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Riyu Formel

Somewhere in the Native District, Mentally communicating with Jack

The Spoils of War. Thieves = 1, Do-gooders = 0.

"Wow, Jack I saw the whole thing! you look like an actual Saber with that stolen fancy sword you got there!~ fufufu" Riyu said and snickered, playfully teasing her fugitive-like servant about his infamous accomplishment.

"Kidding! I'm so proud you, meet me in the native part of town for our new hideout to celebrate...Plans change, you see I was planning to evacuate the city and head for the eastern part of the city and to my surprise, the entire bridge connecting to the other side was not there! can you believe that? tch.. lousy time for a renovation for a disaster like this.." you can sense the thief girl's irritation through her rantings like a whiny teenage girl.

"Anyhow that's not all, I have a little run-in with some weird insects and suffer some minor bug bite. I think I'm getting rusty with this whole thief biz to not be able to dodge something so simple as that.." The pink-haired girl sighed, feeling ashamed in her tone for not doing a slick getaway, unlike her servant who somehow manages to overcome the odds.

"but don't you worry, tis..but a scratch! its getting patch up as we speak and hopefully get back to the race again anytime soon" Riyu said, reverting to her bubbly self.

"Anyways, you know where to find me, see yaa ~ ciao" with that, Riyu's mental link has disconnected from her servant as if she's hanging up the phone and patiently waits for her servant to return to her side. Hopefully, that 'Mystical item' she's after isn't destroyed in that horrific fire incident, But that would have to wait for another day, I'm sure both of them are exhausted from this eventful day.

Pied Piper

Academy, Night Time

The Bard of Famine and Pestilence

After the long road trip that he and his master Enzo have, they finally reach their destination. It was an unusual experience for Piper to ride his master's car, especially with the cramped spacing he shared with his master's henchmen, not only that but The rat king is concerned about his master's driving on his expensive wagon. He continues to flaunt his wealth on the poor folks while almost not keeping his eyes on the road as he goes. It was both a terrifying and fun experience for Caster while they are traveling.

It was nighttime, The stage is set for the mystical Bard to play his alluring hymn. It's time to get busy. Domination and Famine; The two essence of Piper's goal towards the city of Japan.

[Collector C]
His network of commando rats are quick, his rats are nimble, his rats steal from farms to cities, ransacking their produce of Japan in the nearby lands. Mostly the Western farms and the native district.

In about a half a week, The city would realize that the food supply has been scarce and drastically decreasing ever since the fire incident began. If the cursed fire won't kill the half population of Japan, the aftermath of scarce of necessity and lack of food will and Enzo and his henchman will be fed bountifully from what Caster reap from the nearby lands.

[Symphony of the Rat King]
The bard in the colorful clothing's jovial concert isn't done yet, He kicks it up a notch like a rockstar, doing a killer flute solo and starts playing rapidly on his pipe, Dropping his latest single on the school's confine to feast into their uncultured ears to hear.

The sound of his mystical flute echoes through the academy as well, the overworked teachers heard it in their offices and suddenly have the urge to follow orders from Piper's charm spell.

As of now, the stragglers, students who are working hard their thesis just to get a passing grade from their merciless prof and the people within the confines of the academy in these late hours are now under Piper's control. Think of it as the school is under new management and A man dress in colorful robe is now the new principal of this academy.

Come forth and take refuge, my children...
God has abandoned you..
with my music, I shall guide you to salvation..
into the world that no one knows...

"False Paradise"

The rat king continues to play his flute to establish his noble phantasm, securing the area, erecting a reality marble, adding some fortification on his new territory. His new other world is better and much more secure than his previous one, The flow of ley lines in this land is just too sweet and juicy that Piper is able to cultivate this piece of land to its optimal potential. It was also hidden from the world has extra perks to it.

Piper decided to take a brief coffee break from pimping his workshop as his lips depart from his flute and check on the reports on his network of familiars that he highjacked across the western part of the city, His exclusive private V.I.P. 4k channels if you will. (this is the scope of Piper's network on the eastern side)

Let's see what's good on the Shinto channel:

Troilus lair: Huh? just as expected from a mundane town. Nothing. It seems that his master and her cute kid is not there either, strange...Next..

The Pub channel: Yikes.. Looks like someone's piss and has too much to drink. Piper winced at the muffled angry noises coming from inside the Pub, he didn't bother to check any further.. Next..

The Church base channel: No activities so far, everything seems guarded, Next..

The Foreign district: I see the servant Battle Royale is still going on and the cursed flames haven't been resolved yet, hmmm.. Next..

Piper can't help but to yawn and continues to turn the page on his grimoire once more until he notices something that piques his interest. That's strange, my pets are restless and sensing an influx of magical energy has arrived on our former base. Are they hidden from detection? a basic bounded field must be obscuring my view. No matter, my pets are highly trained for these type of circumstances. Enhance and bring me closer..

Hmmm.. interesting

"Master Enzo, it seems we have tenants in our former base, refugees from the sea i believe, one appears to be a mage @Paradox Witch and the other seems to be a navy girl of some sorts @MrCellophane .. do you want to flush them out with my plague bomb we installed there? Here's the detonator to that place if you ever decide what happens to these to these unknown inhabitors" Piper said, handing a remote, entirely made of pieces of rat parts

@Seirei No Hai
Riyu Formel

Commerce District

A City on Fire

"Everyone out! there's a huge fire in the neighboring city! everyone run!" A terrified Japanese man was sweating bullets and bust inside the gambling establishment, kicking the door with such force. His face was filled with shock and horror, warning the people inside about the impending danger outside. As expected, as soon they heard the news, the people inside start panicking, leaving their belongings behind and high tailing to the nearest exit. This was definitely not a drill.

"Game over missy, there a fire in the next city! I suggest you run if you want to value your life." The dealer quickly packs his equipment and started running as well, leaving the pink-haired behind.

"Wait..wait! what about my winnings!" Riyu pouted, crossing her arms in protest not receiving her gambling prizes. She sighed at the sight of everyone running. I guess it can't be help, such a turn of an unfortunate event this was.

"I guess that's it then and Jack left me as well, Musta found the servant he was talking about earlier..." Riyu sighed once more and collected her thoughts despite the chaos inside the establishment and soon follow the wave of the crowd. Her slim petite body lets her scoots over the bunch of people for an easy escape outside. Okay, now to find a safe place to hide. She thought to herself releasing a sigh of relief.

Hey Jack, did you find a servant? I sure hope you know what you're doing you fool, I will be right here if you require some aid. She mentally links him and clutches the command seal on the back of her hand while sprinting. She was sincerely concerned about her servant's welfare despite her servant is a well- known scoundrel from his tale. but hey, Thieves gotta look one other right?


An Unexpected Encounter

Riyu continues to follow the flow of the local folks to safety, until.... the thief girl notices something, she halted for a second as soon as she saw the pair of regal looking girls that caught her attention. Something isn't right.

Riyu's eyes briefly glisten, using her mystic eyes to scan the two questionable girls, finding an odd and surprising discovery. They have no data from her readings, how is that even possible? She was a bit dumbfounded by what she is looking right now.

"That was a dirty move last night. Is this more of your handiwork?" The two girls spoke in unison, it was creepy and it was something straight out of a horror movie.

"Dirty move? I think you two ladies mistook me for someone else, I don't swing both ways, if you catch my drift" She chuckled. "and besides, I barely know you people and in case you haven't noticed there's a huge fire in the next city, so if you want to burn to a crisp I suggest you ru... " Riyu sarcastic tone was cut short as the two girls disassemble themselves and turn into a swarm of killer bladed wing insects. Killer bladed insects.

Riyu got her answer why the two don't have a reading from her mystic eyes, the facade of the two humans was gone and was now gunning for her in the form of angry winged bugs. This can't be good and there's too many of them.

*Crack* the sound of multiple bones snaps in her mind. Riyu uses her reinforce magic to fortify her arms and limbs. She nimbly dodges some of the attacks and swatted some, defending herself and holding her ground. Her strikes connects hard, disrupting their circuits as some of the insects went offline, dropping into the ground like dead fly that they are. But there's too many of them, its impossible to elude their attack at this rate, One of which manages to get a prick of Riyu's arm. needless to say, It stings, a lot, a whole lot. a gush of blood squirted out of her arm.

Shit Riyu muttered under her breath and realizes this is a senseless fight. She pulls out a smoke dust to make her tactical escape. As soon as the smokescreen is set up, The thief girl puts on her cloak on and makes her escape from the killer bugs under the cover of smoke. Reinforcing her legs for sprinting away.

Riyu blends into the crowd after that little skirmish, struggling to reach and put her healing glove on to magically treat the wound those blasted insect has inflicted. She was injured and continues to lie low and camouflage herself in the cover the Japanese crowd, knowing that she is hunted by a master who controls familiar bugs and seems that has a grudge for her for reasons unknown. Must keep moving.


Riyu Formel

Commerce District

Playing a Dangerous Game

Another day, another hustle for the thief girl and her shawl-wearing saber. Being a foreigner is tough in an unfamiliar land, especially without any sufficient money to start with. With that being said, being financially stable in Japan is her number one priority at the moment. Luckily, Riyu has ways to cop out money due to her wits and street smarts, being an infamous thief helps too, but that would attract some unwanted attention to commit a crime at this town, so she goes to the next best thing she's good at: Hustling suckers for their hard earn cash.

Riyu decided to spend half of her day gambling, participating in a Japanese die-game with a bunch of grown man at the market's open corner, a place where a bunch of people comes in to gamble legally(sort of). Some of which seems to be affiliated with the Yakuza based on the people hanging there with their rugged tough guy looks and concealed weapons. This is a definitely the type of place your mother warned you about.

This surely is a dangerous game the thief girl is playing with, but Riyu's greed got the best of her and continues to proceed nevertheless. Besides she has a servant by her side posing as her own bodyguard, if anything goes wrong she can always count on Jack to come to her aid. probably?

"So this is Japanese gambling, ya? mind if I join in and experience your culture" Riyu said with a fake accent, showing some of her stolen goods to buy herself a spot at the table. The tattooed men remained their grumpy facade at the newcomer and tilt their head, inviting her for the game.Riyu sat down and started to play with these dangerous men.

With her naive looks and gender. They are bound to look down on her and see her nothing more as bait for the sharks. On the contrary, Riyu is far from that, this isn't the first time she pulls this type of deceitful stunt and she has one utility to give her a great advantage against these type of gamble: Her mystic eyes.

The die was cast inside the cup as Riyu's eyes follow it and briefly glisten in a yellowish color. Her special eyes lets look upon the outcome as if there's no hindrance to her vision on what's inside the cup, A X-ray vision to say the least. With the right acting and betting on the correct odds, Riyu is bound to win every single time the dices rolls.

"Heh, what can I say, beginner's luck I supposed." Riyu shrugs, keeping her innocent act together and scoops up her earnings, briefly winking at Jack at her corner as she continues to play more, pushing how far she could go to keep this charade, playing with house money and remains to increase her earnings. The men around her frowned as Riyu continues to keep her momentum going.

This is getting suspicious for the thief girl as some of the people there begin to mumble about her. Cheating is frowned upon the Yakuza, but does it really matter? as long as she doesn't get caught, Riyu is reaping the benefits from her mystic eyes and Her servant is there to protect her if things turned ugly.

"This is fun, maybe I should quit while I'm ahead. What do you think Jack? should I continue until we hustle these suckers down until they are broke?" She smirks and mentally asks Jack who is right there at her corner.


Pied Piper(Caster)

Shinto Town, Harbor Port

A New Infestation

The sun is up and the rats on the port violently hiss at the first sight of sunrise and began to scurry and hide into the dark corners of the port where the sunlight won't reach them. Apparently, they don't like the sunlight like most creatures does probably because of their nocturnal nature.

A man in colorful robe approaches the young mafia boy with a tea at hand, casually dipping its sack as Piper takes a sip with his pinky up and glances at the preparation his master made for his henchmen.

"What a tactical mind you have, Master Enzo" Piper said, starting off with a flattery. "A splendid idea, holding this port as a captive and a decoy at the same time. I think a portion of my rats is enough to able to generate a mild plague around this radius to entertain some boorish unwanted guest."
The bard said taking a sip once more. "Hmm, perhaps i should make a detonator just in case" He pondered.

"As for the new territory, it's in the works, its somewhere on the western side of the city, classes are still going so I won't be able to get things done at this time of day. But rest assure my rats are securing the area as we speak. I'll give you the layout of where it is" He said.

"Your plans in dominating this old-fashion city is in motion, I've taken extra precaution in dealing with wandering eyes as well, we'll move at the cover of darkness, where my rats are most active.." The Rat king said with a playful smile on his lips.

@Seirei No Hai
Here's the draft I created, I just got to tweak on the history quite a bit and flesh out some other details

wow there's an old anime name i haven't heard in quite a while, welp i'm interested.
Pied Piper

Shinto Town, Harbor Port

"Don't fret master, as long as you're safe, I say nothing of value was lost, I am willing to sacrifice my rats or myself for the greater cause of your success." Piper said with the utmost sincerity and humility once he saw Enzo and his goons approach him.

"I doubt that there are masters around here, those two servants come here alone, seeing how unhinged and powerful they are. As you can see, not all servants are created equal, and my performance tonight is my worst one yet. and for that, I apologize." Piper said and puts his hat on his chest.

"I did get some info from our short exchange. As for berserker's case, her ability to cast madness enhancement on my rats is an incredible feat and was totally unexpected, overlapping even my own charm spell. That Oni is a real mana-guzzler and I do believe only a capable high-rank mage is able to sustain her like that. One of the participants somewhere fits that category." Piper deducted from his encounter.

"I have no information regarding lancer's master or what lancer true identity, and I do believe neither does he or she about us. so it's a stalemate, but I'm sure we won't be seeing the last of him" He finished his report to Enzo, just letting the mafia boy know what his up against.

"My apologies for your man to see this gruesome sight, but to be blunt, it only gets messier from here." Piper sighed.

"We could stay a few days or so, just to wait to armed you man with the shipment of your guns," Piper said to his master. "And don't worry about the locals nor your identity of you or your men, consider their memory erased," the bard said with a playful smile.

"Yes, I do believe the offense is necessary, and we should target the masters instead of engaging in a grandiose senseless fight with other servants which i for one am lacking" He snorted, looking over the city across the bridge. "Let me scout the city first for a suitable location if that is what you desire. I was thinking of a school or something equivalent to that.."

@Seirei No Hai
Pied Piper

Shinto Town, Harbor Port

Inside Piper's False Paradise.

Piper frowned as soon as the child servants left his domain. Such troublesome kids. Hopefully, He can reinstate his field in its former glory. His information erasure is still in effect so anyone who pries with his encounter with lancer and berserker would be completely oblivious from their bout.

Little information was gain from this little skirmished, A questionable child lancer whose innocent Piper would love to break and A drunken Oni who is way out of his league in terms of everything, hopefully, that pride of hers will be her downfall. Obviously, their master sent them to hunt other servants seeing their power level, a calculated gamble which pays off quite well if successful.

Piper sighed once more and didn't dwindle with his shortcoming and address the chaotic situation about what the demon left for him to clean up.

He paced towards the moshpit of carnivorous rats and stands before them, Unfazed by their action. He grinded his teeth and looks down on them with such pity and disdain. His lips tremble in anger before he lets out his outburst.

"Insolent rats! is that a way you act before your king!" Piper hissed and calm demeanor complete changes from 0 to a 100 real quick and seems more authoritative towards his bloodlust subject. He watches them tear each limb and seems not to notice him at the very least. They were too busy munching on each other.

He sighed at the lost cause of his former subjects.

"Such a waste of resources, but I have to put you out of your misery rather seeing you in this frenzied state reinstated to you by that hellspawn harlot, insubordination will not be tolerated." The bard presses his flute and plays his charm spell. A different tune from his once before. It was silent as if his flute wasn't producing any sound.

Unlike some king who let things slide that triggers a rebellion amongst her ranks and cause her downfall, Piper is not having any of that. They must be dealt swiftly and punished, Even tho his subjects are merely vermins and creatures.

The rats didn't hear the music at first, but something is happening inside their bodies. The rumbling of tummy was noticeable and began to feel something strange. One by one their ribs began to pry and blood splattered from their disemboweled bodies, Squeaking in pain in unison, A newborn rat was born and crawl out from every dead carcass of across the field, they were tamer than the previous version of themselves.

"I hope that it fixes it.." Piper said, looking at the reincarnated rats that were once affected by the madness enchantment. It's a start for getting back up in this rough night, Repairing what is lost.


He stands at the edge and looks beyond the port and sees one of his rat familiars swimming across the sea and landed on shore, such a brave trooper returning from its suicide mission.

"I hope you have good news, cause I'm having a rough night" Piper lifted the rat with care and press against his ear, like a phone, waiting for what tales the rat has seen from the Einzbern Forest. The rat constantly chirps and whispers to his ear nonstop... Until...

"What do you mean there's another lancer servant who is too fast to see and is on the hunt?" Piper gasped at the statement of his familiar. The rat king can't help but rub his face in frustration after hearing the word 'Lancer'. I swear that word started to irk him started from this night.

"My, that's some troublesome news, but a news nevertheless..hmm" Piper pondered for a bit.

"I need more information, regarding where the location of the other servant and masters are." Piper said, clearing his throat, commanding some of his best familiars to scout the city before them.

"I need you to scan the city, do it discreetly, leave no stone left unturned and if you get captured a rift raft lancer carrying a sack, please explode on without any hesitation," Piper said waving his hand in dismissal

These rats are on the hunt searching for any information about the others' whereabouts while rebuilding his fort.
Pied Piper

Shinto Town, Harbor Port

Inside Piper's False Paradise.

As Shuten enters the bounded field, The vicious rats all over the field halted from their actions and gazed upon the newcomer, her intoxicating aroma somehow gets to them in a way their beady red eyes where glued upon in her every step. This one is definitely not human for them to sink their fangs into.

"Oh? Another child has entered my field, how delightful.." Piper's Rat like helmet shifted and turned attention as soon as he heard the seductive demon's voice, examining the half-dress newcomer from head to toe, raising a brow in suspicion.

Wait minute... this servant actually has horns...
First, this lancer child wants to kill my rats in the most questionable way possible...
Then this seductive hellspawn girl wanders in here, looking for... a Cow?
I swear, Kids these days are getting weirder and weirder.
Piper sighed at the thought.

"Am afraid I do not any cows of which you speak off, But I'm willing to the provide the later of your request..." Piper said in a jestful way as the infectious rats gather around him and lifted him upon a hill of made of their bodies.

"You are my guest and the other one is an unwelcome intruder..." He said shifting his eyes to the lancer before him.

"That's too bad, lancer. my children are getting lonely and my rats are really hungry, I really hate to disappoint them.."

With that, The Rat king casually tips his hat and The wave of infectious rats rush in towards the lancer from every direction, overwhelming him for their numbers, I'm sure under that brown cloak lies some juicy mana to gnaw their fangs into.

@Sageage@Seirei No Hai@Froppy
Pied Piper

Shinto Town, Harbor Port

Outside the bounded field.

After all that kicking and banging from the drunken Oni at his front door, The bounded field warped and shifted, opening a small portal right in front of demanding small demon. A bridge materializes right in front of her feet, connecting the real world to his false territory. The hymn of his flute was faintly playing as soon as it opens and was alluring those who can hear it. An invitation was set for the berserker to step foot in this strange new world that Piper has created.

Could this be a trap? Maybe. But would she pass this opportunity opening the gates for her? @Froppy

Inside Piper's False Paradise.

The scenery change and port that they once knew were already unrecognizable, it is now replaced with a scenery of a misty graveyard filled with several tombstones and a carpet of dead dried petals scattered everywhere. Vicious rats roam and scurrying from every corner, looking for scraps, rabidly fighting over a piece of mangy meat they can find. It was a place where grudge and hate reside from Piper's infamous tale of kidnapping children, a similar concept of Jack the Ripper's The Mist.

"Master, It seems we have another uninvited guess. my, what a busy night we are having." Piper sighed with a bit of smugness in his tone.

"It appears to be a girl who seems to be the Berserker class. This troublesome servant keeps demanding to open the gates and is clearly intoxicated. A drunk berserker? heh, A most dangerous combination if I do say so myself." He scoffs

"Perhaps I could pin her against this meddling lancer to fight one another, killing both birds with one stone to save us the time, This side of the country has too many nosy servants for my liking" Piper mentally said to Enzo, scheming his next move.

Piper then shifted his attention to Lancer.

Still covered with rats all over his body, The Rat king looks down at the lancer before him. Before he can even utter a word to the boy, Lancer keeps doing the same thing that irks him, tossing a bag of cats right at his familiars. How Rude.

Piper nonchalantly formed a giant arm made out of rats and swatted the incoming bag of cat right into the sky. The poor cats shrieks in unison and flew high above the air and was never heard from again.

"I appreciate if you don't do that" He frowned, reinstating his rat-made arm and revert it to its normal size.

"Besides,I think you have the wrong impression my sweet summer child, I'm not in trouble, on the contrary, these swarm of rats are my beloved friends.They would never harm me.." The infectious rodents continue to squirm and latch to his body, a grotesque sight to say the least.

"My, I never knew my intruder was a mere child, I for one love children, especially those who wander off in these late hours." Piper said with a creepy smile.

"Come, drop your wooden lance, abandoned your master and stay here with me, You'll make a fine addition to my collection...I'll even introduce you to the other children in this place and even let you play with them" Piper bluntly offered, extending both of his arms as some of his rats latching into it started to drip and falls to the ground from the excessive amount of rat trying to fit onto his arm.

@Sageage@Seirei No Hai
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