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Hello friends and strangers, I am a decently experienced roleplayer and writer. I usually do fantasy related roleplays but I am not against other ideas if requested. I'm 19, male, living in the state of new jersey in the U S of A, so I have Eastern Standard time.

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Fafnir didn't talk as much afterward his rally speech, instead shouting war cries as he cleared through waves of stone oni. So involved in the moment that he even forgot that he was standing beside other nomads, the thrill of battling such masses of enemies brought with it a powerful sense of nostalgia, it had taken him back to his 'glory days' as a knight fighting beside humans.

That trip of nostalgia was ended with the arrival of a large and real oni. With all attention on the one responsible for the attack, Fafnir couldn't help but feel a tad bit of sympathy. A fellow monster, like his own kind, that had been driven to near extinction by mortal hands; it was a plight he could understand. Perhaps it was the small inkling of a fiendish monster within him that pitied the oni rather then his 'mortal' identity.

Pity wasn't enough to change his allegiance of course; but that anger that had brewed from his tournament, his next path of honor, being interrupted had ceased. Instead now finding honor in the 'villain' the same as he saw any true warrior. One that desired vengeance.

Of course in the middle of his speech a less honorable nomad had already attacked the vengeful warrior. He felt some distaste in that action, but it couldn't be helped in these circumstances he supposed. This warrior desired the extinction of mankind after all.

"Daichi!" Fafnir shouted after Al made his attack, Smashing the bottom of his shield onto the earth to garner attention. "On behalf of mankind, you won't be killing any mortal until I fall!" With his lance readied at his side, he began to charge up ki within it's blade. He would have much preferred a one on one battle, but if the previous attack was evident he doubted the honor his nearby allies had. Besides, the weight of humanity rested on their shoulders anyway.

Edit: Just saw full status, sorry.

Alright I think I made the appropriate fixes, just double check with me to make sure I got everything.

Also if any other issues come up.

Alright, I'll get right to fixing the power and backstory. just for clarification will the steel scales be reduced to stone-like durability or just remove the whole thing about natural armor altogether?

Heres my character, hope he's alright. Wasn't really sure about power balance so if he's too strong I'm fine with nerfs, or any other issue that you might have with him.

I'll leave an interest here.
I’m interested.
Got introduced to warhammer fantasy with total war and then later Verm 1 and 2, love the world.

I’m a fan of the whole sun empire so I’m wondering if it would be possible to play a form of rogue saurus adventurer. I ask for two reasons, one being as far as my limited warhammer knowledge is aware of such a thing would be highly unusual, and secondly because I’m not sure how well a saurus would be received IC. Edit: just read its full my apologies.
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