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Pied Piper(Caster)

On the way to the explosion.

A King without a home.

Caster fled.

His escape was more of a humiliating defeat than a glorious victory, to be honest. The Ratcatcher turns around and saw the massive bright light that engulfs his very kingdom. He gritted his teeth and tightly clenches his fist in sheer anger.

He hasn't felt this so much rage and pure hatred that he's feeling right now ever since he was ousted by the king and his own people back at Hemilin. He has to get his revenge. The Ratcatcher of Hemilin is very petty when it comes to this kind of things, It practically said in his legend. He has to find a way, somehow.

Caster was halfway across the map when he notices the explosion not far from the academy. it's somewhere in the forest area, where he heard the large blast. He paused midair and contemplated. Having second thoughts on what he's about to do, he shakes his head and decided to investigate that strange occurrence.

The agile Bard and his giant rats did a 180 and check the explosion out, to see if he can find any leverage in this dire times, I'm sure his master, Enzo will understand.

"Hang in there, Master I just need to run a little errand.."

All of a sudden, with a single touch of the sleepy psychic pokemon, Emir and his Totodile was teleported out of the town and into a random area. A place where a cursed tree, a pokemon ranger and a girl was talking to each other.

Just like that, Emir appears out of thin air like magic...


"Abra, what did you do!?" the clueless child clutches his head, clearly distress about the sudden change of the scenery, separated from his hometown and his parents.

"Oh hello everyone.." Emir said the moment he notices there are people in here and awkwardly waves at them.

"Oooh, a Trevenant.. hello Mr. tree" he smiled.

@Dealdric@Anza@Mike the Bloodwolf

Pied Piper(Caster)


The King of Pestilence

"Tch.." Caster winced at the outcome, curling his brows with the mixture of disdain, fear, and confusion on his face. The divine minion stares at him directly in the eye as a sign of defiance after that insignificant barrage of attack, continuing to advance forward despite being weakened.

No doubt they meant business in dealing with the likes of the Ratcatcher, A 'villain' such has himself has no place in their 'ideal' world.

His lips shaken, cold sweat appears on his pores and yet the Ratcatcher can't help but to burst out a crooked grin on his lips and somehow have the gall to find something funny in this tense situation on what the enemy of humanity just said to one of his grudges.

"...I am sorry, but don't worry. You'll all be brought back to life, after this is done."

"kuha..kuhahaha...My apologies for bursting out, but did I hear that correctly? Bring all of the lost souls back to life, you say? surely you Jest. kuhahahaha.." Piper smirks and clutches his face like he's losing it. is he having a breakdown?

"I've never heard such absurd lip service in my entire life ever since the time when that foolish king didn't compensate me for my services." He grinned, a mere mortal, dare to the mock the gods despite being on death's door.

"Tch, the one thing I hate more than a self-righteous savior, is a hypocrite liar who makes false promises they can't keep, I have no patience nor the luxury dealing with such things....

"from my point of view, the ones you serve are evil!"
his demeanor change, gritting his teeth seething with anger. Piper raises his arm for another assault of his magical cannons. Before he can do that..

He heard something...

A familiar voice.. No, a command

An absolute control his master, Piper has no choice but to respond at Enzo..

Now Caster has to find a way to do so..

His mannerism immediately change, The arrogant bard was silent as a crypt.

with a single action and given that Piper has a sufficient AGI to react compare to other casters and even par with the other knight servants, multiple rifts appear from out of nowhere as Caster's body starts to levitates and raises his hand, collecting all the resources he has lost and summons forth his phantasm.


Prepare for the forth-coming of the black plague only a caster can call upon! LOOK UPON MY DISEASE-- AND DESPAIR!

This is the Rat King's resolve... more RATS. more RATS.. more RATS!!

Caster's omnidirectional black magical rifts surround the academy in all direction, cornering all of the intruders in a magical portal that leads to nowhere and pours out the infectious beings like there's no tomorrow.

Up, down, left, right, it doesn't matter. The magical rats scattered from Piper's portals as they flow endlessly. Even if they are severed, the disease they carry has a devastating long-lasting effect if they stay here for too long.

The academy just became a reenactment of the tragedy that falls on the town of Hemilin, contaminated by ravenous pest everywhere. Even the ground these Lycaues walk-on has been overtaken by Piper's plague carriers. You can't even hear a needle drop from the absurd amount of rats in this place.

Damnation to this place. Damnation i say! Piper's anti-army phantasm has taken over the school by force!

As the infestation and plague take place below, Caster takes the opportunity and leaps even higher, propelling himself, almost soaring into the sky as a mean of his escape, as his three kaiju rats did the same, tether to their master.

The laws of Gravity doesn't really apply to servants in a way as Caster takes flight or rather a massive leap to the next town, hoping these guys won't give chase if they manage to escape the infestation.

Given that this ploy was boosted with a command seal, any aerial chase or combat won't happen likely.

The notorious Ratcatcher of Hamelin has to return back and live to fight another day.


@Paradox Witch@Seirei No Hai

Riyu Formel

Native District>>> DDD Hotsprings

@DDD peeps/@ReallyDumb


Stealth was only the thief girl's option to hide against the foreign invaders

Empowered by the Horseman's shamanism as his parting gift to the thief girl during their last encounter, Riyu travels through the lands with her rogue's cloak now upgraded to the invisible cloak around her. Avoiding any threats along the way, like the sneaky thief that she is.She makes it through the DDD hot springs and gave the guarding penguin a gentle pat on the head while still hidden from the world.

Was there a light draft that just entered the domain? can't say if these penguins notices the thief's presence. The thief enters the place and gasped a sigh of relief that she made it out alive. She remains hidden with her otherworldly cloak and Eavesdropping on what the other masters are planning in this dire times.

Pied Piper(Caster)


The Ratcatcher's playground.

The grudge of the cripple,

The grudge of the blind,

The grudge of the deaf,

These were the poor souls of the lost children who were the last to pick up the allure of the rat catcher, yet forever cursed and shackled to serve the Rat king for all eternity.

They are special in a way that Piper preserved them in an occasion such as this. Each grudge has a special trait to compensate for their disabilities.

Who would have thought that these monstrous beings would be fighting alongside humanity rather than the way they designed to spread sickness and the plague amongst mankind. The level of Irony can't even describe their existence right now.

And yet here they are, summoned as Piper's guardians. These 3 children are the main core to Piper's monstrous creation yet to unleash in humanity's last stand. Three unique grudges stuff inside his familiar rats becoming the embodiment of the great plague itself. The harbingers of pestilence as Piper would describe them.

With the help of Ludwig's steroid juice and the rat kings sick ingenuity, these three kaiju like rats manifest out of thin air, The academy was overshadowed by these three rat figures takes shape.

The enemy has been spotted approaching his base, should Piper fight or flee?

If Caster flees now, he'll lose the advantage of the higher ground and god knows what unspeakable horrors this miniature beast would do if he let them seize this station.

Time to play a game of chance.

Come forth and take refuge, my children...
God has abandoned you..
with my music, I shall guide you to salvation..
into the world that no one knows...

"False Paradise"

A noxious fog instantly creeps in area with every step the hostile Lyaeus makes. The fog gets denser.

"I dunno if I should be scared or downright offended, sending only four to challenge me? I know this isn't Troy or that Mystical forest of that caliber, But this is the place where all hope dies, and the 130 grudges reside, screaming vengeance in one voice, let me.. no us show you why you should never mess with the Piper!" Piper proclaimed standing on top of the school building, with three kaiju size rats, surrounding him on each side as his line of defense.

A brazen bravado from Piper despite not knowing the enemy.

Right now, The mystical Bard is playing a dangerous game of chess with his pieces in place..

Will the king of this castle triumph and get rid of these pawns? or will these hostile Lyaeus victimized and overthrow the King of Rats?

We shall see..

Responding to the 4 Lyaeus:

Not knowing the enemy's skill, Piper has to rely on guerrilla tactics.

His barrier type noble phantasm was set for the kill below the school grounds, A magical thick fog engulfs around the field before they even breach the main building.

The rabid eyes of Piper's hivemind rats glow with lust on each corner of the foggy terrain, scurrying all lightfooted and mobilize under the cover of their master's hazy nest, making a pincer move on their unexpected prey.

His plan: break their formation before they even reach the gates and pick them off one by one like in a horror pic.

Isolation, Disarray and Confusion. And if lucky, capture one them for interrogation, that is if Piper made it that far and you know not die.

This place is much bigger inside than it looks, Piper's lair is built like an endless maze filled with the fumes of death and decay of the black plague looms everywhere, Debuffing them if it meets a certain condition. A single breath you intake in here could be your last. Do these guy even breath?

In any case, The hymn of a flute echoes from out of nowhere, the Charisma of the RatKing falls on every ear on each rat, boosting their morale to take on foes bigger than them, this was their stand...

And well if a foreign being hears his allure, A mental interference will occur, they'll go loco and abandoned their grasp to sanity.

As soon as the Piper starts playing, the terrain responded and takes shape, dividing most of them in different location of his maze-like noble phantasm, given that It's impossible to see with all of these fumes.

"Sick em'" a command was heard.

A tentacle like rat-tail sprouts beneath their feets and instantly binds one of them, pinning it to the ground by force.. one of which is drag into the shadows where his horde of steroid out rats should feast on its mana.

All of the sudden, The sound of multiple mortars cannons booms thunderously into the sky, targeting the pinned down enemies, adding confusion to the already poisonous environment beneath the academy. The grudges release from Piper's cannons run wild on one of them, circling around one of the lyaeus in a vacuum of spirits, enfeebling their capabilities and infect them with sickening alignments that could even spell death.

Piper stands tall and looks down as he snipes them from the top of the building, signaling a halt gesture as soon as the smoke clears, not committing all of his resources to an enemy he doesn't know, as if he's testing the waters on what kind of these things are. Well, if manages to kill one of them in his barrage of grudges, He will have some info on what is or not effective against these beast.

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