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A random street, Kurosuoba
April 3rd, 2018
| 6:40 AM

Mari was caught off guard from the big guy's casual response, wide grin and all. The way he carried himself was enough to reassure the girl that she wouldn't be getting into a huge scene anytime soon, and she sighed with relief; that was not what she needed on her first school day, she had promised herself that. With her strong grip, Mari pulled the boy up with relative ease, taking a deep breath as she returned a more genuine smile in contrast to earlier.

Mari wasn't exactly intimidated seeing the heavyset boy standing at his full height, and his easygoing demeanour was something she found herself immediately gravitated towards. His energy was unlike anything she'd seen so far after moving to the area; overflowing with hearty confidence and positivity, those were the types of people she liked to surround herself with. Mari grinned back at the boy as he gave her a thumbs up.

"Let's just agree we both screwed up, then?" she chucked, moving away to quickly inspect her bike. No severe damage, other than the now cracked front bike light. Mari herself hadn't got out of the incident scrape free though, as she felt what was likely blood discreetly seeping through her black sock. She didn't have the time nor patience to tend to it at the moment.

"Heh, you think Kurosuoba is bad? I'm kinda new here too, but this place is nothing compared to where I'm from," Mari continued, hopping back onto her seat. "Guess I'm getting too carried away, I'd never get away safe pulling shit like that back home!"

The fifth cyclist he had been hit by in the last few days? Mari winced at the thought, despite knowing the boy's body could likely take a few good hits on bad days. Luck just didn't seem to be on his side this week, and neither was Mari's rational thinking, it seemed.

"We should probably get going now, we're all headed the same way, right? I am not being late for some dumb entrance ceremony, no way," she said, gesturing to their similar uniforms. "I'm Tsukimi Mari by the way, you can call me whatever, I don't really care. Oh, and who're those guys back there? They with you too?"
M α ʅ ʅ σ ɾ ყ

Province of Ilagorn -- Adventurer's Guild a.k.a. The Delipitated Duck
12th Hour of the 2nd Day, Summer

Unfortunately, though she figured it was understandable, Nimr's performances would have to wait until much later into the day once the group had finally been assigned something to do. Mallory would definitely be pestering him into it during the quieter moments of their travels though, regardless of what Ier would say. Once the guildmaster had finished describing the list of tasks, the entire group's direction was swiftly decided by none other than young blonde knight herself. With no questions asked - or rather, with no questions allowed to be asked - Mallory's fate was locked.

Not that she particularly minded Ier's assertive decision, Mallory was actually feeling content with having a clearly defined group leader already. Although how the young knight behaved in that short exchange with the guildmaster was questionable to Mallory, at least the group wouldn't be wasting time squabbling about who should take charge or something usually as time consuming like that. Mallory wouldn't have liked that at all.

Besides, venturing into a forest in search of lost valuables sounded far more interesting than doing what basically sounded like postal services. Mallory's lips curled up as she looked back on her own woodland explorations in her homeland; memories of causing forest fires in the summer afternoons and almost freezing to death running away in the winter evenings brought a bright, unassuming smile to the mage's face.

But upon hearing that setting fire to the forest - whether on accident or on purpose, which Mallory had often both done in the past - would get the group into quite a bit of trouble, the mage shrank into herself a little. Mallory wasn't joking when she described herself to be spontaneous in nature, because it certainly reflected in how her magic worked. She kept her mouth shut, of course; Mallory wouldn't like it, no, she wouldn't accept it if her status as one of the group's mages were to be taken away after witnessing just how unpredictable her mana control was. However, it wasn't like she had no magical skill at all, perhaps with the right timing and concentration she could provide the fire power Ier originally wanted. Mallory would just have to be more cautious this time, but usually those sorts of promises were easier said than done.
@Quincy yup, I've got a post in the works. Also may have it up by today or tomorrow!
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Province of Ilagorn -- Adventurer's Guild a.k.a. The Delipitated Duck
12th Hour of the 2nd Day, Summer

"I'll be glad to have you both. Sign the charter however you wish, Siwan, Mallory."

"Oh, thank you, thank you, Miss Ier-Briar! Mallory shrilled in an unusual bout of enthusiasm. After accepting the warrior's handshake she swiftly took the pen without word, making a quick, convoluted cursive signature on the charter. She thrust the pen and paper into Siwan's direction once she had finished, and finally looked to address the younger looking mage. Before she did however, Mallory took some time to examine her, and made no particular effort to hide it. There was something behind the girl's timid shuffling and gentle voice, something that caught Mallory's attention; an ambitious flickering within the mage's large, round eyes, shining through clouds of juvenile innocence piqued the fire mage's interest. Mallory simply smiled.

"Well, I suppose you could call me a fire mage, or fire magic specialist, whatever you prefer, dear. The beauty of my extravagant blue flames is truly something to behold, yes it is! Oh, but I've also got a little book of basic spells to help with solely domestic tasks, if you're interested, she babbled, taking out a hand sized, paperback book from her satchel.

"There's not many in here, but you can do a lot with a little! I haven't exactly learned all of the spells just quite yet because my mana control can be a bit... spontaneous sometimes, but that's besides the point. I am a fire mage at heart, after all! What are we without our... inherent spontaneity?

Mallory kept her smile, hardly breathless from her sudden flurry of speech, awaiting the girl's response as another young man approached the group. Turning her head, she began to inspect him as well, keeping a watchful eye over the relaxed, somewhat modest movements in his walk. The instrument he carried especially intrigued Mallory, and she clasped her hands with excitement as soon as her gaze fell upon it.

"Oh, how wonderful it would be to have a musically gifted bard amongst us! Let us hear something sweetie, don't be shy! Show Miss Ier-Briar what you have to offer!
- Shooting Stars

only the most fitting character theme for the young bard also obnoxiously loud flute warning?
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Province of Ilagorn -- Adventurer's Guild a.k.a. The Delipitated Duck
12th Hour of the 2nd Day, Summer

Amongst the crowd of rowdy rookie adventurers, Mallory Mortimer was one of the few who stuck out like a terribly sore thumb. Cloud of hair brushed to perfection, fox coat swaying by her hips, a dash of purple colouring on her lips, the woman looked as if she was fully prepared to get mugged on her way to an afternoon tea party in the city. Some had even approached her at the guild entrance asking if she had somehow stumbled into the wrong building, to which she persistently assured them that she hadn't. Her graceful stride towards the counter was very unlike the types of people who surrounded her, and the soft, somewhat delicate sound of her voice did little to suggest her soon-to-be adventurer ranking.

The guildmaster's harsh tone was enough to remind Mallory that there was no time to waste dawdling around cluelessly: not that she ever liked to anyway. From behind her, a mighty call for companions struck her ears, as well as her immediate interest. As she swivelled around, Mallory noted the charismatic presence the blonde warrior gave off; it was unlike what she had seen in the faces of most of the other rookie adventurers, and Mallory found herself drawn to this woman's hearty confidence. Though she had already announced the presence of a mage companion, Mallory knew that she was the type of person she would find useful to stick with on her travels. She silently approached the forming group, leaning her head out from behind the young blonde lady in front of her.

"Though it appears you already have a mage amongst yourselves, would you care to have another one assisting you? Your courageous spirit is unlike anything I've seen from the other newcomers here! Mallory interrupted, leaning her head out from behind the young blonde lady in front of her. Though her smile seemed friendly enough, her face was likely a little too close for a person's comfort, close enough for a hint of that peculiar lavender perfume of hers to waft up their unassuming noses.

"I don't believe there's any harm in having a little more fire power in your arsenal, she said, clutching at her mage staff. "Plus, Mallory added, noting the few sneers coming from other guild members, "perhaps we could show our peers a thing or two, don't you think?

Mallory eyed the three that had gathered with piercing curiosity, letting out a soft giggle. "Ah, right, yes, do pardon my intrusion! My name is Mallory, if you wouldn't mind having another mage accompanying you on your journeys.

Made the adjustments in the inventory section, but I just got rid of the broom altogether and went for a simple staff and spell book. Would I need to make changes to that or are you cool with it?
the plot thickens(?)

More bicycle accidents :v

we love a good bicycle accident to kick start some character interaction
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