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The best thing about role playing is when the characters come into their own.

Music is usually the key for me getting into character. Once they have a song, I can find their hearts: Pink, black, jaded, fearful or bold. Then they can come to life, do things I wouldn't have chosen for them to do. But they are true to themselves, so they must do so. (Who am I kidding? I've spent hours daydreaming alternative scenarios. My characters would be tired of me coming up to ask "but what if you did ____ instead?" I treat rp like a choose your own adventure story and all the writers get to share in the choices.)

What's really entertaining is when the characters from different worlds start mingling in the green room of my mind.
"Seriously, you've got to stand up for yourself girl! Here, let me teach you some self defense, this always works where I'm from."
"Oh would you? According to the schedule I am not to learn anything of the sort for at least two chapters."
"No prob. Hey, can I get your cookie recipe while we're here?"

My imaginary friends are there best! (But I may be fangirling over yours!)

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"Angel? Angel?" He called her as he crossed the room and crouched beside her. She hadn't even made it into the bed. "Angel, wake up." He didn't touch her just spoke, hoping to catch her in enough awareness to come out of the nightmares.
It was several hours later that the storm unleashed it's fury on the earth. A deep roar of thunder woke Andrew. He rolled out of bed and his bare feet flew across the floor to his window. The streaks of lightning in the distance were as brilliant as a firework display. He headed for the roof, but stopped short at his locked door.

That's right, Angel is here.
She should supervise his excursion he supposed. He dressed again, fully covered to the fingertips. Her quite unlocked her door, if she was sleeping through this storm, maybe he should just let her sleep, she'd never know he was outside unsupervised if she was sleeping that heavily.
The room was not recently used, but had been maintained by the staff, while there still had been staff. Andrew had never paid much attention to this matter, he just knew it was better than sleeping on the couch, in chains. He cleared his throat, "I expect you will find whatever you need for the night. I hope you're a little more... Much more comfortable tonight." And letting her go he moved to close the door, he thought he'd still lock her in, she was still a hunter after all. He'd lock his own door too, just to be safe.
Now he wasn't sure. He hung back by the opposite side of the stairwell. She didn't want his help, but she could certainly use it. And his patience was not sufficient to wait any longer. He wrapped an arm around her back and reached for her hand that didn't have the wall for support, he'd pull her up if he had to.
"I guess we should find you a room then." He tried not to look like his hovering about was impatience. Moving next to her chair he held out a hand with his most gentlemanly manner in case she wanted help standing and climbing up two flights of stairs.
Eventually he looked at her and saw she'd finished eating. He leaned back against the counter, casually crossing his arms across his chest. Though he couldn't be sure from this distance that she was still awake.

"I've got a proposal to make, I'll make food for you, and you can have a spare bedroom to yourself, and all the while have me under strict supervision. This means I won't leave the castle unless you're with me, or watching me from a window. That way you can be sure I'm NOT killing anyone.

In a couple days we can sneak down to the village and you can testify that I am not the problem. You will be able to get onto finding the actual killer, (and no doubt you'll succeed nourished by my excellent cooking.)

Additionally, the town will not be terrified of me any longer so I can shop there freely. You won't have my innocent death on your conscience and best of all, I won't be dead. What do you say?

Let me live?"
With Angel eating Andrew absentmindedly did the same, munching on vegietables as he looked out the window. It was going to be a beautiful night with all the lightning those storm clouds promised. He even picked up his fork and ate the rest of his meal. He'd need strength when the hunter had regained some of hers.

When he'd finished he went to the counter and washed his plate, and fork and put them away. He'd do the same with her's eventually. And then he'd be able to talk again.
Of course she didn't, that would be too easy. Nothing came easy since he's been cursed. He watched her take the apple. That was a good sign. Part of him wanted to propose a bargain, but if he made her any more angry she might not eat. He had to keep his mouth shut while she ate.

So he sat and stared at the window on the other side of the room. She was so determined to get the apple...maybe he'd had it backwards. Maybe he should be asking how someone in such a pitiful state could be so strong.
This was so wrong. How could someone so strong be in such a pitiful state. He put down his fork, he'd lost his appetite.

"Is your family nearby? Anyone I could send you to for help?" He had genuine concern on his face.
Stumbling away from the table and throwing a glare at Angel over his shoulder, Andrew went to the counter. He kept an eye on her as he worked. He made up two plates of chicken, assorted vegetables in the side, a slice of bread and butter, some very good cheese, and an apple. He set one near Angel and sat down across from her.
"I don't mind if you don't want it. I'll eat it quite happily myself. But I don't know how your going to kill me without eating anything first."
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