as she stood outside the tavern for a brief moment. 'Anyways, I could really go for a drink right about now. But, I don't have any clue what they sell here. I just hope it's some good stuff...!' Forcing the tavern doors open, Eliza caught sight of a fair few people mingling in the bar. There wasn't a doubt in her mind that some of them were divers - so it'd be worth asking them about the whole situation with Gullspire Rock.

But it seemed like luck was on Eliza's side, because she'd walked in at the perfect time. A voice rung out throughout the room, coming from a man equipped with goggles. This man gave Eliza the impression of a very, very experienced diver... because boy, did it sound like he knew what he was talking about. He spoke of sending out two teams - a climbing and diving team. Eliza felt she'd be more suited to a diving team - feeling as if there was more potential of coming across interesting artifacts and the like... though, as it turned out, some structures could be accessed from the land, so climbing wouldn't be so bad.

And, once again, Eliza heard a mention of what truly intrigued her about the whole situation. Ancient machinery. An unnatural storm. Both of them were, simply put... mysterious. Enigmatic. And the Rebargo family had always been drawn to such mysteries. Familiar questions raced through Eliza's head. What kind of ancient machinery can just cause a storm? What kind of people made it? How advanced were they? The situation brought so many questions, yet the orange-haired lady, Eliza Rebargo, sought the answers.

'And I'm gonna find those answers. Leaving stuff like that unfound... it's just not my style. I'm tagging into this diving operation, hell or high water... these mysteries are practically calling my name to solve them.' Eliza then recalled a piece of information that was spoken by the likely experienced man with the goggles. He said something about partners.

'Oh... cripe. I... I guess I don't have one of those, do I?' Eliza scratched her head. 'I mean, I guess I've got my shield and my sword? But... somehow, I think that doesn't count. Well, anyways... I'm sure it'll be fine, right? I don't need no partner, 'cause I'm Eliza Rebargo... I'll be Rebar-going on this trip no matter what! That's my policy. At least, for now...'
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