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I hate the part of the world that uses "lollies" to refer to candies
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Imperials go home
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"What if you told a joke and somebody laughed?"
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I enjoy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but hold the peanut butter and jelly. Hate condiments on my sandwiches.
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Mmmm pineapple pizza


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tfw there's no old people or kids.
survival chance +100%

jokes aside, this gonna be lit

It's the opposite, you trip the young and old when you're running from the scary fog monsters. They're slow :D
Things should be straightened out here
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Wanna be roommates? :D
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Man, starting to feel outnumbered here : P
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<Snipped quote by rezay>

I'm still trying to locate the exact laws in regards to legal ownership, but from the research papers and other documents I've read, Massachusetts generally has a low % of people owning firearms vs. nationwide. I'm not sure if a low legal ownership percentage was the same back in the 90s; however, around the late 80s to the mid 90s, Boston, like a number of US cities at the time, did have a huge spike in gang conflicts and unregistered/illegal guns being on the street. In Boston in particular these events were mostly limited primarily in disadvantaged neighborhoods according to what I've found/read. There's also this law that I've found also deals with illegal and unlicensed ownership.

To answer the question, though, personally I'm a little stingy when it comes to firearms in these types of RPs. It's part of the reason why I'm largely against police and military characters and almost always permanently ban those types of characters from the get-go. Honestly, I would prefer you to stay away from guns, but it's your call.

<Snipped quote by WindsOfFate>

We are still accepting. Though it isn't first come, first serve; I'll be reviewing sheets in a few days before giving people time to address any potential changes or concerns before doing a final look over and choosing who I'll be accepting.

I understand the stinginess, certainly. As for my character specifically, he hasn't been in Boston for that long and it's easily conceivable he just hasn't had the time/thought to invest in a firearm. It would be a big coincidence that no one in the building has one, but that's not much of an issue.

On another note, having just one firearm in conceptually interesting, as for the implications that holds for the power hierarchy and social dynamic of the inhabitants. Not sure where Alton died, but maybe if it was outside and he had a firearm (though he was only a security guard) then that would be a cool little mission for them to undertake, with the added drama of who gets the thing in the aftermath. I won't speculate too much on that.

In any case, I'll remain with your preference.

Wyatt will be cursing himself that he put off the matter so long (assuming I get accepted : D)
Just bumping here.
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By the way, what's the position on the inhabitants having weapons? Guns?

As for my (pending) character, I could say with certainty that a good old boy wouldn't go without some form of protection, especially not in a city, and especially since he was part of the criminal world of a town for a short time— not that it's up to me, not a big deal

Not sure what the laws regarding this were for Boston at the time.
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Things should be straightened out here

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<Snipped quote by rezay>

The Mist was indeed one of the inspirations behind this. Thought the movie was okay but only managed to watch a few episodes of the show before dropping it altogether. Wasn't much of a fan of the show.

As for your questions, however, when I mean long-haul, I mean actually sticking around for the RP. People tend to have a habit of making sheets, posting once or twice before ghosting the RP altogether. I've also had entire groups ghost me all at once while I'm sitting around waiting for posts from them, so I would like to avoid that if possible.

For potential players, I'm guessing maybe around 8-10 players/sheets at the most. 12 pushing it. Though, since this is an apartment complex, I won't stop anyone from making a secondary sheet or NPC some family members or whatever if they do get accepted.

Alright, understood.

Hopefully there's a happier ending than the Mist, too...
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