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School's just started for me so my activity will likely be even more stagnant than usual but hopefully I can write something up while I'm not so busy this early on in the year


Unlike the many other townspeople attempting to scurry to safety, Charlie's face barely showed a hint of panic. Instead, total dread stiffened the muscles in her face, her unmoving expression giving off a feeling of eerie calmness within the utter chaos that surrounded her. She hadn't shouted for help, nor screamed in terror at the corpse littered streets even once. Never was she one to let those sorts of emotions mould the expressions on her face.

But her panic spoke through her breathing, her running, even Charlie could feel her mental process beginning to crumble under all the sudden stress that had been placed on her, the thought that an excruciating death awaited her just a few neighbourhoods away. She was exhausted, absolutely shattered, she just couldn't anymore. The only thought that kept her legs from giving out under her was the distant sound of heavy footsteps following her. Charlie didn't even look back.

A sharp tug at her wrist made Charlie let out a horrified gasp, and for the first time since the attack she turned her head to look back. It was her mother, sweat drenched and panting as hard as she was, her grip only tightening as she dragged Charlie forward without a word.

"Mother, where's—

"The boats," her mother cut in. "We're going to the boats."

Charlie's mother seemed to be unfazed by the disaster unfolding before her eyes, remaining calm and collected in the midst of terrorised screams and chaotic crowds. Not a shred of fear or horror was brought to the surface, or rather, she refused to let it show; the woman was dead set on her goal to get to safety. She wasn't looking back, leaving everything else behind her to die.

"Mother! Charlie exclaimed, stopping in her tracks. There was only one thing she was intent on not leaving behind for the titans to take over.

"Father. Where is he? she said, her voice wavering a little in all its desperately mustered seriousness. Her mother seemed to bite her tongue at the question, and only continued to tug at her daughter's wrist again.

"Charlotte, this is not the time—"

"Did you leave him behind?—

"I'm telling you Charlotte, he is long dead!" her mother finally snapped, pulling Charlie along the road more roughly than she did beforehand. "If you look back, all you will see is titans. There's no hope for anyone back there!"

That harsh statement delivered in an equally as harsh tone left Charlie silent. Emotion was completely drained from her face, only a hollow look left in her brightly coloured eyes. Although she was slow to run, she wasn't hesitant to follow, simply letting her mother drag her across the street like a rag doll. Soon they were within the vicinity of the evacuation boats, and the pair's running pace slowed. Although the two weren't out of the clear yet, with other panicked civilians trying push and shove their way into their only chance of escape, Charlie took this time to gather her jumbled emotions back together. Her town, her home, her father, all gone. It had all happened too fast for her to mentally process anything, too fast for her to even let out a tear of sorrow.

Charlie's mother loosened the grip on her daughter's wrist, and slipped her fingers into her hand. Charlie felt small goosebumps prickling her skin at the unfamiliar contact.

"I'll tell you everything once we get onto that boat, okay?" her mother said looking ahead at the frightened crowd, stern but reassuring.

For once, Charlie quietly nodded and agreed.
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Welp, I don't think there's any possible way Ren and Mari don't become bestest best friends...

I was so confused at first but then I read Ren's cs haha

can we please please please get a moment where he accidentally calls Mari 'sis' that would be everything

RP: Dawne | A Japanese School Life RP


Although Clara was initially hesitant towards the swordswoman's proposition, she eventually came to reconsider it, if reluctantly. Rarely did she ever mention her name to anyone, and Clara had talked to many people during her years of bouncing from town to town. She never stayed in a single area long enough to get to know the folk who lived there, let alone start building any sense of trust with them. Clara always made sure to keep her distance, to avert any curious attention away from the truth. But this was a life or death situation she had placed herself in, so Clara would have to cooperate. Lying like she often did would not benefit anyone in the group at a time like this.

Etoile, Pythia, Zestasia, Pagonia, Lazulin. The five names of the people she would be betting her life on.

Taking in a small breath, she made sure to straighten her back and let her body relax.

"The name's Clara.
I see the Zestasia dislike is strong.

poor lad about to become the rp's comedic relief punching bag

big bro pagonia better come over quick before his little bro gets discarded by the rest of the cast


Clara could hear the boy's audible gulp as her eyes remained fixated him, nervousness beginning to surface on his face. Despite this he looked like he was mustering what courage he could to at least put up a decent front against Clara.

"I'm not a boy. I'm practically a man!" the boy retorted.

Clara narrowed her eyes. The adrenaline coursing through her veins was beginning to ease away, yet she could still feel that slight ache in her chest from just minutes ago. However, after each breath she took in her muscles gradually became more relaxed, the release of physical tension and mental stress softening her shoulder grip and intense stare as she gathered her overwhelmed emotions back together. Now wasn't the time to let crippling fear consume her thoughts, and by choosing to forget the imminent dangers that lay ahead for a moment, Clara felt more relaxed and less panicked than when she was at the barge. Stay calm, stay focused; she wouldn't let emotions overrun her like that and make her do something as reckless as that again.

Relaxing her mind seemed to help with more than dealing with the thought of possible death as she ventured further into the woods, though. In this same moment, Clara felt as if a missing piece of her being had been restored, a surge of refreshing and familiar energy returning to her body like an old childhood friend. That once prevailing feeling of dread and despair suddenly began to vanish, and Clara felt alive again. She could sense the ether from the rich forest soil as she allowed it to flow through her feet and up towards the palm of her hand, watching as she formed a small patch of red crystal over the skin.

"What you are is stupid."

Clara almost jumped at the sudden voice. Letting the crystalised ether flow away from her hand she faced the person behind her, straight faced. She assumed the young redhead was referring to the boy rather than the both of them; despite recalling her actions to have been just as spontaneous as his it still would have irked her to be called out by a child in such a blunt tone. Another person who Clara hadn't encountered before — a young silver haired man with an unsettling glint in his eyes — would soon join the party, and unlike her more cautious approach of confirming the return of her powers, this person had wisps of ether curling around his fingers on display for everyone to see. But although he seemed to have a much better grasp about what was likely going on within the darkness of Ifrise Forest, there was something about the man's smile and carefree demeanour that made Clara want to keep her distance from him.

While Clara didn't find the title of 'criminal' very appealing to her name — she preferred the phrase 'homeless runaway magi' to be more viable and less sinister — she was at least grateful that she was solely in the company of people just like her. Never had she thought she would ever find herself amongst an unusual gathering of all magi in such unusual circumstances. From what had just been said, the reserved young girl was a fulgur magi, and the talkative blond boy an ignis one.

"Well, life story aside, I'm a terra magi," she said in a slightly hushed, but audible voice. "I absorb ether from the ground to make this red crystal that I can cover my skin and any solid object with. Like this, see?

Steadily raising her left arm, Clara's whole hand was quickly covered in a bright scarlet crystal for the group to observe. After a few seconds of turning her hand the crystal shrank back into nothing, disappearing from the surface of her skin.

"It's very, uh… hard, Clara added, unsure what other obscure details she could give like the boy before her had. "I guess if there's one thing my crystal can do, it's to not break. Unless your magic is that strong, you could probably swing a sword at this stuff and it wouldn't even leave a scratch.

Clara was getting a little more curious now, with what looked like a diverse array of magi before her. She wondered what sort of tricks the others had in store.

RP: Naruto: Kakumei
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