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Name: Arkham
Aliases: Inmate, Max, Tex, or Master of Dungeons
Age: 28
Ethnicity: Terran
Ancestry: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Religion: Unitarian Universalist/Jedi
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
Gender: Male
Major in College: History
Degrees: BA in History w/ Minor in Communications
Occupation(s): Substitute Teacher, Freelance Writer
Greatest Inspirations: J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, George Lucas, Stan Lee, Geoff Johns, Andrzej Sapkowski, Maria V. Snyder, The Russo Brothers
Years of Writing Experience: Going on 15
RP Level: Advanced
Biggest RP Pet Peeve: Poor writing without a desire to improve
RP Strengths: World Building, Game Mastering, Peer Editing
Preferred Genres: High Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Modern Fantasy, Romance
Fandoms: Star Wars, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, Disney, Dungeons & Dragons, Back to the Future, The Witcher, Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park, Pokémon, Harry Potter, Marvel (MCU & Comics), DC Comics, Supernatural, Assassin's Creed

Current Roleplays:
Star Wars: Light and Shadow

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Star Wars: Knights of Fate

I first came to this realm and joined the Guild's ranks over a decade ago, long before the Dark Times that came after the Great Migration of 2014. Five years ago I left to travel in the Mundane Realm. During my travels, I studied, grew, and honed my skills. I now return to this realm, armed and ready for the challenges that lie ahead!

In the Mundane Realm, I am a teacher, living on a horse farm in the Valley of the Shenandoah River. I am also a scribe of no small skill. I also serve as the Master of Dungeons for several groups of brave adventurers in the Forgotten Realms of Faerûn.

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After several long moments had passed, Thaerex let out a barely perceptible sigh of relief.

"Are you going to let me go anytime soon, or are you not done here, hmmmmm?"

Theva's question suddenly made Thaerex acutely aware of her proximity to him. He released her, but as she was half-laying on top of him, he couldn't move away.
Thaerex used the Force and the sound of his companion's cursing to guide him through the smoke and dust that now filled the room. He had to reach her before the smoke cleared. For his plan to work he couldn't risk their pursuers hearing her. He spied the faint reddish glow of her eyes before he reached her. She'd landed in a corner of the room near what looked like an overturned reception desk.

"What the FRACK is wrong with you!?" Theva snapped, clutching her shoulder. She inhaled sharply, in preparation for what Thaerex was confident would be a new stream of expletives. Thaerex quickly got around behind her and clamped a hand down over her mouth to cut her off. He dragged her behind the overturned desk. Moments later, the bright beams of searchlights came flooding through the open doors to the building. The lights fell on the flaming wreck of the crashed taxi-speeder, followed by a voice shouting in Huttese.

"That idiot must have thought he could fly straight through and give us the slip!" said the voice. "Looks like he found out his mistake the hard way!"

"Any survivors?" called out another voice.

"No way," the first voice replied. "The speeder's a flaming wreck."

"Alright, then let's get out of here," said the second voice. "The sub levels always make me nervous."

The searchlights snapped off and Thaerex listened as the whine of the speeders' engines faded into the distance.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...

STAR WARS: Shadows of War

The Jedi are no more... Emperor Palpatine's Order 66 all but eradicated the Jedi, and the few who managed to escape are being ruthlessly hunted down by the Emperor's chief enforcer Darth Vader.

A young Jedi Knight, YOUR CHARACTER, was among those who managed to escape the betrayal of her clone troopers and fled into the Outer Rim. Never remaining on a single planet too long, she has spent the past few years watching from the sidelines as the new Galactic Empire takes hold of the galaxy.

As she is preparing to leave yet another world, she stops in a local cantina, unaware that another fugitive Jedi is already there...

* * *

Ladies and Gentlemen, ArkhamInmate333 here with another Star Wars RP for your consideration! This one features two young Jedi in the aftermath of Order 66. Set two years after the formation of the Galactic Empire, our story features the "return" of General Grievous. My character has managed to successfully go into hiding by masquerading as a bounty hunter who specializes in hunting Jedi. Included in the hiders below are my character's character sheet, a blank sheet you can copy and paste, and a writing sample, which will be used as the initial post for the RP. I am looking specifically for a female to play opposite my character. Please PM me with your character if interested!

His tactic appeared to work almost instantly. Not anticipating his maneuver, the pursuing speeders had to pull a series of corkscrews and wide loops to reorient themselves and follow him down into the shadows of the lower levels. This allowed Thaerex to put some distance between them and their pursuers.

Once they had almost reached the surface, he began to weave a path through the infrastructure, speeding through gaps between decaying industrial pylons, dodging past broken communication antennae, until he spotted what looked like an abandoned barracks directly ahead. The front doors looked like they had been blown off. They hadn't managed to lose the other speeders, but the barracks gave him an idea.

"On my mark, get ready to jump clear!" he yelled over the noise.

He guided the speeder down. They would only have a split-second once they cleared the doorway. He looked over his shoulder and spotted the three speeders that had managed to keep up with them. Steeling himself, he focused on the dark portal ahead, if he was off, even by just a few centimeters, he and Theva would be dead.
Thaerex ignored the punch in the arm and slammed the throttle forward. They were both thrown back against their seats as the taxi speeder went from full-stop to full-speed in seconds. At this speed it would take them only a couple of minutes to reach Deucalon. With any luck, the Security Force Agents would take a few minutes to reach the pad and realize what happened.

PEW, PEW, PEW! The sound of speeder-mounted blasters, and the bolts that followed, announced that would definitely NOT be the case.

Thaerex managed to evade the first volley of blaster bolts, but was struck by one from the second. The damage was cosmetic, but there was smoke streaming from the damaged panel.

"Blast!" he cursed again, then used the controls to send the speeder into a dive. Once he got them down into the constructed canyons below, hopefully he could lose their pursuers in the tight quarters.
Thaerex froze, he realized his mistake. The Empire's hangars were located in the Mezenti Spaceport. He had to think quickly. He could see the taxi speeder approaching the pad. He looked over his shoulder at Theva.

"You're right," he began. "It is in the heart of Republic territory. And it's the last place the Hutts will think to look for a pair of fugitive Sith."

"Fugitive Sith?" the taxi droid repeated, a note of alarm coloring its synthesized voice. It's photo-receptors flickered briefly. "This vehicle pad is temporarily closed. Please stay where you are, agents of the Hutt Security Force will be arriving shortly." The taxi speeder was already docked behind the droid.

"Blast it!" Thaerex cursed. He thrust out his hand, using the Force to launch the droid off the pad and over the speeder to fall to its destruction. Without wasting a second, he jumped into the speeder, disabled the auto pilot, and looked to Theva.

"The Hutts are on their way! Get in, unless you want to get caught!"
Theva briefly considered responding to his question with another sarcastic remark. But as she studied the man before her, she was certain that if she embarrassed him any further, his face would turn redder than her eyes.

"No, I have another suit on underneath, I assure you," she promised, sliding up next to him and peering around the corner. "I suppose changing here would be the best course of action wouldn't it? People are likely to recognize me elsewhere." She pulled back into the alcove and crinkled her nose, put out slightly by the situation. She looked to Thaerex before asking him, "Watch my back?"

Thaerex answered with a silent nod and Theva stepped backwards into the shadows of the alcove, then he turned around so as to give her some privacy. Theva set down her helmet, which she had been holding under one arm. She swept aside her braid so she could begin to prise apart the clips that held her armor together. A few deft maneuvers later and she stood there in just her black under-suit.

"Alright," she huffed as she leaned down to gather up her armor. Thaerex turned back around and was immediately struck by how much more snugly this suit fit her. The armor had only hinted at the figure beneath, but the under-suit clung to her every curve. She straightened up and tossed her head, flinging her braid back over her shoulder. Thaerex closed his eyes for a moment to suppress the thoughts that had begun to surface in his mind. He reopened his eyes and hoped that Theva hadn't noticed. If she did, she didn't let on.

"Let's get of here, eh?" she suggested. Thaerex answered again with a silent nod, not trusting himself to speak just yet, and he made sure to take the lead as they left their hiding spot.

* * * *

The path from the alcove to the nearest lift seemed much longer than it actually was. They proceeded cautiously along the largely vacant alleys and walkways until they made it to the lift. Thaerex breathed a sigh of relief as the lift reached the upper levels, the harsh neon-colored light from the cafés and casinos flooded in as the doors opened.

Thaerex kept his awareness up, scanning the crowd with his eyes while simultaneously reaching out through the Force. The air taxi station was just on the other side of the plaza they were crossing. He could spot several members of the Hutt Security Force nearby, but it seemed Theva's change of attire had accomplished its purpose.

"Welcome, please select an available travel route," instructed the droid.

"We need to get to Deucalon Spaceport."

Thaerex silently nodded as Theva took a step back into the alcove.
Thaerex's lightsaber is now a reality!

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