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Hello friends and strangers, I am a decently experienced roleplayer and writer. I usually do fantasy related roleplays but I am not against other ideas if requested. I'm 19, male, living in the state of new jersey in the U S of A, so I have Eastern Standard time.

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I'm a bit busy now, but I have a soft spot for this premise and will definitely leave an interest.
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@Antarctic Termite

I’m still here, however for now I’d like to put grimloq ‘on ice’ as life has become a bit taxing and my activity here has decreased. I’ll try to keep up with reading posts so I don’t miss a whole lot of information, but just as a heads up I will likely have a lengthy break before making a post myself.

@Leotamer with that said if you don’t mind postponing that collab until I’m ready to be more active that would be appreciated
I’ll be able to make a responce when I come home tonight.
I’ll leave an interest

If ya wanna make a hero or child of Grimloq that's all good with me for discussion.

Currently aside from the two avatars the dragons are mostly feral creatures that will have some exceptional individuals obtaining/evolving sapient intelligence overtime, and their communications as detailed in the creation page in which case is via a form of telepathy more so then verbal speech. Edit: Side note: For the most part only the Hellkite(Typical dragon of four legs and wings) brand of dragons are capable of sapient intelligence and will achieve such intelligence when fully grown. Wyverns and drakes have more of a dog-like intelligence and Wyrms have an even more so dumb, primitive drive.

The lizardfolk that Grimloq will eventually make (probably next post) will require promus's services of speech-granting once I get around to it however.

I'm down for a collab however I feel like it would be best to perhaps wait alittle bit for others to catch up? Just my thoughts, at least.
I hope my first post is satisfactory!
Joseph Peter Kane

Two Days Ago

"I am telling you, you are going the wrong way you stubborn vessel!"

Joseph could feel Alistar's voice roar through the strange necklace of bone and teeth, though there was no real sound escaping the device, it was all condensed in his head afterall. "I know these damned woods by the back of my hand, the nearest town in this way"

"You senile old fool! We're not even on a road!"

"I'm the old one?" The old soldier scoffed. "Yet you boast about how you are an ancient spirit of some long disbanded group of-" Joseph was interupted
"Don't speak of my legacy so casually you uncultured swine! In my day I would have punished such ignorance with a fury of flames! To think I thought you'd even be a smidgen worthy enough to wield my great power! The strongest of the shadow legion and yet here I am reduced to-" Now Alistar was interrupted by a forced hush from Joseph. They were being watched. The constant arguing with his deceased 'companion' had made Joseph unaware until now that there were things in the woods stalking them.

Joseph's eyes watched his shadow, his breathing slowed as he stopped to look at his surroundings. Then, a confirmation of his suspicion. A twig snapped.

From the corner of his eyes he saw several large bodies of black and grey fur move out of view, into the cover of thick trees.

"Wolves." Joseph cursed under his breathe. Wolf attacks weren't necessarily uncommon, but they must have been pretty hungry to target a human. The old guard slowly drew his sword.

"You're going to let these puny creatures impede you?"

Joseph was silent, both on the exterior and in his thoughts, which only provoked Alistar to mock him more.

It wasn't long, however, before the first wolf lunged from the shadows. It must have been the alpha, because it was fairly large for its breed, and its fur was as black as the shadows the trees left behind. With a veteran's reflex, Joseph swung his blade in one mighty cleave. The blade smashed and cut into the wolf's hide, scarring his torso and right side of his face. It wasn't a clean cut due to the wolf's leap, and instead the snarling beast was swung back from the force writhing in it's grave injury. There was no room to relax, as the second and third wolves made their attack. Two grey furred canines leaped from either side of Joseph. One going for his ankle, and the other, for his throat. Joseph held his left arm out in the way of the beast to protect his neck, which in turn caused the wolf to bite into his elbow. At the same time, with one hand he slammed his two handed sword down onto the wolf that went for his leg. This time, the blade tore into the back of the wolf, slashed deeply into it's torso and head at about halfway, the blow killed the animal in an instant.

The black wolf had recovered from it's pain, and was desperate enough to charge for a second attack. The wolf that still chewed and snarled at the arm was swung like a club into it's pack leader, sending them both into a tree. There appeared to be two other wolves in the shadows, that did not make their attack. Instead, they fled with their leader who limped into the depths of the forest.

With the pack gone, Joseph could afford to lower his guard, and immediately cry out in pain at the deep wound in his arm. The teeth of the wolf had sank down into his flesh up to his bone, and had tore away a chunk of flesh when it was thrown off him.

"If you'd use what little of my power your feeble body can comprehend, you could have avoided that injury." The ghostly voice taunted with a tone of a lecturer while bragging to himself.

Joseph ignored him as he began to wrap an old piece of cloth from his person over and around his wound.

"You are my chosen one, yet you refuse to use m-"

"I won't become that demon again."

"Ungrateful mortal!" The delusional Ghost hissed. "You'll have to use that power eventually. You're fate has been decided, you have been chosen to carry out My will."

Joseph winced as he tightened the make-shift bandage wrap to help cut off the circulation.
"Besides, we both know that the only way you'll have your vengeance is if you accept that dark power. Your mortal strength alone cannot defeat those orcs, as you call them."

He ignored his comment on the inevitable. "I hope one of your associates are healers."

"You best hurry up and get moving then, we are still a long way from Silverwick."

"Guess I'll just have to borrow a horse. Now..." Joseph turned to get his bearing. "Which way is the road."

"I hope I'm not the only one who had chosen such a worthless inheritor."

Present Day

Joseph wandered down the wasteland with a limp in his step and his injured, broken arm hanging at his side. Failing to get a horse, all this walking had taking it's tole on the old man and his injuries. Even being in shape and having invested in the dark powers of an ancient sorcerer, Joseph was exhausted. He took a large gulp of water from a wooden flask, and tucked it back into his belt. Alistar had been oddly quiet for most of the day.

"Were close, I can feel it."

The old guard had seen the glint of flames in the dark and bleak wasteland.

"That must be them, go on and greet yourself. And don't you dare embarrass me!"

"You got something to prove to your old friends? I thought you were 'superior' to them." He mocked.

"They are hardly 'friends'. Necessary allies at best. Still, if they see that my inheritor is such an utter failure my legacy would be humiliated! Sullied! I was the great terror of the world, all feared my name and dreaded the day that they'd hear my great wings descend u-"

Once again Joseph cut off the mad spirit's glorious ramblings as he approached the fire. "I take it you lot also have an annoying spirit that rattles on in your ears?" The tall, white haired soldier said as he made himself a seat near the flames.
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