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Hello friends and strangers, I am a decently experienced roleplayer and writer. I usually do fantasy related roleplays but I am not against other ideas if requested. I'm 19, male, living in the state of new jersey in the U S of A, so I have Eastern Standard time.

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So I noticed that this is low magic fantasy. If I were to make a battlemage/wizard, what are the do's and don'ts you'd suggest?
@Whiskey Business

Kriv 'Jackal' Westari

Runt of the Litter

The monstrously huge reptile was sleeping on the flat grass. His body, sporting an assortment of copper braces and guards despite the lack of any other clothing or armor, was sprawled over the ground. It took a few moments for the alien creature to realize his predicament, which had then caused him to spring to life.

Panic settled in as the almost feral humanoid acknowledged the unnaturally flat grass and the various creatures he's never seen before. Many of whom seemed like hairless mammals. He was a hunter out in the open, no cover for ambush or any measure of area to analyze the situation through his primitive mind. He was flung into some incredibly open field, and a strange flat 'mountain' that extended beyond what Jackal could see. Times like these made him wish he was born with wings like the rest of his kind.

That was when Jackal noticed the feathery pair of wings on his back. He flapped them twice, to make sure these strange appendages were a part of his body. They didn't appear to blend well with his scaly hide, as the wings were composed of white feathers more suited for a bird then a lizard; He didn't care for such a contrast though, he instead immediately flew up onto the air with his newfound ability.

From the corner of his eye, he noticed what appeared to be the maw to some cavern in the strange unnatural mountain. This provided the ideal shelter he needed where he could hide in, figure out what had happened, and then plan what to do next. The basis of his rationality stem from what seemed to be more so of instinct more then anything else, and so he flew directly into the cavern entrance.

Once inside and on the ground, the 8'7" reptile sprawled onto his four legs instead of his typical bipedal stance, and crawled to the nearest corner. He didn't bother venturing further into the cave just yet, as he needed to sit down and think for a while on what to do. It was there, with his eyes illuminated like dim flames from a pair of candles, did he notice the mark on the back of his hand. The strange patterns and markings made him curious, both of its origins and what it meant, his initial train of thought was replaced temporarily by this new impulse to examine the hand's marking.

Welcome aboard Shark Cap'n!
His role will be navy admiral, for the Knights of Evil he will have expected leadership and guidance through any mission directly related to the sea.
@TheDarkTemplar@Zelosse Bartuc is a berserker and Evelyn is a shadowblade.
For real? lol

Alright looks go to me balance and lore wise. For an artifact, I suggest an ether gauntlet that she can wear. The gauntlet is of a gilded ornament design, and at her own will she can use her stored ether to fuel it for a maximum carry limit of 2 tons. A full charge can last for 30 minute for that strength, or it can be released all at once for a concussive blast of blue energy. A full charge of the gauntlet however requires 1/4th's of her augmented body's reserve.

Edit: Her job will be a mercenary. Aside from utilizing her stealth her array of equipment may give her different tasks rather then being a pure assassin.
@Ciaran I'll get to your sheet when I get out of work today

@Thecrash20 Ok that's fine

I'll also get to that pm when I'm done work as well

Yes you are allowed to do that.
The meeting...

At the very throne of the arrangement, black shadows contorted and swirled until it writhed into a vaguely humanoid shape, the ends of which sporadically twisted about like small tentacles. Soon those shadows melted away, leaving behind a 7 foot tall figure dressed in black plated armor.

"Ladies and gentlemen, ghouls and goblins, welcome to the Knights of Evil. I trust you all had no trouble finding this remote place." A clawed gauntlet gestured to the surrounding before he continued. "I am the fabled Lancelot, Destroyer of Camelot, The man responsible for your summons here, and the Dark Lord of this Realm. Of course I have yet to obtain that title, and as most of you well know, that is why you are here. You will all be my faithful knights to ensure my rise to power."

There was a pause for the armored man to look at the individuals present. "If there are any of you that wish to turn back, this is your last chance, from here on out you will be working for me and me alone. I am aware that not all of you are 'team players', and that is fine. I encourage you savage lot to gain my respect on your own merit, and I will turn a blind eye should some of you do some poor sportsmanship. However I must stress that these little, skirmishes, you may have between yourselves do not jeopardize any missions you are on, nor do I wish for those to be permanently out of commission simply because you may not like the look of someone else in this group. I may sound casual, but I trust that you understand I will be watching, and there will be consequences for those that obstruct my goal."

"In two days you will be given a mission, all of you assigned to my specifications. I do not have the current information to give you the details, but for now I will inform you that I will be dividing you into two separate assaulting forces.
In the meantime, you will be allowed to live in my castle. I am sure you will find your rooms to your liking. You do not have to live here, but I do expect you to be here often enough to be called at the ready.
Below this castle lies my treasure hoard, guided by a companion of mine. If you have any questions or would like to know what room you were assigned, you will ask him." As if on que, a staircase leading into a dark chasm revealed itself behind the dark knight.
"Now if you will excuse me I have some important business to take care of, you are free to socialize or do whatever you wish. I bid you all farewell for now."

And with that, a bright explosion consumed Lancelot. Though the explosion delivered no force nor altered any of the surroundings, Lancelot had vanished. The candles along the table flickered in unison.
Mere moment later heavy footsteps rose from the recently uncovered stair case. Out came a tall withered man dressed in fine dark clothing. His body showed hints of strength despite the old hair and aged face. "Are there any questions?" A deep voice escaped the man as he approached the throne where Lancelot had been seated, for a mere moment his eyes had flickered into something more of a crocodile's eyes.

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