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Happy valentines day(or as I like to call it , chocolate day). Luprecalia for you pagans.
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Been writing for two hours striaght. Hand hurts like hell.
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Come one, modern magic RP? No? Yes? Maye so?…
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Come for fantasy fun *unethusastic woo*…


who has time for that?

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Original or remake?
@Mag Lev

Okay, now I'm curious. Is IT a spider, spirit(demon or natural), or something else entirely.
@Rune_Alchemist@ZAVAZggg@Mag Lev

Lunearo nodded to Aelsu's inquiry. "That would be the logical thing. I suggest however sending a few Ravens there first to scout the area while we travel. That way should they see anything that could delay or be fatal to us other than the wargs can be avoided or at least give us time to devise a strategy." He turned to Einarr with a slight bow. "Of course, since this is your quest, it is entirely your choice. Oh, and speaking of strategy..." he whistled and a Raven sat on the post at the tent's entrance.
Lunearo chuckled evilly, as if laughing at a bad joke. "Before you ask, I planned this in advance. I wonder what sound he will make? An ugh or a angry yell? Wish to bet gladiator?"


Ducaelia was back against the wall as if bracing for dear life. She turned to Sven. "You F***ing think? No s*** sherlock." She looked at Silas and Gerad when they discussed taking it down. She saw Gerad take a pot-shot and laughed. "You thought that was a good idea? That thing's natural armor is to thick." She thought about her days as security. She had fought a tank then, and she quickly learned it was common for thanks to have weaker rear armor, since it was normally close to the engine and fuel tank. She looked at Silas. "I have an idea, but it's risky. You wanna try yours first?" She ducked as a piece of rubble flew over her.


Had internet issues for a bit.

@Rune_Alchemist@ZAVAZggg@Mag Lev@Adalea

Lunearo thought on what the gladiator said. Interesting, she's more plain than I thought. But she thinks that killing requires no tactics. Killing is tactics. Whether you be the strongest knight, to the weakest thief... When the scouts gave him a disdaining look, he made a mental note to have one of the Ravens shit on them just for sounding so arrogant. Whoever had the gall to do so to a mage had an over-inflated ego and sense of self-importance beyond any.
Lunearo looked at the boy, knowing he intended to converse with the scouts. It was the smartest thing to do, and he didn't think the Ranger lacking in brains. "If you wish to talk to them, and they don't, can I show them the face of a freak of the order of Sacred flame? It would entertain me to see what they think." He gave a evil chuckle, before checking the gauntlet covering his left hand. That one he didn't want to cut. Now if people knew what was under there, then they'd be scared.
I'm gonna post tomorrow night.

Here's a character:

Nilus- Mechanicum Adept in service of Legio Cybernetica with a dirty secret. Wishes to uncover the secrets of both of his master's enemies; the servants of chaos, so he can eliminate them with his own mechanicum forces.
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