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alex's POV:

"woah easy. i didnt mean to make you upset. and i can go months without food! im not like humans."
Heyo ya'll! its wings of fire and other really wof types of things! im bored and writing 2+ books rn! enjoy!
alex's POV:

"look, i dont understand any of this, but i just want outa here. so. anyone got any ideas?"
the main open spots are:

Head mage: taken by me
lieutenant: open
mage one: open
mage two: open
non mage one: open
non mage two: open
living statue one: open
living statue two: open

other defenders: open (unlimited)
Name (& pronunciation)(first, last, middle is optional): Alexander Winter Connix
Date of Birth(optional) (& age)(not optional): 5,956 years old
Place of Birth(optional): helheim (norse underworld)
Gender: male
Species/Racial Origin(optional): part dragon, part vampire, half norse deity
Social Class/Community Status(optional):
Language: english, greek, latin, norse
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: six siblings split up evenly into half boys half girls he is oldest

Physical Description

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 100 lbs exactly
Hair: slightly wavy, blue w/ black and silver claw mark shaped streaks
Eyes: ice blue
build: thin, tall, well built
Detailed Physical Description: pale skin, sharp jawline, thin, but definitely looks like he works out(he does)
Typical Clothing/Equipment: blue hoodie over black t-shirt, blue and black combat, black torn skinny jeans


Personality/Attitude: edgy, slightly over protective, pointy, fiery temper
Skills/Talents: head mage, ice and vaporization spells, knife fighting
Favourites/Likes: hanging out with his friends and siblings, practicing his magic and knife skills
Most Hated/Dislikes: being yelled at, meetings
Goals/Ambitions: to become the most skilled mage ever
Strengths: good at pretty much everything
Weaknesses: over protective
Fears: FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hobbies/Interests: making jewelry, travelling
Regular Routine: goes to breakfast, checking on Artime, lunch, practice, regular classes (he also teaches), a walk, dinner, sleeps
Philosophy of Life (optional):
Attitude Toward Death: 50/50
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: disappears every so often, flashes coming from his room at night
Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: losing his father and almost losing his sister at the same time
Sexuality: straight
Education/Special Training: aim and controlling his regular like had at birth powers
Place/Type of Residence: mansion in Artime
Occupation: head mage, king of two kingdoms
Past Occupations: general in two armies, crowned prince of two kingdoms

Additional Notes- has ice and destruction powers, almost impossible to defeat

-this is an example of the form. this is also the form i will use for my character----- alex
Name (& pronunciation)(first, last, middle is optional):
Date of Birth(optional) (& age)(not optional):
Place of Birth(optional):
Species/Racial Origin(optional):
Social Class/Community Status(optional):

Physical Description

Detailed Physical Description:
Typical Clothing/Equipment:


Most Hated/Dislikes:
Regular Routine:
Philosophy of Life (optional):
Attitude Toward Death:
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors:
Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience:
Education/Special Training:
Place/Type of Residence:
Past Occupations:

Additional Notes
heyo! did this on scholastic forums and wanted to do it here! anyone can join. this rp is gonna be based on the unwanteds book series and its gonna have mages, magic, and everything fantasy! i love some friendly competition with my characters, so feel free to kinda, not to much, make your character or characters over powerful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just have fun and go Unwanteds! ill have the form in soon!


sits up and looks around. "ummm..." -is not sure what to say, lays back down.-
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