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Well, I have returned and will take your suggestions into practice. Stats have been removed, HOWEVER....I still remain the final say on anything I see as OP.

The RP continues, at your earliest convenience

There is also a discord:
*Waves* Have I been accepted?
So I asked the old GM of this RP and he agreed that I could reboot it, with some of my own changes. So, I bring you Solar winds 2, new and improved.

Solar Winds

A Sci-Fi Nation Roleplay



Solar Winds is a sci-fi nation roleplay set in Andaluzia, an old double ring galaxy. This roleplay will attempt to adhere to science and realism whenever possible while remaining “playable” to the nations and characters. I have devised a number of interesting mechanics that should aid in protecting the realism while not taking away from the enjoyment of the RP experience. As a GM I will not be playing a nation, instead I will be shaping the background atmosphere, controlling NPC’s and other matters outside of players control. Space is volatile, confusing, and unforgiving so expect the conditions you meet in Andaluzia to be the same.

- Be courteous, no insults, slurs, assholdry or over-edginess. I will ban you
- Communicate in the discord, I would implore you to discuss plot lines and other story devices amongst yourselves
- No god-modding, be balanced, be fun to fight, be fun to interact with. I will balance you and your nation if I feel like it is too much
- No magic, Psyonics, tech-psyonics or other fantasy. Nothing against it, I love the fantasy, just not what I was thinking about with this RP.

- Keep up with your posts

o 1.5 weeks without a post, I will give you a slight reminder
o 3.0 weeks without a post , I will move the plot/battle along
o 1.0 month without a post, your nation will be liquidated and under NPC control

- Stay based in science and realism. Im no astrophysicist and I am no expert on the science, but I would expect nation tech, weapons, travel, etc… to be somewhat plausible. I will accept scientific handwavium if it could be possible.

The Plot

The year is 239 of the 63rd millennium, space is no longer the final frontier and life flourishes amongst the stars. Thousands of Civilizations have come and gone through the galaxy of Andaluzia. Some civilizations naturally died out, failing the test of survival for their species. Others destroyed themselves, burning hot as stars for a moment before wiping themselves out.
Andaluzia has seen few exceptions to this rule, some civilizations have endured throughout the ages to permanently change Andaluzia for the better. The current inhabitants of Andaluzia have many legends for those who came before them, but one name is common amongst them all, The Kargath Republic.
The Kargath Republic started humbly, like most of the civilizations of Andaluzia. Growth was rapid and the civilization soon met other civilizations with similar goals. Some cooperated, some fought, others conspired against one another in the great game of survival. In the end however, one nation remained, the Kargath Republic. Having dominated the galaxy and not destroyed themselves in the process, the people of the Kargath Republic could grow without resistance. All manner of beings lived in harmony under the banner of the Republic. Science flourished and it seemed that utopia could be reached as the power of galaxies could finally be harnessed.
The wild tides of the universe cannot be tamed however, and doom soon came to Andaluzia. Its sister galaxy Fomonka, on a collision course for millennia, finally collided with Andaluzia. Once prosperous worlds collided with stars and other worlds. Some unfortunate worlds were flung far from the warmth of their parent stars and died out, becoming cold rogue planets. Others had their surfaces ravaged by debris as chaos gripped the galaxy. This would be the death of the Kargath Republic, their people scattered and isolated, cut off from the power and stability that they once enjoyed. Time continued however and as Andaluzia healed, so did those who inhabit it.
In the current age, Andaluzia has formed itself into a double ring galaxy. The Inner ring, is made up of old ancient stars that are the orginal inhabitants of Andaluzia. Old and powerful civilizations make up this inner core. This inner core is isolated themselves however, as a great void exists between them and the civilizations of the outer ring. The outer rings is made up of newer stars and systems, thousands of younger civilizations call this great ring home.

This is where our story begins, a tale as old as the galaxy itself. Will these civilizations fizzle out slowly, burn away in a quick blaze or fury or stand the test of time to brave the dangers of an endless universe. The choice is up to them……or is it.


I want to try something different with this RP and incorporate a number a “gameplay” mechanics that ( in my opinion) will make player interaction a little smoother.

- Maps

o I want to incorporate the use of maps for things like battles, travel, etc….
o I have found that this helps balance FTL travel and battles while providing a physical representation for progress and distance.

o This will also help keep track of campaign/exploration progress

FTL Travel limits

o FTL travel will be timed

- Short jumps between. Solar systems and within your local area do not require a cool down post. Jumps under within system are considered short

- Players can make two back-to-back FTL travel posts, but must make a short FTL drive cooldown post after two jumps.

- Character death and Nation losses

o This is a RP of nations, not necessarily characters. If you continuously put your characters in harms way, expect them to be harmed.

o Characters will die as a result of battles, assassinations, accidents, etc.

o I will be keeping track of nation losses in battles, societal attrition, etc. This is to keep army and population sizes in check as well as the progress of military campaigns.

- Nation Size

o Nations will be classified into three sizes at the start of the RP

- Large nations, most likely civilizations that barely survived the merging of galaxies or were established shortly thereafter. Large nations control between 10 and 20 systems and can field moderately sized expeditionary forces without huge societal change. Energy and food production match population growth

- Medium Nations, established sometime after the merging of galaxies. Control between 5-9 systems with the energy and food production to maintain population growth over time. Can field small expeditionary armies without huge societal change.

- Small Nations, young nations recently established. Small nations control between 1-4 systems. Can field small expeditionary raiding groups over relatively short distances.

o Nations can be split into a few different specialties:

• Balanced: Balanced energy and food production
o Pros: Unspecialized, energy and food production sustain normal population growth

• Agri-nation: More energy and food production
o Pros: Rapid population growth

o Cons: Overpopulation, pollution, low tech growth

• City State: High tech, slow populations growth
o Pros: High tech growth, high base tech, high energy

o Cons: Slow population growth, low food production

• Pirate haven: Lawless regions of space with a random assortment of tech, martial strength and societal growth
o Pros: Can have degraded high tech ships and weapons and societies

o Cons: Little to no population growth, food or energy production.

- Military Size, Strength and Composition

o Nations have the choice of being militaristic

- Militaristic nations can have up to 40% of their total population in the military

- This would be the equivalent of having every able man, woman and child over the age of 16 in the military

- Militaristic nations slowly lose any culture they had, turning more towards a martial culture ( Think: The Imperium of Man)

- Militaristic nations suffer stagnation in tech growth, food and energy production.

- Population, Tech and production growth can only occur by conquest

- Creating your nation

o Players can make three choices in Andaluiza:

- There are slots for 5 large nations

• Large Nations must reside in the inner ring

- There are unlimited slots for small and medium nations

• Small and medium nations start within the outer ring

- Small and medium nations start with no knowledge of other nations, unless planned beforehand by those players

- Large nations have established diplomatic ties with one another, but no knowledge of smaller civilizations

Is the GM around?
Hey it has been a bit!

The link for the discord is not functioning, for me at least

NS for scrutiny

Kudra Cartel

Karl snored loudly in the pilots seat of a converted interplanetary shuttle, slumped forward over the control panel. A steadily growing pool of drool had formed under his face that had started to waterfall onto the floor of the stripped interior.
The cartel mechanics turned what was a luxury shuttle into the perfect raiding and boarding vehicle. Quad thrust vectoring engines made it both fast and agile and the interior had been gutted, removing everything that wasn’t needed for survival. Unnecessary bulkheads were removed, luxury seating , air-conditioning units and even the majority of the bathroom was removed. This reduced the interior of the shuttle into little more than a grey metal box and made long space trips agonizing. This makes one ask, why would anyone want to spend up to a week inside one of these cold boxes from hell? You give them no choice.
Karl was born quite literally on the floor of some slum on the planet Yikba, the home of the Kudra cartel. To say that he grew up in poverty would be an gross understatement, food was scarce, water was near nonexistent, hygiene was absolutely absent. The only way to survive was to steal, threaten or murder and Karl became very proficient in all of it. It didn’t take long for the cartel to notice his skill and he quickly rose through the ranks to become a sicario himself. In the hierarchy of the cartel however, a sicario is still pretty close to the bottom of the barrel. For him it was either follow orders or be killed and for some reason unknown to everyone but him, he wanted to preserve his miserable life. Karl showed promise however, as much promise as a up and coming sicario can show. He ran his own team that specialized in high jacking transports and freighters bound for systems outside cartel controlled space.

The constant beeping of the vessels radar warning receiver slowly jostled the man from his slumber, prompting him with an message.

-Incoming vessel, 0.90 AU, bearing 330, 25 degrees-

This was accompanied by a small red square slowly creeping its way along the black vastness of the vacuum. Wiping the drool from his face, he lazily reached into his shirt pocket a produced an expertly rolled joint. Surprisingly, marijuana has proven to be a very resilient plant, able to grow in a growing multitude of biomes and conditions. Luckily for Karl it was his drug of choice, he didn’t go anywhere without it.
Retrieving a lighter from the same pocket, he quickly lit the joint and spun his head to the back of the chamber he was in “ Guys…..wake up, we have a ship comin!” he yelled before returning the lighter to his pocket. Inhaling deeply, he tapped a few buttons on the stripped down control panel and the interior came to life. Interior lights flickered on, revealing another three men sprawled out on what seating was left inside the vessel.

“ Whos watch is it, I know its not mine” one man exclaimed groggily, pulling his hat over his face.

Karl, exhaled a large cloud of smoke and spun his heard around again “ I said get the fuck up, theres a ship comin” he spat again, in a slightly annoyed tone, “ Get your shit on, I think were gonna jump on this one”.

“ What is it?” another voice said in an alien language

“ Frieghter, at least a C class” Karl exclaimed, looking over the radar cross section reading. According the cartel, all vessels are ranked from C to S based on their size and possible armament, C being the lowest and smallest of those. This simplified classifying ships to appoint that even drugged out and uneducated people can decide whether a ship was worth hitting or not.
The three men in the back began getting dressed, pulling on pressurized space suits crudely upgraded with armor plates and other machinery. This was a far cry from the combat space suits employed by some nations but it made the wearer feel at least a little more safe. As this was happening Karl brought the rest of the ship to life and started the engines, plotting an intercept course with the lone freighter. For security, Karl ran another radar sweep of the area, looking for other vessel that could be in range. Of course, any ship with any sort of radar masking tech would easily escape this sweep but it made him feel safe knowing that they were out here completely alone.

“ We’re all ready back here Karl, the lone xenos in the group said calmly as Karl got up to pull his own suit on before coming before coming back to the control panel.

All four men watched the heads up display as the freighter crept closer and closer before it dominated the viewscreen. Karl tapped another series of commands into the panel and opened up a short wave radio transmission channel between the two ships.

“ Freighter Captain, cut your engines and stay at current bearing. Failure to comply will result in harm or death” Karl said before sitting back and waiting, pointing towards the large sliding door towards the side of their vessel.

“ Magnetize yourself, im cutting the grav” another man said behind him before a series of thuds could be heard as boots were magnetically attracted to the floor.

“ I say again, freighter captain….cut engines and proceed on current bearing” Karl said again, sighing as he still did not receive an answer. “ Fuck, looks like this guy wants to do it the hard way”.

“You”, Karl said pointing at one of the men in the group “ Keep us next to this crate” he said as the man got up and pulled on a helmet. He floated his way over to the large sliding door where the rest of his team was waiting and nodded his head, keying the radio imbedded in his helmet.

“ You ready?” Karl said, receiving a few nods for answers before pulling the door control lever. A hissing sound could be heard as the oxygen inside the vessel vented before the door abruptly slid back, reveling the port side of the freighter. Just as the door opened, the three men jumped out accompanied by tools and cutting saws and torches.
Smacking the side of the vessel with a thud, they slowly climbed their way to the top of the freighter before locating an access hatch. The hatch was standard for most freighters, a wheel latch controlled the locking of the door while a simple terminal sat just next to the door for remote access, this was their way in. Karl pulled a crude looking machine from a pouch on his chest and slowly extended a wire from it, looking for a place to plug it in. He quickly found one and pressed another series of commands in before the machine began vibrating as it worked, escalating into it violently shaking just before the door handle.

“We’re in” he said over the radio before another man pulled the door up and they all slipped in.

As they closed and locked the hatch behind them it became eerily quiet, the pilot most definitely knew they were inside but they heard nothing. Usually when they had to break in, people would be scurrying about, or at the entrance begging them for mercy. As they waited for the airlock to pressurize they checked their weapons, nothing more than small pistols and knives. It was clear to the boarders that something wasn’t right and as the airlock slid open they moved with caution down the corridor.

It wasn’t uncommon to have only one live person on a freighter, most were automated beyond the pilot. Usually the bigger freighters had more crew but this was normal for a vessel of this size. The silence was eerie however, usually the pilot would be running around hiding or begging for is miserable life. To hear absolutely nothing was odd and might of spooked all but the most drug afflicted, but not Karl.

“ Maybe he had a heart attack?” one member of the group quipped with a laugh

The thought of finding the pilot slumped over the command console clutching his chest made Karl, chuckle as they lazily rounded the corners leading up to the bridge before finally coming to the closed bridge door.

“ You might be right” Karl said “ The door hasn’t moved since we got here” he finished pointing towards the alien member of their group and nodding his head towards the door.

The alien group member calmly walked up to the door and pressed the open command button, making the door shudder slightly before opening just a fraction.

“ Shit….” the alien said quietly as he moved to physically pry the door open “ Maybe, he fell against th--------” the xenos sicario got out before a deafening explosion was heard.

Bone, brain matter and blood sprayed the two other stunned men as the alien took a staggered step back before slumping against the half open door in front of him, clearly missing the majority of his head.

“ Fuck you pirates, you picked the wrong ship to rob!!” a voice yelled from inside the bridge, before two more shots rang out, the kinetic rounds slapping the wall behind them.

Karl fell backwards stunned after the first shot, looking wide eyed at what used to be his alien crewmember, unable to move due to shock. The other human crew member jumped into action, seemingly taking the shock of sudden violence better than most. The human sicario quickly stuck his head and arm into the door way and let off a few shots before the pilot shot back, clearly striking the other sicario in the upper chest, sending him reeling.

As Karl’s hearing returned he quickly picked up on two noises, the screaming of his injured crewmember and the loud grunting of the pilot. ‘Was he injured too?” Karl thought, jumping to his feet and peeking into the doorway skittishly. Although valiant, the pilot was not a trained combatant and was currently dealing with a malfunction of hit weapon, loud slapping could be heard the pilot tried to fix the afflicted weapon.
Sensing this was his chance, Karl stepped into the doorway and leveled his pistol at the pilot who quickly dropped his weapon and threw his hands up.

“ Look, im sorry about your friends, you guys scared me. You’d do the same thing in my position” The pilot said shakily, clearing trying to beg for his life after the fact.

“ They are not my friends” Karl said flatly “ But you made on hell ova mess, one that im gonna have to clean up. All you needed to do was be compliant” he finished with a sigh before shooting the pilot twice in the stomach.

The pilot dropped to the floor and began screaming, frantically reaching for the jammed weapon on the floor. Karl took another few steps closer and kicked the weapon farther away from the man before shooting him twice again, killing the pilot outright.
Karl let out another loud sigh as he looked back at the shitshow in the hallway, blood had begun to pool under the alien sicario and mixed with the blood of the human, still screaming from his wound. ‘ This is going to take ages to clean’ he thought before kneeling down to dig through the pockets of the dead pilot, retrieving his ID and transport license.

“ Karl!....I need help, im bleeding out….” The human sicario screamed, trying to contain a gushing chest wound.

“ Yea, give me a sec, just gonna have to make copies of this ID so we can get into Federation space” Karl answered dismissively as he walked out of the door and over his two , soon to be former” teammates.

“ You cant leave me here, you fucking bastard…help me!!” the human screamed again, trying to reach out for Karl as he walked past.

“ Well, maybe y’all shouldn’t of gotten shot then hmmm” Karl answered with a chuckle as he shook his head “ Play stupid games, you get stupid prizes, dumbass” he finished before walking around the corner and out of site.

Karl grabbed the radio from his pocket and brought it to his mouth “ Hey, dock the shuttle at bay 2 and start unloading that shit, also call the boss and tell him we need a copy and clean up crew.” He said calmly

“ Why….” The remaining human sicario said over the radio, sounding quite taken aback by what was supposed to be an easy job.

“ Timbap and Geoff are dead….and so is the pilot” Karl answered flatly before turning off the radio and walking back to the bridge.

The errie silence of the ship returned as he stuffed the radio back in his pocket and rounded the corner to find both sicarios dead and laying in a pool of their own blood. As Karl stepped over them again and made his way into the bridge, he eyed the pilot who was in a similar state.

“ What a mess” Karl quipped before walking up to the command console and keying in the docking procedure, opening up the bay for their shuttle. It would be a couple hours before the clean up crew got to them, so they had time to decompress.

With a deep sigh, Karl retrieved another joint from his pocket and brought it to his mouth. Waiting for the consoles successful docking message before lighting it and taking a huge drag.

“ What a fucking mess….” Karl said again as he exhaled, spreading a large cloud of smoke around the bridge.

Here is my NS for scrutiny.

Here is my NS for scrutiny.
This still accepting?

and would it be breaking lore to have a narco state own one of the fringe systems?
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