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She pulled her hands toward herself reflexively, but soon, cautiously, she took his hand. This revealed light scratches on her arms, some of which had mostly healed, while others were freshly scabbed over. "Nice to meet you. I'm... Um, it's nice to meet you."
She started to move, hesitated, and after a stuttering step, made her way out of her "hiding" spot, up the trail to where Price sat. She looked here and there and, not seeing anywhere else, she stuck a crumpled dollar bill into a gap in the bench seat. "That was pretty." She wore what might have been a poncho-style top, if it weren't actually just a comically oversized teeshirt, and was walking barefoot, with dried mud halfway up to her knees.
I've been on ice since 2003 or so, only playing with a couple of close friends. It's great to be in a place with lots of other RPers again!

I'm mostly familiar with fantasy settings(if "RhyDin" rings a bell, that's basically where I'm coming from) but I'm eager to explore some modern and futuristic SLs too.

I'm used to chat rooms with character limits of 200 or so, so I won't be venturing out of the Free zone until I get the hang of things. But, whether I see you around or not, I'm happy to be part of the community!

Soon after he began his tune, Price might take note of the fact that he already had an audience. Isa's head poked up from the far side of a stone bridge, turned so as to better position her ear toward the sound. She ducked out of sight again, soon appearing in the dark tunnel formed by the bridge passing over a walking trail. Way to sneak, she congratulated herself, even as she cast a very distinct person-shaped silhouette against the bright scenery behind her.

Thanks a bunch! CS is posted.
Name: Isabel

Nickname: --

Age: 12

Gender: female

Species: Werewolf(cursed via bite)

Appearance: As a human, Isa stands at four feet ten inches, has olive-toned skin, and very dark hair, which she typically wears in a single loose braid down to the center of her back. Her eyes are a deep straw color, banded with a narrow black ring which quickly fades into her sclera. She will almost always be seen barefoot.

In her feral and wolf forms, her fur is a mix of light to dark grays, a large dark patch running from her nose, over her head, and the full length of her back and tail. Her throat, underbelly and the inner sides of her arms and legs have a muted off-white tone.

Her feral form stands five feet seven inches tall, has humanoid arms and partly digitigrade legs(her feet are pawlike, and her legs bend like a canine's).

Her wolf form stretches four feet from nose to tail tip, making it clear she isn't full-grown.

Crush: --

Relationship: --

Personality: Normally playful, brash, and a little too honest for her own good, fretting over her condition has left her shy to the point of getting twitchy in the company of more than a handful of people. She is afraid of herself and will shut down if she's pushed to open up too fast. Given some patience and trust, she can warm up to a person and become very attached. Unfortunately, she can get carried away and become clingy with people she considers friends.

Likes: Anything that's entertaining, distracting, and can make her feel ordinary. She's also bizarrely fond of bacon.

Dislikes: People who act too familiar too soon. Being treated like an animal. And especially being petted(unless you find yourself on a very short list, in which case this moves to the "likes" column).

Sexual orientation: Straight
Hi! Long-time RPer here, but brand new to the forum(this literally being my first post). I'm new to some of the features, like determining which tab a post gets filed under, but if everyone is willing to tolerate my noobish tendencies, I'd like to join in.
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