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Masashi Yamada

Masashi’s makeshift gun-arm ceased its fire upon on the yokai not long after the portal collapsed. It seemed like the crisis was over. It was certainly a crowded event, too much competition in one place. Masashi wasn’t keen on how many showed up, a huge floating ship had appeared to steal his show, worse still was the rudeness of that biker for her rudeness, but at least the threat was dealt with. He thought he put on a good show, there was some satisfaction in that. The contract he made was worth it. Perhaps that was just wishful thinking.

The umbramancer allowed the shadows to melt off his arm, vanishing in rapid black droplets. His ears recognized the sounds of that devil’s heels, turning his head just as she began to address him. He felt her eyes focused for a moment on the symbol on his neck, the mark of their pact. Masashi kept a professional and cold attitude as always, but for once he felt perhaps the tiniest of concerns; that perhaps he shouldn’t treat these dealings with her so lightly. Still, what price was there to pay to keep himself in the spotlight? With all these pesky competitors in the way, her services are necessary. Anywhere he goes, Masashi finds himself threatened by those trying to take what he deserves, or perhaps that’s a testament to his insecurities.

There was a time when Masashi would have had a slight flustered reaction to her advances, but overtime that has worn out with a tolerance of her odd behavior. Still, he’d like to keep things professional at all times. There was a brief, restrained sign of irritation just after he felt her fingers over the neck. An exhale, furrowed brows with eyes closed in reservation. And a slight shift away from her even though she had already started to move past him. It was an attempt to remind this little devil to keep things professional. Though perhaps that was a lost cause.

“Of course. I’ll take over from here. It’s only natural for me to be the center of attention, not these ‘heroes’.” There was a hint of bitterness to that. A sign of envy. Maybe if he only had a big floating ship to parade on. “I’m sure I’ll need your services again, Koakuma. Take care.” He left her with a slight grin. A hint of his delusion that he was in control of this show.

And with that, he’d let loose another smokescreen of black vapor. Shadows wrapping around the street like a cloud of ink. Masashi began to walk his own way now, intended to return to his territory. It would be flashier after all to leave in that ‘mysterious’ fashion.
Masashi Yamada

Of course, trying to take center stage in this chaotic rumble was almost futile. Some rude rival had covered Masashi and his regal chair in snow, the nerve! And others still came flocking to the scene, like moths to a flame. How was Masashi ever going to stand out. Having been neither earlier nor fashionably late, and his own setup seemed for not. At least Zen bothered to recognize his greatness. The goal of stopping these monsters was sidetracked only by the thought of bitterness of how that motorcycle punk rudely tarnished his stage. Though spiteful, his vengeance was tempered. Of course, it would look awful to his fans if he were to engage in a fight while monsters were on the prowl. He couldn't let such pettiness tarnish his reputation. For now, while he dusted the snow off of his figure, he had to bide his time for some revenge later.

More pressing was the state of his spotlight. How was he supposed to get the attention back on in? Merely doing as they all asked of him would just seem like he's mere support, when he should be the star!His anguish was short-lived however, thanks to Koakume, or rather, 'his servant'. Her performance was perfect in spite of the interruptions, and dispatching those Yokai around him no less too. The disguise, the performance, it all seemed to go far better then he had expected.

Now was the time to improvise.

He stood up from his throne with newfound confidence and an arrogant smile. "Your tardiness will be forgiven by your merciful lord. Now, go fourth and demonstrate to these monsters what happens when you confront the prince of shadows!" Masashi commanded with a wave of his hand. Though he originally would have liked Koakume to do the work for him while still having that same spotlight, it seemed with all the chaos Masashi would have to give it his go to stand out. He noticed that girl's bike from earlier crashed after a gunshot rang. He figured he'd rush over to help her, after all how humiliating for her it would have been should he come to her rescue. However, seeing as another hero was already on there way, he put his attention to the gate, where others were starting to strike. Though some had already struck those at the shore, there were still monsters on the streets he could see from his vantage point.

With a wicked grin, the shadowmancer's ring glowed with black light. "Behold, how limitless my powers are!" He boasted. The streams of light worked backwards to his outstretched arm, shadows weaving into shape. "Night Emperor Cannon!" A silhouette of a metallic cylinder materialized over his arm, which then began to take shape and detail into a Gatling Gun. The barrels of the arm cannon began to rotate, while his other hand moved over the top to adjust for recoil.

"Black Hail!" One last shout before he turned his gun to a small crowd of monsters, and then an onslaught of black bullets stormed from the gun in continuous fire. Thick plumes of inky smoke trailed only seconds behind each bullet before dissipating. His arm gradually arced to adjust the change in direction of fire, gunning down the Yokai within that targeted crowd one buy one in rapid fire.
Arcane Dreams

Big thanks to Papitan for 90% of the ideas here.

Welcome to Arcane Dreams! A story of magical transformations and fights with monsters and other magical people to save the world! Or destroy it, do what you want I guess. As a sorcerer, you possess the ability to transform into a magical form and use magic, however you aren't able to do this under normal circumstances. Something around earth seems to nullify and stifle magic, however once removed from that environment (Via these special events alluded in the prelude) you are free to use your powers without restriction!

What is magic? Well, that has a very long and complicated answer! The short of it is that magic comes from one's soul. Every living thing possesses a soul (Yes, even single-celled life forms and plants, however the anatomy of souls varies between different life forms. Colony-based organisms like algae or certain plants and fungi tend to unify one soul for example.) And by extension, everything that has a soul produces magic, or mana (measure of one's magical energy.) However, most living things have a very small source of mana, meaning that they are incapable of using it.

Sorcerers are the exception to this rule, they have been chosen by the dream demon, and had their souls unlocked to allow the their magic to manifest. For sorcerers, as their magic comes from their very soul, their magic is unique to them. Or rather, their soul. So, you can think of magic as the manifestations of ones dreams, desires, ambitions, personas, and ideals. Sorcerers are not chosen by coincidence either, the dream demon targets those with 'potential'. Regarding the soul, those with strong aforementioned traits of desires, ambitions, etc harbor the best potential for magical growth. there isn't any correlation with motive, people with evil desires are just as likely to be chosen as those with good or more neutral ones. In general, those that are more then willing to use magic end up being chosen by the dream demon.

Now, not much is known about this demon, or demons in general really. In fact, no one knows if it's really a demon at all. Maybe it’s a Magical Beast, or an alien, who knows. But most sightings and rumors depict this creature as a quadrupedal beast of a smokey, inky form, two horns, and glowing eyes. Although it mostly appears in that form, its noted that the size is inconsistent from that of a dog to larger than an elephant, and even its shape seems to change by some accounts. To something like a horned, shadowy human, or some other creature.

In every account, the dream demon first appears while one is experiencing sleep paralysis. Its shape and sometimes form accommodates the state of the location when needed. Even if you’ve slept on your stomach and facing the floor, your body would move on its own so you’d see the creature. It doesn’t approach you, it only watches you. They say that if it transforms into a new shape after being observed, it is reflecting your ‘soul.’ If it doesn’t do this, then it means you were not chosen. After experiencing sleep paralysis, you’ll never see it again unless it does reflect your soul.

If it does, then you will see glimpses of the beast from the corner of your eye once each day for three days in a row. And when you sleep after the third encounter, you will have a dream. This dream has no consistency with other accounts, only that it in some way enraptures your own desires, dreams, and wishes. When you wake up, you will have a sense of fulfillment and bliss for the rest of the day. Though you wouldn’t know it at the time, this is when you had become a sorcerer.

What of those that weren't chosen? Well, there are some that may have either some potential, or at least would be more then willing to use magic based on their situation, but have been overlooked by the dream demon or never had the potential it was looking for. In which case, or if the Dream Demon doesn't get to them in time, they may be sought out by a Magical Beast! Magical Beasts will offer a familiar contract in exchange for the sorcerer deal. Unlike the chosen, contracted sorcerers can summon their magical beast too! This is to counterbalance the fact that contracted sorcerers have lower innate potential then chosen. Additionally, the theme of contracted sorcerers revolve more around the magical beast they make a contract with, since its less of awakening one's potential and more of being given power. The exact theme can have minor influences based on the sorcerer, but generally speaking a sorcerer that is contracted to something like a phoenix will have their powers reflect that.

There are a few other entities besides magical beasts that can offer contracts to make sorcerers, but that's classified information!

Then there are the Inheritors. The Inheritors are those that well, inherit the power of another sorcerer by a willing process. (There is an unwilling process involving stealing one's power, but that is classified information for now :D). Its generally rare, but in instances such as when a sorcerer is on their death bed, or in any other case, wanting to 'pass down the torch', they can give someone else their power if they aren't already a sorcerer. Doing so does unlock their soul, but in general they inherit the theme and abilities of whoever gave them the power in the first place (Though like in the case of contracted sorcerers, the abilities and general appearance vary on individuals on a case by case basis, based on the minor influence of the receiver's soul. So its never 100% exactly the same as the original.)

Most if not all magical beasts require that the souls of the sorcerer becomes their next meal once the sorcerer dies. Some beasts may also provide additional clauses but this varies.

Witches: Classified.

Symbiote Sorcerers: Classified.

Magisters: Classified.

Artifacts: Classified

All sorcerers can see souls! Wow crazy right? You can even interact with them to an extent, however please do not attempt to eat souls! Its bad if you do!

Since sorcerers can't use their powers normally, non-contracted sorcerers often don't realize they are a sorcerer to begin with, contracted sorcerers may have been told such, but they'll have no experience until an EVENT happens.

Still, after becoming sorcerer, some noticeable, positive changes will occur. The changes vary based on the individual, someone might find themselves a bit more lucky then before if they were having an unfortunate streak, someone who isn't happy with their looks will wake up more beautiful, a love one with a fatal illness might be cured. In general, the changes that occur are self-thought problems that their magic will try to fix. Keep in mind, that this will not perfect every 'flaw' they see themselves with, in fact only a few if not just one flaw will change in this manner. Additionally, the magic can't force other people's thoughts and free will to grant the desire of the sorcerer, nor can their magic do something drastic like becoming immortal. Contract Sorcerers may have also been bargained additional deals like this as part of their deal, though in reality most sorcerers experience these positive changes whether or not they made a contract. These wishes are only granted when someone first becomes a sorcerer.

NOTE: If you don't wanna play a sorcerer and just wanna do slice and life, you can put N/A for non-sorcerers. Keep in mind you won't be able to interact with combat events if you aren't playing a sorcerer.

Lets break down the sorcerer abilities now!

So in short, the player-available sorcerers are Chosen, Contracted, and Inheritors! (Witches and other faction-based sorcerer characters are classified, since they will be more relevant in the later story, but if you are curious on any for character creation I can give you more details.) In general, most players should be chosen, a few contracted. Inheritors are okay, but for plot reasons there aren't any established sorcerers at the starting IC location, so you'd have to come another city, pm me for details if you wanna go that route.

Chosen Sorcerers tend to be the strongest of normal sorcerers since they are picked precisely for having the personalities that would end up using magic of their own will anyway, and by extension having the strongest potential.

Howdy y’all, browsing through forums and noticed that this rp has newer characters and still has the apply open. Don’t suppose y’all wouldn’t mind another player?
A star has arrived.

There was a suddenly an explosion of black smoke along an unoccupied street. A black and purple pillar of shadows rose from the clearing smoke. The pillar had risen far above the surrounding buildings before its form extended a long flight of steps to the street, and a slightly more purple carpet of shadows materialized and rolled down the steps. With the remaining smoke clearing around where the steps stopped at, a figure emerged already taking the first step onto the stairs. A well dressed suit, gold trimmed, with armored pauldrons and a ring on one of his gloved hands.

Masashi Yamada, the Fortunate Shadow, the self proclaimed prince of Arakawa. He had finally appeared on the scene, always one for his dramatic entrances. Due to the height of the stairs, he had them move and shuffle like an escalator to bring him to the top, stopping once he had reached the step below the top of his pillar. With a snap of his fingers and a stream of shadows from his ring, a throne formed itself out from the pillar's floor. Masashi had spent a great deal of practice to simulate a proper, comfortable seat made from his shadows. His real furniture at home were still more comfortable, but his current constructions was satisfactory nonetheless. Before he let himself sit, however, he turned to face the steps, to face the frozen bay and the gate of monsters.

"Hmph! It seems it was a waste to come here after all! An easy task such as this is better suited for my personal servant!" Masashi explained with dramatic flair. He was always one to play character whenever he was 'on the job.' Always to try and put on a show. The height of his throne left room for long ranged support should that somehow be required, though he had no intention of actually getting his hands dirty if he could help it, but more importantly it was to ensure a bubble of personal space, a luxury that was rare when dealing with her.

He raised his right towards the sky, facing the same direction upward as he began to shout.
"I beseech the powers of lord Hades! From the deepest depths of the underworld, the infernal pits of Tartarus! Again I call upon a monster worthy to serve under my power! Come fourth, the Witch of Shadows, the Weaver of Night! Dispatch of these pests!" He chanted loudly, sounding like some kind of spell. His ring had glowed with black light while he had spoke. It something he had rehearsed and practiced unlike most of his abilities. In reality, the words had no purpose in the spell, it was just to draw attention to himself and to buy time.

When he finished, the ring streamed a connection of shadows to an alleyway near where the steps he had summoned began. A predetermined spot he had planned with an accomplice. Another burst of smoke erupted through the streets from the desired point, this one lasting a bit longer to allow 'his servant' to get into position. The First few steps of the stairs had morphed completely within the smoke-formed shadows. Becoming something closer to a stage with steps on all three sides to the street. An archway standing at the center where the rug extended and continued to roll down the steps and off into the street to adjust the new structure. Two braziers simulating shadow-flames stood at either end of the front of this stage as the smoke started to clear. Before it fully cleared up, far above, Masashi had already taken his seat upon the throne with a devilish smirk.

Sheet checks out, though there doesn't seem to be any suggestion of her joining T.I. after getting the familiar, I assume that comes after if you could write in a bit more of that backstory.
Disclaimer: Currently at 4 members still waiting for characters on their part, however slots are still open.
Hello y'all! I'm here to introduce an rp with semi-scp foundation vibes. Less emphasis on cold organization with containment procedures and more of a sci-fi fantasy hybrid of wizards, advanced but inconsistent tech, and all sorts of mythological monsters set in a post-apocalyptical world! You can find all that info here:…
There is still some fluff and writing I need to hammer out but most of the relevant information should be there.

I already have a small list of players but I am searching for a few more, as well as two co-gm positions. I'll be looking for at most 5 additional players (though that number may grow in the future.) Discord link is here:

Those looking for co gm positions can ask me in the discord and we can talk it out.
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