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Averine City Docks - Velta Burr

Velta had spent the morning looking over the books, old binders and old sells. She had also attempted to dictate several responses to the enthralling offer. Which was exactly what she was doing when Rose walked through the door. Several versions of the same letter lay scattered around her on her desk. She hadn't crumbled them, that would imply impatience, instead they lay in neat rows and piles where Velta could easily see them for reference.

As Rose started insulting her Velta looked up from her papers with a somewhat confused look, one that said " Who let you in?" but she responded in a much less teasing manner. After all, she was not a fat woman, she just wasn't starving in the streets.
" I'm sorry to hear you still can't afford to eat, Rose. Or is it the constant pregnancy sickness that makes it impossible for you to keep down food? Perhaps you should take up swallowing? I hear some men pay for that." She didn't so much soften her words as to simply hammer them in harder with a smug look. " My brothers are hopefully fine, and when they get back to town I'm sure you'll know long before I do. As for things that might interest you, I have dregs, but the finest ones are reserved for someone else. I'm expecting a shipment in the coming days, or weeks. You know how it goes. You are of course free to lock at the rest of the stock, but I know what you prefer... " She let the words trail off unfinished.

Sorry for my slowness, I've been busy with commissions. I'll reply as soon as I can.
Velta reads the letter, only to turn it over to see if she had missed something. After inspecting the seal she reads it again and just to be sure a third time. Eventually she stands up, dons a cloak, and heads outside to where the merchandise were enjoying their shower. Even the cold rain was better than the cramped holding pen they were usually kept in.

The plump woman takes her time to inspect the wares. Children were rare to survive the trip with her brothers caravans and ships but were highly priced, and tended to sell first. They were after all easy to teach, and break. Teenagers were often pleasing to the eyes, if the taste ran such ways but tended to have unruly spirits. Unfit for finer work. She had plenty of grown ups and teens, but no children.
She muttered a few words to the keepers and made sure that two of the better looking adults were taking to the throphy pen, where they would be better fed and cared for, just in case...

Her brothers were due back with a ship any day now...
Velta munched on a chicken leg as she listened to to morning rain hammer the docks outside her office. Ever so often she would glance up at the sky, hoping against hope that the weather would clear up. Bad weather was bad for business, and she had a batch of slaves that needed selling soon, least they'd have to wash them off again.
She paused in her chewing, her frown softening as she addressed the two other members of her staff.
" When you are done with breakfast I want you to take the merchandise outside to wash off the last weeks filth. The rain's cleaner than the sea. " She seems rather pleased with herself, although soon she adds in a thoughtful manner. " You should take them out back, so people don't throw things at them. They are branded but you know how children get when it's muddy."
Velta dropped the half finished chicken leg onto her plate and wiped her fingers on a moist towel. She could afford to waste food, she could even afford to feed her staff, all because she didn't waste an opportunity. However small it might seem. Clean slaves sold better than the ones that smelled.

As her personal Sethkra'Vesh, which she called Lisa in fits of affection and Stinking Filth all the other time, cleared the table, Velta turned her attention to the days mail hoping it might contain something other than bills for once.

( Location: Averine city; The docks. )
Character Name: Velta Burr

Species: Human

Sex: Female

Physical Description (Pictures can go here if you want):
Velta is a well fed woman,bordering on plump, who unlike many of the poor people at the Averine City Docks she seems to have more than enough money for food. Despite her apparent wealth she seems to favour practical clothe of linen and leather rather than the more fashionable clothes worn by merchants. She appears to have roots in the Puppet state Velucian Peninsula as her and her whole family are graced with olive skin tones and raven hair.

Profession: Slave trader.

Starting Equipment/Belongings: She starts with a fat coin purse, a whip which appears to be mostly for show ( Like all slave traders.) and several vials of strong perfumes.

Background: You'll have to find out IC. But those living by the docks would know her family quite well. Rumour had it that she and her three brothers had to take over the business when her father became ill. Her brothers gathers "merchandise" around the known world while she sells them.
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