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Greetings from a weekender!

I'm here for a little more story in my life.

Some of my favorite characters to play have been:
A researcher's spunky assistant sneaking through archeological digs.
A mermaid learning to ride dragons.
A city girl moving to nowheresville in the old West.

My imaginary friends are there best! (But I may be fangirling over yours!)

I prefer to write in threads. I'm very casual, I love the conversational back and forth moments. No smut.

I love not modern!
Current cravings include future sci-fi, steampunk (Victorian city or Western), medieval curses.

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Let's go ahead and bring in the creature.
We should probably communicate: which it is is writing the creature? lol

Oh also I'm camping next weekend so I won't be in at all then, FYI.
Beast. He wanted to correct her, but they were trying to sneak. So he stewed in angry silence.

Of course she wasn't talking to him. She probably didn't even remember his name. He'd treated her like a guest and he was nothing to her.

He was so pathetic, taking in the woman trying to kill him. Andrew turned on his heel and started walking back to his castle. He passed the dog but had not reached the dead rats before he decided his current idea was just as poor as all his other ones.

Andrew realized that if he left now, he would never know for certain if she was going to leave him alone, or if she lurked outside his castle waiting for the next chance to dispose of him.

So Andrew turned back around to follow Angel at a wide distance.
"Maybe." Andrew answered. Though it appeared to be mostly wildlife, he has to agree she might be right. "Looks like it might fit your 'creature of the forest' description. Are you at least going to talk to this... Creature?" He asked tugging at his glove nervously.
Andrew sneered at the carcasses. But then he had access to matches, perhaps this one didn't. Or perhaps this one didn't care about being as neat and tidy as he was included to be. It was too early to judge, he of all people knew better than to judge too soon.

Maybe he or she was trying to stay alive on rodents, or maybe it was shamelessly taking any life it could. They needed to find it, and stop it. If that meant another life exiled from humans, or if that meant killing it, so be it.


No, him or her.

How easily Andrew could slip into that thinking. Maybe this was what Angel had meant about staying out of her way. This overthinking had him questioning his wisdom in coming.

He followed Angel, wondering how easily she would turn her weapons against him again if this encounter didn't go the way she expected. What did she expect? What she had said all along, to kill the forest beast. What did he expect? That someone was going to die.

But he had no idea who. Himself, Angel, or the stranger they hunted.
Walking among the trees Andrew avoided tree roots and twigs for the sake of searching quietly. But he was more concerned about holding low hanging branches out of the way with his gloved hands. He could end up with a scratch, the poor tree would end up with the dead weight of kindling hanging in the end of it's branch.

Andrew was well aware of what abilities someone like him would possess. He kept an eye out for anything sadly familiar. He followed Angel, as she was the one who had talked with the villagers about the murders, she had some idea of where the attacks had been. Andrew only knew it hasn't been him.
Relief flooded over Andrew that this was actually working. He found himself smiling, really smiling. Angel was not killing him, and the real culprit was going to be found. Angel was determined, he had no doubt the murderer would be found. Not to mention the fact that angel was moving of her own volition. Even this small step seemed to be in a good direction.

"Certainly not." He promised and nodded. He stayed several steps behind her as he followed her out of the castle, closing the door behind them.
Andrew would much rather be following Angel than being chased by her. That reminded him, he walked to the counter. The towel drawer slid out silently and and he lifted the top towel to reveal the bulge underneath, her weapons. He set them gingerly on the table for her to take, no contact.

He stepped away from the table, tugging on his gloves, this had seemed like a good idea a moment ago. But now that he has done it, Andrew wasn't so sure anymore. What if she decided to kill the monster inside the castle first before hunting down yet another one? He didn't let himself think any more about it, though he was ready to run out the kitchen door into the garden if necessary.

"I will try very hard to stay behind you. Please, lead the way."
Following her lead Andrew got to his feet as well. He ignored the dishes and the food, there were much more important things to deal with than staying on top of his isolated little life.

"Darkness has not won in my life yet. If there's anything I can learn from you, it is to fight back. Between the two of us, we should be able to take out about anything. Let's go find that murderer."

He could feel himself getting excited, energy pulsing through his veins. Something he could actually get out and do. And maybe it would help Angel it off her mood to be doing something too.
Ok I think we'll go outside, will post later :)
I'm debating between two different directions both of which I like:

1. He decides to light a bunch of candles and take her to dance in the ballroom

2. He decides it's time to get out of the house (well, castle) anr hunt down the other monster

Which direction would you like to go?
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