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I like how it's an option to pm yourself.
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I need a vacation...
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Is this just the week of weirdness? Or is it just me?
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My dog died.
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*Turns with uninterested look* Just give them what they want, they're like Slaanesh. They'll get bored with it quick.


who has time for that?

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catching up, still here. Will post tomorrow.
Few could understand her. She wondered why, but every time she asked they would say she was odd. What was so odd? Her appearance, her thoughts, her abilities? This was severely thought over, especially now.
Everything was blurred. All she could see was the ground, and a few drops of blood, her blood, in the dirt. She heard someone taunting her, but she couldn't make out what they were saying. She didn't care though. She thought it funny. When she started to laugh, the taunting increased. She felt her body numb. The focus of her vision cleared. She slowly stood up, laughing all the while. When she stabilized herself, she saw her assailants.
Of course...
It was the noble bloods...
For years they taunted her, tormenting her, calling her all sorts of names. They would follow her home, call her a witch, an abomination and all things under the sun. But they never struck her, and thus she tolerated them. But now they've gone too far.
She lifted her hand and snapped her fingers. She snickered when the expressions of the men went to ones of horror. She turned and ran home. When she arrived, she quickly hid in the forge. When she thought she was safe, she turned, and the owner of said forge was hovering over her, arms crossed. When she saw her face, she scowled. "Who did this to you?!" Dirka simply smiled. "Oh the usual ones. But they got what they deserved." The smith got wide eyed. Dirka simply laughed. "I didn't harm them, only a minor illusion that made me seem as the most horrific thing they could think of. It was rather easy considering they were rather stupid." "Well in any case, you better get going. Your trainer will send someone to fetch you for your trial. Meet them by the old oak." "Oh! I almost forgot, can you send father this?" She gave the smith a bracelet before running away to prepare.
She collected her usual things, her necklace, some moss, and an apple to eat on the way. She rushed through the Village, and got right up to the old oak. There she waited till it was time of the trial.

@my Lalia
Sorry, I just edited it.
I had made changes to make it seem more reasonable and elaborate on the rider before I saw your post.
@my Lalia

Very short and insignificant post.
Japeth watched her go, simply sitting in his cart. He heard things happening inside, but he didn't want to involve himself. He pulled out his banjo and started playing. He stayed silent while he played.

Japeth looked at her with questioning look. "Cars and bars, stig'em up Lars, but who ever said I drove a car!?" and he ran to the back of his cabin. A small horn was heard and a sickly blueish-green golf-cart with dune buggy suspension drove around in front of her, Japeth in the driver side. He motioned for her to get in.
"Government be correct, I bet! That boom-stick there is a mighty threat! Agent it might, or I'm a termite!" His eyes flashed green while he smirked. The way she acted seemed strange, that and the mansion she was referring to held more than one sorry old man. He new these woods better than anyone. She would either be surprised or not. One way was proof, the other simply reassuring.

Japeth turned to the girl. He sensed power emanating from her, but not the kind she could control. He jogged up to her and held out is hand. "Why I never see the evenin', it's sure nice to say the opposite of good bye!" His eyes flashed momentarily. "Your in the best of luck! I'm not that unhelpful duck. Why follow me, it's past the trees! Better not put no chains on me!" He turned back in the direction he was going with the young man. He motioned for both to follow. The young man backed off. "On second though, I probably don't have time. Bye!" He ran back to his van and drove away down the path. Japeth just shrugged.

Yep. Japeth will be there eventually.
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