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Hamel Della Astrologia
Outskirts of Fuyuki, Swamp

As the sun fell and the moon rose, pale beams of light refracting off the still waters of the growing marsh, a multitude of colors filled the sky. A miraculous sign that shined life into the swamp.

Yet, like a candle thrown into a bonfire, it's life was quickly snuffed away, only lasting a half minute before disappearing into the dark expanses of the sky. The ephemeral beauty of such a sight belied it's true nature. It was not a sign of good fortune, but an ill portent. It was the beginning of carnage, of future massacre and of death.

Underneath the watchful moon, sat upon a gnarled stump with head hanging, Hamel Della Astrologia did not muse upon this omen. Here, in his swamp, it's status of that of a tomb was once again reinforced by the death of his expectations.

A slow, shaky hand made its way up to his face.

Shock and disbelief, along with some elements of disgust and horror stretched across his face as he witnessed what could only be described as a gross extermination of vermin via bag of felines.

There was a wailing of pain, a sick cracking of bones, and a general disregard for the ethical treatment of cats.

The last one was not one of major concern, but the stains left from the impact of his Servant launching his sack at any moving rat was grotesque and sickening. Should he have expected this? Arguably Hamel should have. His servant had a strange idea of how to go about things, and even though he trusted his servants judgement, he was rethinking his choice in doing so.

Capturing cats was a strange action to take, and going to exterminate rats was another one, but then to throw a sack of captured cats as a method of extermination rather than releasing them so they may fulfill nature's duty was something almost tear inducing.

It was infuriating to know that there was reason for his servants madness and that it would most likely lead to victory. And as Lancer threw his Anti-Vermin Conceptual weapon around, he could only cringe.

Dejectedly, Hamel stood up onto his feet and simply walked to the nearest tree.

'Willow,' he noticed absentmindedly. Finger raised, he began to engrave upon its surface a symbol, ᚄ. A pulse of magical energy entered its frame, its branches letting out a groan as it shifted and uprooted itself, taking on a human like structure as it began to move.

As it moved past its master, Hamel closed his eyes and breathed in the still air.

There was still much to do, while he had made many a preparation a week before he had to limit his scope to an isolated part of Fuyuki lest he catch the attention of the three great families. Now, in proper war time he could expand much more aggressively.

Snapping himself out of his musing, Hamel went onward to the next available surface to write on, engraving runes upon any available surface in preparation for any foolhardy person.
Hamel Della Astrologia
Swamp, Outskirts of Fuyuki

Before any response could be formulated, but just after Hamel’s mouth had opened in protest, a tidal wave of brackish water and muck had exploded under the sheer force released by Lancer’s mighty leap. Forced onto his back, as he shakily rose to his knees he sputtered out a stream of incoherent words along with the foul mixture that had entered every pore and orifice openly available.

Forcing the last of the swamp muck out, he took a shaky breath as he rose to full height.

It was tempting to simply use some magecraft to dry out and clean his clothing, but he had better self control in that regard, and besides, his workshop wasn’t too far away so he could simply grab a new change of clothing there and freshen up without a chance of exposing himself, no matter how unlikely it may be.

He would take no chance, not yet anyways. He had spent a week preparing an advantageous battlefield, but improvements could always be made.

An exaggerated sigh escaped the confines of his thoughts, and a grimace stretched across his visage as he was familiarized with the disgusting taste of decay.

Much improvements would need to be made, Lancer was a free spirit, and as tempting as it may be to spend a Command Spell to force upon him a more defensive strategy, Lancer was correct.

Hamel had indeed seen his servant’s skills, and there was no doubt within his mind that Lancer will indeed be fine.

There was a war to win, and though their preference in methodologies may differ, Hamel had absolute faith in Lancer’s ability to win the Holy Grail.

A quick check up on Lancer showed him peacefully spearing the local aquatic fauna in the Fuyuki river, something that assuaged Hamel’s nerves as he arrived at his destination.

Changing out of his ruined clothing into a new set of clothes after an extensive cleansing, Hamel had gingerly grasped what appeared to be a black stave, runes engraved into the surface of the polished wood.

Part of him cursed his foolishness for bringing in only a single mystic code, but it was too late now for regrets. Beside, it was matter of convenience rather than that of necessity.

But no matter.

Hamel grabbed his stave as he stormed out his abode, into Shinto. He was in needs of some supplies, and perhaps a drink will clear his head of worries.

Hamel Della Astrologia
Outskirts of Fuyuki

Cool, damp air blasts Hamel’s uncovered face, a sign of the upcoming winter, and of the hardships he would have to face. Wrapping his dark cloak closer to his body, Hamel could not help but ruminate upon this fate he had chosen for himself.

He had no delusions about the upcoming war. Confident as he was in his thaumaturgy, there was no guarantee that he would walk out of this podunk backwater alive. Rumours they may have been, but the legendary figure he had just summoned was proof enough of the claims put forth.

Rationally, he understood that such high stakes came with even higher costs, yet, some part of him was still, however, ecstatic at the Servant he had called forth. And with a booming voice, brimming with mirth, he could not help but voice his musings aloud.

“It would seem fate has seen it fit to gift me the grail, no? What do you think about that, Lancer?”

A bellowing laugh filled the murky swamp after the query, a joyous tone in an otherwise colorless land. Yes, the Holy Grail War may yet still extract a high price, and there was much riding upon his back, but when had consequences stopped him?

Not when he was in Clocktower, where he had gained the derisive moniker of ‘Magpie’, and had suffered many a beating in the process. He was a selfish being, ultimately. And while he had some measure of temperance he was liberal with releasing his inhibitions.

And it had seemed the grail saw it fit to grant a servant of somewhat similar disposition. Quite truthfully he found it a bit irksome, it would be troublesome to direct a servant of such free will, and to utilize a command mantra not even a day in would be an act of supreme foolishness. No, he would have to adjust his plans around his newfound familiar.

He cleared his throat. “Lancer, as your master I must insist you stay within the confines of this swamp. It is crucial you defend this area if we are to advance successfully in this war.” A pause for understanding, before he continued onwards. “This will be your swamp, and much like anything that belongs to oneself you must defend it ferociously, else someone else decides to take it.”

Many a magus had made their way to compete for the Holy Grail. Peers and some not so equals will fight tooth and nail for their chance at this relic, for a wish.

Which was why he had come a week earlier than was necessary. To set up, to scout, to secure every advantage possible beforehand to tip the scales of battle to his favour. Because it would be a gruelling war. But Hamel would be damned if he left Fuyuki without his damn cup secured.


After much deliberation and consultation I've decided to make an assassin. Can you mark that down please @Red Alice?
Haven't participated in one of these before, though I've been meaning to play in one. It's just so many of them seem intimidating to get into TT-TT.

But this one seems like as good as a place to start! How much of Fate should we know? I only really watched UBW and the HF movie...
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