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Ima ordinary guy highschooler with that is going through school. I'm still haven't experienced RP that much. Thus, I hope to see where I stand and what my skills are.

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Gavroche Marmalage

The wait for the Abbot was long, far too long. At some point in the wait, Gavroche became sick of waiting for the Abbot to arrive into his room, and in frustration, placed his hands into his pockets which caused a soft crunch. That's right. In all his anger and frustration, Gavroche had forgotten that he had a job to do. He heaved a defeated sigh at this fact and silently wriggled through the empty spaces to a knot hole that was directly above the Abbot's desk. The ceiling boards, unlike the floor boards, were nailed better into their studs. As such, Gavroche lightly rolled the letter and slid it through the hole, making a small noise throughout the empty room upon hitting the desk. Gavroche, hearing the noise, confirmed the letter was placed correctly, and with that, began crawling through the spaces towards the roof exit.

As he was navigating the tight space, a recognizable voice was heard beyond the wall to Gavroche's right. Curious, Gavroche very quietly pressed his ear against the wall to listen. It was Suzy's voice, one of the urchin girls. An awfully familiar voice soothed Suzy, causing Suzy to moan out a sickly cry once again. Gavroche focused on Suzy's voice. She was sick, again, the fourth time in the year. Much to the annoyance of the crew, they had to baby her, but at the very least, the sickness was never too serious. This time it was very different. For one, Suzy never cried out like that, and two, she wouldn't even be in the Abbot's lodgings in the first place. This was serious, and the fact that it was made Gavroche grimace. With haste, Gavroche went to a nearby knothole and looked through. There Suzy was, lying unconscious in the arms of the Abbot.

"Suzy!" Gavroche yelled out. Gavroche eyes widened as he clasped his hands over his mouth. Immediately, he began snaking to the roof access. In a few short minutes, the roof access was right before him. Gavroche pressed his hand against the the boarding and crawled out. After setting the tiling back down, a cool, night breeze blew against Gavroche's face as the stars in the night sky twinkled down on Gavroche. "Shoot," Gavroche muttered. While assuring that nobody was looking, Gavroche stepped and jumped from rooftop to rooftop. After getting about ten houses away from the Abbot's lodgings, Gavroche carefully climbed down from the roof and began running through the alleyways to his house.

As he was running, a dark figure stepped out, blocking Gavroche from moving forward. Gavroche stopped to a walk and furrowed his brow towards the figure.

"Ugh, I delivered it. Now leave me alone." Gavroche began picking up speed and attempted to run past the figure when it caught his arm. "Augh! Let go of me!" Gavroche struggled until the figure talked.

"And what did you deliver?" The shadow asked. Gavroche's face went momentarily pale. After a moment, Gavroche caught his bearings and answered.

"Nothing, it's strictly courier's business!" Gavroche spat. Although Gavroche couldn't see beyond the hood, the figure seemed to smile, causing a shiver to crawl down Gavroche's spine. As if reacting to his fear, the man pulled out a knife and placed it on Gavroche's neck.

"Okay, okay. I'll spill the beans. One of the Gold Teeth members sent me on an errand, the usual guy. He told me not to look at the contents, so don't ask me for that." The man lowered the knife from Gavroche's neck and stuck out a letter to Gavroche.

"Deliver this to the Abbot, tonight." The man flashed his knife toward Gavroche. Gavroche nodded, taking the letter and booking it. For a split a second, Gavroche looked back at the figure to see a pair of eyes that reflected the moonlight like cat eyes. After that, Gaveoche never looked back.

My last post.

I'm sorry to say, but I dont think I can continue with the RP. It's nothing to do with you guys and everything to do with me. I wish you all the best of RPing.
Ignoring the last post. Answering Blenheim. Plus, Blenheim was the one who truly twisted my wish :)

Granted. You're given a body that's attractive in an alien society but would be considered grotesque in our society's standards. Also, the switch gives you a momentary shot of dopamine that makes you happy for an hour.

I wish I didn't slip on so many banana peels...
Banned for looking far too seriously into a ban.
Gavroche Marmalage

When dusk settled onto night, Gavroche crept out of the empty hideout and began lightly treading toward a building next to the Abbot's lodgings. This building was not unoccupied, but Gavroche was confident that he would be able to get through it without being seen. After reaching the spot and looking around, Gavroche quietly forced a few boards out of the way and ducked into the small space and placed the boards back. In a few minutes, he was at the exit of the hidden spaces. He took his ear and pressed it against the loose board that was too be his exit. A soft snore was beyond the boards, giving Gavroche confidence to leave. The lodgings he went into were of no significant importance other than it was the house of a port hand. To his left were the stairs he needed to take and in front of him was a dinky parlor that held a drunkard that was out cold. Gavroche's nose was slightly tickled by the scent of alcohol, but he ignored it and pressed upwards to the second floor. Once upstairs, he silently entered the attic and went to the window that would give him access to the roof. Gavroche peeked at the ground to see if there were any onlookers. There were none. With deft movements, Gavroche open the window and then scaled the roof without a sound. Atop the roof, he faced the Abbot's lodgings. The gap between roofs was not too great. Gavroche could easily skip over the small space. After looking down and seeing that the people were paying attention to the ground and not the sky, Gavroche stepped onto the Abbot's roof and without a sound walked over to a particular spot where the tiling was discolored.

"Damn," Gavroche muttered to himself, "What it took to find this mouse hole." Gingerly and careful not to make a sound, Gavroche fingered the underbelly of the tiling. His fingers eventually felt a familiar notch, giving Gavroche a smile. "There you are." Gavroche slowly lifted up an underneath board, elevating an entire patch of tiling and revealing a very small space for Gavroche to crawl into.

During the time that Gavroche was at the hideout, he had time to cool down and time to think. Of course, he wouldn't let the Abbot go without getting pelted with a coin, but beyond that, he wasn't sure as to what the Abbot should suffer from the wrath of Gavroche. Perhaps more penny pelting or perhaps a fist to the face, but when Gavroche continued ponder on the Abbot, the less grasp he had on what he would do next. There would be flares of anger, dismissing all these feelings of uncertainty and to just beat the Abbot up, but very quickly, those feelings dissipated. For the very first time, Gavroche didn't want to criticize a noble, and it felt wrong, and yet, it felt just as wrong to spout rumors for this "noble." Even when Gavroche was infiltrating the Abbot's lodgings, he was still carrying these feelings with him.

After a journey of crawling and ensuring that he didn't make a noise (which he was successful), Gavroche finally reached the Abbot's room. It was empty. Gavroche cursed under his breath. He would have to wait for the Abbot to return if Gavroche is to deliver some coinage.
I had to make a story correction. Gavroche doesn't have that kind of authority/respect among the urchins to make that kind of call. There won't be a pickpocketing spree for the urchins. Just Gavroche being angry. Just wanted to give you the heads up to an edit I made before you post.
Sorry if this one is a bit long. I had to do quite a bit of catch up >_<
Gavroche Marmalage

When the Abbot suddenly left the room, Gavroche made no hesitation to accept the gesture. Within minutes, Gavroche was out of the building, heart pounding in both excitement and confusion. There were many questions that were floating around in his head that he wanted to think about. However, first thing was first, staching the goods and then heading home. After Gavroche was done hiding his payload, he began heading home.

About halfway during the journey home, Gavroche's hairs began to stand on end. "Psst," a whispered voice beckoned, "Gavroche." It was a familiar voice that made Gavroche both relieved and annoyed. Gavroche whirled around to face a dark figure in the shadows. He then crossed his arms, raised an eyebrow, and laid his weight against the wall of the alley

"Spit it out. My mum is already worried as is." Gavroche snapped, impatiently tapping his foot onto the floor. The figure gave a soft sigh.

"You know, for someone so small, you've got far too much sass." Gavroche smirked at that comment. "Besides the point, I need to you deliver this to the Abbot in your 'special way.'" The figure handed Gavroche an envelope with a familiar insignia. "Don't open it or use that little trick of yours. I won't be so kind like the last time." Gavroche snatched it from his hands.

"Fine, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow. Also," Gavroche held out his hands. The figure let out of moan. Clink, clink a few coins went onto the palm of Gavroche's hand. "Thaaank you," Gavroche said before taking off to his house.

Gavroche approached a decent cottage near the northern reaches of the city. It was just far enough from everything to be in the Sparses, but just close enough that people came to it to conduct business. It was a round, brick building that was decently sized and decently comfy. On its front and back there were small porches with the front one that held various signs and paraphernalia during the day. Along the back of the cottage was a small garden that he and his mother tended to. Upon reaching the little house, Gavroche came in bursting through the door, exclaiming, "Sorry I'm late, mum!" His mother, named Marina, was sitting on a chair doing her sowing work under candlelight. Upon seeing her working, Gavroche immediately knew that she was particularly upset and quietly gulped. In under a second, Marina shot up from her chair, launching her work onto the floor.

"Where were you Gavroche Marmalage? I was positively worried about you!" She immediately stamped towards Gavroche who was bracing himself for the worst. With a shot of her arm, her hand pinched Gavroche's ear in a deadlock. She began to make demands as to where Gavroche was all this time.

"I was with my mates! We were arguing on how to divvy up the loot today!" Marina held still for a second. She then began tugging harder on Gavroche's ear. "Don't give me that rubbish," she scolded, "Tell me the truth or else!" Gavroche struggled to break free, but Marina's wrathful grasp was too much to bear. After a few agonizing seconds, Gavroche finally broke. "Okay! Okay! I was running a few errands for the Gold Teeth!" Gavroche fibbed reluctantly. "With the new Abbot coming in, they were positively overrunning with gossip, questions, and requests!" Marina paused for a second and then swept Gavroche off his feet and held him like a pillowcase. Gavroche sighed and went limp in defeat. He knew that his fib would work all too well to give him a sorry rump. That night, Gavroche was sent off to bed with no supper and with a beet red rump.

The following morning, Gavroche did his usual routine with his mother of cleaning the house, tending to the garden, and cooking the meal of the day. Though, with his misbehavior from yesterday, he was sent off on an errand to get cloth, thread, and food. From the side of the cottage, Gavroche took out a small wagon and began pulling it toward the market. The delivery would have to wait until much later.

The marketplace is not quite the ones in the royally patroned ports. Unlike them, the marketplace of Pigeon Spit is rather sleepy with only a few people walking about at a time. There was the occasional chattering gossipers walking down the street, but other than that, there wasn't anything exciting about the marketplace. When Gavroche entered the center, he made a few turns into one of the General Shops.

"Good morning, miss merchant!" Gavroche cheerfully chimed.

"Hello, dearie. Did you get in trouble again with Marina?" The general store owner asked.

"I'm afraid so. I sure got a boxing and a whopping when mum was done with me." Gavroche sighed. The shopkeeper gave a chuckle. "The usual, I presume?" the shopkeeper inquired. "Yes, but add in a red and purple, both about twelve in length," Gavroche replied. The shopkeeper's eyebrows raised. As she was getting the items, she asked, "Something special?" Gavroche looked at her and shrugged. "Mum won't tell me what it's for. I'm not guessing." The shopkeeper nodded and continued packing everything into the small wagon. Upon loading everything, the shopkeeper gave the price and Gavroche gently placed them into the woman's palm.

"Thank you, ma'am." The woman smiled. As Gavroche was about to turn around and leave, the woman's face went alight.

"Ah, have you met the Abbot?" Gavroche paused. "He's such a wonderful young man. Unlike snobbish royalty, this one is so kind and thoughtful. He visited this shop and had a wonderful conversation with me! Oh, and did you know? He's also a clergyman!" Gavroche paused and stood there.

"That's wonderful!" Gavroche choked, trying to sound as sincere as possible. It seemed to pass as the woman waved him goodbye without saying anything. Gavroche took a direct path home, filled with conflicted feelings towards this new "Abbot." In one direction, he felt absolutely no respect for a nobleman, but in the other direction, he felt a level of respect towards a man who actually seemed genuine towards the faith. And then there was that fact, the fact that made everything oh so complicated for Gavroche: the secret compartment and the knife. Those things made Gavroche confused, angry, and yet amazed? Before he fully settled those thoughts, he threw his hands up into the air in frustration and began to think of an insult toward this man. He thought of twenty in an instant, but none of them felt right. They didn't have the satirical bite that Gavroche was always known for. These were just plain ol' insults and uninspired wordplay. Two thirds of the way home, one of the urchins walked up to him.

"Yes, mate?" Gavroche inquired. The young boy looked down at him and brought him a message mutilitated through the whispers of several different children. The boy crouched down and said, "The Abbot is threatening the town if you don't show up to his doorsteps and confess to the pick pocketing." A flare lit up in Gavroche's eyes. "That bastard." Gavroche growled under his breath with the grinding of his teeth. Here he was, thinking that this man was above all of this. Oh, he'd give a confession alright, a confession that'll knock out a tooth or two before he was done. "Thanks. I have walloping to give now." The boy nodded and ran off into an alleyway. Gavroche picked up his pace towards home. Upon reaching the house, Gavroche quickly dropped off the wagon at the front porch before running off. Before he could get far, though, Marina burst through the door.

"And where do you think you're going!" Marina yelled. Without stopping, Gavroche turned back and yelled, "Have an errand to do!" After yelling, he went off in a sprint.

After borrowing a great deal of coin from the others, Gavroche finally reached the old building where the Abbot was living. He walked up to his usual entrance and attempted to open it. He couldn't. After trying to force it for a few minutes, he realized that the boards were nailed shut. He cursed under his breath and headed toward another entrance that he usually used. That one was nailed shut again. He gritted his teeth and let out a frustrated huff. He would have to use that entrance. He was reluctant to use this one, but considering the circumstances, it was worth it. This one had to wait until nightfall, however. For the wait, he went into another Gold Teeth building close by and hid in the walls until nightfall.

Note: The merchant's name is not actually merchant. It's just courtesy to name people by their professions and not by their direct last names.
Note 2: Of course a game of telephone won't bode well for a message.
Granted. The packaging tape is laced with chemicals used in explosives.

I wish nothing but the best for you, the responder, and wish all the worst nothing better for myself, the poster.
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