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Greetings from a weekender!

I'm here for a little more story in my life.

Some of my favorite characters to play have been:
A researcher's spunky assistant sneaking through archeological digs.
A mermaid learning to ride dragons.
A city girl moving to nowheresville in the old West.

My imaginary friends are there best! (But I may be fangirling over yours!)

I prefer to write in threads. I'm very casual, I love the conversational back and forth moments. No smut.

I love not modern!
Current cravings include future sci-fi, steampunk (Victorian city or Western), medieval curses.

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"Oh. I must be very poor monster to be caught" he looked down at his plate and quickly added "and not killing like a monster either. So what do you normally do when not finding me?"
"That's terrible. I'm sorry for your pain."

He couldn't blame her for wanting to kill anything and everything that did that to people. She really did know exactly what kind of creature she was hunting when she had come after him. Although in his case, he wasn't giving in to killing any more people.

"How many monsters have you found like me? Don't worry, I won't take it personally, I've never met another one in the time I've been like this."
"Were you the one to find them?" He asked, the meal completely forgotten. His own experiences had seemed like a nightmare, but her's were worse.
All chewing ceased for a moment. Oh, that makes sense. The silence lingered while Andrew tried to chomp faster and swallow without choking.

"That's awful. How did you escape?"
"I'm sorry. Mine passed when I was 19, how old were you?" He admitted quietly before taking an especially large mouthful of sandwich. Maybe he shouldn't be having a conversation like this with her.
"That's nice to have something to remember them by. When did they give it to you?" He asked before taking another large bite.
Andrew leaned over to reach for the necklace but quickly straightened when their heads almost collided. Contact was the last thing they needed.

"Who are those people in your pocket?" He questioned instead.
Andrew considered her answer. At least it sounded like a real answer. She didn't seem very enthusiastic about good in general. He couldn't fathom not caring about food. But at least she was eating something now. He needed to convince her he was not a threat, before he ran out of food in the castle and had to get more.

He got up to refill his water cup. The next question he had didn't need to be asked aloud, what would Angel do now? He sat back down to finish eating.
"Sandwiches it shall be." He got out two plates, sliced bread, meat, cheese and set out a head of lettuce. He could eat a mountain of the stuff. Once all the ingredients were set out on the table Andrew announced

"It is simple, but at least it is ready." He sat down and began piling letuice leaves between slices of meat and cheese on his bread. He'd dared to sit closer to Angel. Across the table from her was just too far to reach for more letuice if he wanted it later.

"Do you have a favorite type of food Angel?" He hoped for a bit of conversation, maybe it wouldn't be 'none of his business' this time.
She wasn't pushing him to the floor? The realization that she was letting him live, at least at this moment, was like a wave of relief. With her help he got up onto his knees and from there stood up. He chuckled but it hurt too much at the moment to do more.

"Uh, thank you Angel. Do you want some lunch? I could make us something, since we're here. Sandwiches?"
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