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The best thing about role playing is when the characters come into their own.

Music is usually the key for me getting into character. Once they have a song, I can find their hearts: Pink, black, jaded, fearful or bold. Then they can come to life, do things I wouldn't have chosen for them to do. But they are true to themselves, so they must do so. (Who am I kidding? I've spent hours daydreaming alternative scenarios. My characters would be tired of me coming up to ask "but what if you did ____ instead?" I treat rp like a choose your own adventure story and all the writers get to share in the choices.)

What's really entertaining is when the characters from different worlds start mingling in the green room of my mind.
"Seriously, you've got to stand up for yourself girl! Here, let me teach you some self defense, this always works where I'm from."
"Oh would you? According to the schedule I am not to learn anything of the sort for at least two chapters."
"No prob. Hey, can I get your cookie recipe while we're here?"

My imaginary friends are there best! (But I may be fangirling over yours!)

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Andrew heard the thud from the library down the hall. He looked in the direction of the noise but didn't move toward it. He was making a pile of books for himself about anything that might help him bear his itching or break a curse. Too bad there wasn't a book about what to do with a fierce and devastated woman like the one he now has on his hands.
Andrew pulled out and closed the door. He had no idea what to do with her, and didn't feel like being nice. He'd leave her alone then, at least he wouldn't make anything worse that way he justified himself.
When Andrew tired of waiting he went back to the kitchen and made himself breakfast. He was not feeling overly hospitable and decided he would not make her breakfast before she was up. Why bother? He went back to the hallway and listened at her door, it was quiet. He cracked it open to see if she was still asleep.
Andrew woke in a foul mood. He found an orange in the kitchen and sat in the hallway outside Angel's door waiting for her next appearance. He peeled off one large flake of orange peel after another, piling them on the narrow side table and shifting his feet. It was not a comfortable chair, that must be why it sat here in the hallway mostly for decoration, taking up space.
Andrew stretched out in bed his eyes roaming over the faint lines in the ceiling above him. What was going to happen with Angel tomorrow? His eyes grew heavy and closed in the long restless wait for dawn.
"I'll let you get some sleep. I know humans need plenty of rest." He said heading for the door again to close it behind him.

What a day it had been. He'd need rest too before facing whatever would come next.
He couldn't blame her, but he had to try something.

"When I was human..."

No telling her about spending time picknicking in the woods wouldn't help him. Sitting high on a hill overlooking a city, terrible idea. Suddenly everything he could think of was condemning.

"...well, um, I really enjoyed dancing. Usually. Some partners were not as skilled as others, some were too distracted to live up to their potential. And my mother was so pushy I could hardly stand to the side to catch my breath, and enjoy the candle light in the room sparkling off the silver threads and precious jewelry pieces. No I had to keep dancing and dancing. And now there is no one to dance with because I can not go to the great halls and hear the music echoing from the rafters. I cannot touch anyone even in the smallest most common way, and that is what I miss the most. The welcome."

He decided that was enough for now, even if it didn't do him any good with Angel. Remembering any more wouldn't help him either.
"That is perfectly reasonable. I'd be more than happy to do anything I can to alleviate your every suspicion. What can I do? Regale you with stories of my boyhood? Describe the school lessons learned in my youth? Detail the travels of my manhood, the crowded cities I've walked through, monuments seen, the finest of meals I've eaten?" He was rambling, but he was desperate to try even the smallest something to prove his pre-beast human state.
Andrew took a step back. It seemed like he'd lost some ground, like it didn't matter as much if he wasn't threatening the local village. He was a beast. That could not be denied. So he was still on her list to kill. He moved sideways a bit, discreetly getting closer to the door in case he needed to escape.

"I'd like you to know I haven't been a beast very long, if that's any reasurance. I'd very much like to be an exception to your vengeance."

He didn't bother mentioning he'd love to stop being a beast, because the likelihood of that happening seemed impossible. Besides, she'd probably just offer to kill him so he wouldn't have to be a beast any longer.
Great so what is the last thing he says before she interrupted?
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