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Current My nephew got me interested in an old web-comic called "Zebra-Girl". I have been living under a rock according to him, but I also know he's an idiot. Comic isn't bad though. Atrocious start though.
2 days ago
When that one guy at work screws up on a project, and you get called in on your day off to fix it.
4 days ago
I bet Patrick Henry is rolling in his grave by all the bullshit happening here in the US. Now I remember why I wanted to vacation in the former soviet union nuclear testing fields.
4 days ago
When you post a character, only to realize you messed up severely because you forgot details from the first post.
9 days ago
A few friends of mine and me decided to play yu-gi-oh drunk. Grown men play yu-gi-oh. I'm the only person that didn't have more than one drink. The puns were atrocious.



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Your character reminds me of emit from the game Evolve.

He also was nice then turned into one crazy son of a -----.

Perilous made the suit smile. She stretched part of herself and slammed the door open. Now, Evelyn, I'm a Klyntar, and I'm currently working on enhancing your natural abilities, whilst finishing your legs regeneration process. If you need help, think it. I'll come up with something. X-Z quickly scanned the area herself, without controlling her host. She Made a small tendril come out of Evelyn's back, and it had an eye on it. Woah, being a cyclopes is weird. Nothing has depth.
@Lord Zee

Hey Zee, You going to update the map as time goes on? That might be something that helps anybody that joins later after we started.
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Why does this always happen to me?

Perilous sat in a containment unit attached to a truck. She was in a humanoid form, slouching against the glass. She felt air, but she could't tell were it was coming from. She had been on her way to the very place she was at, but not in such an embarrassing manner. The Nameless Tavern was a place for miss-fits, and she was disliked by even her own kind. The rest of her galaxy distrusted her due to her species reputation, but she didn't blame them. She figured she might find work and company there, since no civilization she knew of would even have her as a janitor. Whilest on the road, she was captured because she had decided to take a break from the long travel period, finding gateways, portals, relics, machines, and all sorts of other things just to get in the same dimension as it.
Then she saw her way out; a slightly raised panel covering a vent.

Once she was out, she was mortified by the scene. She literally boiled with rage. She saw the truck's diver get out, and she rushed. Before he could let out a peep, she bonded to him and then started to control him. She drew his sidearm and started firing, making headway towards the tavern. Once she was near a window, she moved some of her so a bullet could kill the guy, then she slipped in. She saw the scene and noticed the injured woman immediately. She oozed over to her and bonded to her, covering her in order to heal her. She separated a head and quickly hissed "Don't attack! I'm going to heal you! You, bot boy! cover while I speed up her healing."

"Trevenant" Kyboosh wrote on his bark. What do you think I am, girl? An evergreen? Kyboosh put himself in a sassy stance. He poked her shoulder with one of his legs. "My name is Kyboosh. And yours?


What about my goddess?

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Copperhead quickly grabs the chained and humiliated man and throws him on her shoulder. "I think it's time we go. So, running or riding?"
@Dark Light

Can I make a Marvel Symbiote that's a waiter?
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