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Current Yikes, been 2 years.
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Does anyone of you play CS:GO though??
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I've been here for 10 days; haven't done sht with life...
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Hello there.
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Getting the hang of it, you know, talking to people again.



I'm Andy! Not particularly "new" with roleplaying but I'm new with this whole guild thing; so, if you have tips or advice, please tell me.

I'm 22 and can probably do any type of wholesome roleplay with a good (not really picky) plot.

Anyway, we can be friends and we can roleplay, just hit me up. I like memes, too, so please share me your dankest memes.


W H A T R O L E P L A Y S I W O U L D L I K E L Y J O I N:

・ Crime-Mystery Themed
・ Band-Related Themed
・ Supernatural *not the TV show* Themed
・ Slice of Life
・ Coming of Age
・ High-School Themed
・ College Themed
・ Magic & Witchcraft (occult)

*I would give anything a go but these are my "specifics" as of late.
**All RP's will not contain mature content.

V I D E O G A M E S I P L A Y/E D:
・ DOTA 2
・ Heroes & Generals
・ CS: Global Offensive
・ GTA Series
・ Life is Strange
・ Last of Us
・ LA Noir
・ Red Dead Redemption
・ Sims
・ Lucius 2

M O V I E S I L I K E:
・ Blue is the Warmest Color
・ Star Wars
・ Harry Potter
・ Saw
・ Final Destination
・ The Autopsy of Jane Doe
・ Fast & Furious
・ Seth Rogen x Dave Franco Movies
・ It Follows
・ If I Stay
・ It's Kind of a Funny Story
Mean Girls
・ The Theory of Everything
・ The Fault in Our Stars
・ Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist
・ Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
・ 500 Days of Summer
・ Marvel Movies
・ Christine (2016)
・ **on the process of watching** the LOTR Trilogy

S E R I E S I L I K E:
・ iZombie
・ 2 Broke Girls
13 Reasons Why
・ Archer
・ Riverdale
・ Rick & Morty
・ Gravity Falls
・ Sherlock
・ The Big Bang Theory
・ American Horror Story
・ Family Guy
・ The Simpsons
・ How I Met Your Mother

M U S I C G E N R E S I L I K E:
・ Punk Rock
・ 90's Grunge
・ Pop Punk
・ Alternative Rock
・ Nu Metal
・ Metalcore
・ Contemporary R&B
・ 90's- 2000's Pop
・ Jrock
・ **starting to like vocaloid in all honesty**

I guess that's about everything you should know about me, and I guess that's everything you'd like to know. For the record, if anyone will ask, I like spicy food. And grilled food. Yeah, that's it. I'm talking way too much about myself.

Andromeda (Andy)
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