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Current I 'ave projects rn. AARRGGHH!!! Especially from my AP classes! DOUBLE AARRGGHH!!!
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APs are finally done. Back online after 3 months!
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School stuff is getting ominous. I probably won't be coming back on the ol' guild for a long while. Still, it was fun while I was on! And with that, ALonelyParrot, signing off. :)
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Phew, up and running again! :)
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Ima ordinary guy highschooler with that is going through school. I'm still haven't experienced RP that much. Thus, I hope to see where I stand and what my skills are.

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Aaric and Hakase lifted their heads towards the sky attentive to the heavenly announcement. Aaric, once again, was indifferent. This grandiose display of light and power did not quite impress Aaric, almost as if there was a certain familiarity towards events such as these. Far too often had Aaric seen images of angels, their depictions, and functions in the multitude of stories he’s read. The only that inspired a speck of curiosity in Aaric was the split design of that heavenly being.

“Experience true knowledge,” the voice directed at Aaric. He did not think too much of this statement. To Aaric, knowledge was just knowledge, and nothing else. It was simply a tool that was to could be attained and then used; that was its primary purpose. Aaric looked down onto his left wrist to find that a strange watch-like gadget had been placed. It was somewhat odd that this bracelet did not catch the attention of Aaric. Perhaps he was far too withdrawn within himself to notice or too attentive to the voice that was above the group’s heads.

“Quite the display, right-gya?” Hakase asked Aaric. To answer the question, Aaric began to turn his head towards Hakase, only to be met with the gaze of an unfamiliar creature.

“YAAAH!!!” Aaric yelled in surprise. As he stumbled backwards away from the lab-coated lizard, Aaric tripped on a root. In what seemed like slow motion, Aaric tightly shut his eyes, bracing himself for the impact his bottom was about to receive. Touchdown, his romp was now very much hurt. After Aaric dressed his wounds, he turned his attention towards the little dinosaur. “Who-who are you?”

The dinosaur softly chuckled. In a differently toned voice, he replied, “I’m still Hakase-gya. You know that little koromon that was at your side-gya? Digivolved when Mastemon appeared-gya. Yep, I’m an Agumon-gya… Hey, are you listening-gya?” Aaric was staring at Hakase, dumbfounded. Once again, Aaric found himself staring into the gap within his knowledge, the void that Aaric never wanted to visit. Never in his entire life would he imagine a small dinosaur wearing a lab coat and an Oxford cap, until now.

Hakase waited for Aaric’s reply. After a few short seconds, Hakase sighed. Waving one of his sleeves towards Aaric, Hakase teased, “Hello, anybody in there-gya?” Aaric jolted.


Hakase sighed once more. “Your the most observant being that I’ve met so far.” Hakase said in a sarcastic tone.

“I am?” Aaric asked. Hakase looked at Aaric disdainfully. Hakase raised his arm, Aaric’s eyes following the motion. Then with one swift move, Hakase did a karate chop on Aaric’s head, causing Aaric to recoil and place his hands on the impact site.

“That was a sarcastic comment, blockhead! Pay more attention-gya!” Hakase immediately replied.

“Ow…” Aaric continued to say. He quickly maneuvered his eyes towards Hakase’s eyes. “I may have not picked up on the sarcasm, but that doesn’t give you the authority to give me a smacking!”

“Oh don’t complain-gya,” Hakase retorted. “If you don’t learn to converse with others, then your journey-gya will be more difficult-gya! Communication skills are key when it comes to crucial missions, skills that you evidently are short on-gya!” Hakase leaned in closer towards Aaric. “Not to mention attentiveness-gya!” Aaric motioned to open his mouth but clenched his teeth instead. Hakase could easily read that Aaric was reluctant to accept this criticism but knew that it was all too true. Hakase then swiftly made a 180 degree turn, shifting his attention towards the Angel digimon. Aaric followed suit, begrudgingly.
Just a general note, I might be adding a few mechanics to the RP, but that will come a bit later.
Imagine a world where nearly anything can happen through the imagination. In an unknown world named Concept, such a reality exists, calling upon different beings from the far reaches of the multiverse. Quite the paradise, isn't it? That's what some people might say. However, it's far more complicated than that.

In this RP, anyone can be participate in this world, whether it be from popular fiction, from your own imagination, or from the real world, including even yourself. Anyone can be brought to the table. However, characters should be picked not because they are favorites but because it would be interesting to see how they would function in such a word. As such, this RP goes heavily into character development, literary art, and whatnot. (Maybe even self-exploration by you, the reader) Also, when it comes to character sheets, a different system will be used. A normal, private character sheet will be made. However, when first posting, only the name, (initial) appearance, and limit (more on that later) will be stated. As the RP progresses, stuff like biography, personality, species, abilities, etc., and etc. will be filled into the character sheet. This RP is somewhat of a game about meeting new people/characters, and as such, it would be appropriate if we didn't know everything about each other's character. Also, only 4-6 characters are ever allowed on Concept at one time.
All characters, before entering concept, are promised the thing that they need most in their home world/universe if they can complete their personal task. (characters are never told the task) Should they complete the task (which is left unknown), they will receive the boon. What they need may not necessarily be what they desire...

Although nearly anything can happen in the world of Concept, I would like to emphasize nearly. There are, in fact, some rules governing Concept:
1. No time traveling (That s*** gets complicated fast)
2. No physical injuries (only in special cases can they be injured or by owner's consent)
3. No manipulation of the free-will of another character
3. Only PG-17 (yes, 17)
4. Anything not mentioned is fair game (terms are subject to change)
(It's possible doesn't necessarily mean it should be done...)
Also, as always, Standard guild rules.

In addition to these rules, the guild rules are tacked on as well. There is another interesting mechanic that is present in the world of concept: the system of notions. Although a character's imagination can do anything, it does not have limitless energy. Just like how people can be mentally fatigued, characters can be imagination-ally fatigued in this same way. Here are the rules on notions.
1. The use of imagination in one post is the use one notion.
2. Each character has a limit to the maximum notion. Once used, notion must be recharged before imagination can be used again.
3. A recharge constitutes a post where imagination has not been used. One non-imagination post equals one notion.
4. Notions cannot be recharged through another character's imagination. (That's like asking for more wishes)

I hope to take this RP interests a few people!
When the commotion began with the goggles person, Aaric quickly turned his head towards the direction of the yelling. The sudden appearance of the small dragon creature made Aaric blink once. Then more strange beings began to appear out of nowhere. He began to think.

“This is supposed to be the place where I start screaming, right?” Though, Aaric’s face betrayed no shock. He was simply unsurprised of the sudden drop-ins. What really shocked Aaric more was his lack of shock on his part! It wasn’t that often that Aaric evaluated his own feelings, but this occasion was an exception.

“Why wasn’t I shocked by these creatures? Have I read something in the books that depicted such creatures?” Aaric combed through his established knowledge. Nothing but generic sketches and illustrations of dragons and generic monsters appeared in Aaric’s mind. However, despite not having anything, Aaric knew that he saw them somewhere. There had to be a reason to why he wasn’t entirely surprised by the appearances. He was looking in the wrong place. Within his mind, what Aaric was looking for was not in the deep trenches of his mind but on the surface where he barely took time to look. As he began to ascend from the depths, he saw it.

“It was that book!” Aaric spoke aloud.

“Sure was, left a pretty hard hit on my head, you know that, right-gya?” A voice questioned Aaric from behind him. Curious, Aaric turned around. It was a small pink spheroid with what looked like bunny-ears which held a book atop its head. “Caused me to de-digivolve since the hit was that hard-gya.” Aaric jumped slightly. Never had he seen in either his recent or older knowledge a talking pink head.

“Who-who are you?” Aaric asked. Aaric leaned closer to get a closer look on the pink thing. “A-and, what are you?”

“I’m your partner and a digimon, a Koromon to be exact-gya. You aren’t that observant of other digimon, aren’t you-gya?” Aaric could only stand there with incredulity.

“Partner?” Aaric asked. He paused for a second in an attempt to recollect himself, wafting at the air with his hands as if there was a haze of misunderstanding. “Partner." Aaric rearticulated as he raised his eyebrows.


"D-d-do you have a name?” Aaric stuttered as he leaned one ear closer towards the koromon.

“Of course! It’s Hakase, at your service-gya.” the pink head said while doing a slight bow. Aaric could only stare at Hakase with an incredulous look as the library within Aaric’s mind attempted to categorize new information.
Aaric had remained as stiff as glass, his face still tinted with red. As he shifted his eyes around, he realized that nobody had paid attention to him. Relieved, Aaric’s body became flexible once again, allowing his head to rest upon his shoulders and his blood to settle down.

“What was I thinking? I’ve never done that to complete strangers!” A moment of contemplation of his recent actions was taken. Slowly, his focus began to shift towards the conversations being thrown around in the group, but upon hearing subject, Aaric immediately placed the simple ideas of those things into a mental box labelled “forbidden fruits.” His blinds were immediately closed and his doors were locked, Aaric withdrew within himself, applying himself to observe the scenery over rather than listening to the offensive conversation.

Aaric looked up into the pale blue noon sky. Aaric found it quite refreshing despite having fallen down to the earth. Aaric continued to stare at the sky. Then he squinted his eyes and cocked his head closer towards it. The heavenly being that always watches over the earth was absent. Mystified, Aaric began walking around the clearing in a circle, looking in multiple angles. The sun was still absent. In order to clear his confusion, Aaric began his ascent up a tree. It was a clumsy climb, but he was invested into it and his curtains open to discovery of knowledge. Higher and higher, he climbed, pushing through the branches, twigs, and leaves, eventually popping his head out into the open canopy. The same gentle breeze that moved the clouds brushed against his face. Refreshing after a cramped and stuffy climb.

Aaric refocused himself. He perused the open horizons, confirming that indeed, the sun had vanished. This caused Aaric’s eyebrows to furrow. Aaric then looked down into the clearing. He could see everyone from his vantage point. There was some commotion down at the bottom, but he couldn’t care less about what was going down there. His setting was much more important. Aaric continued to stare down at the clearing, observing the beige, compacted earth present everywhere on the ground. He suddenly noticed a feature of the ground; it appeared to be printed with very light wirelike engravings. It was now the ground that called Aaric. Aaric began his descent from the canopy through the leaves, making a similarly clumsy movement down the trunk. Immediately after touching the ground, he scrutinized the ground to ensure that his observation was correct. There was no doubt that the ground had etchings, and in fact, the wires were on nearly everything. The trees, the leaves, and the flowers, perhaps the sky were ladened with wired impressions.

Aaric’s eyebrows furrowed. His mind began to leaf through his mental library, gathering and connecting all the relevant information he had in his expansive collection. All outrageous and even unlikely possibilities were immediately discarded, but however, informational voids halted this progress. His mind combed through the data once again, only to have the true realization pass underneath his nose once again. He could smell it, but he could not see it. The fact that this truth had eluded Aaric incurred a juvenile frustration inside of him.

"Ideas, anyone?"
A person’s voice requested, cutting through Aaric’s thought process. Aaric wasn’t too keen on sharing his knowledge with others. However, with the gap in his knowledge, Aaric was a little bit more inclined to do so. However, he wouldn’t do it with those unconcerned hooligans but with the person who actually cares about the situation. Aaric meandered towards the the militarily dressed man.

“Hey” Aaric said, catching the attention of the military man. “I have not the slightest idea where we are.” Aaric said calmly as he finished walking towards person. Whenever it came to business and information, Aaric could manage talking with people. “However, I did make a few observations that might help us indicate where we are. I’ve noticed that…” From there, Aaric recounted only his observations he had made.
@tobiax Oh well. If you don't have crunchyroll, you can click on the link I posted up earlier in the OOC and watch it through that site when you have time. Though, I'm not quite sure if it's been takendown already. Have fun watching the last episodes of tri!
Did everyone finish watching the final digimon tri movie? Just wondering because I wanna talk about it but not spoil it for anyone :3
Alaric's mouth was opened wide as he fell away from the skies above him. What happened to him? Where was he? Who were these people around him? All Aaric could clearly think about amidst the myriad of questions going through his mind was the symbolic nature of this fall from the skies.
“...Could this be hell?” To Aaric, it didn’t seem like it, but it didn’t matter to him in a very short time; Aaric was rapidly reaching terminal velocity. The speed alone was enough to make him terrified, not to mention everything else. Nervously curious to how high in the air he was, Aaric shifted the weight of his body to place his gaze towards the Earth. A big mistake. Jolted by the sight of being thousands of feet up in the air, Aaric sporadically opened his arms, allowing the book to fly out of his hands towards a destination unknown. Surely, it wouldn’t hit any poor creature. As Aaric grew closer and closer towards the ground, he tightly shut his eyes and his mind began to race.
“Literature is seeping into my dreams again. It’s that quote of descension. After the fall, I’ll ascend from this nightmare. Waking reality. Waking real…” Suddenly, the wind that blasted against his face stopped as he felt himself being gently laid upon the ground, face first. Quivering, he lifted his head from the ground while his eyes reluctantly opened. What they saw was a peculiarly grown forest, though, not any forest to the likes illustrated in the books. He darted his head around to examine the scenery further. Around Aaric, a lush, verdant forest surrounded the sunny clearing that the people had just landed in. In the sky, soft, white clouds gently swam towards an unknown destination, the wind blowing west with a promise for adventure. Aaric did not care for the fates of the clouds. He was too busy looking at the people who landed alongside with him.
”Hey! Random other people! Anyone get the license plate number of that truck that hit us? Looked like a fucking glowing hole in the ground?” One of the girls yelled out, slicing through Aaric’s moment of shock like a cold knife. After some time, he propped himself up into a sitting position with crossed legs, carefully observing the other people. It had been quite some time that he encountered people of such a wide variety, especially with the differences in language. In an unconscious effort, Aaric's psyche made a rare attempt to categorize these people. It failed spectacularly, making few yet very incorrect assumptions, but nonetheless, it tried.
As the other people began to introduce themselves, Aaric felt no need to introduce himself. In most cases, he never introduced himself nor made greetings unless prompted to. He always kept to himself. However, as more and more people began to introduce each other, Aaric began to feel pressure. Somehow, he slowly felt compelled to introduce himself by action of a mysterious force. (called character introduction, but he didn’t know that) The blood rushed into his face as he began to introduce himself.
“Salutations. I-I am Aaric Mitaski.” He said in a robotic-esque voice.
I just finished digimon tri. Feels good to have finally watched it! (Though, I do has some qualms with it)
If you guys haven't watched it, here's a link (have adblock ready):
(I don't know why I'm posting my thoughts right now, but okay)
@tobiax Right on. Though, I do agree that I did make it a little bit... obvious. I'm still trying to get a grasp on writing well and all that. :P
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