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Icy Death (icy):
(my own species of icy death dragon, alpha wolf, and death god)
Scale color(s): same colors as his egg(in my second story post)
Eyes: swirling rainbows
Special design: intricate snowflake with black lightning bolt through it diagonally
Powers: death, ice
Talents: fighting, ruling, leading, being kind, stalling
Defense: spiked tail, armored scales
Favorite Pasttime: having fun with his siblings
Family: six siblings, mother, stepmother, three thousand cousins, a lot more uncles and aunts
Hobbies: drawing, writing, practicing, hanging out with his girlfriend Crystalguard
Enemies: elves, most of the other tribes
Friends: siblings, girlfriend
Personality: introverted, smart, not good with people, (im not going to do his other 9,999 personalities)

BloodBlade viewed the two dragons from the air. then he disappeared into the clouds grinning and holding an ice blue egg in his talons like is was the most precious thing in the world. the egg was blue laced with obsidian black and swirled with rainbow colors on each end. the dragonet withing could be seen as the egg was in some places transparent. an obsidian circlet inlaid with sapphires was embedded in his forhead. this was a special egg as was the other egg the dragoness had been carrying. BloodBlade had been forced to proceed carefully in getting his egg as it had been in unknown dragon territory. but he believed what the Talons of Peace had told him now: this was the egg of a king.
yes? are you surprised?
Life was going on as usual for the tribes as the brightest night approached. yet there was tension. the three Sandwing queens Burn Blister and Blaze were fighting again, and the prophecy of the "wings of fire" was coming to pass. It was a traumatic night: five eggs stolen, an unborn Skywing dead, and a brave Icewing's body left broken on the rocks, an eggshell shattered beneath it. a Rainwing replacement. and the Talons of Peace watching from the shadows. but there was something or someone else hiding in the shadows, waiting to be released. a few someones...
yes and im making 1st post now!
uhh sure ill join.

no ive just been rlly busy. it's my birthday, and my anxiety and depression are through the roof. without asking me if it was ok, my sister invited a whole bunch of her friends over to celebrate.
@Dealdricno i didnt know that. thanks for the info!
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