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3 days ago
Current When some one writes their character running, and all you think is "Run Forest! RUN!"
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9 days ago
It's very dark here...anybody here with a match?
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11 days ago
The Cthulu Mythos had a truly HORRIFIC ending. See what I did there?
11 days ago
Some one dared me to take medicine I haven't taken in years, and I took the same doses I took then. Jesus, I did not get any sleep.
12 days ago
When people rant and debate about something seriously, but you find it to hard not to laugh.
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who has time for that?

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He grinned at Mag'mora, for her impatience was what he was looking for. "Well, it's simple. My master wishes to use a large sum of dark magic to bring you to her world. However, not to conquer it as you might think. She will give you a year. A year of dealing with mortal challenges and issues, whilst dealing with your normal supernatural ones, in which she will help you in some situations. Should all of you fail to do so, you won't learn a lesson that could get your thrones back, if that's what you wish at the end of the year." He looked at the others while he said this, and stopped on her for dramatic effect. He grinned at her in a way that would make a human's skin crawl. "What do you say, Sin of Lust?"

CS for her, but don't join the IC yet. I'll let you introduce her once the others are on earth.

I'm okay with most of it except the ability seems a little strong. Dial it back a tad and it will be accepted.

You are quite right. Some of the original people didn't stick around. Right now I'm getting the sins to earth, so you'd start once there. So create a sin that isn't here and we'll go from there.

Run forest, run!
I posted to help propel the story for ya'. Besides, the Angels, sorcerers, other demons, and other supernatural creatures are waiting to hunt ya' down like fox huntin'. BWAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHA!

"Convincing, lord of wrath. Your foray would be pointless though, for you don't know a way out."

Neromus dropped down into the cave, upside down. He hung on a stalactite, grinning devilishly. His stony body and glowing yellow eyes would frighten any normal demon, for gargoyles hunted evil things, but he wore an unholy sash, meaning his master was a witch. He looked at the lord of lust and licked his lips, then turned back to Getrus. "And you know this to be true, don't you me'lord?" He dropped down, landing on all of his claws, then he rose up and hunched over, using his wing like a shroud.
He circled a little before crouching on the floor, with his arms holding his upper body up so as to not strain his neck. He picked his teeth before again looking at the sins present. "The other sins have already realized that fact, and took the deal." He grinned again at lust.
> Ferron : This tree is causing me problems, let me try to stop this tree from being a problem.

> Everyone else : This is new and I don't like it. Destroy it, and when our attempts to destroy it fail, try even harder.

What are you doing Dirka?

*Holding a fire-ball and breathing heavily* Kill it. Kill it with fire.

They've already tried that.

*Stares at Dealdric with a look that could kill*

Okay then. Everyone restrain Dirka.

As that would make things easier, it would raise new issues.

Like, how will he be in three other places at once?

Dirka looked at him with horror. "No! I was hoping to ask how do you control your angels so well so I can teach when and where to open his infernal mouth. Anu cursed him so he can't use magic, so that's a start, but I need some one who knows how to be stern to a being. I was hoping to ask you, since you do that job better than any one! Iva, for his sake, let's things run amuck as long as he get's his prized knowledge. Anu's a bitch, Oao's a coward, Azhriel is always busy, Naswaru is not very tame, and the list goes on and on! And I know you would normally be berating me with harsh words if I wasn't me, so don't give me that look that this chick is crazy ranting. Please help me?" She took a deep breath after her tangent, then seemed to relax a little. She looked at him as calm as she could. "Help me control the only known demigod child. If you do, I'll make it worth your time. I don't want him deviled." She had a guilty and pitiful look in her eye as she started looking down in thought. "Please" she asked one last time, for he knew she was already making Hyperion either very angry or very contemplative. Which, she did not know.

Rescorje was once again mad at his mother. Her dirty little secret, and she wouldn't help him? Saying it was his fault? Bah! If anything, his 'Auntie Anu', which he laughed at, had over reacted. He was telling her the flaws in her character. He was being helpful, at least he believed he was. But his plan had expected Anu to do something, ask his mother to fix the damage caused to him. But her refusing to do so was very unexpected. And so calmly!
It made him forget what he was mad at her the first time for. When that came across his mind, he simply shrugged his shoulders. Maybe his siring parent could help him? He is supposedly a great mage that has survived a blood curse twice. He stopped and smiled. "Yes, that will do indeed."
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