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12 days ago
Current A piece of snow hit me in the eye when I walked out to my car. Is this how I become the superhero known as Snowman?
19 days ago
My Coworkers asked me what I've been doing this morning and they couldn't understand roleplaing. Maybe because they're old? Or....dumb?
27 days ago
Anyone who's looking for a Persona Roleplay, check me out!


Looking to get my creative juices flowing. Currently working a boring desk job instead of writing. Figured this would be a good way to have fun and create with others :D.

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@Aislynn Hey hope you're doing okay.
@Ejected I think it would be interesting if they both just happened to enjoy a similar space for their away from other people time. Like the ____ corner of the library where they both know it's the most quite. They kind of just know each other from random comments, maybe chatted once or twice, but otherwise just know of each other by name/house/year/etc...

With Honey I would assume they wouldn't know each other. She's probably just the "cool" girl on the Slytherin team to him :P
Keep in mind, Persona's are "retractable" like if you decide to call back Inari @Tenma Tendo you could just summon them again if they haven't taken enough damage. Kind of like in the games where they can come out to attack and retreat back within a turn.

Edit: Not saying you have to do this or anything just letting everyone know its an option. :P

Double Edit: Also the dice rolls seem to have been real jerks lately.
@Tenma Tendo
The ice flew out of the fox demons mouth again, but the large spider was prepared this time raising himself back onto his 2 most hind legs as the cold struck where his front legs had just been. The ice was only a distraction though it seemed, as the woman's claw came down toward where his face had been a moment ago, the nails shimmering in the cold air.

Luckily for the spider, he had raised himself high in the air and as the claw came crashing down on his chest, leaving a large gaping claw mark, he was able to fall down on the kitsune. Shoving his pincers into both of her shoulders and slamming her onto the ground. He barred his fangs again ready to sink his teeth into the other demon, so that he could return for the children he had come for.

@Tenma Tendo It's not the length of the post that matters. Tis the content. I'll give you a response for Inari in a bit.
Feel free to post whenever you're ready Tenma.
@Dogematix Sounds good to me! I'm gunna message that person from the other day.
@Fury Panda

Should we notify that dude who was asking about joining earlier?

thats a good idea. I wanted to make sure we were still keeping the rest of yall. I figure this is as good of a jump ship moment as possible if anyone is looking to stop playing. Sounds like @Tenma Tendo and @dogematix are the only ones who haven't said they're still interested.
@Dervish That's all true. Within that line of thinking I have the idea that he wasn't ever going to find more respect in his Clan. Even though he is the first to beat his chest, he doesn't necessarily have the skill to back it up, and was primarily being used for labor. His being part of a clan never stopped him from being a grunt. By staying, he can look at the other Krogan as weak, due to their choice to leave, and compare himself to frail humans and such. He almost has more power due to not being one of many.

Maybe he enjoys implying that they should have just taken over the whole colony instead of leaving to begin with. Would have been like "the good old days".
@Dervish Generally my thought was he was awakened as part of the work force, when all the other krogans left he selfishly thought that he would be able to show how strong he was better if he stayed than running away to some barren planet with other Krogans. "They ran, they were weak, too scared to fight. I'm staying, I'll show you all what I'm capable of."
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