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The last thing Clara remembered was being knocked off her feet, hard. Distant echoes of Pagonia's battle cries faded into white noise as her vision became shrouded in black.

A heavy thud made Clara jump back awake, and she looked around in a panic. She felt her nerves subside once her eyes fell on the defeated krovar, the adrenaline rush from earlier beginning to slow to a stop. She wobbled a little as she tried to force her tired legs into standing, feeling for the origin of her newest head injury. Even though Clara was met with the sight of blood when she withdrew her hand from her hair, she was still so overcome with relief that the pounding headache didn't matter.

Clara was even somewhat glad to hear Zestasia's triumphant cries through the remnants of the dustclouds, even though it made her head twitch slightly in pain. Wiping the trail of blood going down the side of her head, she gave the boy a small smile.

"You thought we were toast? When I first saw your brother's injuries, I thought he was dead, she joked, giving Pagonia a light pat on what she hoped was the non bruised part of his back. "Even though his idea was totally crazy, I'm glad he came out of it alive. I'm glad we all came out of this alive.

Clara gave a relieved look to the others, and then looked to Zestasia. "Now? Well, if no other monsters are coming to get us, I say we use what little time we have to patch ourselves up. I'm sure that krovar won't be the only thing trying to kill us while we're here, we've gotta stay strong.

She folded her arms and looked around the group again in slight distress. Even if most of them seemed relatively unscathed, the ones who were looked like total wrecks, after just one battle with one monster nonetheless. While it didn't seem enough to stop their ongoing venture into the forest, Clara had a hunch about the complications it could cause later.

"At the very least we should slow down our pace a little to try and recover, if we don't stop for a break. Besides, after all the trouble that gave us, Clara said as she gestured to the dead krovar, "running ahead to fight more monsters as we look now doesn't sound so smart. But really, any plans that won't get us killed straight away sounds good to me.

Clara winced at the sudden throbbing pain in the side of her head, and she pressed her hand against it. "How are we for injuries, though? I know Pagonia's broken, like, three bones and Etoile's still got those flesh wounds… how's everyone else?
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Clara winced at the massive dent in Pagonia's breastplate under the filtered sunlight. With no form of useful medical supplies nearby, the idea of actually tending to his injuries was already proving to be a difficult task.

"Okay, you're alive. Good, she said in a calmer, more hopeful tone, simply nodding at Pagonia's raspy words. Although she was relieved that he was even wearing armour in the first place unlike his equally as reckless brother, she knew that there was going to be some broken bones underneath.

"Looks like you'll be needing a new set of armour, huh. Pricey, she teased, kneeling down to get a better look at the damage. "Now, I've got to get you actually moving somehow, so I'll try and get you bandaged up, but I don't know how I'll… wait… hold on, hey, HEY—

Clara continued to insist Pagonia stay put, and she would very well have kicked him back down were it not for the serious injury he had sustained just a minute ago, she was getting that irritated. Despite her keeping a mostly level head, these Calore brothers were steadily pushing her off her edge. This was the one time none of them could take the current situation so lightly!

"I swear on all the great spirits of the earth Pagonia, if you don't drop that sword right now!—

When Pagonia yelled across the forest clearing at her fellow magi and muttered his request, Clara could only click her teeth in response.

"Look, I'm sorry, but I simply can't, she hissed coldly. "You heard me back before that thing jumped out of nowhere, the best I can do right now is cover one solid object at a time or myself in crystal. Constructing things, that's… that's totally out of the question!

Clara forcefully grabbed Pagonia's arm, fearing he would run off having just stated her current uselessness. "You're hurt, Pagonia! If that krovar thing comes charging at you again, then you'll definitely—

When her eyes fell upon the crystalised tree bark behind Pagonia, Clara was cut off by a sudden realisation that made her face light up. Yes, that could be it. Finally, finally, she had a plan, and hopefully it wouldn't result in even more casualties than the group needed.

"Screw it. Let it come here.

Clara let go of the injured man and pushed past him, putting a hand on the fallen tree and releasing the crystalised ether from it.

"I've got an even better plan. Let the krovar charge towards me and I'll crystalise the tree just like I did before, a second before it hits. While it's down, the others can attack it from behind.

She tilted her head slightly to look back. "And since you're so insistent to join in on the fun, maybe you could go get some good hits too. I doubt a few broken ribs is gonna stop someone like you anyway.

Clara observed the other dead fallen trees to her side, the few bound by sturdier roots somehow standing at more upright angles than the others. It would be manageable, even easy, to run up them, especially if it was someone as stubbornly strong as Pagonia.

She pointed towards a tree a couple metres to her left. "There, you can get some height from that one, right? It probably won't see you if you jump from it.

Grabbing a sizeable rock from the ground and clambering on top of the fallen oak tree, Clara crystalised the rock and hurled it at the distracted krovar. Once it made contact, the crystal ether dissipated.

"HEY KROVAR! she bellowed, almost losing her balance. "You really tryna pick a fight with us magi, yeah?

Once she had regained her footing, she pointed a provoking finger towards the monster and stomped on the bark. "These guys may be tough but I ain't no pushover either! Get your fat ass over here and I'll show you how we deal with punks like you back in Thlecia!

It was as if a huge mass of pent up anxiety had been lifted off her shoulders; momentarily letting her emotions relax by venting at the creature that was trying to kill them really felt good at the time. But the possible weight of her future actions rang like a continuous alarm bell in the back of her head. Clara absolutely could not mess up her timing, not after she had just set such a rushed plan into in motion. It was a bold move, definitely reckless, but she didn't want to waste such a good opportunity for the group to finally seize control of the fight.

"That goes for the rest of you too! As soon as you see that thing hit this tree, you better give it hell for the trouble it's caused!

With a deep exhale, Clara kneeled down to place her hand on the bark, eyes not leaving the krovar.

"Alright Pags, you best start running now. I'll give you the opening you want!
@Inkarnate ah I thought I would wait for the others to have a chance at posting before I posted again but I had some rough writeups just in case. I'll try finishing it in the next 2 or 3 days, I haven't even had the time to lurk around these past few weeks but a Clara post is coming.
@Euphonium yup, still here and willing to continue!

A random street, Kurosuoba
April 3rd, 2018
| 6:42 AM

"Oh please, this is nothing, don't worry about it!" Mari chuckled, casually reassuring the boy about her unremarkable injury. She wasn't even sure if it was that serious to even refer to it as such. "A bit of water and tissue should do the trick, I don't wanna go bothering the nurse on the first morning of school because of some tiny cut like this."

Such heartfelt concern, and from a stranger nonetheless. The girl couldn't help but smile! Mari found the boy's genuine expressions of worry so heartwarming, how could she have been so lucky to run into such a considerate guy like him in a situation like this? Similar encounters she had back home involving her not looking where she was going, or other people not looking where they were going, often ended in one, the other or both people flipping each other off in a vulgar flurry of insults. Perhaps the problem was just the types of people she happened to bump into. If that was the case, she had gotten very lucky this time. Although Kurosuoba seemed more quaint and quiet in nature, Mari wasn't as naïve to think there wouldn't be people here who could give her a nostalgic taste of her home city.

Mari kept off her bike, wanting to match the walking pace of her new acquaintance. Pulling her phone out of her blazer pocket, she frowned as she realised the time.

"Ugh, you're right, we really should pick up the pace, huh," she groaned, running her hand through her hair. "I remember the route well enough though, it shouldn't take longer than twenty minutes to get to school."

After about five seconds of walking down the street Mari suddenly came to a halt, facepalming.

"Oh wow, I'm being such an ass today, aren't I?" she exclaimed, sighing through her hand. "First I crash my bike into you and then I have the audacity to forget to ask your name. Sorry man, I swear I'm not usually this rude!"

Mari hoped the boy would respond as positively as he did previously; but just what had gotten into her this morning? Her journey towards fulfilling her resolutions of becoming a somewhat decent person was not looking too bright at the moment. She paused for a moment to hear the boy's reply, before starting up another conversation.

"So, uh… you said you're from the countryside, right? You've really never been to the city or anything?"
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The ongoing assault kept Clara's feet stuck to the forest soil, unable to think, unable to run. In the time it took for Pagonia to get hurled into a tree and for Étoile and Zestasia to carry out their barrage of attacks, Clara had gone through every possible option to contribute to the offence. She had to be smart about her options, she tried to come up with something, but in the end the trials she ran through her head lead to nothing close to useful. Hearing the young ignis magi cry out in a fit of rage only strengthened that uneasy and helpless feeling in her gut; Clara knew how fragile of an emotion anger was, and through her narrowed eyes she could already see Zestasia begin to crack. At this point, she was just waiting for bad luck to finally rear its ugly head, ready to shatter all chances of defeating the monster with everyone still alive in the end.

But Zestasia and the others were doing something, at least trying to bring the fight closer to its much needed end.


Her attention switched to Pagonia, his limp body hidden by the shadows of the thick tree branches above him. Clara's fists clenched; although he had attacked recklessly, with so little care for the consequences it actually ticked her off, he was still skilled with a sword and confident with his magic, he still charged forward despite the obvious risks. The group was down by one valuable magi, and with Étoile also injured, that would make it two if the group wasn't careful.

Clara bit her lip. She had to admit, it would be unreasonable to leave the man vulnerable and unattended, for all she knew he could be on the verge of death after being slammed into the tree that hard. She wasn't as stubborn to deny that she owed him for deflecting those spikes just a minute ago either; as minor that action may have seemed, it had saved her life.

And it wasn't like she had the option to do anything else. The least she could do was offer what little help she could.

Though she remained still for a few hesitant seconds, Clara finally took off, sprinting around the dark edges of the forest clearing to avoid the ongoing skirmish. Unable to get an immediate view of the severity of Pagonia's injuries once she reached his side, Clara hastily dragged him by his ankles behind the oak tree, where thin rays of light breaking through the leaves made things a little more visible. Her hand glowed a faint red as she placed it against the dead tree's bark, uttering her florentes gemmae spell to cover it in crystal; if she couldn't attack the krovar, she would have to do all she could to defend against it. She glowered as she observed the distressed Zestasia one last time, before turning around to see the extent of Pagonia's injuries.

"Damn it… you better not be dead, Clara muttered under her breath.

Right now, the protection of the earth was all she could offer him.
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