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Character Sheet

1.) Distribute 25 points to attributes. They have no max, but I highly recommend some diversity.

2.) Distribute 40 points to skills of your choice. The max of each skill is 10.

3.) Fill in your endurance health track.

4.) Talk to me about the quirk you want in OOC.
Character sheets posted.

This will be a discord based RP, not forum.

Character stuff, fighting, etc. will all be handled in the discord. Character apps go here until approved, which comes after step 4 in Character creation.
@The Slenderman

Still interested?
Still looking for players.

Lots of fun to be had here.
@Overlord Thraka@Fury Panda


Ashana had successfully escaped the guards without any trouble. She also looked completely different clothing wise from when she was being chased. Ashana wanted no chance of her true identity being discovered so she took major strides to create believable aliases. Currently she was pretending to be a jewelers new apprentice, creating jewelry to steal when she was done casing the joint.


Natsuki was floating around her shop looking for a certain trinket she'd lost. It was a rock she'd enchanted to always give off heat. It was supposed to be a portable source of heat for people who didn't like the cold. However nobody seemed to interested in buying it. She wanted to find the old rock and give it to Ryan, considering he had been walking in the cold just before they'd met. However after 30 minutes of searching with no progress she gave up. Figuring if she was meant to find it, somebody would walk I'm to buy it.
@NewShoesForever@Fury Panda

Shinji Takemitsu

"hahahahah, slaughter yes?" Shinji asked after nephish finished his sentence about phase two.
"Watashi wa jibun no ha no shita ni teki no hada o kizutsukeru to kanjite imasu". Nicci looked at Shinji intently while he spoke his native tongue. "Anata ga nihongo o hanasu toki, watashi wa sore ga daisukidesu." Nicci obviously couldn't help but interrupt. Shinji snapped a serious look to Nicci, who immidiatly spun and stepped outside.

"apologies gentleman, she gets carried away sometimes. Now, let us plan our strategy of attack.
Name: Nicci Karuga

Age: 19

Sexuality: Master oriented.

Personality: Submissive and Totally at the will of whomever she gives her collar until thier death. Then the collar opens and she gives it to someone else to put on her. The collar is made by Nicci to allow her to hear and see through her master's ears and eyes to keep him safe.

Face Claim:

Body reference:


-The Gift-

Additive Magic: Additive Magic is the power to add to something that is there, multiply it, or turn it into something new. When the Wizards of the Midlands alter reality, they use Additive Magic to add to or change traits that were required for the task that the being or object was to be transformed to perform.

Subtractive Magic: While Additive magic alters physical reality by adding magic to it, Subtractive magic removes elements of physical reality. The magic makes the elements disappear, by transporting them to the Underworld, where Subtractive magic originated. This side of The Gift is often thought of as evil, and a sign of a possessed mage to the ignorant.
@Fury Panda (don't write about the glass, that's my thing dude. So is Nicci so don't speak for her she's gonna be made into a sheet sometime soon).

Shinji Takemitsu

Shinji was unimpressed with the birds attitude toward his mages, obviously not but an unenlightened mind. Shinji called for his favorite mage Nicci, a tall woman with long black hair and ice cold Blue eyes. She looked at Shinji and delivered an obviously seductive smile, "What is your desire master Shinji". Shinji smiled back and gave some introductions, Commander Nephish this is one of our head mages, Nicci Karuga. She helped come up with this idea. Nicci smiled and started to explain the powders properties. "You see gentleman the power is so light Nicci levitated some powder up from the barrel and let it go. that it hangs in the air for quite a while. The glass dust sits stagnant in the air, it doesn't seem to move down just waft around. As for concentration on our part don't worry, commanding winds are much easier than trying to hold tonns of glass". Shinji laughed again and clapped the bird on the shoulder, "My friend if you wish to help have your wondered fly over enemy lines and drop bombs from above. recently we've secured a black powder mill and that's given us minor explosives to work with".

Shinji staggered at nephish's claim, Pray tell, what do you think is so much better than a blinded enemy force?
Shinji looked to Nephish expectantly.
So the RP would basically be a battle to the death between however many players we get and some NPC's. This is a Homebrew game with a simple Character sheet so don't worry about complicated Character sheets. The story is basically you are chosen by the god of space and time to battle to the death with others for his hiership to the universe. Feel free to pm me with questions or post them here.
@Fury Panda (please don't hijack my magic!)

Shinji Takemitsu

hahahahahah! Shinji could not help but laugh at the bird mans prediction. "Nani demo mahō no tasuke o karite tassei suru koto ga dekimasu. Birds are no match for our mages dispersal patterns, we have 100% control. Shinji approached the man bird, unsure of how he felt regarding him. A massive blinding counter attack such as this has never been attempted, not in any battles I've fought. I believe this will fault our enemies for at least our initial battles with the enemy. Shinji was confident in his speech, feeling wholly that the powder glass was an ace in the hole ready to be played whenever necessary.
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