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Current it's that time of the year! sakura-themed foods are becoming really popular again! time to look for recipes!
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I thought that I posted my Interest Check in the wrong section and almost had a heart attack... why this

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I'll be out visiting relatives all day tomorrow! Expect late replies!

Why do you feel like you'd be awful at it? It's not like you have to actually play an instrument or anything.
Stephen is accepted. Please move him to the character tab.

Nope. 18 is the max for school age.
@Chocolate Lady
Go for it!

I hadn't of planned on having it set in a specific location. It's a fictional version of our world. And feel free to do whatever you want with the occupation! I have no problem with you use some of Muse's songs.

It's been several years since the multiverse settled down after the attacks launched by Tabuu. Our heroes have since been living a quieter lifestyle, having returned to their home worlds soon after the catastrophe was just barely avoided. However, a new, dangerous force is stirring within the depths of the multiverse. Over the last three months, there have been several attacks on various worlds. Terrible, gruesome monsters were sighted all over the multiverse, killing anyone in reach, before our heroes were transported to a new world. This world had various places, terrains and aspects from all different worlds meshed together. Together, they'll be facing a completely new enemy. However, this one is mightier than any foe they've seen before, and even using their combined efforts, they may fail to stop her.

Having been alerted of the oncoming calamity, a goddess by the name of Gaia has set out to ensure that the universe remains safe. Using her almighty powers, she has trapped the great evil entity in one world by distributing various keys. Without these "keys" the great evil cannot escape the world that she currently dwells in.

In order to protect these keys, Gaia has given them to several individuals from our world. Several individuals on planet Earth now hold the potential to release the great evil. However, Gaia underestimated the great evil entity. She used the remainders of her terrible powers to drag the individuals with the keys into the world that she's trapped in, and has been sending her minions out to pursue them. Yet, these individuals are not alone. The heroes that defeated Tabuu have been sent to aid them. Together, they must move onward in order to defeat the great evil, and save the universe from being destroyed.

This is a multiverse roleplay, mostly involving characters from Super Smash Bros. It has RPG and dungeon-crawling elements. You, the player, will create an OC who has been given a key, and granted access to amazing powers. Throughout the entire roleplay, your character will grow as an individual, and learn how to hone their powers. Your character will also have a team centered around them, mostly made up of characters from Super Smash Bros.

Yet, the entire plot isn't set in stone. Rather, there will be multiple opportunities for the roleplayers to alter the course of the plot. Rather than me strictly governing over plot details, I'll often be asking for the opinions of the roleplayers and where they think the plot should go next.

@Jay Kalton
Welcome! Can't wait to see your characters!
Interested. O:
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