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How would he be able to judge my question then? Please just let the dm read and answer my question, and delete them if my NEWLY established account and naiveness were in the wrong.

It's a nice attempt, but sadly I don't think it would fit in in this particular world. Of course the DM will have to make the final call on that.
Velta Burr - Delucian district:

Velta slowed her steps, even from here she could glimps the Castle in the distance. She had seen it up close, of course, but never been in it. Somehow it seemed to loome in the distance, making her act as if she was feeling uneasy. However in this richer district she didn't stand out as much in her fashionable cape, and she reached to grab a passing Curier boy, easily spotted thanks to his bright blue uniform.

"This is to be delievered to house Sauvage, to Gareth Nolani. You are to wait for a reply and return the answer to Burr house in the docks. You know the one with the slaves? "

She fished out two fat and heavy coins, much more than the usual fee, and waved them infront of the childs face. " Repeat?"
Vetla Burr- City Docks.

Velta watched the older Knight and the boy walk past, gracing them both with a nod. Her gaze trailed them as they moved through the crowd and when they seemed to be just far enough away she set out after them. Perhaps it was just a coincident, but as she weaved her way through the crowd she seemed to be moving a little faster than normal, as if she intended to catch up.
She was not dressed for spying, and her fine cloak stood out like a painful sore against the dreary clothes of the pooerer citicents of the docks. A different woman might be worried over her obvious wealth drawing attention, but not Velta Burr, she'd grown up on these docks. She knew the thugs, and the desperate, and above all they knew her brothers.

She drew nearer to the Knight, and might not be paying attention to the street aswell as she should, brothers or not.
Velta Burr- her office- the Docks.

Velta inclined her head as the other woman left the room. She was going to have to have a talk with the slave outside, for letting just anyone into her office unannounced. Though Rose was an old friend, despite it all, Velta was a busy woman.
She once more turned her attention back to the letter she was writing and yawned. This was not something she was used to, her clientes, although sometimes very wealthy, were generally not nobility. Gareth Nolani was known for working for a noble house though and this one in particular was rather fond of Dredg, to the point that she even campained for freeing them. Which would mean the end of the Burr Family's business. On the other hand, an estate could generate quite a lot of money all on it's own, and she was not the only slaver in the city.
So she wrote the only thing she could think of.

" Esteemed Gareth Nolani,
I must say I am honoured to hear from you, but a little surprised aswell. I believe I have exactly what you ask for, but would none the less like to meet in person to discuss the finer details of this arrangement. I am after all a business woman and feel I can not simply strike a deal without first feeling the handshake of my client. Send the curire back with a reply whenever you are ready, do not worry about feeding it, I will make sure it's well watered already. "

She signed and sealed the letter, pressing the styalised dredge stamp into the hot wax with a frown creasing her brow. This would need a human curier, just to be sure. Finding one shouldn't be too hard. She dressed herself in the latest yellow cape, the thick whool would certainly keep out the rain, but the colour was really not good for her and stept outside into the rainy street.
I like the open world, but understand why smaller ones might be more lively. I'm quite new to forum RP in general but I truly like the setting and would like to continue.
Velta Burr- The Docks, her office.

Smiles as if she heard a good joke, and allows herself a small sound of amusement. " I can drink fine on my own, and the business is booming, did you know that the yellow tone is very in at the moment in the higher houses? I think it's due to the small birds they like to much. Apparently the slaves should match." She adds as if offering advice " You should dress your girls and boys up in yellow. "
Everything is working again. Yay!
Velta Burr- City Docks, Her own office.

Velta watches the hips sway under the skirts and finds that she's not bewitched despite the other woman's best efforts. There was a reason her brothers frequented the brothels, and she didn't. She shakes her head at the strange logic, after all Rose had barged into her office, not the other way around.
Velta stands up and makes her way to the small liqueur cabinet where she selects a fine brandy which she slips into the teacups. Her slave had promptly slipped off at the mere mention of tea and she now returned with a teapot. She filled the remainder of the cops with sweet sweet tea and served one to Rose. The slave kept her head down and back hunched so not to tower over the Madam.
" Father is doing well, he mostly eats and when he's not eating he's drinking. I think we can both agree it's a good way to spend a retirement. Had any interesting customers as of late? "
Velta Burr - Docks, Velta's office

" Don't be cranky, you started it. " Velta gathered up the drafts piling the papers up out of sight when she saw the other woman looking, but Rose most likely had time to read a few words. "
To the esteemed Gareth Nolani. I am honoured by the offer-
To the honoured Gareth Nolani. I am glad to see you have turned to me in this matter.
Dear Gareth Nolani,
Gareth Nolani, Financial and business administrator of House Sauvage"
She speaks as she shuffles the unfinished letters in under a book, to hide them further. " You know since dad retired we stopped handling humans here. But I thought you'd at least stay for a cup of tea since you are here." Velta adds the last bit as she looks up to see Rose moving towards the door.
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