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Alberta suspected nothing less from her classmates. Had she not exhausted all of her energy in the past hour rushing to get ready and travelling to the station, she would have had a lot more to say to the people making comments about her. Right now, Alberta could just about manage a look of intense disgust in response to Mandi's remarks. She didn't know what she found more repulsive; said student's suggestive implications towards her and Kress, or just the concept of physical intimacy alone.

"Have you got sewage in your ears, Alzaru? I guess it's not unlike someone as deplorable as you to come up with such perverted—!"

Alberta was cut off by Kress' more reasonable and valid explanations. But rather than thanking the boy for supporting her, she simply looked on with confusion, almost annoyed. She could have handled this entire situation on her own just fine, so why did he have to interfere? Really, Kress could have just left without her in the first place and not get himself swept up in this mess! Did he have some sort of ulterior motive? Or was he just that stupid?

"Indeed it was," Alberta confirmed Kress' statement with a sigh. She had wanted to keep the subjects of her training and studying private, especially from certain people, but at least her all-nighter made for a genuine excuse. "Studying for a few hours before bed has always been part of my routine, but I can assure you it's not like me at all to lose track of time so recklessly. Regardless, I…" Alberta paused, appearing a little hesitant. Her gaze shifted away from Nyx's for a brief moment.

"It won't happen again, Professor."

Once Alberta was dismissed by her professor she gave him a quick nod, before walking past Caelum and greeting him with a malicious scowl. Oh, how she wanted to rip that idiotic grin off his face and grind the rest of his body into plant fertiliser. Even after two weeks had passed, Alberta refused to let her default victory against him fade into the background as the semester progressed. All those late night training and study sessions wouldn't be for nothing, and if her and Caelum were to cross paths in battle again, she would aim for total decimation.

"For the hundredth time, it's 'Blumenthal' you halfwit," she hissed at Caelum. "Remember, I didn't give any of you losers permission to call me 'Alberta', but I guess you're too slow to even comprehend something so simple."

Alberta had insinuated on multiple occasions that no Class C student had earned, or would ever earn, enough of her respect to call her by her first name, or for her to call them by theirs. Whatever she could do to keep her distance from this cursed class, she did. And with varying degrees of success, it seemed.

After throwing her satchel into one of the overhead compartments, Alberta slid into one of the benches below her. As she tried shuffling towards the window seat, she was startled to find someone already there. Sanhan, in all her awkwardness and eerie silence, had gone completely unnoticed by Alberta; running on two hours of sleep did not do well for her spatial awareness. But at this point and in this state, she couldn't be bothered to move elsewhere. Sanhan didn't even seem that disruptive from what she remembered anyways, so Alberta figured she could at least get some much needed peace and quiet for a time. Instead of moving to the opposite bench as she otherwise would have done, Alberta just sat there, resting her elbows on the table and holding her chin in her palms.

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Alberta stirred to the sound of distant beckonings. She simply brushed them off as she rubbed her weary eyes, far too tired and achey to scream her frustrations at the world. She stumbled away from her desk to make her way to the washroom, as she often did in the early morning. Only then did she remember the assignment Professor Nyx had mentioned in yesterday's morning lecture. Alberta bolted out of the bedroom and looked up at clock in the common room, almost knocking into an anxious Kress.

It wasn't early morning. It was eleven o'clock, and she was due to meet her classmates in an hour. A furious shriek burst from Alberta's lungs.

"ALSTEIN YOU IDIOT, WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP?" she bellowed, before charging back into the bedroom.

Alberta always woke up early for a reason; her meticulous preparations took time. Just her beauty regimens alone took that much time, as did showering, eating and getting dressed. She'd spent so much time reading last night that she hadn't even prepared her things beforehand! In her state of panic and delusion, Alberta rushed to pack her satchel first, flinging all sorts of clothes and bottles into it. She rinsed and moisturised her face, ran back into the bedroom and threw on a frilly blouse and fitted black trousers, tossing a short slit cape over her shoulders to finish. Twenty minutes gone, forty minutes left.

Alberta yanked at her tangled curls with a hairbrush and twisted her hair into a braid, before lacing up her heeled boots by the door. She then noticed that Kress was still loitering around for whatever stupid reason, and looked up at him with confusion.

"Why are you still here? I didn't ask you to wait for me, idiot!" Alberta shouted, grabbing Kress by his sleeve and throwing him out into the hallway. She slammed the door behind her and began speed walking down the halls, a coin pouch jingling at her belt.

"Get moving, Alstein! We'll just have to find a carriage downtown, we won't make it in time if we don't!"

And so the pair sprinted through the dormitories, past the academy entrance and towards the bustling streets of Genelogia, where they eventually found themselves a carriage. Alberta shoved Kress into the vehicle before the coachman could even ask where they were headed, until she frantically told the man to take them to Genelgoia Station. She hopped into the seat next to Kress as the horses trotted off, whipping an elaborate compact mirror out of her satchel. Alberta had never run so fast before, and her sweaty face, now redder than the cape she wore, was a clear indication. At least now she had some time to fix herself before having to face the professor and her classmates, which she was not looking forward to in the slightest. There was little a swipe of a handkerchief and a sip of water could do to fix those horrifying dark circles under her eyes, after all.


Alberta leaped out of the carriage and pulled Kress out with her, tossing a hefty bag of coins at the coachman as they rushed into the station. The railway clocks at each platform read ten minutes past twelve. The class must have boarded already.

Boarding a train had never felt so gratifying. Alberta, now a little less red and sweaty, approached car five where she had been directed to. Though upon entry, she was met with Professor Nyx and two other students — Kiara and Ty. Immediately she shot a glare at the boy, knowing full well why he had been pulled aside by the professor. She knew Ty wasn't going to let her live this down, and had the professor not been there she would have fully throttled him.

"My…" Alberta hesitated, sucking in a breath of air and an ounce of her pride. Lying would do her no good at a time like this. "…apologies, Professor Nyx. I accidentally overslept, which is why I was so… behind schedule."

She looked towards Kress, giving him the same puzzled stare from when they were at their dorm. "I honestly can't tell you why this one is late, though."

In that moment, Alberta's fatigue decided to hit her full force with all the aches and pains her adrenaline had temporarily washed away. Famished and exhausted, it took every bit of strength she had left just to refrain from leaning against the walls of the train car as she spoke. Alberta hoped she could get a seat and some breakfast soon.
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Alberta could hardly believe it had only been two weeks since the semester had begun. It was far from the height of summer in Avalice, yet everytime she gazed out of the windows in Class C's lecture hall, the sun always seemed to linger in the same spot for eternities at a time. Being stuck in places she hated usually had that effect on her.

But just because the classes seemed to drag on forever, it didn't mean things weren't going smoothly for Alberta, in the beginning. Acute mana shaping and control were the most vital aspects to mastering the many complex languages contained in her little spellbook, so she was very much used to these kinds of class exercises by now. Stamina training on the other hand? Not so much, but it was manageable. Yet something was still bothering her, as many things often did.

Offensive spells always came so easily to her, practicing defensive ones rarely crossed her mind. Alberta had dedicated so much time to honing her fighting spells to perfection, and for a while, aggressive bombardments of briars and thorns seemed to be enough to keep her opponents at bay. But after the disgrace that was her two previous magic battles — both against Might users who would always have the physical advantage against her — Alberta needed a way to destroy her weaknesses before anyone else could exploit them.

Like some other students, she soon found herself in a cycle of practicing new spells in the class courtyard, and burying her head in any library books of relevance as soon as classes ended. But these time consuming activities weren't the only things keeping her away from her dorm room hours after sundown. Dorm life had been hell on earth for Alberta ever since she stepped foot in there, in spite of how tidy and pristine her and her roommates had managed to keep it. Ty, despite his fortunately good cooking skills for a humanoid rat, was a nightmare to deal with, their rows swiftly integrating into their daily routines. Kress on the other hand was at least tolerable, even with his excessive cheeriness and futile peacemaking efforts. Of course, Alberta was intent on avoiding the two as much as possible, not even joining them at the table for breakfast and dinner; such things just weren't worth her time. When they had finished, Alberta would eat alone, just as she liked it. Just as she was used to.

As the days went by, the worse Alberta felt. She just could not, for the life of her, get her defensive spell to work as she wanted. The shield was brittle, misshapen and weak, her mana shaping and control never seeming to balance out as she was used to. Overall, performing the spell just felt so… wrong. It was a roadblock Alberta thought she'd never hit, ever, and it frustrated her to no end. In one instance, she'd gotten so mad that she threw her spellbook to the floor in a very colourful fit of rage, much to the confusion of any spectators that happened to be in the courtyard at the time.

That happened the day preceding the current one. Alberta arrived back at the dorm that evening more temperamental and fatigued than usual, not even looking at the fresh plate of food her roommates had kindly left for her. It was straight to the shower then straight to her desk, where she sat examining her spellbook for the thousandth time in between cramped stacks of library books. And there Alberta stayed all through the night, repeating the same words from the same page until they started jumbling around on the paper, and then repeating those jumbled words until she essentially confused herself to sleep. She wouldn't wake up until much, much later in the morning.
"Alberta!? I'd kiss Lanza's boot before I kissed that weed gorgon." His face scrunched up in disgust even thinking about it. That left the other half of the challenge...

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