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"Ugh, where am I?" Is this the promised land? It might be, I see a luminous light shine at the end of the tunnel. I guess this is it then, My day of reckoning has arrived." Theon takes a deep breath and accepted his fate.

He closes his eyes and basked in the light's presence with arms wide open, taking it all in. His feet slowly move to its own accord, moving forward towards the light at the end of the dark tunnel.

"Oh, Lord, I humbly accept what lies beyond this light, may your judgment be merciful and guide my poor wretched soul unto salvation in this final hours" Theon reaches out and a flash of light struck the moment he takes his final step.

"Welcome to Arcadia" An ethereal like feminine voice whisper into his ears, sending chills down his spine, immediately snapping him out from this trance and into reality.

The delusion quickly breaks as Theon opens eyes with his arms still stretched out and find himself in a rickety wooden wagon with a bunch of people seating next to him. His surroundings suddenly change as well into a more rustic environment. Theon was dumbfounded on how or why he got here and immediately tucked away his arms to save himself from embarrassment.

He curled up in his seating position and reaches for silver Rosary around his neck and murmurs a short prayer, seeking guidance from above.

Unfortunately, his prayer was rudely interrupted as the stubby ginger man pulls the reigns to a complete halt and announce that they are in jeopardy and they need to fight off these strange creatures coming straight towards the wagon.

"Excuse me? a fight? what do you mean a fight?" Theon winced with a visibly frightened look on his face. Theon knows he has zero capabilities of physically fighting off these green monsters. "I guess the lord is testing us." He sighed.

"Oh, heavenly father bless these brave men, do not let one of your lambs lead into slaughter. Give them protection and relieve them from their burdens." He whispers and clutches into his relic, hoping for the best. "luminosité eternelle" the Saint ended his prayer and sighed.

If there was a time for some miracle or Divine Protection to save them from this predicament, now is the time for that. Theon remains inside the wagon, waiting for their safe return to retrieve the crazy old ginger man charging into the pact of goblins.
@Gobby Obviously my char was going for a cleric type with a bit of divine magic. But after seeing your first post in the ic.
I'm having doubts that my char will live that long. as i can tell, goblins and healers don't mix that well. lol OC appears

Welp, Psycut doesn't know that. so much for evidence *insert seinfeld theme here*

"So, this is our safehouse now? I suppose it will make due" Hunter cross his arms when he saw Metal dig a bunker for them. "Yo, kungfu guy, you coming? We basically declare war against the pro-heroes, the last thing you want is those pesky bastards hunting you down 24/7 in the open, this is the closest to a hideout." He asked


@Skinner35@Rafiel_purewing@King Cosmos
"I agree with Eraserhead, let's do clean up first, this is what hate about this job, cleaning after the villains' mess, such pathogens," Psycut grunted with her brows twitching, crossing her arms, infuriated by the wreckage of the city.

"My name is Psycut by the way, if anyone needs me, I'm going to gather some evidence over there," Psycut said to the group. "Oh before I go, I almost forgot! I think I should hold on to this dagger, Eraserhead. This is the one stab you in the back right? perhaps it will give us more clues on who did this to you and identify one of the villain's identity once i get it back to the lab." Lupie said briefly presenting the mysterious dagger and sheathing it at her back.

So no police chief dog cameo? I don't think there is an issue with Psycut about licensing. Psycut is working at the local hospital so i guess she is allegedly getting paid by the government and her hero duties as well. and come to think of it, most the heroes in this RP are not students anymore.

"Yeah, It's the demon alright. I'm fine just got into a little scuffle, this stuff sure is sticky" Caz forcibly yanked his legs out of the tar, freeing himself from the ink.

"Base on the information from my first encounter, this Creature doesn't want to be approached and seems to be injured from the way it act. I try the good cop approach and didn't work, It just kept resisting and grow even furious." He said to Richard with a deep sigh.

"The further we go in the sewer, I suspect the further it grows stronger, based on the dim environment." He said, slightly touching the Tar wall with his index finger."We might use that holy flask of yours if this keeps up." Caz sighed once again."Say, where are the others?"

Hunter quickly turns his bike sideways and hits the breaks the moment he saw the big metal villain slowing down in front of him, The wheels on his motorcycle screeches to an abrupt halt as they were inches away bumping into Twisted Metal. Hunter gasped a sigh of relief and was glad that didn't happen, the last thing he wants is to anger this Villain. He sighed once again before speaking to Metal.

"Yeah, sure. We're friends. We're friends... If it keeps me alive." Hunter said to Metal, murmuring the last part. "We figure to follow you as we made our tactical retreat. We villains gotta stick together right?"


"Yeah I'm alright, tis but a scratch" Lupie said, trying to hold up a smile and can't help but to wince through the pain. "Don't sweat it, that's part of being a hero right?" She said doing a fist pump.

"Oh my, you've been fighting with that behind your back!?" Her expression suddenly changes the moment she saw the dagger dug deep in Aizawa's back.

"I'm no Recovery girl but I did take up medicine. My quirk is really designed for tasks like this." She said, putting on a latex glove and projecting a low-frequency plasma scalpel on her hand. "Hold still" Lupie said, carefully removing the strange knife from Aizawa. "Almost done" She then lay the hot knife on Aizawa, cauterizing the flesh wound to close for the time being.

"That should patch it up for now, I think you should rest, you suffer a lot of injuries." She said, putting the knife in a plastic ziplock for evidence.


"Huh? What the!? hey, get off me!" Hunter exclaimed, surprised by the unexpected hitchhiker hopping on the back of his vehicle. He briefly scans the martial artist and notices something. He has the faint scent of blood in his hands like he pick off civilians before he got here, Interesting. Hunter sighed and grudgingly accepts him as his passenger. I could use some allies in this hero infested city. Hunter thought to himself.

"I don't usually take unwanted passengers, but this time I'll make an exception for a fellow villain." Hunter rev up his motorcycle. For a brief moment, Hunter slowly felt the feeling of his wounded arm coming back now.

"So your nullifying blade is only temporary, interesting, I may have a slight clue on how your quirk works now." Hunter grinned. "As for you Eraserhead, You can keep your head for now. Don't try to follow us unless you want to die." He threatens Aizawa and the unnamed Heroine.

In a blink of an eye, Hunter draws his Uzi and started shooting wildly at the two, providing cover fire from them to escape on his motorcycle.

He zooms into the streets with the Kungfu guy and follows where Twisted Metal was heading. @Skinner35


Lupie docks out of the way and unfortunately unable to dodge some of the stray bullets. She was shot in the left arm and was grazed by Hunter's rapid-fire and Luckily for her, it didn't cut her deep and hit her vital parts. "Are you ok, Mr. Erazerhead?" She asked, slowly standing up, clutching her bleeding arm.@Rafiel_purewing
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