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RP: Attack on Titan: Somnium
I always feel inadequate when I realize jay writes their shit exclusively from a cellphone.

tbh it's just a habit that's stemmed from me being too lazy to stroll up to an actual computer to get stuff done

but like I can also get that stuff done on a phone that I can just take out anywhere so I just sit in my comfy bed and write

what a time we live in
@LetMeDoStuff ya girl's back with the short haired tall blonde what's good my dude
@Jay Kalton @Sunbather

where u guyz at

coming at u with a new character that's what

very tempted to have her be the spawn of the rp's tall vs small jokes so that she can mess with and be proven drastically wrong by the characters only a few inches shorter than her
@Inkarnate it was haha

haven't been in an aot rp for the past three years though

that's where my iconic lanky musclewomen started
hm i might want to join an aot rp

certainly brings back memories


• The Eoldysseus, Lower Deck — Ifrise Forest — Sovereignty of Dryadalis •

The consecutive gunshots would come to a stop, and from the corner of her eye Clara could see that the amount of birds attempting to pierce through the windows had reduced. Some even began to fly away from the windows completely, likely taking to the skies where the rest of the flock must have been hovering. She stood up, exhaling in relief to see the barge windows still intact. Although it certainly was quite the rickety hunk of metal, Clara was thankful that the budget used to keep this thing running had invested in some surprisingly sturdy glass windows.

There was still this prevailing sense of tension in the air however, an atmosphere that Clara did not particularly like; she knew it all too well, this widespread feeling of panic and terror in such a desperate and helpless situation. Although Clara had calmed down significantly more than some of the other passengers on the lower deck, the idea of sitting still in a stationary barge under a flock of extremely aggressive birds ready to dive for the attack at any moment still made her heart beat faster than usual. She had made efforts to be at least somewhat helpful towards her fellow passengers, but being in such a dangerous dilemma, her sympathy was beginning to run out, and the idea of just making a run for it was becoming ever more appealing. Had her legs carried the power to outrun the entire flock, she certainly would have done so.

Clara began to pace up and down the floorboards of the barge, biting at her thumbnail as her heart began to ring in her ears. She only stopped once to look out of one of the windows without the terrifying sight of those voracious birds, where the view of the darkening depths of Ifrise Forest could be seen. Although she had initially felt a strong abundance of magical energy from within the depths of this land, Clara could no longer feel it in such rich amounts pulsating through the fertile forest soil. It was both concerning and intriguing, but whatever it was stopping her from sensing the rest of the forest's ether, Clara concluded that something was indeed off. She even tried to sneakily cast her Loricatorum Vallis spell underneath her right sleeve, but to no avail; at that point, Clara was sure something was wrong. Her instinct was desperately telling her to find out the reason behind such a strange occurrence, but her mind also told her that venturing into Ifrise Forest alone was not a wise choice.

A familiar streak of red caught her eye as it dropped in front of the window, and the appearance of the young girl she had met before the birds attacked took shape. The back of her head did, at least.

Clara heard a barely audible call from above where she stood, and assumed that no one else had taken the opportunity to venture into the mysterious forest depths just yet. But perhaps this was the first line of action that would have to be taken in order to free herself from this dilemma. Clara did not want to sit still and wait to become the flock of birds' next meal; whatever was causing this strange phenomenon was something she needed to know. To do that however, she would have to leave the 'safety' of the barge and expose herself to the problems that lay beyond it.

As the young red head began to stroll into the direction of the forest, Clara's temptations grew larger, as did her suspicions; maybe the girl was like her, a fellow magi, someone who was also able to sense a disturbance in the ether in this particular area. Maybe the girl had the same intentions, the same uneasy feeling in the gut upon realising her use of magic was being hindered. It would be a huge gamble to assume something like that, but the more Clara thought about it the more sense it began to make; what regular person would even want to take the risk of stepping outside? After having seen the state of the passengers on the lower deck, Clara knew that likely none of them would've taken up such an opportunity.

Would Clara be one of the few who would, though?

Forcing one of the barge doors open, Clara put one foot on the soil, coming in physical contact with Ifrise Forest. She could properly sense it this time; the large presence of ether she had felt while the barge was still moving could no longer be felt to such an extent. She hadn't a clue as to what was stopping her from doing so.

Consequences and doubts came crashing into her head when she placed her other foot onto the forest soil. What exactly would she do when and after she found the answer to her problem? What if it was an even bigger threat than she hoped to believe that lay beyond those trees? Would she be prepared for an attack even though her magic had been rendered useless?

Perhaps it was the Inquisitors being in such close proximity that made Clara uncertain about taking this risk. Wouldn't it seem slightly suspicious that a regular looking civilian was willing to venture into such dangerous, unchartered territory?

The red-haired girl certainly wasn't an Inquisitor, and none seemed to be pursuing her as she deserted the barge. Perhaps this would be the only possible chance for Clara to escape this terrible situation. And perhaps, the more people there were attempting to discover the truth behind this strange absence of ether, the more chance there was of actual success. Two people would be a good start.

Clara took another few steps forward. By now she would be visible from those who looked over the railings on the top deck, Inquisitor and regular person alike. At this point, Clara was preparing herself for the worst; if that was becoming an Inquisitor's heavy suspicion or being attacked by some unknown entity, she was ready to jump into action. Her pace quickened, intent on chasing after the young girl.

In the worse case scenario, she could always make an run for it.

Wait, you can't just run in there by yoursel—

Clara heard something fly high over her head before she could finish her sentence, and for a stomach churning second, she thought it was the sound of birds on the hunt for human flesh a second time. With a sharp swivel of her head, she saw the foolish blond boy from earlier hanging from a tree, with another boy quite similar in facial features following recklessly after. Clara did not know what to make of this strange act, other than that it was too much of an inconvenience to stop her in her tracks at this time. As much as she would have burst into laughter had she seen such an idiotic scene unfold in a less tense situation, Clara could only manage an awkward look of worry at the one who smashed their forearm into a tree branch with a loud cry, before speeding past to catch up to the young girl's side.

If her intuitions were correct, that would now make four people venturing into the depths of Ifrise Forest.

• The Eoldysseus, Lower Deck, Ifrise Forest, Sovereignty of Dryadalis •

After walking the woman back to her seat, Clara stayed by her side for another minute to 'comfort' her, while the red haired girl disappeared from Clara's sight. Although the tension in the air had almost died down, Clara's stomach was still churning from her encounter with the blonde lady just minutes ago; she made sure her face showed no such uncertainty, however. Relaxing her face and saying a quick farewell to the woman who had fallen, Clara stood up to walk away.

Her relaxed expression suddenly twisted into one of surprise and horror as the barge came to a frightening halt. With her muscles being equally relaxed at the time, she barely had the balance in her legs to prevent herself from being hurled backwards, and having the back of her head meet hard wood with a painfully loud thud.

And by the time Clara began to hear sudden muffled shrieks and panicked stomping, she caught sight of strange black blurs to the left of her clearing vision. To her right was the face of a random passenger slowly beginning to form.

As soon as her surroundings came into focus, Clara sprang up before the worried passenger at her side – who had actually been the woman from earlier – could say anything, and before the throbbing pain in the back of her head could simmer down to a tolerable amount. The windows to her sides were swarmed by the hammering beaks of aggressive birds, pecking at the glass so hard it had obviously led to a number of the passengers – most of whom had taken refuge under their seats – to believe they could smash through any minute. Clara was one of the few standing up; not in confidence, but in complete shock and disbelief.

It took a good minute for Clara to calm the waves of panic and adrenaline that were surging through her veins. Her composure, though starting to waver, was still stable enough to prevent herself from toppling over in total fear. But the flock of birds screeching outside the windows prevented her from thinking up of any possible escape plan. There was little to nothing Clara could actually do to make the situation a bit more bearable for herself, and even the many terrified passengers on this lower deck.

A barely audible crack came from her left, and Clara's head snapped in that direction. The windows, as strong as they were, were not a strong enough wall to defend the barge passengers against a flock of ravenous birds. Clara could only crouch down as many other people had done, eyes locked on that tiny crack.

She could just about hear the frightened utterings of the passengers over the birds pecking at the windows, with mainly hushed prayers filling her ears. As much as she detested those who called themselves an Inquisitor under the Status Eccelsiae name, Clara found it odd that the ones present on the barge hadn't taken significant action yet.

Noticing a number of extremely troubled faces, Clara instead made the decision to go around comforting those who seemed too terrified to even speak, unable to find the courage to remain emotionally stable during such a horrific event. She decided it would not be a risk to express some spouts of kindness in this situation, being basically helpless as chaos unfolded outside; although this was a rather troublesome mess she had gotten herself into, somehow Clara's instincts were telling her to take action, no matter how trivial her efforts were of improving the overall dilemma. In one moment where she was reassuring a particularly traumatised child, Clara felt her heart sink as the fates of the passengers on the top deck crossed her mind.

Then, gunshots.

The child who Clara was currently comforting sunk deeper into their equally as terrified mother's arms as multiple shots could be heard above their heads. At that point, Clara could only hope that was the sound of action being taken against the flock of birds on the upper deck.
Though, maybe give me a heads up or poke me on discord next time activity becomes hard, yeah? I consider you a friend, so I was a little worried when you disappeared.

Aye, don't worry this time around

Currently neck deep in exams right now, but I'll be taking breathers by reading through posts and gradually building up a long awaited Clara post!
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