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2 mos ago
Current Ay, probably been placed under a wicked sleep spell. *Yawn* Welp, nothing I can do about that!
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2 mos ago
*Opens beak widely to yawn* It's been a while since I've been active!
1 yr ago
I 'ave projects rn. AARRGGHH!!! Especially from my AP classes! DOUBLE AARRGGHH!!!
1 yr ago
APs are finally done. Back online after 3 months!
1 yr ago
School stuff is getting ominous. I probably won't be coming back on the ol' guild for a long while. Still, it was fun while I was on! And with that, ALonelyParrot, signing off. :)


Ima ordinary guy highschooler with that is going through school. I'm still haven't experienced RP that much. Thus, I hope to see where I stand and what my skills are.

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George scuffled through the alley ways, taking turns this way and that with backtracking to get a better feel of the layout. On occasion, he would immediately exit the alleys and explore the main roads simply because something didn't "feel right." On others, he would scale up the walls in secluded areas and take in the overhead view simply out of whimsy. He didn't always know why his intuition worked the way it did, but his hyperactive gut was, after all, trained in both city and forest. Eventually, in about an hour or two that George couldn't track, he'd gotten a full grasp of the city, confident that he could make a dashing escape if things ever got too hairy. He jumped off a couple of crates and began walking off towards the main street before he heard a drunken voice beyond a corner just behind George.

"Alright, y'know th' drill. 'And over all yer coin, else I'll stick ya wif' ol' betsy."

Another poor soul getting mugged in the street.

"Do 'as 'e said."

"Ah, a twosome I see," George thought. However, before he could take a step towards the alley's exit, something peaked his interest. A single, granular word spoken by a strangely feminine voice.


Once those words reached George's ears, the grinding of stone beneath foot and the surprised grunts of two men travelled through the alley way. Carefully, George looked into the alley way and saw the lightning fast exchange that was occurring. Though, it was more of a butchering than an exchange. The man err... woman (George couldn't tell at that moment) moved like both like a snake and a bear, precisely dodging the attacks of the thugs while delivering skull smashing blows in retaliation. Although George was somewhat excited to have a new tale right in front of him, his stomach churned a little at the continued carnage the clear winner was giving. By the end of it, the person's boot was dug deep into the skull of the larger man, and a sizable puddle of mixed blood expanded to reach the walls of the cramped alley space. George raised his eyebrows while rapidly blinking his eyebrows. Mid-blinking, he jolted away from the corner and ran towards the main street without a sound. He never ignored his instincts when they began screaming.

A little bit into the past, moments after George turned away from the corner, Mergoux looked in both directions of the alley way to ensure that there were no onlookers at that moment.
Also, if it's fine with you @Overlord Thraka, I'd like upload a post that takes into account my character's slight retcon and the beating Mergoux gave those thugs.

@Lucius Cypher I finished retconning my previous entries. I had to change my first post and my most recent post since George wouldn't be sleeping in the rooftops in the morning. If there's anything wrong, I'll change them back to the originals (or close to them at least since I forgot to back them up).
@Lucius Cypher
Hmm... I'm a little bit confused about the time. When I first jumped in, was it supposed to be morning for most of the characters? I can change a bit of my previous post if that's the case.
@Haeo Wonderful! Even though babies may demand everything from you (with the most annoying crying ever), they'll always be the starlight in your eyes! Congrats!
Blessings to you and your new family. :D
Hmm... are you able to see on the doc? Also, are there any connectivity issues?
@BiffleChump Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry! After volunteering, I fell straight asleep! xD
Anyways, here's the link: Moved to PM.
@BiffleChump Oof, I didn't notice until now, but I won't be able to do the worldbuilding at 12:00 PM. At the earliest, I can do it at 2:00 PM my time. Do you think we'll be able to do that or do you think we'll have to push it to the saturday after this one?
@BiffleChump Okay. 9 PM in your time on May 4th (saturday) should be fine, right? (It'll be 12 PM where I live if I did the math correctly).
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