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"Are you team Emet-Selch or team G'raha Tia?" Me: Why not both?
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FFXIV best current mmorpg change my mind
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Lmao but I'd rather date a cute nerdy nice guy over a jock asshole any day so that nice guy not getting girls comment is indeed invalid.


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Seidoujima Island - Ringo Avenue
(Interacting with @Ginnungagap)

Koyuki chewed on the strawberry bits from the parfait as Icarus commented about her ghastly state from earlier that day. After swallowing the fruit, she replied with an awkward smile, "Oh, how embarrassing of me. I don't spend my spiritual energy in large amounts too often, so maintaining my appearance this morning was quite difficult." She licked the whip cream off the long spoon in her hand before continuing, "After the events from last night, that is."

Before getting into a discussion of what they had experienced yesterday, the fox spirit's ears perked in interest at the mention of phoenix. "A phee-nix, you say? I've heard of the legend of immortal crimson bird from the monks at my shrine. I believe we share some things in common, don't we?" She curved her lips in a friendly smile before continuing to indulge in the mixed berry parfait. "Ah but we may differ in terms of our actual age, based on what you've said. Though until just a couple of years ago, I was but an ordinary fox if that counts for anything." As she ended her last statement, fangs bit onto a cherry, while she pulled the stem off, and into her mouth it goes.
Silver Gate Academy Grounds - Soccer Field

If anyone in the class had noticed, (considering how charismatic and chatty she usually was, it was highly likely) the resident fox spirit was... more spirit-like today. Her entire body was translucent with a blurry presence, one can see the scenery behind her. It seemed like she was deep in thought with a stoic facial expression but really, Koyuki was spacing out for most of the classes that day. Girls shrieking out of the bathrooms screaming 'GHOST!' was rampant throughout the day, which may or may not have been something to do with her.

The life or death battle from the previous night exhausted an enormous amount of spiritual energy from the fox girl, causing the instability in maintaining her physical form. Considering there was never really a need to use that much spiritual energy for anything in her peaceful life back at the shrine, she may have inefficiently spent all of it throwing all those fire balls and arrows. At least she and her classmates were able to leave the place with their lives, if not for their teachers. Kirizanto was the person she least thought would ever save her life, but Koyuki was thankful regardless of it.

One of the teachers from the fight the night before was in charge of the last class of the day, energetic as if nothing had happened. Koyuki did not particularly dislike PE class but today was not the day she would be enthusiastic about doing physical exercises. Ninjutsu seemed interesting enough, but seeing as she may not be able to absorb the lesson properly in her current state, the student asked the PE teacher for another of the scroll he gave out to the other student to self study later.

Seidoujima Island - Ringo Avenue
(Interacting with @Ginnungagap)

"One order of the Berry Dreamy Par-fa-it with extra of the rainbow little cho-co-la-te things please!" Azure orbs twinkled and fox tails swished excitedly at the cashier in charge of the ice cream counter, a totally different being from the previous parts of the day. Once it was served at the counter, the fox spirit swiped it off in a swift movement and glanced over for a table to feast on the frosty delight. A familiar crimson boy caught her eye in a table not too far away, so without hesitation and warning, she seated herself across him with a wave and grin showing her fangs.

"Hope you don't mind the company! I hadn't taken you for the sweet tooth type but more the merrier I say!" Koyuki stated, before shoving a spoonful of rainbow sprinkled strawberry ice cream into her mouth. The pleasure from the sweet treat was evident upon her features as she ate every bite with true bliss. It wasn't too long after taking a couple of bites until the fox spirit wondered how to go about confirming the incident from the previous night, with the fellow classmate who had been at the scene. "So, Icarus... Was I dreaming or are you truly a red bird?"

Silver Gate Academy Highschool Building Classroom 4-A
(Interacting with @Ginnungagap)

"How interesting! Do tell us more about this da-te you went on with the blondie upperclassman." A group of girls casually sat around the focus of the current gossip, one nudging the blushing raven haired student. The Golden Week holidays came and went in a blink of an eye, the classroom bustled with teens talking about how well spent theirs went or just taking the time off to laze around. The lively atmosphere was interrupted by the opening of the door, followed by the appearance of a specific teacher. Students who sat on the desks immediately scrambled for their seats in fear, stumbling here and there. There was absolute silence by the moment he arrived at the teacher's table.

If one saw how pale Koyuki's current expression was, one might even joke it's as if she's seen a ghost (the joke is her being one of course!) but there was no room to ever make one in Kirizanto's class. She, the notorious, trespassing troublemaker, of all people should know how terrifying he is when he catches a student causing mischief. Most of the lecture slipped through her other ear as she froze in place, considering it was a lesson that threatened her kind. Once the instructor pulled out a talisman, the fox spirit jolted in her seat and put her hands up defensively out of habit from the times she'd been subdued by him. Thankfully, he was just simply showing how one looked, not demonstrating how it was used.

The bell that marked the end of class rang throughout the school and Koyuki was never happier to hear it in her life at this school. The silver haired relaxed her stiff posture once the exorcist teacher was out of her sensing range, tails behind her finally resumed their usual swinging motion. She sighed in relief as blue eyes gazed over the 'special' worksheet handed to the select few in the class. A soft spoken male approached Koyuki with a similar worksheet as hers.

The girl was intrigued by the fact that he introduced himself as a similar kind and replied, "Oh? And what might you be, if not human? Hehe, pardon my curious question before my own introduction, I tend to be distracted when my interest is piqued, you see. I'm Koyuki and if it's not already obvious by my ears and tails, I classify as a fox spirit." After flashing a proud grin with a peeking fang, she continued, "I agree, it would be in both our interests to do this wo-rk-shee-t together. But uh, I must admit, I too have not been properly paying attention to the exorci-- I mean teacher. But worry not, I've been lectured enough to understand how talismans work."
Seidoujima Island Market District

"T-This is...!!"


"W-What is this masterpiece...?!" Shaken by delight from the new sensation of soft yet chewy texture and the mixture of sweet and sour flavors, the fox spirit could not contain the pure bliss as the fluff behind her swayed back and forth in excitement. Every bite made her taste buds crave for more and more until there was nothing left.

"It's just a crepe miss, have you never had one before?" Bewildered by the dramatic response, the lady in charge of the crepe stand simply stated.

"C-re-pe, hm? Back in the mountain I used to live, there was no such thing. I request another of this c-re-pe with extra of the white fluff!"

With another serving of crepe (and extra whip cream as requested!) in her hands, Koyuki the fox spirit aimlessly wandered a little ways from the market district to indulge in her new, delightful discovery. Ears of silver white fur twitched in excitement to try this other flavor, 'strawberry cheesecake', when they picked up some kind of loud commotion from their sensitivity compared to a human. Curiosity getting better of her as always, she walked towards the direction of a river not too far off.

Upon reaching an open area by the river, the girl's fangs bit away a bite from the dessert. The source of the noise seemed to be from a pair of girls sending forth magic at each other, was it a fight? It wasn't any of Koyuki's business but the girl with the crimson hair seemed familiar... Maybe a classmate? While it wasn't a relaxing place she had hoped to snack on her c-re-pe, watching a fight using magic for her first time piqued her interest to say the least.

Just when the fight seemed to have reached the climax, two watery serpents took the two fighters apart. Swallowing the last of the dessert, the fox spirit faced towards the source of the voice to see that it was one of the teachers. "Uh oh, I better take my leave as well.", she whispered as she slowly sneaked away from the scene. While she might've been studying in the academy for about a little over a month now, she was notorious among the teachers to get into trouble, usually for trespassing reasons.
TA-DAH finally finished with quality of rushed work after procrastinating for so long

I like how someone just randomly posted their first post in the Character tab when this has been inactive for 2 years lmao
Hi I got fished into MAYBE joining the RP cause of Sho. I MIGHT write a CS for a non-human definitely. Too many humans in the current roster, still deciding if I should go for minority and go male or follow what I'm better at and go female
The Gate, Alymere: Daybreak

Inspired by the graceful movements from the dancer, the lancer sprang forth into the battlefield and wrecked quite a havoc. The dancer, who was left behind, momentarily ceased her steps to survey the current situation of the field. The enemy forces seemed to have taken some casualties, while their army marched onwards without too much trouble, albeit minor injuries. Deciding it was still safe enough for her to continue performing, Sumire glanced over at the fighters with a closer distance to her.

One of the fighters Sumire recognized was the swordsman from the scouting mission she was dispatched in. The swift movements he displayed just moments ago was impressive, she admitted. If her encouragement could any way boost his morale, perhaps it would be worth the effort. Taking a couple of steps closer, but at a distance away from the danger zone, the dancer called for attention at the young man, "Hey you! The brunette with the sword over there! Be grateful that I offer this performance to you!"

The pink maiden pointed one of her fans towards Einar before spinning to the right, one fan raised up in the air while the other at a low angle. The pace of her movement was as quick as a faint whirlwind and a meaningful pause. Fan in the air slowly waved downward, scene similar to a fallen leaf dancing along the wind. As it lowered to the level of the performer's bright yellow orbs, her features were hidden behind the paper material before she spun towards the left in a similar manner.

Status: Alive
Class: Dancer
  • Vulnerary
  • Iron Sword
Einar (@Savo)
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