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I'm away for a few days, hopefully get something up on Friday unless you want to move on before then.
Carmine Amaranth
Town Hall, 21:52:

Chatter bubbled above the gentle song of the band, some idle chat, some shameless flattery and some biting gossip. Mina kept an ear on each passing conversation as she weaved delicately through the guests who were draped with as much finery as the furnishings. She didn't look out of place, resplendent in gold and a wicked red tail brushing hands and turning heads. But she felt like a cat in a kennel. Back in Mistral, that marsh country with its tin houses and rotten river boats, a party meant a party, you know? Strong liquor, jazz and the kind of dancing that would give one of these socialites a coronary. Still, Mina didn't dwell on the colours of the past, better focus on the golds and silvers of the present.

These glittering people may not be the kind a Hunter needed during the perils of war but what about the peace time when the cost of training and funding Hunters started to look frivolous to an unthreatened public? Mina would do her part, spreading the good, honest word of Beacon. The other Hunters and Huntresses who had taken the job were scattered around the room. The Atlesian's she had accompanied already seemed to know each other well and paid her no mind.

Beside one of the roaring fires, Mina struck up a conversation with a portly human with pink cheeks and a mustache which extended far beyond the planes of his face. He was the owner of a large Dust depository in Vale, she had known. And now she also knew the name of his two cats and how he liked to collect candles which had been carved into the shape of mermaids. A hobby which, suprisingly enough, Mina found terribly fascinating. Her laugh rang pleasantly in the air as she played along to another one of his jokes.

"My dear, you must visit my factory one day," He said as their conversation drew to a close, "I am sure I can sort out some kind discount for your lot." Her lot being, of course, Ozpin.

"Why thank you, honey. That's ever so kind." She smiled, "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm absolutely starved."

Mina made her way to the banquet table where lay delicacies so lavish each bite would cost her a weeks wage and nibbles so opulent they no longer even looked like food. She swore she had spied gold leaf sprinkled over the desserts. She thought about Daedalus picking up these tiny, gratuitous morsels with bemusement and bit back a laugh. She knew he had returned to Vale, much to her delight, but she had yet to see him, unable to convince him to act as security at the party that evning. It was far too frivolous an event for her friend and, besides, she couldn't begrudge him a good night fighting Grimm. Good luck Day! Mina tapped out quickly on her Scroll, Give them a hell of a show. She sent it to Daedalus with a smile, knowing a hell of a show was promised wherever Day was.

As Mina tucked her Scroll away, another fox faunus approached the table. She had caught Mina's, and every other eye that evening. Quite the woman with curves from here to Vacuo. "Carmine Amaranth, here to protect and serve." Mina introduced herself with a charming Mistral twang and an extended hand, "A pleasure to meet you."
Definitely the first group for Mina.

Collab with @dragonmancer

Henri flexed her fingers experimentally, she felt good. Content almost. A life travelling through the stars with a group of highly dangerous convicts on highly dangerous missions had been her upbrining after all. She let her head fall back and eyes fall shut, letting the vibrations, the life of the ship settle her for a brief moment. Not too long however, I have to deal with my new friend.

She hadn't been on high alert (a mistake, she knows, amongst so many criminals) but it was difficult to miss the spectator, his tail clanging down the halls, his red eyes glinting out from the darkness. She hadn't paid him any mind whilst she'd been fixing her arm but his growing agitation was clear. He was the first Gorgas Henri had ever seen, she knew next to nothing about his species. Primitive technology, sprang to mind, perhaps? What was it that disturbed him about her? Was she like a mouse to the firghtened elephant? The thought made her giggle.

"Hello!" Henri called, gettting up to approach him slowly, "I'm Henri, it's nice to meet you without handcuffs on." She smiled widely and extended her mechanical hand upwards for him to shake, wondering if it would mean anything to the Gorgas.

The reptile paused as the 'ally' greeted him. Unsure of what to do other then to stand upright and stare at that mechanical arm she had just performed her craft on. Her voice was friendly, that much was true, but when the device came to his direction he backed up instinctively, with wild eyes.

"B-begone witch!" The Gorgas stuttered in his brutish voice as he presented his holy symbol infront of her. All the while muttering to himself several verses of prayer to his god that he had little faith to begin with beforehand, in his foreign tongue. He feared that this arm was more so a magic staff and that by touching it, he'd perhaps be turned into a gecko, or lizard soup.

It was all Henri could do to not burst into laughter at the reptiles genuine fear. What a strange creature he was, scared of her arm, of technology Henri supposed. Fasctinating. For a moment, she considered playing the affronted woman, maybe a few tears to sell it. But, in fact, she was strangely flattered to be called a witch when magic was so far from what she was.

It could do with having an ally who feared her and it would certainly be a first.

With all the drama she can muster, Henri thrusts her mechanical hand towards the Gorgas, palm open, "Do not be afriad! It's true, what I am, but I do not mean to harm you." She lets the charge in her arm build, causing it to glow slightly as if to say But I could, if I wanted to, all the while biting back a laugh.

Jackal slowly lowered his guard as she spoke out, putting away his religious item further back in his clutch. He watched carefully as she tried to assure him that she wasn't going to harm him, though at the same time confessing of her heresey.

He then nearly jumped back in fright at the sight of her arm or what he would thing would double as a magic wand or staff, glow up. He would raise his front two arms and pleaded passively. "O-ok, you won't harm me then right? I-I I won't tell a soul, honest, were supposed to be coworkers after all." He said, he wasn't entirely convinced this human of the dark arts would spare him, but he hoped by mentioning their current status together it would reason for her not to destroy or curse him.

"I-I'm not even that religious! Y-you don't have to worry about any exorcisms from me." This would have been a lie 30 years ago, before he was exiled. Now though, in truth he had lost faith in the gods he was raised to worship and respect. If they were real, they didn't deserve his praise.

The stuttering and fear in his voice was so at odds witht he Gorgas' gruff, daunting voice that it threw Henri off. It was difficult to consolidate this fearful creature with the one she had watched tear out a man's throat.

She eased off slightly, lowering her arm and letting the theatrics in her voice ebb, "Oh dear. Of course I won't harm you. I've no reason to, have I? I know it's hard to beleive because I'm, well, here but I'm not a bad..." She stiffled a giggle, "witch. We have to get by too, you know?" Finally, she lets some of the humour show, "I think we might get along. Please, what's your name?"

The Gorgas nodded as she reasoned with him, she had no reason to harm him at least. He was a bit taken back and being asked his name. It reminded him of what he originally came here for, to get to know his coworkers better. This made him a bit embarrassed, but he did well not to show it. "Jackal, I hail from the Westari clan."

It was noticeable how much calmer he became, no longer frightened of a monster with powers beyond his understanding. They were supposed to be teammates, and he had to treat her as an ally just as much as one that wasn't affiliated with the taboo.

"Yours?" He asked, his posture straightened.

"A fine clan, I'm sure." Henri smiled mildly at Jackal who seemed much more at ease. She couldn't helped but like the great beast, so different from the criminals she usually encountered. She had to wonder how many people, humans in particular, had ever spoken to him with anything other than anger or fear.

"I hail from..." She hesistates, "Well, no clan, really. Born in the stars. A nomad of sorts."

"Alert, the Gladius has arrived at its destination, the planet Glacies in the Zeta Orionis system. Please report to the bridge for debriefing." A female voice rang out from the intercom.

"Looks like that's our cue. Will you accompany me, Jackal of the Westari clan?" Henri grins up at Jackal.

For the first time in a while, in fact for at least 100 years, the Gorgas smiled. Or rather, tried to, as his saurian lips only revealed a monstrous grin instead. Still though he was about to respond, but they were interupted by the mystical voice from above.

He glanced up, before returning his look down to the girl. "I'd be happy too, Henri of the heavens." The beast nodded and followed her to the bridge, wherever that was. He was happy to have someone to follow so he wouldn't get lost on the ship.


After arriving at the bridge, and having their leader to debrief them on what little information they had on the planet, Jackal raised his monstrously big arm. "If it is too cold for you warm blooded creatures I doubt I will last 10 seconds out there, I'll remain in the ship."

"Oh, oh, pick me, pick me." Henri too raised her hand, bouncing on the balls of her feet, "I can be stealthy. Okay not stealthy but I work quite well in the cold." She taps her legs with a clang.
Just an observation but everyone's characters so far, aside from mine, are afraid of tight spaces. Better hope we never have to fight in a tunnel or something, the team will be a mess XD

Edit: oh wait Carmine is a red color nvm

As is Amaranth! Like Ruby, her name is just Red Red.

@Zugzwang That's a chess move right? Anyway, here you go! Taking some serious inspiration from Transistor, if anyone has played it.

Hello! Room for more? I've been in a few less advanced RWBY RPs recently, ready to step it up.
Yay, Henri has a functioning arm! She's ready to be team mascot.
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