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Hello friends and strangers, I am a decently experienced roleplayer and writer. I usually do fantasy related roleplays but I am not against other ideas if requested. I'm 19, male, living in the state of new jersey in the U S of A, so I have Eastern Standard time.

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Christopher Drake Francis

Chris didn't bother to take his phone back from Ernie; Something like that was the last thing running through his mind. His worries for Siena and Brent had lessened as Ernie had informed the group that they are now in the tunnels. Still, they were away from the group, and Gregory couldn't make it. The very thought that these weren't monsters, but people that were doing this to them pissed him off. It shouldn't, after all, people always do shitty things; the massacre that was their first day at the school was a grim reminder of such an example; Yet he couldn't help quell his rage. Regardless of how aware how foolish and impossible the task may be, he desired revenge for this whole ordeal.

Having made up his mind, Chris separated from the tunnel group and slowly crept out the door. He kept close to the wall of the lighthouse as he tried to move as stealthy as he could, around the lighthouse and towards the rocky cliff area. He wanted to transform, but first he needed a proper place to do so, and thus he made his way and crawled into a nearby nook on the cliffside.
This has my interest
Kriv 'Jackal' Westari

While the group went back to the new expansion of that unnatural cave, Jackal remained fixated on the dirt hut. Approximately 10 meters away from the hut he started to dig out a shallow trench and a wall of dirt from the dig, connected to the cold waters of the running stream. He had only just started when he heard the action from the distance. The primitive reptile considered his options. He certainly has experience in combat, was it reasonable to risk his own hide? He had already obtained a meal that could last him a few moons, and most of those strange creatures have yet to proof his trust.

Besides, he had figured they were likely almost done with their expedition anyhow, his assistance would likely be unnecessary at this point, so the primitive alien continued to dig away at the trench, slowly building up a wall on the inner side of the hand-crafted forming moat. He'd dig as deep as the barrier let him, five feet, before only indestructible stone stood below him. He thought to himself perhaps he could finish the moat by the time the rest return, and he continued to make sure there was at least a 50 meter distance between the moat and the dirt hut to allow room for other constructions. The moat dug out 6 feet in width.

Christopher Francis

The alarms awoke Chris from his slumber, with a quick change of clothes he left his room as quick as he could to join the others in the basement. Under attack? Chris never heard of the Amigos before, but it it had to have been some rogue subnatural group or something by his speculation. Leaving was a good idea, only that there were two missing, Gregory and..

Angelique, of course. It was only natural for the universe to rip away the friend that had given him advice and comfort thus far. He didn't give a shit about the danger or the orders of the others. He wasn't going to leave her behind.

"You guys can go ahead, I'm not going." He announced defiantly with arms crossed as he stood away from the secret passage.
Kriv 'Jackal' Westari

The primitive creature was less interested in the strange abomination and his creature making, and more so in the fact that the earth had arose to form a hut by sheer will. The creature was fascinated, intrigued. "A shelter quickly..without the lift of a finger!" He commented as he inspected the simplistic design. It would suffice.

"Can you make more with your witchcraft?"

Kriv 'Jackal' Westari

"We build shelter, yeah?" Kriv asked, his tongue still adapting to this foreign language. "No trees, plants too thin, Stone doesn't break...I only have dirt to sculpt." He gestured as he held up a clump of dirt. "Not deep enough for simple holes, perhaps I could craft a single dirt hut with some great passings...Long time to dig out all that. Any other ideas?" He directed his speech to the strange hairless mammal that offered assistance, but still kept his voice loud enough for the rest of the group to join in.
"It is best we build something to sleep in, it is always dangerous to be left in the open. Caves, I do not trust those caves in that unnatural mountain. We need materials to build with.."

The bipedal reptile scanned the rest of the group that had gathered. The weird spider-hairless mammal hybrid had power over knowledge, the strangely robed creature professed something of 'magic'; There were fables of the dangers of witches in his old world, but giving the situation he'd get over that stigma for the sake of survival. She seemed harmless enough. Others were talking about other worlds, other times. That explained their alien appearance. They all had marks on their hands too, so the gift he was given wasn't entirely a coincidence. Some reason for it..a reason he'd have to deduce later.

"Can any of you fashion supplies in this green wasteland?" He asked, as if they could fabricate wood from thin air. Hopeful thinking it was.
So I'm going to be taking myself out of this RP as I believe that I'm not up to task with my schedule and experience yet. The current Co Gms may continue this rp as they wish, or anyone else if interested, but I will no longer be involved with this RP hence fourth.

Sorry for wasting everyone's time, I'm sorry.

Here's the gist of what was going to happen if anyone is interested in carrying the torch.

Forest Encounter

The party will be ambushed in the foggy woods by several hundred undead corpses, lead by a single vampire named Henry Serbil. He is a pureblood, like Ester, and his fodder of corpses are easy to dispatch of; Their only advantage is in numbers.

Blackwater Manor;
The necromancer has an army of mostly the same as the previous wave of undead, only three times in number. An undead dragon and several zombie Minotaurs guard the entrance to his manor while the rest of his army rises from the ground in waves.

Inside, the vampiric necromancer has the ability to decay flesh at the touch and raise corpses at his will, in addition to traditional vampire powers and weaknesses of a pure blood.


Sure, what could possibly go wrong?
Well there are still people interested who (I assume) are still working on making character sheets. Me personally I'm in no rush with all the bullshit I'm doing this semester so I don't mind waiting a few days for a larger roster. That's said I'm comfortable with the idea of a four man group to start

The army is still in service to Lancelot but their leader is currently MIA. The day before the mission he was relocated apparently. Most of the goblin forces have been reduced significantly though by war.
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