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Current Guess who's about to lose all their vegan friends because they bought a mounted fox scarf? Dis bihh
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@KingOfTheSkies - you fight a pack of emus and come back at me with that attitude.
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@Undead - Cookies: Cheaper Than Therapy
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Anxiety is just spicy depression.
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Bomber Man 64 just arrived in the mail today, so I'm afraid it could be a couple of days before I get any replies out. I'll still be checking my inbox and replying OOC, though.
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Impatient bump (sorry if I didn't wait long enough before bumping, I'm not sure what this site's etiquette is when it comes to bumping threads).
Late night bump, may not reply for a while if you PM me.
Angry Ariel's
1x1 Interest Check

About me:

I'm Angry Ariel and I'm here to fuck shit up escape the real world and develop my creative writing abilities.

I consider myself to be around the low advanced to advanced level, but I'm also a lazy bitch and hate feeling like I have to write an essay every time I respond. Around four paragraphs (give or take) is my comfort zone, and you can generally expect a minimum of a couple of replies a week from me.

I like my RPs dark, and my characters heavily flawed. Very few things are off limits with me (more on this later), and my characters and RPs tend to reflect that.

I prefer my main characters to be women, mostly because I'm a woman myself, but also because I feel like my male characters aren't very believable. I do try to keep my cast of supporting/secondary characters as balanced as I can, though.

I reply from my phone a lot and sometimes I accidentally tap on people's usernames instead of the message heading, so if we start a RP and you see my name always jumping to the top of your visitors list, it's because of my dumb, fat thumbs, not because I'm a creep, I swear, haha.


- I really only have one limit: DO NOT FORCE LEWD CONTENT. I'm down for some romance and understand that adult content sometimes comes with the territory, but it bothers me when it's shoehorned in for no reason, and I'm honestly uncomfortable having to write post after post of smut. There are about a billion other threads looking for that stuff, anyway.

- The above point aside, anything else that would get a movie/TV show/video game slapped with some kind of adult or mature audiences rating is fine by me.

- Obviously because of the potential for mature content, I won't RP with anyone under 18.

- All pairings are F x M unless otherwise stated.

- Ideally, a couple of replies a week would be nice, but I understand that others have a lot more going on in their lives and can't reply as often, so I'm pretty flexible about this. Just let me know what to expect before we get started.

- I'm not really looking to write massive posts every reply, but I'm not going to be happy with just a couple of sentences, either. Like I said before, my comfort zone is around four paragraphs.

- I only RP via PM. Feeling like loads of people are reading what I've written puts a damper on my creativity and discourages me from writing. I'm also not sure about the site's policy about graphic content that isn't lewd and want to play it safe.

Plots & Pairings:

Anything bold is the role I'm looking for someone to play, and anything in pink is what I'm really craving.

Don't see anything you like, but you're into dark or fantasy (or both!) RPs? Send me a PM with an idea and maybe we can come up with something!

Witch Hunter (F) x Swordsperson (M/F) [CLOSED]

Demon Slayer (F) x Demon Slayer (M) [CLOSED]

Demon Slayer (F) x Demon (M) [CLOSED]

If I've managed to capture your interest or you have any questions, send me a PM!
Why is Ariel angry?

Wouldn't you be pissed if a sea witch stole your voice?

Welcome back!

Thank you!
Hi, everyone :)

I guess I should start by saying I'm not actually new here, but this is a new account. I thought I should start fresh as it's been years since I even touched my old account, my writing style has changed considerably since then, and I'm very out of practice writing with other people.

Fantasy and horror/gore are my favourite genres to write (probably because those were the kinds of video games I grew up playing), and honestly I find it hard to step outside my comfort zone, but I'm looking to change that once I get more comfortable writing with other people again.

I tend to prefer one-on-one RPs, mostly because I find the stories move a lot faster in a one-on-one setting than they do in a group setting, but I'm not opposed to small groups (three or four people), especially if multiple storylines are involved (there are only so many characters I can keep track of lol).

If you made it this far, thanks for reading!

Looking forward to RPing with you :)
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