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I need a vacation...
4 mos ago
Is this just the week of weirdness? Or is it just me?
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4 mos ago
My dog died.
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*Turns with uninterested look* Just give them what they want, they're like Slaanesh. They'll get bored with it quick.
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who has time for that?

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I'll post tomorrow night. Got a day of spending time with my girl. And she wom't take no for an answer. Just my luck on my day off.
Ducaelia laughed before pressing a button on her tool. A ear-piercing sound eminated from the comms of the horseman's men. She activated her cloak while speaking in a cocky manner. "Come and get it boys~!" and she was gone. Using the chaos of her hacking, she sprinted around the brutes and mowed down the gunner thugs quickly with her ion stingers. Her cloak ended, and the brutish thugs had turn their comms completely off. One even ripped it off him.
Ducaelia, in her usual manner, got in a sultry stance. "Oh, did that hurt? Does the baby need a kissy on their booboo?" The thugs rushed at her, angered at the underhand tatics and insults. Ducaelia activated her shield before they were upon her, and flanked around them. She played defense till the symbol she saw lit up like a traffic light. She produced a smily face icon on her shield, confusing them before deactivating the shield entirely. And she jumped back and waved as her cloak activated.
The two thugs were beyond angry. "Come out ya' sack of bolts! Fight us!" And that was the last thing he said as claws pierced his jugular before ripping sideways, not beheading him, but definitely killing him. The other one swung wildly aroumd his comrade's copse, but to no avail. Ducaelia's cloak ended and she was behind him, arms raised to fire. "Say hi to your god for me!" The thug turned, and when he saw her fully, she unloaded a charge worth of shots. She looked at him befotr walking away to another objective.
Sorry for not postin' when I said. Somethin' came up.
Ducaelia walked to Cyne once comms were through. It seems i got a lot more to deal with. She had heard the arrivals, and her own map showed a strong new energy signature. She had to finish this contract.
She gestured to Cyne to come on, and she started towards the enemy operations.
Tonight for me
<Snipped quote by The Fated Fallen>

Of course! Thank you.
And I can't wait to see it.
We're gonna have a fun ride on Mrs. Fizzle's heresy train.

Must release dramatic carnage. I will wait.
@Loo Tenant It's okay. Shit happens.
"Why is their a Scell on the train?"

Dirka loved using that term to describe sisters of battle. It defined them in such a negative light. In her opinion, it was spot on. And now she got to talk to one condinscendingly. It mass her toothy grin become apparent.
She and her mechanical companion had gotten a message via servitor, and after almost lossing it when it told her to move no excuses, they promptly left after checking everything was stable. Now they were almost to the bridge.
"So, are we not going to talk about it? Because I did remove my hormonal glands that make the feeling of 'love' possible." Dirka laughed, showing off the sharp teeth of her genetic alteration. "I wasn't going to talk about it, but you seem very much to want to. Did you enjoy it that much?~" As she said the last sentence she got uncomfortably close. The techpriest was visibly flustered, and his internal machines where going at a slightly faster and heated pace. He pushed her away with a mechadenddite, making her laugh. "Please refrain from doing that." Dirka was snickering madly. "well you may have removed some glands, but the mind always finds a way to mess with the heart.".
They entered the bridge in which contained some of their fellow cult mechanicus. Hopefully this would be over quickly. You never know when something happens.
Welcome to the team, @Lauder! I look forward to our collective ripping and tearing. Hopefully not of eachother!

I greeted thee as well.
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