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Current Thanksgiving, a nice little holiday for family...then comes black friday which is about death!
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Ever heard the phrase "A secret can be kept by three if two are dead"? Benjamin Franklin said that. Makes you wonder his secret...
2 mos ago
New Idea!!! For warhammer 40k fans, be on the look out for a Warhammer RP!
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soooo slllllooooowwww........welp, best do something to pass the time
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EVERYTHING IS FIXED NOW! phew, that was a nightmare. -loud crash- DAMNIT!!!



The average geek with a ravenous hunger for Adventure, carnage, scifi and fantasy! Let battle commence! I'm usually quite calm and peaceful. I give advice that most consider helpful. Warning, however, I'm quite foul mouthed, so don't take things the wrong way. Politics and racism I despise and epics and stories I love with passion! Cheryo' for now!

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The criminal ran into the park, avoiding Drofite's constant attacks. Stand still so I can make you unconscious! he bellowed. The robber ran into a pond, and there was two men there near a bench. Drofite could see their truths however, their life energy glowing different from humans. He paid them no mind and continued to chase the man. The thug was on the water's edge now and screamed to the two supernaturals. "Help! A robot is chasing me! Call the cops!" he screamed to where they could here. Drofite was on him now and picked him up from behind and turned him around. "Thy can't run anymore, pusbag. Not even God nor Lucifer can save your poultry hide and soul from me now. So SLEEP" and the man looked drousy, but still awake. "See thy have a stimulant in the bloodstream.
No matter, the monsters over there can't, and probably won't help thee"
No, I've been too busy for Rp guild lately, and thinking about cutting down on rps
secret enclave entrance into sol's fortress.

Lexi was bored and fearful. She feared the monstrosities Sol owned and used as guards in the back way. But it was necessary. She wouldn't be surprised if she did not survive. She called in.

"Boss, I'm in position, is it time to strike? I'm getting restless."
@Letmehaveone2 (this is just to let you know i'm still here)

Drowfite walked down the stairs from his apartment into his personal library near the park, watching for the one who opened the door. None were to be seen. He went down and looked through the allies of books he collected, but nothing. He scratched his head in confusion. He sensed life other than his friends inside, but didn't see anyone. Then outside, he saw the oddest thing. A bunch of supernatural organisms were in one place, and didn't seem to know it. He saw a vampire, shifter(juno), and some demon as it looked like around a bench. He then turned around to see a man in a ski mask and a gun. Is this fool of man serious in his actions? Thiefing a library. Poor choice of a library for him too. he thought. The man pointed the gun to his head and screamed "Giv'me all your money punk! An' don't you try anything!" Dio simply looked at him with cold eyes. "Your going to rob a librarian?
Well go ahead with your killing, because there is no money for you here."
The man simply glowered in outrage. "NO Money!?" and shot Dio in the head.

It barely made a dent, but ruined his fake skin.

Dio started to laugh while the man looked in horror and confusion. "You can't kill me with a gun you fool! Want to know what your dealing with? Well LOOK!" and he ripped off the skin to reveal his metal and stone form. He picked the man up and threw him out the window into the park, not killing the thief but wounding him terribly. Dio made a illusion spell for mortals and went outside across the street towards his perpetrater.

Dio was old. Too old for humans to recall what he was. Few new him, and only two new what he was. They were both at his little library today. Direly and Damion both liked the golem, but were different from other humans anyway. Direly liked worlds of fantasies and sci-fi, which he indulged with his personal stories. Damion liked architecture books, and Drofite suggested technics and showed some things to improve Damion's creations. Today, however, was Dio's birthday. Both of them were interested in improving Dio, by humanizing him. That's all Dio wanted, because his social interactions was awkward. But at least he had friends at all.

"Come on Mr.Dio, you can do it, just don't force a smile like you did last ten times" Direly advised. "Come on man, it isn't that hard. Just stay calm about. Don't start fretting or getting nervous" Damion added. Drofite only shook his head, the false skin straining from his movements. "Why does thee even try to correct me? I am flawed in my nature, it is improbable that I'll do it sufficiently, but fine." He strained the magic giving him facial expressions and grinned, but it look horrifying. "Hello, my name is Dio, welcome to the Drofite Private Library. Is there something you need help with? We have a book about everything!" Direly and Damion looked at each other with humor and horror.

Direly then spoke to Dio. "Better, but smile with your mouth closed and a small smile, so it doesn't scare away people." Dio shrugged but did as asked. Damion said "Yeah, that should do. So, Dio, how old are you now?" "Around 800 more or less. lost track 200 years ago on the exact number, but I do know this is the date I came to being."

The bell rang.

Drofite turned."Now what human could that be?"
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