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oh hello there september ya little bitch
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come on mind you should be focusing on writing posts not shipping two characters from an anime that came out the year you were born smh
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So my account is officially a year old. *explodes, cries and rolls down the nearest hill*
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*looks around the corner* yeah I see you there september just patiently waiting for school to kick me in the ass again and rid me of my internet freedom
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so I've been on this website for 12 months... no no I swear it was 2015 two days ago where did all my time go shit it hasn't been a year since I joined it has to be a lie


• j a y •
~ a.k.a just some cringy london-born weaboo, fam ~

(ooh look at that i've finally gone and made my bio all pretty and shiz)


In simple terms, I'm simply a little asian person who's very quickly drifting through high school, and is someone who also happens to like anime and aggresively listening to lo-fi stuff and Hiroyuki Sawano soundtracks a bit too much. Floating around and writing posts on this website is also kinda fun too, I guess.

I've been at this roleplaying thing for quite a while now, but it really kicked off after joining a certain server in a certain game and meeting certain people who actually wrote pretty good and knew what a Tesco and Sainsburys were. And those certain people led me to start writing posts and joining RPs on this website. Which, I am actually very thankful for.

But all sappy stuff aside, I would call myself a casual to low advanced type of RPer who has a thing for magical fantasy type RPs and a totally unspoken thing for generic high school RPs with pretty colours and kickass superpowers. Making pretty and complicated character sheets is also fun, because I clearly have priorities. For some reason, I also have a reoccurring thing for writing female charcaters who are very tall (6'1 German brunettes and 5'9 Japanese women anyone?), and now I seem to have a strange attachment to this 5'7 and over females club of mine. You can just leave ol' 5'4 me in the corner fantasising about these lanky beauties.

also it's not like I take four months to complete a character sheet because I can't decide the deep meaning behind their name or how much of their family should be dead for future character development or anything, idiot

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• Monday Night, Swan's Songs •

"I am so sorry for keeping you waiting Aya, look, traffic's been more hectic than usual and I've only just gotten off the main roads. I'm literally, like, ten minutes away, I promise I'll be there soon.

What, like how you promised you would actually be here on time? Aya hissed through her phone, ignoring the escalating commotion going on nearby. She heard a nervous chuckle from the other end, and she simply sighed.

"Heh, well when you put it like that—

It's been an hour Mari, I've been sitting here for a full hour waiting for you to come through that stupid door! Shit, it's been so long someone's already gone and asked me to join them for drinks because they thought I was pissed from getting stood up or something.

Mari burst out into laughter through Aya's phone speaker, and she had to pull herself away from it for a couple of unfunny seconds. After her coworker finally stopped cackling, Aya heard the sound of a turn signal and soft, tired giggles. A few seconds of silence passed, and Aya began to tap her long fingers on the wooden tabletop, letting out a tired sigh.

"So why didn't you join them?

I would've said something, but then you decided to call.

"Ah... Then what would you have said?"

Another couple of quiet seconds. Whatever row was going on in the background, Aya wasn't paying any attention to it at all.



Some people just aren't into drinking fermented grape juice on a late Monday night, especially when they have the stupidly early shift at their workplace the next morning.

This time, it was Mari who let out a long, drawn out sigh from her phone. Once again, Aya heard the clicking noises of the car's turn signal through the speaker.

"Good point, good point. I guess I was only looking to enjoy some sweet jazz music tonight. I think it's about time I lay off the whole 'going out with friends on a Sunday evening only to wake up the next morning too dead to go to work in thirty minutes' thing."

Well, maybe if you did get here on time you would be able to enjoy some of that jazz music and, oh JESUS—

From Mari's phone, the coworker would hear a lot of running, a lot of screaming, and total panic on the other side. She frantically called out Aya's name multiple times, but it seemed the loud background noises prevented her from hearing any sort of response. A swift but muffled 'call you back' was heard, and the call abruptly ended.

Then Aya suddenly found herself outside, shivering from the cold, mascara running down her cheeks, and clothes drenched in fire sprinkler water.

Although it was a small venue, it seemed that there was a lot of people gathered here this evening. And when a lot of people are trying to force themselves through a single door because of a possible fire hazard, things can get quite chaotic. Aya, of course, had found herself in the very middle of it all, managing to gracefully trip over her feet as she was flung outside the building. She noticed the stains of the pavement on her jeans as she scrambled to her feet, and at this point she just wanted to kick something.

A can coincidentally found itself by her right foot, and being in the moment and the mood, Aya did not hesitate to kick the damned piece of metal with all the power she could muster.

Only to have it coincidentally hit someone's leg with quite the amount of force, making her face go from an angry flushed red to a pale horrified white.

Oh, fuck, shit, I mean... Sorry...
Currently catching up on posts, will have my own one up soon!

Edit: if anyone is willing to have a can kicked into their leg, feel free to interact :p
All because of a coincidental nosebleed messing with her luck...

The rain that pattered against the ground certainly wasn't enough to put Mallory in a solemn mood today, as much as she hated weather like this. Once the train had come to a halt and the to-be students left their seats, Mallory practically skipped off onto the platform and filed herself into one of the lines of newcomers. Most of the people she laid her eyes on seemed to be erratic with excitement and anticipation as they walked to the school gates, and Mallory felt no different. Her small smile expressed nothing but genuine thrill and curiosity, lacking the hint of mischievousness it often had the tendency of showing.

The light rain would no longer drip into her now dampened wisps of hair upon entering Mordhaben's school courtyard, past the extravagant gates of cursive floral text. Actually walking through the courtyard proved to be even more extravagant in Mallory's eyes, beautiful rows of colourful flowers and delicate trees lining the corners of her vision. She couldn't help but let out a small 'Ooh' at the sight of a particularly eye-catching bed of purple flowers blooming on this strangely cold August morning.

As she continued to examine her gorgeous surroundings, Mallory was caught completely off guard when she found herself almost crashing into the person in front of her. She snapped her head back to face the supposed culprit, only having to tilt her head up slightly to properly see the one who had pushed her.

"A-Apologies miss," said a tall, grey haired boy, his voice low and his tone soft and bashful. Although others may have aggressively told him to watch where he was walking or quietly ignore the embarrassing incident, Mallory just continued to stare at him, as he seemed to be doing to her. She didn't say anything, nor did she speak a word, all the excitable emotions she had visually expressed moments earlier seemingly gone. Mallory stared him dead in the eye, not once breaking eye contact as she slowed her walking pace for a couple of silent seconds.

Then, she broke into a low chuckle, her regular smile beginning to surface.

No no, I'm alive and all right, dear. Just watch where you're going next time, okay? This courtyard may be stupidly large but it's still looking like a bit of a tight fit in here.

Instead of cutting the interaction off right there, Mallory would continue to walk beside the boy, hoping she could find someone to relate to in terms of unfamiliarity with the institute and the anticipation of a totally new environment. She soon caught sight of the staff members in the middle of the courtyard, all vastly different in size and race but still dressed in the same staff uniform. The one in the bandages especially had a sort of ominous vibe to them, and Mallory felt herself averting her gaze to avoid sensing such a creepy aura.

In all honesty, I guess my whole first impressions of this place are kind of... unexpected, stated Mallory, keeping her sentence vague and blunt. As this boy seemed so distracted by his surroundings earlier on, she was curious as to what he would say in response.


Everything happened so suddenly it took a few seconds for Hilda to process it all. Paper animal constructs were scurrying all over the place, some form of authority was finally starting to arrive on the scene, and oh God, this absolute giant looked absolutely terrifying now that it was this close to her.

This wasn't how things were supposed to turn out. This was a situation where Hilda could have - no - would have ran, gone to find a member of staff and put an end to this catastrophe. And now, suddenly deciding to act all brave and chivalrous like her more experienced relatives would have certainly did, Hilda found herself right in the middle of it all; this student didn't look like someone she could easily fight off. Hilda could bench press her own 160 lbs weight no problem, but just looking into the eyes of this grey giant made her think of how easy it would be for this student to swat her into oblivion like a fly.

A bead of sweat trickled down Hilda's face. Since when did it get so hot in here?

The large student pulled his ID off his neck and suddenly threw it at Hilda. Reflexes be damned or thankful for, Hilda caught it.

"Why don't you challenge me first? It hardly seems fair to challenge the person who was uninvolved just a scant few seconds earlier to a duel," said the boy behind her. What on earth was he talking about-

Hilda's face snapped back to look up at the grey skinned giant, limbs no longer shaking and skin no longer sweating. Her facial expression suddenly became devoid of any sense of fear and emotion, and her light brown eyes locked into the grey student's piercing gaze. Her stance changed, standing tall like she had been when she attempted to shield the boy and her chest slightly puffed out. She opened her mouth to speak, and these were the first words she would utter on her first day on campus.

I accept your duel, Hilda said, voice laced in her slight German accent loud and clear for the whole cafeteria to hear.

As if she had just been snapped out of a vivid daydream, Hilda suddenly shook her head, stumbling backwards as she regained her supposedly lost consciousness. The movement in her limbs returned, and she glanced at the ID in her hands. Despite her initial fears of getting pummeled to the ground by this enormous pupil, Hilda could only look back at them in sheer confusion. What exactly had happened, just now?

I... I think you dropped this?


• Monday Night, Swan's Songs •

Okay, this was getting ridiculous know. Thirty-five minutes had passed and her coworker still hadn't arrived. The music wasn't doing enough to calm her nerves, and at this point Aya was thinking of just calling it a night and leaving in a strop. But perhaps she should give her friend the benefit of the doubt; Aya didn't live far, having to only take a short bus ride to get to Swan Songs, but she recalled her friend saying she would use her car to get here. Sol City was quite the chaotic place during the night hours, and the traffic jams on the main roads were no different. Even though it was a Monday evening, the roads and streets remained as loud and crowded as ever.

From the corner of her small brown eyes, Aya saw someone wave to her. She raised her eyebrow at the woman, now confused and frantically trying to remember if she was an acquaintance of some sort. Aya raised her hand a little and gave a hesitant wave, eyebrow still arched.

A new singer had made their way onto the stage, and just as they started to perform, the waving woman started to speak to her. Aya gasped a little; it had been quite a while since someone had been so forward interacting with her.

"Hey. You wanna join us by the bar miss? Your date's loss I'm sure."

Aya's cheeks went a little red, either because of the heat in the building from all the people that had gathered tonight or this woman's bold words. She was inclined to think that it was both. The last time she had been on a proper date was in her last year of high school, and just thinking about how things went down with that one girl made her want to fling herself into a twenty foot hole in the ground.

I, uh...

But regardless, Aya was still waiting for someone. Perhaps it would be ruder to join another group of people for the night instead of just leaving the place for more understandable reasons.

But then again, she had been waiting for a full hour and a bit now, and it didn't seem like her friend was arriving anytime soon. Aya wasn't much of a drinker at all though — the most she'd had drunk in one night was half a bottle of sake at a run down Japanese restaurant on her twentieth birthday — and the last time she had gone out with friends to drink was about, eight months ago. Aya thought to herself that she really needed to get out a lot more, she was twenty-one years old and she was stuttering over someone's offer to participate in some friendly drinking like some peer pressured pre teen.

Just as she was about to give the lady a response, the song finished, abruptly followed by a rather aggressive announcement from the venue's owner. The commotion that unfolded before Aya's eyes seemed so... sudden. And confusing. Very confusing. Unnecessarily expensive clothes, three arrogant snobs on stage, and why were there a bunch of body guards filing into the shop? She was listening to some sweet jazz music just a moment ago, how on earth had things managed to turn out like this? She looked up from her table, face twisting in confusion and total disgust. Waiting a long and agonising hour for a friend to arrive was bad enough, Aya didn't need a bunch of egotistical maniacs ruining the rest of her evening.

In that moment, her phone started buzz in her handbag. Aya swiftly picked it up and looked at the screen. She let out a tired groan, and answered it.

And where in the fuck are you?
Edited a few things, but Mallory is now back.

Short post is short, but Aya is now officially open for convenient character interaction!

• Monday Night, Swan Songs •

Right now, Aya wasn't in the most upbeat of moods.

It was a mild Monday evening and she'd only just gotten off work two hours ago, as did her accomplice for the night who hadn't exactly arrived yet. Apparently it was Jazz Night here at Swan Songs, and on this particular weekday, Aya had somehow been persuaded to attend by her co-worker. Jazz had always been one of her more favoured genres of music, and it had been a while since she actually got out of the apartment to enjoy herself, but God forbid she stay up this late when she had the stupidly early shift at The Coffee Pot the next morning.

Aya had been sitting at a small table for the past thirty minutes now, waiting. Although the relaxing jazzy tunes being played were very pleasing to the ear, Aya was growing impatient. She tapped her foot under the table, quicker and quicker as each minute passed, arms folded. Although she believed it wasn't the right day to go for a night out, Aya had put in quite the effort to make herself look nice today. She had put on more mascara and silvery blue eye shadow than she usually did, and even decided to wear the dark blue off shoulder top she saved for those special nights out. Aya liked to think she looked especially classy tonight, and it somewhat disappointed her that her friend — who always had something to say about how she rarely went out or how sloppy her makeup looked — was taking her sweet time getting here.

Aya sighed, instead letting the jazz music soothe her head. She didn't want to be in a sour mood when her co-worker finally arrived, even though she found her tardiness quite annoying. She was the one who had managed to drag Aya out of her usual secluded nights in, after all. Aya didn't take out her phone, continue to tap her foot, or curse under her breath about how late her friend was. She just listened and welcomed the music into her cluttered mind, drowning out the sounds of her fellow, seemingly more excitable human beings. That was what she had come here to do, right?
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