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@lightningalpha1 just looking at this gave me an idea! Can you PM me?
Kazuto let out a sigh, before mumbling to himself. "Stubborn girl..." He looked at Hikari. "I honestly want to help, as I was in a similar situation until just a few years ago. I couldn't control my Quirk, I didn't trust anyone, and nobody wanted to help me due to my...heritage." He frowned slightly. "I normally don't talk to anyone else this much, but you and I are similar, though you are what I could have been had I taken a different path."
@AcetheKidd "If you'd like, I can help you with controlling your emotions better." He gave a small smile, his usual expression only changing slightly from his usual impassive look into at least an attempt at being friendly. "I had...problems with it when I was younger. Mostly anger. So I can at least show you some of my methods for keeping my emotions controlled and you can see if they work for you, okay?"
Name: Kazuto Kurogamine

Gender: Male

Age (14-16): 15

Appearance (include height and weight): Height - 5'9"
Weight - 173 lbs.(can vary with certain elements)


Personality: Kazuto is one of those people that is extremely calm and calculating, only showing emotion when something truly manages to surprise him or he is under the most extreme of circumstances. Every fight he gets into is like he's picking apart his opponent, especially during spars with fellow hero trainees where he'll go out of his way to make his opponent's flaws obvious so they can correct them.

Quirk: Conduit - He can use almost anything he wants as an "element" for his powers, with the exception of certain things, though he has to absorb that element in order to use it.

Quirk Flaws (Are permanent and cannot be bypassed): He can only use one "element" at a time, he can't use certain things such as water as an "element", and bodies of water larger than a simple puddle can harm him, with the larger the body of water the more deadly it gets, for various reasons and to various degrees depending on the element. Anything he needs to swim in means instant death for him. Once he uses up enough of a certain element, he needs to either absorb another element so he can use that one, or absorb more of the same element to "recharge". If he wishes to switch elements, he needs to absorb that element to switch to it, so switching elements can take at least a few seconds, which is a long time in an actual combat situation. If he tries to use it after it runs out not only will he not be able to form the element, he'll also feel large amounts of pain shoot up the part of his body that he tried to channel it through.

Quirk Limitations (That can be worked on and improved): He has a limited amount of uses for each element before he has to either "recharge" or switch, though that limit can be increased given time and training.

--Optional information--

The reason they want to be a hero: He merely wants to help people.

Backstory: TBR

Likes: TBR

Dislikes: He wants to rid the world of suffering as much as he can.

Skills: He's quite skilled at hand-to-hand combat and with a few different weapons, though he prefers to use a chain as each "element" seems to have a different effect on it. He is quite creative at using his abilities though, finding new and creative uses for each "element".
Kazuto had seen Hikari run off to hide, and he sighed a bit, before following her, deciding the girl needed a vote of confidence. When the electricity was released form her, he almost casually absorbed it so nobody would notice. He went over next to her, as calm and serious as always. His usually hard gaze softened as he stood next to her. "You know, I know what you're going through. Up until a few years ago...I wasn't exactly fond of my Quirk. I was nervous to use it." He sighed, remembering why he was so scared of his powers. Both of his parents were villains, an evil duo that had caused mass terror for the few years that they were actually causing problems(both of them are OC's of mine). He shook his head to rid himself of his thoughts. "I doubt your reason is the same as mine though, as my parents were villains. They were arrested shortly after I was born, and they were put in a prison only the most dangerous people with Quirks are placed...I was having problems controlling my powers, due to my thoughts about how I might become like them...I was given a few pieces of advice from an old man though...'If you stay in the past you can never look towards the future', and 'Don't try to force your powers. Guide them rather than outright controlling them.'" He shook his head. "I'm sorry...I'm rambling aren't I? Anyways, you use electricity, so here's a tip to using it. Don't try to control it directly. Instead, guide it to where you want it to go. It will always seek either the most direct path to its target, or spread out over a wide area. You need to simply aim it, then give it a bit of guidance. It's far too wild to be forced."
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