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After being in the GM seat for too long I'd kick myself if I didn't express interest and try to grab a player slot here if there was a chance.
I'm probably too late for this but love pathfinder and kingmaker too much not to try and see if there are any openings still available.
Yeah the issue was more the logistics. I'd thought up a couple reasons for him already but thanks for clearing it up, I wanted to make sure I didn't go about it in a way that breaks the lore and it turns out it's a lot easier than I thought to join the other team :p You have given me some interesting things to think about in refining the sheet though.

Once I get the chance I think I'll stick with a renegade from the Howling Griffons and use the various antics the chapter gets up to on their home world as the starting off point for his dissolution.
@Jbcool I've got the core details for my character down but am having some trouble thinking of a way for them to actually seek out the black legion to join them without getting killed by them on sight. Would my marine turning on his chapter brothers, getting his ass kicked and being left for dead before being scooped up by legion scavengers work? Probably tortured by Drex or his people some more before being given the offer of join or die. Im working with the I of my guy being a company champion before he went rogue so they might think of him as a potentially useful asset.

P.S. The night lords books were great. First Claw are precious angels. Will deffo be looking to Talos and Iskander for inspiration.
I've been wanting something like this for so long. Time to break the black legion books out again!
@Jbcool I'm still in, just a lot of catching up to do now the sites back. Eep.

Just to make sure I don't do anything stupid, the rules for this round are: We can post character stuff in the IC thread but have to PM what topic we'd like to bring up in the meeting to you. Also we can't do any of the regular actions listed above until after the festival. Did I get it?
I'm up for starting whenever.
@A Lowly Wretch @Irredeemable

A group effort?! Well this was far more interesting than the free for all Oscar had been expecting. Yes indeed this could brighten up the sense of ennui that had been coming over him recently. The challengers that had been coming to his dojo were all beginning to blur into one. Angry youths with poor fahion sense and questionable choices in hair styles that had no sense of decorum or genteel manners when it came to the beauty of combat. Oh but it was always a good laugh to take such impotent whelps apart and the look on their faces before Oscar smashed them into pulp was something that would always warm his heart - oh but the feeling of their bodies giving way beneath his fists and feet - but this did offer a new world of possibilities for him. Yes... maybe this was just what he needed.

Then the trio of agents did their best accountant impressions and explained the mouth watering amount of money they would each be able to make if they were to pool their efforts and profits. Which just nailed it for Oscar! Yes, he would dedicate himself to this new goal in life. The bankers were always breathing down Oscar's neck these days, as if such misers had the right to bother someone of his station over something as tawdry as money! This way he could practically hand wave his financial affairs away and get back to the standard of living he was owed as well as seek out a more seasoned form of foe.

Now he only had to hope that the UAA hadn't decided to play the trickster and set him up with this Zzyxx charac- The door flew open and the dull shade of the bar was lit up by the furious light of an active beam katana! What followed was... just a sad display. Oscar couldn't tell what the issue was truly about but clearly the interloper was after vengeance of one flavour or another. Unfortunatly the two didn't seem to be ready from the same script and Zzyxx's attempts at poetic pose left much to be desired. Perhaps if he tried some Byron or Keats. Fortunately none of them had to suffer through the travesty for long as in a flash the miscreant's head had departed his shoulders in a crimson fountain.

"My word!" Oscar guffawed. "No call for that sort of thing now." Oh sure there was a sense of flare to such instantaneous death but it wasn't quite Oscar's style.

Still... it was good to see that this agent and potential trainer knew his stuff. Oscar wasn't too proud to admit that he was intrigued by the idea of reaching such speeds with what looked like ease. Improving his technique and physical form was one of the few things Oscar could actually put his pride aside for... most of the time.

"Any questions before we go, boys and girls?"

As it turned out a few people had questions, none more so than the happy ghost perched on the counter top who streamed them off as if afraid that pausing might mean forfeiting her chance to ask something of anyone. Person had called her Omnivore earlier hadn't he? So this was one of Oscar's new teammates. Oh dear... he got the distinct feeling this one would be an uphill battle. She wasn't even properly dressed for the situation! Perhaps she had been interrupted while at a costume party in order to come to this event but that was no excuse not to bring along spare evening wear in case of an emergency. The youth of today!

"I believe I can answer the first question." Oscar gruffly chimed in, offering a respectful nod to Rutabaga who at least seemed to appreciate a good tailor. "I am The Savile Fist, Oscar Betteridge at your service. I think I might dare offer an educated guess as to whom Whiteout could be." He said, looking to the hyperactive chap who crashed through the window and was sporting a conspicuous mustache of powder.

"A pleasure, Madam." He said offering her his hand.
It's going to be a few hours to be free enough to start and build up my lead up section but would anyone like to collab or cooperate in this action scene, even if it's just agreeing what to say about each others' actions? Maybe set each other up for some cool kills.
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