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Current Sorry for those of you wondering were I'm at. Dealing with work crap and issues with family. But with my luck, it will get worst then immediately go away. Lady luck smiles at me!
2 mos ago
A lot of Rps I think are going to be or are good are failing or being neglected by the creator. It's very frustrating.
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2 mos ago… Monster Family RP, got one person so far.
3 mos ago
The friend that will not listen to your thoughts on a topic is not your friend at all. That explains my F*$#ed up day.
3 mos ago
Raise your hand if your a warhammer chaos fan. (raises hand) Favorite god is Malal/Malice



The average geek with a ravenous hunger for Adventure, carnage, scifi and fantasy! Let battle commence! I'm usually quite calm and peaceful. I give advice that most consider helpful. Warning, however, I'm quite foul mouthed, so don't take things the wrong way. Epics and stories I love with passion! Cheryo' for now!

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mortals of other races, but if you mean human, I'll consider it. You must awe me with it.


I would think so since I opened it up the other day.
@Kaalee Slip into char tab

Hakon the earl, so good and wise,
Let all the ancient temples rise; --
Thor's temples raised with fostering hand
That had been ruined through the land.

His valiant champions, who were slain
On battle-fields across the main,
To Thor, the thunder-god, may tell
How for the gods all turns out well.

The hardy warrior now once more
Offers the sacrifice of gore;
The shield-bearer in Loke's game
Invokes once more great Odin's name.

The green earth gladly yields her store,
As she was wont in days of yore,
Since the brave breaker of the spears
The holy shrines again uprears.

The earl has conquered with strong hand
All that lies north of Viken land:
In battle storm, and iron rain
Hakon spreads wide his sword's domain.

~ Vellekla, Einar Skålaglam, Icelandic skald , ca. 986

Welcome to Chaos in the Nine Realms. This Rp will be following the norse gods after reopening the ability to use the bi-frost to modern earth. This will cause issues however, and how will the gods deal with no longer being worshiped and praised by man? Odin watches as the other realms grow restless, and the threat of war lingers. What will happen?


Updated as the plot develops for newcomers.
If it's dead, better pull out the deep thought tea.

Must figure out why....

@Master Crim

Well, it doesn't matter for the purposes of the RP

Nope. Just no major political positions.
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