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'A' Train - Fifth Car | Interactions: @Dead Cruiser @Chezka

Nyx watches silently as Sekhandur rises from his seat, still defiantly arrogant in his demeanor. He mutters something about benefiting as much from this 'lesson' as he did with any other ones from Nyx. The latter simply smirks, satisfied. "Bark all you'd like. You'll still follow my orders like an obedient dog." Nyx tells him with his arms crossed. "Arrogance without talent is simply foolishness. Your lofty sandcastle will be swept by the wind yet, little 'Prince'." After that, Nyx saw no need in continuing this interaction any longer. As of now, he sees nothing of value in the imperious royal. Despite her haughtiness, even Alberta has proven herself a hard worker and earnest about her studies. Smug and lazy, oil and water. Best not to waste precious seconds on such trifling matters.

As Nyx is about to take his seat, he is approached by the all-too-gentle Yvaine who greets him with a particularly pious salutation. "Most people would say 'good morning'." Nyx says in hope of teaching her to adjust better to her current environment. Yvaine gives him a determined stare, as if she's trying to relay to him a message. Honestly, Nyx couldn't even begin to read into whatever it is she's thinking. A sweat drop nearly appears on his forehead. This girl is an odd one, or maybe Nyx is. Either way, Nyx doesn't know how to respond, but he does take a more gentler approach with her than the others. "I'm going to take my seat now..." He simply tells her before walking away.

Sitting down, Nyx crosses his arms and stares longingly out the widow at the passing vista; daydreaming of a life that could've been instead of the one that currently is.

Genelogia - Outskirts | Interactions: @Relin @metanoia

The 'A' train pulls into a tiny, almost seemingly abandoned station on the outskirts of the colossal city-state that is Genelogia. It's easy to tell this derelict outpost sees little use; even the benches—little in number as they are—are covered in a noticeable layer of dust. This is truly the beginning of podunk nowhere. A steward steps out of the train car and directs the class outside before making his way back in. None else but Class-C will be stopping their journey here it seems, not that it's any surprise. Soon, the train takes off, leaving to greet Class-C once more in about three day's time.

Nyx produces a map and checks for the location of the scenic, nameless little village they are to rendezvous at. "The northern trail, along the river..." he mutters to himself. Folding the map and putting it back into his pack, he looks to the class. "Come along, and stick close. We've a five mile trek ahead of us. Ty, you'll stick to the front seeing as how you're familiar with this sort of environment. Caelum, cover the rear." Nyx orders. In a place as remote as this, Nyx wouldn't count on there being many signposts to direct their way.

And so they walked, and walked, and walked. The forest thicket impeded much of their visibility but, other than that, the trek was proving quite uneventful. Soon, they found the river that was mentioned in the map and followed its stream upward. They stopped midway along the river bank and to take a brief respite, but Nyx was adamant in moving along as fast as possible. For a mage, Nyx proved to be rather physically resilient with seemingly endless stamina. Not once did he seem tired of the endless walk as he led the class forward. Guess such a thing was to be expected of a former Miracle Seven.

Then, things took an absolutely bizarre turn. "What's this...?" The trees in the distance: their leaves displayed hues of red and yellow, colors of the fall. But, that couldn't be. Clearly it's springtime on the continent. Nyx looks back over his shoulder and sees the line of green trees separating from the Autumn ones. Magic? Nyx is swift in focusing his thoughts to detect any strange lingering mana in the air. It's faint but something is there. An impressive thing to hide from someone so attuned with mana. The students would completely fail to pick it up even if they try their hardest.

"This is the work of magic. Temporal, maybe. Hard to tell. It doesn't feel 'powerful', but its composition is unusual enough that even I'm having difficulties sussing it out." Nyx explains. As he said, it's unusual but not particularly threatening. They should check out the village first before deciding what to do next. Did the city guards come across this as they secured the routes leading in and out of the area? If so, no one from Avalice was informed.

Some time later, they finally arrived at their destination: a nameless village probably home to less than three hundred people. The clearing that housed the village is bordered on all sides by the strange Autumn trees, as if this entire area exists in some temporal phenomenon. The village itself is quiet with barely anyone moving about. Some homes are boarded up from outside by faint light can be seen from within. Then, the class sees one of the villagers. Various parts of his body are plagued by bark-like growths, like that of a tree. He moved so sluggishly and his face seems vacant.
It's not an arc, the train part is just a vehicle to get us to the next plot point, but it's like I've explained, I've been pretty busy so excuse my stalling of the plot.

Anyway, if there are no objections, I'll try to get a post up tomorrow or Monday at the latest.
In WitchBlood 10 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been around. Life's gotten pretty busy.

Unfortunately enough so that I can't handle this RP right now (I already have another one going for a while plus life's gotten busier). I do apologize for bowing out right before we could get any traction. Maybe I'll return to this concept some day but for now, thank you for all of your interest thus far.
Sorry everyone for disappearing for a bit. Had a pretty busy few days irl. Small post for now as I'm still a bit occupied but I will advance the plot once I get a response post from @Dead Cruiser. Just continue with character interactions for now. Make some more friends (or enemies) with your classmates.

'A' Train - Fifth Car | Interactions: @Dead Cruiser

Nyx's inquiry as to the whereabouts of Sekhandur, Alberta, and Kress would swiftly be answered by the sudden appearance of the students in question. Before Nyx could get a word in, Mandi began teasing the other tardy mages not named Sekhandur to which Kress corrected the misunderstanding with an excuse. Ty attempts to corroborate the story with an all-too-blatant lie, but, honestly, Nyx didn't care at this point. "Take a seat. All of you." he dismissed. Uh-oh. His tone of voice seems calm enough, but there certainly is a hint of seething wrath behind it. He turns to face Sekhandur who had already taken a seat without Nyx's permission. "Stand up." he tells the wayward prince in a commanding voice.

"You'd think that with the amount of effort you put into your training these past couple of weeks that you'd be more rested." Nyx says, referring to his yawn from earlier and his general apathy for Nyx's instruction.

"Also, 'right on time,' was it? Instead of a watch, perhaps you should invest in a change of attitude. Here's what's going to happen. For the duration of this train ride, you will stand in the back. Don't even think about taking a seat. Don't think about ordering any food either. Failure to do so will result in your immediate expulsion. Understood?" Nyx definitely isn't kidding around. Even before Sekhandur can answer, the train's whistle blew and they begin to depart from the station. Usually, the force of a train taking off could put just about anyone off balance if they were standing, but Nyx stood absolutely still, seeming unaffected by it as he continues to stare down Sekhandur.

Honestly, Alberta and Kress got off easy. Fortunately for them, they were sensible enough not to piss Nyx off even despite their tardiness. It's a three hour ride to their destination. Three long hours if this is any indication.
I would say Eris x Nyx but both could care less for each other.

I would say Eris x Nyx but that would involve significant jail time for the latter.

@Dead Cruiser Sekhandur really hamming up the smugness lol

Genelogia Train Station | Interactions: @KoL @TheWendil @Relin

Eris had arrived at the station a bit earlier and sought out Nyx to ask some questions about the mission. Or, rather, she was questioning the mission itself. She believed it to be an 'unnecessary risk' as she puts it and inquired about the logic of it all. The entire time, Nyx's expression seemed almost apathetic as he listened to the young lady. At the end of it all, she states that she probably hadn't change his mind and begins to walk toward the rest of the class. "You know, some consider it 'rude' to ask a question but not stick around for an answer." Nyx tells her as he expectantly waits for her to stop walking.

"So what is it? Lack of confidence?" he asks rhetorically. "The academy is massive in scope; you've probably seen about five percent of it within these two weeks. Additionally, the security is more focused on the safety of students and faculty than they are on protecting some ancient relics. Any decently competent thief with the right magic can steal something from those archives. The catch is, they won't be leaving Genelogia territory. The school works closely with the City Guard to ensure these types of situations don't leave the confines of the state's borders, hence why the guards were so quick to act. The academy would typically send in the Miracle Seven to handle the rest, but it's overkill. I say this from experience."

Nyx begins to walk toward her. "Complacency is why Class-C has been the laughing stock of the academy for the past decade. Putting in minimal effort will always achieve minimal yield. I'd say taking risks might actually get some desirable results from you lot." He walks past her as he heads in the direction of the rest of the class. "Besides, I'm here, aren't I?" Nyx asks, indicating that if anything were to go awry, he'd step in.

Once he and Eris rejoined the class, Nyx takes his place in front and begins to address them. "Good to see most of you can actually pull off punctuality. It won't take off for another twenty minutes but it's time we board the train. Come along." He motions for his students to follow him and, together, they walk to 'A' train at the left station house. As they arrive, they are greeted by a hulking steel beast of a locomotive expelling a continuous plume of smoke from its front pipe. A marvel of technology in today's age. A steward asks for their tickets which Nyx gave out to the class the previous day.

"Ahh, you must be the Avalice party. You're in car number five, in the back." the steward directs them with his hand. An exclusive car all to their own. Another perk of attending the academy it seems. The interior of the locomotive is certainly high end, adorned with expensive wood and fabrics, and decorated sensibly. There are eight benches in total, each seating three people and are arranged face-to-face with a table in between. So in essence, four seating areas. Nyx puts his bag on one of the top cabins and then looks to the class before taking a seat. "Feel free to order food and drinks once the train gets going. Courtesy of the academy of course. Kiara, Ty, I need to speak to you two."

Nyx pulls them aside. "Any idea why Sekhandur, Alberta, and Kress are so late?"
@Matsuri I plan on the class being on the train by the end of my next post but the train wouldn't have taken off yet, so just go with whatever situation you prefer to insert Alberta in.
@BluPlanning on posting today, yeah. Getting work done first.

Good to know. I'll hold off until then.
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