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uhh sure ill join.

no ive just been rlly busy. it's my birthday, and my anxiety and depression are through the roof. without asking me if it was ok, my sister invited a whole bunch of her friends over to celebrate.
@Dealdricno i didnt know that. thanks for the info!
Name (& pronunciation)(first, last, middle is optional): Alexander Winter Connix (Con-ix)
Date of Birth(optional) (& age)(not optional): 5,018 years old
Place of Birth(optional):
Gender: male
Species/Racial Origin(optional): dragon, alpha wolf, Norse death god hybrid
Rarity: Mythical
Social Class/Community Status(optional): Head Mage, King of all dragons, King of the dead
Language: Norse, Latin, Greek, and English
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: six siblings, 2,010 cousins, over 1,000,000 other family members
Physical Description: tall, thin but well built, sharp bone structure, foxlike face
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 100lbs
Hair: black roots, rest is cobalt blue with three silver claw mark shaped highlights
Eyes: multicolored, blind in left eye, three scars over left eye
Typical Clothing/Equipment: ice blue cutoff t-shirt, ripped black skinny jeans, knee high black leather boots, twin hunting knives made of magical tempered ice for the blades and obsidian inlaid with onyx for the hilt, other various daggers and small guns hidden on his person
Personality/Attributes: highly intelligent, can touch things and make them die or freeze depending on which hand he uses, cutting edge warrior, fair, just, and ruthless
Attitude: edgy, overprotective, likes to play with his prey even if it's another person
Skills/Talents: perfect knife throwing skills, ability to memorize and use spells and other magic with ease, invisibility, teleportation
Favourites/Likes: hanging out with his siblings and girlfriend Crystalguard, going on dangerous missions
Most Hated/Dislikes: silver, fire, elves
Goals/Ambitions: to make his people and friends and family happy
Weaknesses: silver, fire, people hurting his siblings, he's mental
Fears: his sister Serena will die(again)
Hobbies/Interests: teaching, writing, reading, painting, sculpting
Regular Routine: get up, get dressed, go to breakfast, go to classes, take a walk around to say hello to everyone, extra student help time, talk to the statues and other wildlife, have lunch, have a recreational period, go on another walk, continue classes, eat dinner, hang out with his siblings and girlfriend, check on his two kingdoms, reads a book, goes to bed
Philosophy of Life (optional):
Attitude Toward Death: could care less about certain people
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: crying in his room, hiding, refusing to come out of his room or be touched
Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: his sister Serena dying the first time
Sexuality: pansexual
Education/Special Training: none
Place/Type of Residence: dark room
Past Occupations: General in the Dragon Army as a young child
Additional Notes
ima redo my character.
im changing my character's age: 5,018 years old
@Dealdric accepted
you dont have to have read all of the books to join!
spot is saved!
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