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*Turns with uninterested look* Just give them what they want, they're like Slaanesh. They'll get bored with it quick.
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I'm still alive.
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Alan watts- Happiness is a choice/ don't be fooled. For someone looking for some philosophy.…
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An extra day off work! WOOT WOOT!
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who has time for that?

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Alright, thanks. A little disappointed at the lack of activity in the IC

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Kor -1/5 be like:

Shut it Khorn! You aren't allowed here! only liars to the omnisahs false truth are!
Quaver jumps onto the fiery-haried newcomer's back. "What have we here? A doe, A deer? A Barbequed deer? With flames like that, I best hide my hat!" He popped his eye out and held it in front of the man's face. "Hmm...not much meat on him though. And enough metal to make a blade! Phewy!"

Not a problem man. Come on down Cadian and fight something that isn’t related to chaos for a change.

And what's so wrong with CHAOS!?
Ducaelia looked at the sniper with could only be seen as lust. She leaned on him with an arm around him. "We could always share~..." She then got off him and sauntered forward, her claws lighting up in the gloom. She looked back at him and struck a pose. "...Or would that be too much for you~?" She giggled and her lights turned off except her blazing claws.
After appropriately tricking his brethren home, Quaver looked at the shadow with hopeful eyes. "OH BY VESSPIAN'S MISTRESS! HURAY, HURAY! We get ta' put on a show!" He promptly does a little jig and juggles his eye and two orbs of energy.
Quaver looks at the floating cat, shocked. Then he blew up. "No show? NO SHOW!? But if there's no show, then the only point is to do things like this!" He popped his eye out and threw it at the cloak figure, watching it bounced off his back and back into his hand. He showed the eye back into it's socket then snapped his fingers and a mound of rocks opened up next to him and several creatures similar to him, only brown and wearing rat fur, popped out carrying drums and a harp to big for them. They set up around the mound and started playing a fast passed rough tune and Quaver turned to them. "The Best show of the earth, but with no audience at all. But now that Quaver's here with worth, he's bouncin' off the walls!" The brown creatures looked at Quaver, pointed and laughed. The Netherworld jester did not enjoy this.
"The Minions brown, the brutes proud! Tougher than rocks, but just as smart! Wearin' crocs, and smellin' like farts! Bwahahah ha hah!" The brown ones stopped their laughing and brought out wooden clubs. The largest one, only 4 feet tall, pointed with a raspy, light-pitched war-cry, and all of them charged at Quaver. The grey demon's ears dropped and he cursed before turning and running in a circle around the group, with the browns chasing him. "GNARL! IF YOU CAN HEAR ME, CALL OFF YOUR DOGS!!!"

"I am Quaver the Entertainer! Spokesman and Ringmaster, fire-spiter and tight-roper! Clown and buffoon! A demon grey, but of mystic human make! Ha ha!" His staff fell and plunged next to him, which he promptly jumped onto and balance on, eye to eye with the man in the suit. He popped his right eye out, which now that it was, obviously crystal unlike the other, which had a pupil. He tossed it before the man, allowing it to bounce and catch it with his socket. He jumped down and leaned on his staff, then looked into the shadows.
He cupped his hands around his mouth and pointed at the suited man. "It appears like dust with lots of musk! It snaps and snarls, but sounds like scrap and family pearls! Ain't that a drab?" He turns and grins cruelly at the man, hoping his insult worked.
He quickly grabbed the broom from the other and swept the shards away with a flick, before tossing the broom behind him, watching it tumble.

A small grey creature, half the height of a full grown man fell from above, landing on it's head with a smacked in the middle of the group. It fell on it's front and groaned. It wore a green and black jester hat and same colored shorts, with white swirly paint on it's body and around it's eyes and face.
Quaver pushed himself up and quickly shook his head, the bells of his hat jingling. He opened his glowing yellow orbs that he had for eyes and picked earwax out from his long goblin-like ear. He looked around and saw his surroundings. "Well well! Quaver's head is bashed, and now he thinks he's truly smashed! But where's the bottle, oh so nice? The rum or whiskey he drank in vice?" HIs voice rasped demonically. He grinned his crude pointed teeth and looked up. There in the tent's supports was a round bottle and a black staff with a cartoon-ish skull on the top, with three green and purple feathers attached to bells coming out it's jaw. He looked at the cat. "When's the show upcoming? It would be good for the purple cat's becoming!"
The bottle tipped an fell on his head, breaking with the sound of glass. He fell over like a cartoon, onto a glass shard which gave him a yelp. He got up and pulled it out. "Looks like I have something to clean. Anybody got a broom?"
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Awwww, sorry to hear that

Don't worry my skitarii friend...

They'll all give me blo-

They'll come back in the end!
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