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Idk if should do another fate RP, but what the heck. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hi, is this still accepting? i might pass an OC some time by today.
i think i'm done with my sheet as well. @IceHeart
i like the setting. might jump in to this one.
G O O D just a bump to check if this is still a thing
eh, works for me.. looks like i'm playing hard mode. lol. i'll think of something to replace fast learner maybe something combative wise.

tho i do need some clarification..
-about the holograms, it is possible to replicate an entire room based on the event?
-also what's the range of the intangible copies, can i make it do stuff like scouting and such?
@Protean Pair

Aizen's perks and quirks
-sleight of hand
-charismatic to the point that he can manipulate one's feelings or emotions, or even make his lies believable, some sort of a jedi mind trick even.
-can see clearly in the dark
-fast learner, i mean really fast to the point he can replicate a single action just by observing it.
-can be really sneaky

i'm aiming for some sort of a mage who uses illusion magic and dark areas to his advantage. i hope my perks is not all over the place for the theme i'm going
A wild OC appears

Clay Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmadomeestate, Rich District

"HOO WEEE! Well, butter my biscuits and call me grandpappy! I'm officially a master in these youngin's holy thingamajig!" Clay takes off his ten-gallon hat and pondered upon the command seal on the back of his hand. Clay fans his hat from the excitement he's feeling right now and look twice on the servant before him. A musical child prodigy was standing before the old coot.

"I suppose you are the one to be my Master in this grand Ritual? Very well. Allow me to make my introduction as you seem polite enough to allow me that privilege. I am Pyotr Illych Tchaikovsky, summoned in that of the Caster class as expected with the reputation of my many works. Now I ask of you master, are you prepared for this war and if so, will you allow me to make some alterations to this abode you have set up for yourself here."

"A Casta huh? In all of my years as a magic user, I always did question myself why would a mage in a mage war would ever summon another mage to fight his own battles? The grail can be weird and redundant I reckon." he mumbles.

"But eh, enough of the unimportant hubbub.. lemme tell you first off, you got spunk kid, I know raw talent when I see one!" Clay said like an enthusiastic manager amping up his talent. Was the Prospector treating his new servant like an idol?

"Anyhow, Don't worry your pretty little head sonny boy, you happened to be talking to Clay Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmadome estate and most of everything the light touches here in Montana. I got resources for days if that is what you are asking. If there's anything you need, just ask." He introduced himself with a hearty laugh. A humble brag yet has every right to do so basely on the reputation he has here in this state.

"Pyotr, Pyotr, Pyotr now where did I hear that name before?" He constantly snaps his fingers."Oh, You're that nutcracker guy, right? mah granddaughter always listens to that classy tune and seems to be one of her favorites, damn, I miss my booger-bear." He sighed.

"But enough strolling around in memory lane, Let's see what you got Caster. You've got an audience of one and happens to be the richest one here in the state! The stage yours if this is what you desire.." Clay claps his hand and leans back at the comfort of his luxurious chair.

"Work your magic, superstar. this place needs a makeover anyways.."

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