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I'm here on weekends to put aside adulting and get a little more story in my life.

Adventure, well developed characters, stories that can take years to write, with lots of back and forth between us, that is how I role-play. I fall into the casual category when it comes to post length.

No Smut.

I also exclude frequent foul language, horrific gore, and mature romantic content.

I firmly believe that stuff is unnecessary. Let's keep the fight scenes PG-13 at worst. I write no worse than I read, my favorite books being Lord of the Rings, Pride and Prejudice, and Sherlock Holmes.

I'm always in the mood for not modern. I love steampunk, medieval curses, fantasy adventures or a nice spaceship.

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"I'm going out to the garden to see if the weeds have totally taken over yet. Come out and help me carry tomatoes?" Andrew asked Angel. As excited as he was to see the dog, Andrew was more pleased to see the smile on Angel's face.

The garden was lovely, it has been his main project all year too get food for himself without being a monster. Weeds had posed an interesting problem. He didn't want to whither them so they litered the ground, but an especially tough weed could of course be shriveled instead of being left to take nutrients from other plants. He was going to have to take care of things the normal human way now, and he couldn't wait.

And he might even walk in the grass. It might bend and leave footprints, but it would survive his footfalls. He would walk barefoot in the grass. Or lay down and look at the clouds above him and not worry about a thing for a few minutes. Yes, he was ready to be outside in the sunlight for days. He hoped Angel would join him out there at least gathering ingredients for dinner. But she could come and go as she wished, she was no prisoner. Not even really a guest, someone he hoped would choose to live here. He'd marry her if she'd have him. But one step at a time.

Andrew jaded outside, hoping she'd follow.
"Something on your mind Angel?" Andrew asked.

Then noticing the dog he crouched down on the floor and held his hand out calling to him excitedly "Bruno, here you are! Come!" He hadn't gotten to pet the poor dog properly in years, he worried the dog wouldn't come.

Bruno came to the familiar voice, tentatively smelling Andrew's hand before the tail started wagging so hard his entire back end swung from side to side. Andrew pet his back and chin and scratched behind his ears "Good dog, yes. Good Bruno." Andrew stood up with a beaming smile and the dog stuck to him like glue so glad to have his human back.
Andrew enjoyed warm water for the first time in ages. Warm water to wash with. Then he lay in his bed thinking happily that Angel was here, would be here when he woke up. He slept very well, exhausted with all that had happened recently.

Hours later, when Andrew finally woke up the sun was getting low on the sky and his stomach grumbled. Andrew put on socks and enjoyed the knowledge that it was too keep his human feet warm on cold stone, not because he had to make sure his foot didn't bump angel's under the table.

He emerged from his room whistling a tune and looking around for Angel as he made his way to the kitchen.
Andrew didn't let go of her hand until they were back at the castle and he was trying the front door, which had been left locked. They went around to the kitchen door instead. The dishes were still on the table, towels piled on the counter. Just as they had left them. Andrew turned at the door and whistled. Where was the dog? The was no response. "Hopefully he found food somewhere." Andrew mentioned quietly before coming inside and straightening up. He filled buckets with water and started a fire. When the water was hot he delivered hot water and towels to each of their bedrooms.

"Anything we can get you for your leg? I'm planning to get cleaned up and sleep in a real bed for a bit. I'll make dinner when I wake up. Call if you need anything, otherwise I'll see you later."
"Good." Andrew held his hand out to her so they could hold hands and walk back to his castle. He hoped her actions would be more definitive than her words.

Neither of them had made any plans yet. But the possibility of having Angel around was worth pursuing.
Let's figure out how to wrap this story up with a pretty bow and a "the end" and then get a new story started. What can happen to make this story feel complete for you?
Andrew reminded himself in the waiting that relationships and cooking were not strengths she has developed. Buy the disappointment still hit him harder than expected. Maybe that was a good answer from her. Buy he wished it was more positive.

"Well, thanks. I hope. I'm heading up to the castle, check on things." He took a few steps and turned around. "Angel you are brave and one of the most determined people in the entirety of the world. You saved my life, on so many occasions, and so entirely. I just want to tell you thank you. Wherever I go from here, the rest of my life, is thanks to you. And I genuinely hope that your life goes well. That you overcome every hindrance and find a way to live that helps others and you. And I hope even as you struggle that you find peace. Because- I'm so glad you're in my life, and come or go I know I'll never forget you."
Andrew found the words sticking in his throat. He cleared his throat and shoved his hands into his pockets. "Well, you're welcome to stay at the castle as long as you like. I'm not exactly sure if I'll stay around here myself. What with the villagers being unsure of me, and I miss being able to travel. I spent a lot of time abroad before.. Before I was cursed. I might go back to traveling. You could come do that too, if you wanted to, until you find something else you want to do." He swallowed again. "Do you want to be around me?"
Octavia looked up at Mr. Fischer's voice and then pulled at the mooring lines again. Maximillian Fischer are you foolhardy? Yes, of course. He is coming with me. He had just proclaimed his involvement in her crime. Unless he was successful and could talk the guard out of reporting them.

Octavia finally got the last line free. The motion of tossing and the noise of the line landing over the railing were too risky. She left it dangling.

There was a moment of indecision then as she hadn't planned for this. Announce herself and help the persuasion or go start the engines? They were flying out of here with another alli or not. Mr. Fischer better talk fast.

Octavia climbed up the ladder as quietly as she could manage and started the engine of the Orion. The balloons lifting the airship slightly from the floor and she increased the heat to raise it just a bit more.

Going to the controls she began moving the ship. It lurched before moving toward the open door. Her stomach was in a knot. She'd have to wait for Mr. Fischer, there was no going alone any farther than the doors.
Andrew caught up to walk with her. This woman who has done so much for him.

"Will you go find another monster to hunt now that this is taken care of?" He found that was easier than asking if she would be leaving soon. He didn't want her to have to leave.
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