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@lunarius @Stitches @DinoNuts @ineffable Thinking of starting it tomorrow or Tuesday, how does that sound?
@ineffable Oh don’t worry about that, you’re not holding anyone up. I just want to wait a bit more before starting and if you coincidentally finish your character during that time, all the better.
@ineffable Lol sounds good. After your CS is approved, we can start the IC.
@lunarius also be sure to move your sheet over to the characters tab. Same with @DinoNuts
@lunarius Another Agency member and an info broker. Should come in handy. Accepted~
@DinoNuts Everything looks great. Vincent is accepted~

I'm glad to hear everything is coming along. Take your time. We're in no rush at the moment. I know I've been busy with work and the holidays, and school is coming in about a few works. Ugh...

Sorry the character sheet is taking a ton of time...trying to get the format right and everything :)

Don't sweat it, we're still waiting on a few people to put up their CS. How is everyone else progressing on their sheet btw?
This seems really cool =D Is this still open?

Yes it is
@Stitches It won't be 18+, more like 17/18 I would say. So what can be pictured is drug use and violence but sexual themes can only be referenced and implied, not go into details. I think 18+ you can fully write about sexual stuff, so basically avoid that.
@Blu One question, is there like some kind of church that revolve around the Minister in New Babel?

I haven't thought of it so feel free to make it if you'd like.
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