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Park Eun-Oh

Dirty Alleyway, District 19

Perhaps his footwork wasn't the best. So what?

It did not matter.

Maybe his form was poor, his punch sloppily executed.

It did not matter.

If either was insufficient, then he would blow past them with borrowed strength.

The outcome was determined. By now there was no way for this punch to miss. Perhaps, if the long-haired man had attempted to dodge earlier, or even protected himself with his faux-canine companion, then this hit would not have gone through.

Yet, he frivolously wasted his time instead of taking out a knife.

There was no way for him to know, but there was no way a simple knife would be able to pierce this child's skin. From a young age, he was groomed to succeed his mother as a vessel for spirits. For that, every inch of his body was trained and scoured in holy rites.

As a recognized mudang, it was obvious to any who knew of the traditions of those who follow the way of Mu that a regular knife could not pierce him.

For him to even have reached the noble title of shaman, he would have had to be proficient in the Dance on the Blade. No matter how much he would jump, no matter how much he would ecstatically dance, no blood would be drawn.

It was a critical mistake made on the blonde's part, but an understandable one.

His other mistake, however, was not so easily forgiven.

The moment he attempted to halt the clenched hand that rocketed towards him, was the moment he spelled his doom.

Living up to its name, the [Five Kiloton Punch (500%)], did indeed impart a large amount of force the very moment it made an impact. If it weren't for the preparations made beforehand, then there was no way Ren would have lived through it. Instead, he went flying through the air, mostly unharmed, but not without pain.

Staring in awe of his strength, Park looked down to his right hand, still clenched into a fist.

With a gleeful cry and a victorious pump in the air, he proceeded to pull out of his pocket a cell phone. Though it was out of range from his usual provider, all phones nowadays carried with them the capability to make a call to emergency services.

Quickly dialing 119, the moment the dispatcher answered the phone, they would be greeted with a shrill screech, not one made in pain or distress, but of sheer joy before being regaled by the tales of Park's most victorious conquest over evil.
Can I take an Archer slot?

I have a cool idea that I should have actually made way back before but am now going to make.

Park Eun-Oh

Dirty Alleyway, District 19

Authority exceeding the heavens.

Strength beyond that of 100,000 men.

At the trumpets call, he triumphantly returns. Such was the cry Park silently let out towards the object of his worship. One year ago, on that fateful day, he was enthralled by the tales told of his god, of the wise proverbs spoken by the once man, of the liberator of his country.

That day, he pledged himself to these three things: Duty, Honor, and Country.

For that, he carried within him an oath to accumulate strength, to fulfill his duty, to bring harmony to both physical and spiritual realms. Such was the duty of a shaman, and he proudly carried his mission out.

He would not ignore any injustice, from both the living and the dead, such an act would be an unwashable taint towards his honor. Such a thing would be the dereliction of his own God-given duty.

With pride he will carry on the rites and traditions of his homeland, even in this foreign land, he would advertise the strength of his nation.

So in the face of such an adversary, one who seemed to be drowning in sin, he would not, could not ignore the suffering souls that seemed chained to this realm by the blonde haired man. Such a disturbance must pay, and Park's duty, passed on for generations was always to appease the spirits, to bring peace to both worlds by doing so.

In any other circumstance, a fight between an adolescent young boy and an adult would seem hardly fair. Even in Academy City, where the impossible seems to pervade every corner of this city, there are simply too many things that stack the advantage towards the adults. Experience, height, development, and more make such a fight obvious in the eyes of many.

However, magic was created so the untalented could do the same as those with talent.

Park suddenly ceased his rummaging about, having finally found what he was looking for. Donning a military cap and a pair of aviators, he looked up in response to his object of ire.

And behind that inscrutable pair of aviators, one could see his eyes widen in surprise.

His mouth dropped open in surprise before morphing into an expression of indignation.

"Hey! That's cheating!"

Frown creasing his young face as he stuck a homemade corn cob pipe into his mouth.

"You're supposed to talk for a really long time about how you're a bad guy and stuff when the hero comes in," Park whined "now you ruined everything!"

Seemingly irate and satisfied with his preparations, Park quickly stuffed any item that may have flown out back into his bag before quickly striking multiple poses before settling into a simple stance. Arms crossed and feet at shoulder length, he smirked as he tried to emit from himself an aura of smug superiority.

"My name is Facies 163, Through Discord I bring Harmony"

Once again flashing through a series of childish poses straight out of a sentai show, he ground his feet into the ground, what little muscles he had bulging from the sheer pressure and strength he was pumping into his childish frame.

"Evildoer! The spirits call to me, they wail in agony about your wretched sins, their cries echo through the hallowed streets of this city, screaming of the great injustice done by you!"

Eyes flare up with determination, a fire raging behind the aviators, promising justice for all those wronged souls.

"In the name of Dangun, Sungmo, and Douglas MacArthur, I will punish you!"

The pavement underneath his feet cracked as he launched himself towards the blonde, fist raised to strike.

Within this young child, the very essence of his god lit up. Having consumed his fetish, having gained the essence of Macarthur and placed it within his body, having become a living idol of his god, he gained the 'authority' of his object of worship. For his god, who stood even beyond the Emporer of Japan, the symbol of the unity of this country, and stood at the top of the heavens, MacArthur could be said to be even beyond that of 'God'.

By using the 'authority' given to him, by using the 'strength' of all the men underneath the flag of MacArthur, the weak punch that Park threw, could be compared to the output of a nuclear bomb.

"Take this! Little Boy Smash! 15 Kiloton Punch (500%)!"

Even with such an attack, no serious harm shall come to his opponent. His duty was the bring harmony to both mortal and spiritual realms, not to expand the latter.

Such an act, even with all the sincerity Park could muster, would not deny the comical nature of such an encounter. In effect, it was a replication of the Pyol'sin Gut. Only retribution and pain shall befall the unfortunate blonde as Park appeased the spirits.


Park Eun-Oh

Dirty Alleyway, District 19

It was an unfortunate reality that the young child walking down the run-down streets of Academy City's own District 19 was not an uncommon sight. Children abandoned by their parents or guardians for whatever reasons were not an unfamiliar one, even in the city that was said to be 30 years ahead of the outside world.

While equipped with facilities meant to provide the [Child Errors], not all were made with pure intentions in mind. Indeed, many of these destitute orphans are often subject to the cruel whims of scientists in the pursuit of science. An unfortunate manifestation of the Dark Side of the most advanced city on Earth.

So no one batted an eye as the young Park merrily skipped across the rough streets of District 19, carrying a large backpack that was comically near bursting at the seams. More astute observers would perhaps notice the quality of his clothing being out of place within the confines of the district or the slight foreign accent that his merry tune had, but the human mind is as always quick to rationalize.

It was not uncommon for foreigners to come to the city of the future, and here in the declining district, most were preoccupied with their own troubles.

So when he had suddenly stopped his little song and jaunt, and instead contemplatively turned his head towards the dark alleyways of the city with a slight frown upon his face, no one bothered to stop him as he cautiously stepped into the cramped alley.

This was the city where miracles had their mystical darkness stripped by the power of science. Where every person had within them the potential to become something straight out of fiction.

And as Park stepped through the invisible threshold that separated the ominous atmosphere of the alleyways and the relative safety of the open streets, he closed his eyes tight, as if he were in prayer.

God, answer my calls.

When he had opened them once again, there was a slight, imperceptible change in his eyes. Where there was caution, now there was no fear, where a neutral expression had rested beforehand, now a small upilt of his mouth. He dug his feet into the Earth, and with a mighty push, he ran with all the speed of a ten-year-old boy.

There was another element to his mad dashing, however, as if he were a man possessed. And indeed there was a purpose to his reckless rush. It was his purpose, in fact, his very calling to resolve the misdeeds he could hear calling out to him ethereally.

His pounding footsteps ceased as he finally caught sight of his target. A man with long, flowing, blonde hair.

Heart pounding in his ears, adrenaline lashing throughout his body, rushing through his already excitable body, his hot blood urged his body to act, to release the surging excitement contained within his 146 cm frame. With an audible breath, he then released his tenuous hold on his poor impulse and cheered aloud.

"Aww yeah! Finally!"

In a single, deft motion, he slammed his beaten bag in front of him. Miraculously, it still held even under the abuse its master had inflicted upon it. With a deft flick of his wrist, he opened the bulging top and shrugged off his heavy coat, rummaging through the multitude of items crammed in the small space.

One could see a variety of outfits, a collection of masks, two sticks vaguely shaped like swords, and numerous other miscellaneous items, some falling off, others being callously thrown away as Park searched through his mountain of madness.

Here's my magic man.
Hamel Della Astrologia
DDD Hotsprings, Foreigner's Lowlands

Hamel rolled his eyes at the Serbian's remarks, rude remarks were expected when he arrived, and he didn't have the energy required to send anything but a curt dismissal by biting his thumb towards the general direction of Tesla.

"I should be grateful that we aren't all already dead you nitwit. While I don't mean to be rude to the organizer of this little conference, shouldn't one be concerned about the beam of light that so easily shattered the world tree? If whoever was dumb enough to destroy such a work decided to capitalize on this opportunity, I would be hard pressed to fault them."

"Regardless, I am here in good faith. The recent actions as of late are a tad bit excessive for those within our line of work, such a laissez-faire attitude towards this ritual is clearly not working out. Which I assume is what this meeting is about.

Stoic and somber, he shooed away the pigeons, uncaring for the prize that laid within. Silently he took his leave and observed his peers, masking a scoff at the doctor. What sort of fool comes to save lives with such a prize on the line? He shook his head in shame at the man's declaration.

When the young woman stepped forward, however, he stood upright, attention focused towards the host.

And was immediately insulted.

Perhaps, in some other time, before he came to this war before he witnessed everything that had happened. He would have blown up, like the child he invariably was. Yet, today he refrained, carrying with him a more dignified aura despite his previous churlish acts towards Tesla. This was a serious moment, and he acknowledged it as such.

The knowledge that the Association and Church had attempted to interfere had elated a scowl from Hamel, if those two had bothered to respond to the recent actions as of late then it truly was time to establish some ground rules, and indeed, as Benita laid down the foundations of the grail war Hamel raised no objection.

In the first place, he lacked the imagination and care to really add any stipulations, and a recent event had led to his mind being focussed elsewhere.

That focus was broken by the Doctor, Kaveh or some other. The suggestion of placing the blame on someone else was to Hamel, a subject of great confusion. What was done was done, such a thing would not appease anyone and only smelt of blame. Such a thing was beneath him, and it was only the timely intervention of the Einasshe Heir and his primal spear.

In that moment, it seemed that Hamel was about to burst from indignation.

"Such a shame," he mutters, "That the tree of fantasy was instead turned into this unsightly thing."

To turn a symbol of nature into that of human progress. If he had any advanced means of reversion then he would truly like to take the spear for himself and see if he could restore it to its proper form.

Such a shame, though his correspondence with the young Heir was delightful he would have to express his displeasure in their next letter to him.

While making a mental note to prepare for such, an ominous aura befell the city.

Fear crawled through his body, a primal response to something far beyond his own existence.

Like any reasonable man, he briefly contemplated fleeing. It was only the fleeting flights of his fancy that brought him to Fuyuki. Even the allure of the prize was not enough to override his own desire for survival. Hamel was just about ready to bolt.

Yet, that man entered. The existence known as GIN FUJIMURA. Such a bright existence, such an overwhelming presence. His words invigorated Hamel, bringing him out of his stupor, and chasing away the obscuring fog of panic.

Reason restored, he listened intently to what the man had to say.

Upon hearing a plea to save the city, something within his heart fluttered.

The correct choice was to run away. To leave it in the hands of someone else. To preserve his bloodline.

And indeed it ran through his mind. His previous conversation with lancer had sparked some introspection within him, whether he should act appropriately, to grow up and away from his whimsical nature, or to simply let go and be swept away with his own desires.

But in the first place, wasn't it that whimsy that brought him here? That whimsy was what allowed him to see the wondrous sights he was allowed to see this hectic week. That whimsy brought him joy and beauty and anger.

Yes, it was that flighty nature of his that allowed him to see the greatest sights he could ever ask for.

Staring deeply into the glasses that materialized within his hands, as if contemplating some great question, he suddenly slammed it onto his face.

Taking a deep breath, his own ribs rattling within his chest, he bellowed out.

"Gin Fujimura!

"I shall stand with you in defending this city of yours."

It was the least he could do, he decided, getting caught up in the atmosphere Gin exuded. To defend the city that brought many wonders to the world once more. It was the incorrect choice, the stupid one.

But when did he ever decide to take notice of what those peers of his thought? He would do as he pleased, for his own sake, and for no one else.


Giulia Toffana
Southern Moor, Workshop

Bounded field collapsed, her own existence fluctuating, Giulia still coldy observed the status of her own projects. Panic raced through her mind as she presented a stony exterior, such an event was beyond means accessible in a grail war. No, it was clear to her something beyond her own abilities had presented itself.

It was prudent then, to act in conjunction with the rest, at least temporarily before they could find a way to normalize the war once more.

Master, she sends out via her connection, I believe whatever had just occurred is beyond our own capabilities to handle, it would be most prudent to ally ourselves with the rest of the competitors to deal with this disturbance.

Previously, Giulia took comfort in the fact that if it was necessary, she could simply poison and kill the masters of the servants she would be facing.

As time passed by however, she truly realized just how out of her depth she was and chose to hide away, letting the more visible servants clean up the stronger servants and masters so she may slink away with a win.

But now, it was clear there would be no winning. The grail war is no more currently.

They must band together to overcome the great evil that presented itself.

Aware of the incoming entities and the offer presented by the magus who was hunting her, Giulia quickly ordered her familiars and any mobile projects to follow her. Presenting herself to the Atlas Alchemist, Giulia politely accepts his offer.

"I would be more than grateful to accompany you away from this mess, let us quickly abscond before we get waylaid by these creature."
Hamel Della Astrologia
DDD Hotsprings

Hamel stormed forth into the meeting room, eyes snapping over every participant within this grand gathering of masters. A tempest brewing within his constrained gaze as he swept from end to end.

With a vaguely irritated gaze and grunt, he stepped closer into the hot spring, taking care to slam the door behind him with as much force as possible. With a flourish, he quickly stamps his stave on the floor.

"Whatever this business with the Association is, make it quick."

Gesturing towards an invisible watch on his wrist to indicate his lack of time.

"I have a siege I didn't know I signed up for. So I'd appreciate it if we can get this unpleasant business over with so we can go back to peacefully killing one another."
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