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oh hello there september ya little bitch
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come on mind you should be focusing on writing posts not shipping two characters from an anime that came out the year you were born smh
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So my account is officially a year old. *explodes, cries and rolls down the nearest hill*
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*looks around the corner* yeah I see you there september just patiently waiting for school to kick me in the ass again and rid me of my internet freedom
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so I've been on this website for 12 months... no no I swear it was 2015 two days ago where did all my time go shit it hasn't been a year since I joined it has to be a lie


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~ a.k.a just some cringy london-born weaboo, fam ~

(ooh look at that i've finally gone and made my bio all pretty and shiz)


In simple terms, I'm simply a little asian person who's very quickly drifting through high school, and is someone who also happens to like anime and aggresively listening to lo-fi stuff and Hiroyuki Sawano soundtracks a bit too much. Floating around and writing posts on this website is also kinda fun too, I guess.

I've been at this roleplaying thing for quite a while now, but it really kicked off after joining a certain server in a certain game and meeting certain people who actually wrote pretty good and knew what a Tesco and Sainsburys were. And those certain people led me to start writing posts and joining RPs on this website. Which, I am actually very thankful for.

But all sappy stuff aside, I would call myself a casual to low advanced type of RPer who has a thing for magical fantasy type RPs and a totally unspoken thing for generic high school RPs with pretty colours and kickass superpowers. Making pretty and complicated character sheets is also fun, because I clearly have priorities. For some reason, I also have a reoccurring thing for writing female charcaters who are very tall (6'1 German brunettes and 5'9 Japanese women anyone?), and now I seem to have a strange attachment to this 5'7 and over females club of mine. You can just leave ol' 5'4 me in the corner fantasising about these lanky beauties.

also it's not like I take four months to complete a character sheet because I can't decide the deep meaning behind their name or how much of their family should be dead for future character development or anything, idiot

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It was a nice surprise having the staff member approve of Mallory's actions during the conflict between the two chimeras. She responded to the woman's gratitude with an appreciative nod, though Mallory made it in her best interest to not look too flattered for simply doing the most logical thing in a such a situation. Had she been sitting at the far ends of the cafeteria, Mallory wouldn't have even been in the position to stop things from getting ugly, let alone be bothered to.

But this time, Mallory had no choice but to take up such a position. And frankly, what the horned chimera had said was quite the shock.

Soon, breakfast would be over. Mallory took one last sip of water as she heard the blaring announcement coming from one of the professors.

In simple terms, Mordhaben was absolutely stunning.

Especially the Arts Building, oh, it was truly a sight to behold. Mallory hadn't seen anything like it before, and the image of something so different, something out of her initial understanding for plant life and extravagant architecture, had her ecstatic; the exploration possibilities were endless. One of the examples of exotic plant life that had caught her eye was a gorgeous blue flower glowing under a nearby tree, which Mallory proceeded to simply poke without any harmful intentions. It was clear some of the plants in this area were only meant to be admired from a distance, Mallory would soon learn as she was blasted in the face with a bright blue powder. Coughing and sputtering and dusting off her hair, she soon found out it wasn't a substance that would stubbornly stick to her clothes, thankfully.

"Well, I hope that wasn't poisonous," Mallory muttered to herself, simply continuing to walk on as if nothing had happened. A few students seemed to be giving her odd looks, though she didn't look bothered about it at all.

The group of new students would then be led into the courtyard, and Mallory, modestly munching on the biscuits she had been given, continued to analyse her unfamiliar surroundings. Although she had a taste for the more extravagant things life had to offer, Mallory appreciated the quaint and relaxed feel this area gave off. The Research Institute she would soon find herself in was also a place of note, and Mallory made sure to remember it. Worryingly enough, she seemed to look particularly enthusiastic at the mention of 'projects' and 'experiments', which was made prominent by some of the disturbed faces of the other students.

The Athletics Compound was also a point of interest to Mallory. Despite her pale skin being like that of a sickly young child, the girl had a certain affinity for physical activity and sport. And oddly enough, she enjoyed doing such things. Although Mallory liked the quiet moments where she could relax by herself and mentally recharge, she liked to spend her time actually being active. Exercising and maintainig a fit and healthy figure was one of her more understandable habits.

The tour came to an end much quicker than Mallory expected, though being on the receiving end of intense info dumping tended to warp her perception of time. Weariness began to sink into her bones, and soon the girl was dying to have something plentiful to eat. Hopefully this time around her meal wouldn't be so abruptly... disturbed.

But before that, an announcement about roommates was quickly made.

Mallory glanced around. She wasn't even the slightest bit familiar with any of the students here, save for the boy she had met earlier in the day, and who she assumed was off limits when it came to rooming. Her curious lavender eyes thoroughly scanned the tour group in search for possible female roommates, and then at the paper she had been given listing everybody's names.

This would take some time.

Clara was certainly taken back by the woman's harsh tone, and for a second she let a hesitant look of surprise slip onto her face. She would soon replace it with a relaxed smile and a light chuckle, hoping she would create a more cheerful atmosphere between them. The reason she had even gone over to talk to the lady was to hopefully make her look less pained and unhappy.

Despite Clara's attempts to brighten the mood, specifically the other woman's mood, it didn't look like this lady was willing to carry on the conversation. The apathetic tone in her voice, her uncomfortable shifting about, perhaps it was a mistake for Clara to have gone up an tried to chat. It wasn't like she hadn't come across situations like this before though; although Clara would rather be chatting away with someone for the rest of the ride to Thlecia, she wasn't going to force this other young woman to keep on talking. Clara had to admit it was unfortunate that their conversation was cut very short, but she considered herself a respectful person. So she would respect this lady's space.

Lifting her elbows off the handrail to make her exit, Clara gave one last smile to her former conversation partner.

Maybe there will come a time when the Eoldysseus isn't so rickety anymore. But still, whether you're a complete idiot or not, it's better to be safe than dead under a moving barge, right–

Clara froze as her eyes caught sight of the woman's metal arm. The crest that was imprinted on it and even the silver prosthetic was of no significance to her in that split second; the white mantle the lady wore over the expensive metal limb was all too familiar in Clara's startled eyes. A woman of wealth taking a rickety mode of transport, scabbard ready at the hip and with a cautious, yet cold look in her eyes. If Clara's burning suspicions were in any ways correct, she was ready to hit herself for not noticing the signs earlier.

Clara took a small step back. She held her breath, her light brown eyes locked with the other woman's grey pair. It had been a long time since she had felt such animosity in the air.

"If you bring any attention to me from the Inquisitors, this ride is going to become much less pleasant for all of us. Move along, for everyone's sake-"

“Did you say the Inquisitors? I'm after them, so please don't leave anything out.”

Clara's intense stare shot up to meet the eyes of a young blond boy. His careless statement had her eyes almost popping out of their sockets.

The paranoid glances of the surrounding passengers kept Clara's heels off the floor, ready to react to whatever was to come her way. As one of the passengers shot out of their seat, Clara drew in another sharp breath, and took another small step back.

All the possible situations that could realistically follow from this point on began to play out in Clara's head. None of them seemed to end with positive results.

But then the blonde woman interrupted her thoughts, making quite the interesting response to the boy's shocking question - it was a response that managed to distract most of the onlookers, which relieved some of the stress from Clara's tense shoulders. The woman then somehow blew down the doors to the upper deck of the railway barge, and Clara observed her as she strode away with the young misfit. Strange, Clara thought, narrowing her eyes. Just who was that lady? What was she playing at?

What was her connection to magic?

But Clara could hardly worry about such trivial matters. She now stood alone, suddenly left behind, and as soon as the blonde woman disappeared the crowd's eyes fell on her once again.

Then, her thoughts were once again interrupted.

The woman that had tried to report the incident had suddenly fallen to her feet, and from the seats of the barge emerged a young girl with a head of fiery red hair. This was a good chance. Clara could use it.

In the thick of the moment, Clara's feet rushed over to the woman who had tumbled, helping the red head get the lady back to her feet. It was the best - no - probably the only way to draw any negative suspicions away from herself as soon as she could. Not exactly her style, but it would keep her out of any more trouble for now.

Please, let me help you back up, Clara uttered in a gentle tone, placing a firm hand on the woman's shoulder. My, it's quite the rickety barge, isn't it? Are you hurt anywhere?

Glancing up, Clara met the amber eyes of the red haired girl for a short moment. Although a sense of uncertainty crossed her mind at the sight of the youth, none of doubt or suspicion was shown on her face. Looking at the girl with the slightest hint of suspicion in her eyes, Clara smiled. Perhaps today she was feeling a little too relaxed; Clara knew all too well, especially after what had just happened, that not everyone was who they seemed at first.


• Wednesday, The Coffee Pot •

Earlier in the morning, Aya had arrived at The Coffee Pot, once again finding herself working the stupidly early morning shift. Thankfully the morning had been a relatively peaceful one, save for the encounters she had with the few mentally drained university students that frequented the café at this time. Mari, that unfairly lucky girl, had the day off, so it would just be Aya and the other baristas she barely talked to in her company today.

The café would grow busier and busier with each passing hour, more and more customers pouring in each minute. By now Aya was used to this type of thing, even if she wasn't in the best of moods on some days. But although she wasn't feeling too glum today, the gossip she overheard as she delivered coffee to other tables was quite disturbing. The flashbacks from Monday evening when she was driven home soaked to the skin and looking like a pissed off panda sent shivers up her spine, and the fact that the conflict had apparently started with those three asshats trying to poison a poor woman made her Aya grimace even more.

As she contemplated the different ways she could possibly defend herself from something like that happening to her, Aya felt a light tap on her shoulder. Her initial paranoia made her spin around so quickly that she almost lost her footing, only to meet the large worried eyes of the recently employed barista. She pointed to one of the coffee dispensers.

"Er... I don't think it's working properly."

Aya looked around. The rest of the workers behind the counter were either serving customers or making coffee. Although she had been working here for about a year or so, rarely had she come across a faulty machine, let alone been able to fix one. There was no one else Aya could seek help from, so she just followed the younger girl.

It was making a lot of loud and faulty sounds. Aya approached it with caution, because how was she supposed to know if the machine would explode in her face right then and there? She pressed a few buttons and even jostled the hunk of metal around a bit, trying to lift it up for leaks and randomly tapping things. She asked the girl several questions about whether she had abused the machine in any sort of way, to which the girl only shook her head. With the machine still not producing any coffee, there was little Aya could do to save it.

So, Aya slapped the thing on its side with full force, earning a lot of strange stares and a now mostly silent café.

She looked around. The new barista stared at her as if she had just murdered somebody, as well as the other baristas who gave her very confused looks. The violent sounds of the coffee dispenser would stop, and coffee began to flow seamlessly out of it. Aya placed the cup in the young barista's hand hoping she wouldn't run away screaming.

Taking a moment to breathe and tidy up her hair, Aya went up to the counter to serve a waiting customer.

...anyway. What can I get for you today?
And the most skilled person at RPing exclusively from their cellphone I know. Yes, that's correct. Her posts are entirely mobile phone-based. It's crazy.

You know you've reached a certain level of skill when it becomes totally unnatural to write posts on an actual computer °~°
oshit jay is in this too, what a coinkydink

Hey y'all, apologise for the very long absence.

I was having a bit of trouble coming up with a post and I'm not really used to fast paced RPs, so I took a bit of a break. I've definitely got something in mind now and I'm starting to read through all the posts I've missed, so Aya will be coming back soon!

Mallory almost chocked on her drink when the outburst of a certain student shook the entire cafeteria. She snapped her head around towards the source of the shouting, only to see a chimera of sorts confronting a poor student by yelling directly at them. Whatever the boy was upset about, Mallory was too confused to react to the ordeal in any other way but to simply raise her eyebrow.

Then a student, small in stature and frail in physique, passed by the dog-like chimera with a retort that would raise Mallory's suspicions. Surely this boy, having horns protruding from his own head, was a chimera too? Was he indeed insulting someone like himself?

With a more gentle turn of her head, she faced away from the boisterous dog chimera and towards the boy who had decided to tag along by her during the opening ceremony. Mallory would have started a conversation right then — the boy didn't seem to be in the highest of spirits — but the horned boy suddenly took a seat opposite her before she could. And the boy, whose name Mallory realised she didn't know the name of yet, spoke up.

"They don't tell you about what happens when you go home, they don't tell you about the nightmares and the panic attacks. They don't tell you how much a thing like Vivat can damage somebody, how war breaks people."

It seemed more like he was trying to keep those words to himself, Mallory noting the quietness of his voice. He seemed serious, somewhat distraught even. And in all honesty, oddly enough, Mallory wasn't sure how to respond to it. Mallory almost grimaced at the awkward atmosphere she suddenly found herself in.

Before she could say a word, everything seemed to flash before her eyes.

Someone decided to intervene by grabbing the horned boy in one hand and smacking him with the other, and soon the boy who previously had a solemn look on his face stood up to shield the chimera. Then another person would intervene, their eyes glaring with the intent of tearing the little horned boy apart. From the sheer intensity those three people visually expressed, Mallory could already tell this wasn't just going to end up as any other foolish cafeteria brawl.

Then the girl who had attacked the chimera - and who now seemed to have been affected by something - turned away from the scene, and the grey-haired boy pursued. That left Mallory with the scrawny chimera and the other student that looked like he was out for the horned boy's blood. She looked up at the both of them for a second, still seated. Mallory certainly had her fair share of school conflicts in the past, but this one was one of the more difficult ones to act upon. Although she had heard the horned chimera saying very questionable things, even Mallory could tell this was getting out of hand.

She rarely found herself in the position of peacemaker, but it would have to do in order for this fight to not escalate any further. Were something more violent to break out, it would likely mean a lot of trouble for the surrounding onlookers; Mallory included, who had the fortune of having a special front seat to watch all the current action unfold.

Ah yes, I think it's about time we settle down, boys, Mallory interjected, donning a small smile. Like the horned boy she raised a pale finger, gesturing towards the approaching staff member.

Now certainly isn't the time to be stirring up a conflict in the cafeteria on our first day here, hm? Not exactly the best way to build up one's reputation, I'd assume.

Soon the female staff member closed in, asking for the names of the two boys. Deciding to keep quiet for the time being, Mallory flattened her smile, taking a hefty sip of water from her cup.

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when the pretty blonde lady on the train railway barge has the same uniform as the people that tore your entire family apart eight years ago


Morholt didn't take his ID back.

He stomped off without saying anything, leaving Hilda and the dense crowd of anxious students behind. The girl hadn't even noticed the amount of people around her until now, and suddenly it felt much harder to breathe. Everyone's eyes were on her, worried expressions and troubled looks plastered onto their faces. Hilda ran her fingers through her hair, breaking into a nervous sweat.

Then, someone laid their hand on her shoulder. Hilda jumped.

"I'm thinking that this is the first time you've been challenge to a duel, yes? If so, you probably don't know what you're getting into."

She was being challenged to a duel? But how? Since when?

I, uh... well, this is my first time duelling a stranger, yes...

Hilda was interrupted by one of the enforcers who informed her of dueling ground preparations, and the boy who attempted to comfort her began to speak of the terms of the duel she would have to consider. How could she have gotten into such a mess on her first day on campus? She began to tug at her hair slightly as she ran her fingers through it again, failing to reassure herself about the whole ordeal.

Finally, the crowd was dispersed and everyone returned to whatever business they were tending to. Hilda let out a long sigh, only now remembering the mess that had been splattered all over her clothes. Even with the terrifying presence of that giant of a student, it was no wonder everyone was gawking at Hilda as well. Her face flushed a bright red once she realised the filthy state she was in once again, and an even brighter red once she turned to face the boy she had the misfortune of presenting herself in front of. In her moment of panic, Hilda muttered a swift sorry before scuttling out of the mess hall. By the time she was outside and almost out of everyone's sight, she broke into a run back to her dorm room.

Hilda snuck into her dorm, assuming no one else had arrived yet. She took the opportunity to get dressed and unpack her things, making some minor arragements in the room she had occupied. She grimaced at her blood stained coat in the middle of cramming things into drawers, noting she was definitely going to need to shove it into a washing machine.

And soon, Hilda would be finished tucking her possession away. She stood in the corner of her bedroom and nodded, appreciating the cleanliness of it all. All she hoped is that it would look like this for the rest of the school year.

Hilda's spear and sword stood in a criss cross by her bedroom window, the light of a new day shining through the glass. She gripped the spear in her hand, already reminiscing about the incident from not too long ago. Hilda knew from the shock on everyone's faces that this was going to be a combat based duel, and Hilda had to go up against someone who stood two feet taller than she was. Suddenly switching into a fighting stance she thrust the spear into the air, making full use of the space her room provided. It was much smaller compared to the lavish accommodations of her own home, but it would do. Perhaps if there was a lesser known space of land somewhere else on campus, Hilda could use it for her daily morning exercises.

Performing a few more graceful sweeps with her spear, Hilda began to think of the duel she would soon have to engage in. As much as she didn't want to lose, Hilda didn't want to get severely injured either. She had fought many duels before, but rarely would it be against a face she didn't recognise. The tallest person she had ever battled was her 6'11 brother Burkhard, and this student was well over eight feet tall and about five times as muscular.

Hilda exhaled. There was no turning back now. Although some would have considered her actions in the mess hall as righteous, she had gotten herself into this ordeal by intervening in the first place. And if she wanted to scrape out of it alive, she was going to have to fight.

But first, sleep.
@TheHangedMan I am still here and ready to ruin Hilda's life to have Hilda kick some butt
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