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Hmmm...mortal x Goddess? With you as the goddess of course.
@WhiteAngel25I'm interested in your ideas! PM me!
@Saephod PM me? I love CoC and I even had a start to a plot ready for it.
@Riley Tucker I'm interested in a star wars rp. PM me, maybe?
@ArenaSnow I'm just awesome like that. Anyways, PM me.
@Wysteria Yes, yes it is. Lol.

@Thinslayer Alright. ^^ I look forward to seeing what you'll pick.
@LadyRunic Star wars? :D I have an idea for a character I wanna play ^^ so PM me.
@Carmine Celica I'm interested is a tough decision...ah fuck it I like all of them. Pm me ^^
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