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@SinfulSkills Ello! I know it's been awhile but I was wondering if you'd want to start another rp with me since I seem to have...erm...lost the other ones. >.> *eats all the cookies* Anyways, throw me a PM so we can work something out. ^^
Ello Ze-imeanlink! I like most of the stuff on your list so can you pm me?
I like too much stuff on here. PM me.
Name: The Postal Dude, Jr


Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Powers: None. He's human.

Skills: He knows how to use a variety of weapons, including improvised ones, and is actually very smart even if he is kind of crazy.

Weakness(es): he's a regular human.

Crush: none

From(OC, movie, game, book, tv show, etc): Postal(from Postal 2 onwards)

Personality: Usually calm, sarcastic and laid back, but is prone to extreme violence when angered.

Bio(optional): TBR


Likes: Pissing on people, his dog Champ

Dislikes: His bitchy wife, most peoplw

Other: another one of these?
I'll try to get back into public RP's with this but no promises.
I know I was just saying the idea reminds me of what happens to him.
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