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Current Warhammer fans, we have little choices RP wise, but the mechanicum is here and here to stay! ttps://www.roleplayerguild.…
7 days ago
Saint Patties day! WOOOOO!!! Everybody's favorite excuse to forget the entire day when you wake up in an alley! Not for me tho. I'm the on they ask to drive them home...
10 days ago
New RP up. Don't knock it till you try it. Warning: mature people only.…
25 days ago
I've had a s***ty week so far. My tablet for work broke, I need new bulbs for the bathroom AND kitchen, and that one annoying guy at work came out of the closet to me, when I have a girlfriend. Damn..
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I'm am learning that I'm more culture illiterate than I thought...
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The average geek with a ravenous hunger for Adventure, carnage, scifi and fantasy! Let battle commence! I'm usually quite calm and peaceful. I give advice that most consider helpful. Warning, however, I'm quite foul mouthed, so don't take things the wrong way. Politics and racism I despise and epics and stories I love with passion! Cheryo' for now!

Currently managing: The Odds of Favor: a Sci-fi RP
(so far, it's a failure)

Note: if it says I'm on, there is only a fifty-fifty chance I am

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Anybody else? Two people got me hopes up.

Plus, I've already started on it. Please don't make it in vain!

Yeah, but I've noticed a trend lately.

This is my fourth attempt to give people a new RP this month, and s***, most people are taking RPs for real life. What's fun about that when you live it every day?

So, yeah. Until I notice some more people interested in more fictional RPs, other than the ones they're already apart of, I'll quit being pessimistic.

(whispers) Now where's that bottle...

She smiled at his statement. "Well, as a my grandpa said 'there is nothing to fear is but fear itself, because if you fear nothin', your a fool'. Now that I think about it tho, he had more reason then anybody to say that, but whatever." she said with a flick of her hand. She then noticed her watch said 5:30. "S***! I gotta' go! I'll see you later Quinn!" she said sprinting down the street.

When she got to the door to her house, she calmed down and went inside. She saw her dad sitting on the couch and heard her mom in the kitchen. He smiled when he saw his daughter. "Hello my hatchling, how was your day?" he said with a classy accent. She took of her cowl and crawled up onto the couch and crouched down on it. "I'm not ssseven anymore, and it wasss fine, thoughsss I'm not exactly happysss with what you'resss about to do." she huffed. He simply gave a chuckle. "Well, who would you rather have do it? Me? Or the guys at the Lab?" She shrank at this. She whimpered "Yousss...It'sss still not exactlysss nissse..." He frowned. "I'm sorry, my Hatchling, but it's the law. Plus, it's the best shot you got at being norm-" she cut him off with a glare and swift movement were she was in his face. "I daresss you to finisssh that word. Come onsss, I'm itching for yousss to give me anothersss reassson to hate you." His face was one of sorrow. "What do expect? I want my daughter the chance of a normal life, not one were she's a lab rat I have to operate on." She starts to hiss with non-existent venom. "Well, Maybesss I'd have that if ssssome one jussst ssstood up for hisss daughter rather thansss cut her open and put her back togethersss! Her eyes started to tear up. He simply hugged her and brought her close, her not even struggling and crying with squeaks. "That's impossible my hatchling. Too many have made up their minds. Even if one normal human said something, it wouldn't be enough. People fear what they don't understand. It will stay that way. Hell, the military is practically uses it to their advantage." Jen was hugging her father back and crying more, her tail limp, shoulders sagging, as she cried her feeling of isolation out. They stayed like that for an hour.
Really? No one's interested? Well s#*^...
"The Emperor of Man killed the Dragon of Mars. However, that's impossible.
A god may claim to kill another god, but in truth, it cannot. It can simply defeat it, send it to an abyss so deep few will ever learn
of it, and die for it. The Omnisah is not the Emperor like he claims, but rather, a being of energy locked away in a tomb in the
Nocturnus Labyrinth. And few beings dare tread there.
But let us not forget the corrupt madman, the unexpected slayers, and the Dragon's guardian.
The Madman may be an agent of chaos, but he is still an adept of mars by heart. He is but a coin, one side black and corroded, the other
shined and clean. He will watch over the others and keep them safe in their mission, but at a cost of his own balance.
His warrior shall guide, but he will protect. It is up to the slayers to check...
...For none should approach a raging Star God without another God's blessing...
...For the Emperor may protect, but only the living can help you.

Welcome to Topic chat of Warhammer 40k: The Fires of the Dragon RP. This Rp will set in the year 42,036 and you have been charged by Locum Adept Cornilious to head to the Nocturnus Labyrinth. Their strange occurances have been happening and recently the Necrons have tried to attack their for the 2nd time. Your team will fight monsters, freezing temperatures, night-time darkness, and more to get to your destination. But what awaits in the shadows? What will be the Reward, if their even is one? And why are these things happening?

Enter the Labyrinth of Eternal Night! For the Mechanicum! For the Emperor!

Any questions?

And before you ask, I will allow non-Mechanicum characters, and maybe even chaos, but on case by case basis.



She looked at him with a questioning look. "Surprisingly, yes, but only the areas I was allowed. My dad brought me up their as a summer intern, but I was only allowed in the technical and office areas. None of the labs or anything. I actually got to help their mechanics and technicians. But other than that, just the 18 times I've been their for the check. My dad doesn't let them do a full check apparently without him doing it. He'll bring my fallen scales and other samples like blood to study there tho." she said with a flick of her tail. She saw his slump in demeanor. "Are you scared? Because it's not that bad, but I have a hard skin and they put you to sleep while they do it, or at least they do with me." she said while putting a hand on his shoulder.
What happens to the soul
when it's left to foul,
in the cold body of metal
or one of poor fettle

It angers, demonizes and hates
but love is still left to bait
for fate may have abandoned them
but not like the harem

They may be bitter and restless
but a little love from one another
can make one feckless
towards the duties of hating the other

Love may be blind,
but to the souls of forgotten,
the bind of cold metal and dried blood
is better
than the one of flesh and bone.

Welcome to The Loving Souls of Despair RP!

This Rp is about dead people who could not cross over to the afterlife, instead became spirits able to haunt objects and were bound to humanoid bodies such as robots, corpses, dolls, and a collection of objects to act as a body. They either found these bodies or made them themselves, or had help from another Yurig (a body bound spirit). This story will be about a cupid saw how unhappy and evil these beings became and decided to give them the opportunity of love. You decide who goes with out who.

[hider=Rules {!Manditory!}]
1. RESPECT EVERYBODY! No back-talking Gms, no insults in the OOC, no fighting (even on little things), and no (I repeat) NO philosophical or political debates. Doing so will result in consequences by me and any co-gms.
2. No god-moding. We may be dead, but a soul can be extinguished by energy of an unholy entity, nephilem(gargoyles, four horsemen, half-angels, half demons), and arch-angels(no reg's can kill). Monsters (yes they are here) will be only able to POSSIBLY dispel you or hurt your false body. Also, no matter the body type, they can still have bodily functions(digestion and reproduction), but no exhaustion. This is what makes a true Yurig.
3. Post regularly. If you're goin' out of town or something, please notify us. Then we can make sure things run smoothly with your absence.
4. Think before you post. Know what's going on before you post an IC. It gets aggravating and annoying, but only minor issue. No punishment, but please, for my sanity, pay attention.
5. Please, god please, don't use anime. I'll allow it, but it ruins the feel I was going for.
6. In the CS, so I know you read this, put [color=00a651]FRANKENSTEIN[/color ] (delete the space for new people) somewhere.
7. You may curse, but don't go overboard.
8. Multiple CS are allowed. Please put them on the same post however.

Current Yurigs:

Dealdric as Henry Frankenstein(frankenstien's second monster)
Deadlric as Forenette de Claire(the broken puppet)
well damn. I was hoping it wouldn't die. Welp, see ya'll later.
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