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A figure clad in white armor stood at the back of the crowd, doing her best to look unassuming. She cared little for these petty squabbles, but the World Warriors Tournament combined with the political instability in Zun was worth enough to at least have her attention. Choosing to bring so many Nomads here, at a time like this? It was not likely to be a coincidence... Her visor glowed blue as she frowned, trying to wrap her head around the situation.

Standing tall among the crowd was the spear-wielding knight, disappointed in the cancelling of the tournament. The old nomad couldn’t help but be upset over this denial of his, and the other warriors present’s, glory. Still, they had their reasons. No sense in fighting over it, the knight moved through the crowd until he saw a familiar face behind the mass of faceless nomads. “Seshat, by god it has been too long.” Fafnir greeted his friend. “I didn’t think you’d be the tournament type.”

Seshat’s eyes lit up as she took off her helmet and offered a small wave, her hair falling gracefully down past her shoulders.

“Why hello Fafnir,” She said, a smile only barely visible on her lips. “I wasn’t expecting to see you here.” Her tone didn’t carry nearly as much enthusiasm as one would expect for a reunion between friends, but those more familiar with her would know that it meant a lot coming from her.

“You are correct, though,” Seshat explained, turning right back to her thoughts. “I have little interest in such fights. I suspect that there may be something sinister happening in Zun that requires my attention, and given that I just finished in Iran with… “family” business…” she uncomfortably trailed off, her voice audibly constrained. A subject she liked to avoid.

“I have decided to stay until I have determined its nature.” Seshat concluded, with a quick huff. “This event is rather renowned across the world, so I think it is a good place to start.”

“Well that does sound to be suspicious, if nothing else. As I’ve no tournament to enter, I suppose I could stick around for potential assistance.” The warrior stated as he looked back towards the crowd. “I’m not one to look into such matters, but if any trouble does brew out of here I will gladly help put it down.”

“Ah,” Seshat said, her smile returning slightly brighter. “That would be most welcome, thank you.” She turned her gaze to figures in cloaks wandering through the crowd. A troubling sight. She considered summoning her rifle, but it probably wasn’t the best idea in an airport.

“So what have you been up to since we last met?” Seshat asked, keeping her eyes on the crowd. “You have been traveling the world as well, yes?”

“As of late yes, been trying my luck at these tournaments, good sport and all. Though with it closed I don’t have much to do now.” He stated simply, following his friend’s gaze to the people. “Pity, I was looking forward to matching blades with proven adversaries.” Seshat motioned her head towards the cloaked figures, not wanting to make it too obvious that she was on to them.

“I fear that you may just get you wish aft-” She immediately stopped speaking once the figures shed their cloaks and started shooting. A gun appeared in Seshat’s hand as she raised her arm forward, managing to find a target not blocked by the panicking crowd, and fired. The quick burst sent the armored fighter sprawling to the ground, and Seshat quickly donned her helmet once more.

Finally the kind of action the old soldier was waiting for. Fafnir leaped above the crowd, responding to a cut off Seshat with a “Just like old times!” The knight’s wings carried him forward as he darted to another armored assailant; He knocked him down with a hit of his plated elbow as he landed; and swung his lance out from his back to knock out an accomplice with the spear’s shaft.

Vlad Relapmi Ruthven


Hello fellow supernatural figure. How would you like to be paid to travel around the world with all of those little inconveniences paid for. I have the funds necessary to offer this special employment. All I need you to do is to attend any of those...little tournaments, talk to other nomads, and assuredly all the small favors you do for me will be rewarded handsomely. A good deal no? If you are interested in such an offer, please, come by to my estate and we can discuss the finer details. Oh and for the sake of secrecy, burn this letter and any information pertaining to it.


On the back of the note was the address of his manor, [redacted], Pennsylvania.

Under a cloudy afternoon, Vlad’s manor was resting comfortable atop a large hill surrounded by a vast forest in the middle of Pennsylvania. The gate seemed to be unattended and for most of the property it seemed vacant. But the beautiful 5 story mansion that sat in the center of the courtyard betrayed that illusion. On the large porch were several figures, some fully cloaked in hoods and others wearing what appeared to be ornate knight armor. Others still seemed to be doing chores around the property, servants in typical maid or butler attire doing all matter of yard work. Their expressions seemed off, and their flesh...stiff.

A slick black limousine pulled up to the gate. A tall, shapely figure stepped out and waved to the driver before they looked to confirm the address. Some crude sketches had since covered the letter, but the demon supposed they would look bad if they didn’t get rid of it. The paper was quickly torn to tiny pieces and thrown up in the air as a quick loop was drawn to create a strong gust of wind to carry it away.

Rosie quickly ran a hand through their hair and pushed through the gate. They gave the various figures out front a quizzical glance. Sitting around the front porch in armor like that? It looked rather gaudy, honestly… They strode up the front steps, heels clacking against the floor.

“I assume the master is on the premises?” The demon asked, assuming that they could at least follow simple orders.

Some of the ‘workers’ didn’t even acknowledge Rosie. The one dressed as a knight immediately responded. “Master Vlad has been expecting you.” Without moving, the door to the manor opened. A hunched, green-skinned figure greeted Rosie inside. “Yes yes, come in! Master Vlad is right this way!” He said excitedly. The..thing was dressed in a butler’s attire, but his flesh looked off. Green with rot yet no injury visible. He had only a few strands of hair on his hand, and his skin just looked saggy and old. His eyes were white and bugged out, and he barely had any teeth in his mouth. His fingernails were yellow with dirt, and his smell was less than pleasant. He’d hastily beckon Rosie as he seemed to hop up and down with each step, first facing her as he moved back before turning and fast-walking further into the estate. The foyer was decorated lavishly, with red carpets and dark walls. A Chandelier hung above the double set staircase. At the end of the room on the first floor, between the two hallways, was a large door that seemed to lead into a basement of sorts, though upon looking down the staircase went down far, and likely seemed to be more complex than just a basement.

“I assume he’s downstairs?” Rosie asked, poking their head down the staircase. They tried not to make their distaste at the smell too obvious. Still, at this point they wondered why Vlad didn’t just hang some pine scent on his help. The demon’s gloves brushed against the railing as they descended the staircase.

Upon descending downward, the room below seemed to be a mix between some regal interior castle and a dungeon. Ornate rugs and expensive paintings framed in gold hung around the stone brick room. Another chandelier hung above the center, where several men in suits were playing billiards below it. A wide screen tv was on the back wall, below it a bar with a similarly decaying figure acting as the server. The ‘ordinary’ men didn’t seem to mind though. Engaging in their sins of smoking and drinking.

There were wooden doors that lead to hallways that seemed to go further down into the earth, but near the pool table was an obviously expensive leather couch where none other then vlad sat. He was swirling a glass of what was either red wine or fresh blood in a wine glass.

“Ah you made it, come...have a seat!” He gestured to the identical sofa that was placed conveniently across from the one he sat, facing each other. He waved his hands to the men playing on the pool table. “Leave us for now.”

Without a word they all past Rosie, including the henchmen that lead her down, and walked upstairs. The door was closed behind Rosie, leaving the two alone.

“I’m sure you must be tired after the trip to get here...need a smoke?” He offered a cuban cigar taken from the glass table between the two sofas.

“Oh, no thanks…” Rosie responded with a nostalgic laugh. “I kicked the habit back when I got pregnant. If any of those drinks are… hemoglobin-free, however…”

The count rubbed his chin before snapping his fingers. All the way from the room’s bar, a wine glass and a bottle of vodka floated steadily and landed on the coffee table. The bottle uncorked itself, and began to pour.

“I am a simple man with simple tastes, Rosie. Yet the ‘recent’ uh…’outpour’ of all these nomads running around has gotten my attention. I would personally get a closer look but as you can imagine it’s a bit of a hassle for me to get about away from home. I prefer the simple comforts after all…” He paused his speech with a sip of his blood-mixed wine. His fangs sinking into the surface to absorb it.

“Do they make you nervous?” Rosie asked coyly. “Or do you want what they're after?” They took a sip of vodka. Vodka also hadn't been quite their style for a few decades now, but the demon still partook from time to time. Still felt rather strong.

“That’s the ticket, Rosie.” The vampire helped himself to a cigar. “I don’t know what they want, and they certainly are a few players I’d rather not make enemies with.” He leaned in closer, grinning with a fang visible. “But it’s still an opportunity I can’t pass up. People are the most valuable assets, my friend. I just need to know how to use them..” He’d then slide two photos, one of Fafnir and another of Jill. “Speaking of..these two in particular have most of my interest...The uh..’justice’ riders as they call themselves have a bit of a….well let’s say we don’t get along too well...And that other freak has been a nuisance to me before..Thought he died at some point honestly, until he started to show his ugly head back as of late. I don’t want to call any hitmen as if something goes awry that can leave me with more enemies; Not to mention, as I’ve said before people with such skills are valuable assets…” He’d lean back to sip his drink. “What I want you to do for me Rosie, is to I suppose…’spy’ on them. See what these lot are up to, maybe get to know them, as well as any other…’interesting’ nomads along the way. I need to see if there’s anything I can exploit out of them...Perhaps a tournament, people pay money for that kind of brutal entertainment don’t they? Well, regardless, I believe these fools congregated at that cancelled tournament in Zun, I’d imagine they’ll stick around for a while...why not pay them a visit? Of course, I will personally fund the whole expedition, including all the expenses you need and a handsome pay as I’ve discussed in the letter. All I need you to do is to obtain as much information you can about them, and to keep in touch..” With that, he slid over the table of what appeared to be a black cellphone.

“Well I don’t know if I’ll be much of a spy,” Rosie admitted, snatching the phone off the table. “I somehow manage to attract a lot of rather hostile attention myself. I’m sure you know how it is.” They took a quick glance at each photo, forming a noticeable frown for a moment before putting them back down.

“Funny you should mention the Riders, though;” Rosie said. “We have a bit of a… complicated history. This one looks a bit new…” The demon started twirling their hair on the end of their fingers.

“You didn’t hear this from me,” Rosie continued. “But when it comes to SHINING, you’re playing with fire. Those Riders can look rather bumbling, but that company has a finger in every pie. If they haven’t killed you yet, it’s probably because they find you useful as well.” Their gaze went back to the photo.

“Now the Riders themselves?” Rosie said. “A whole different story.” They began tapping their phone for a few seconds before continuing.

“This one is… Justice Rider Blaze, correct?” Rosie asked. “We’ve never met, but I have a few connections. Her little sister recently entered a pact with one of my acquaintances, in fact. They apparently share a rather strong bond…” They trailed off.

“This other one…” The demon mused, staring at the picture for a moment. “Seems familiar, but I’m not quite sure. I’ll have to get back to you on that.” They took another sip of vodka.

“Hmm..” The vampire withdrew the photos back into the suit. “Very well, it’s no surprise I have to play this cautiously. I’ve already arranged a private jet in the back, if you are ready to go now.”

“You don’t want to have a little fun first?” Rosie teased. “Ah well. I’ll be in touch.” They finished their drink before they left. A private plane? All expenses paid? This was shaping up to sound like quite the job...

Burning Glory Character Expansion:

A new challenger approaches:

Vlad sucks the competition!


Aye not a gm here but nice character.

Quick to note though, as I've introduced a sort of 'lore' for dragons in general. Wanted to know how Selphia fits into it or if despite superficially being similar his 'draconic lineage' is entirely separate?

To summarize, Fafnir's Dragon lore is a big cosmic dragon crashed into earth from a meteor and starts spawning dragons out of storms (basically mtg.) Then the Ur-Dragon was killed by its first creations that out-grew it, following the dragon Bahagarra becoming the next Ur-Dragon and spawning new dragons until he was slayed and as a result overtime dragons became nearly extinct.

Its possible for dragons to reproduce naturally too, though growth is slower and this results in 'broods' a sort of lineage that retain similar traits/abilities (like the zmey lineage that I'm making an NPC for.)

@La Fleur
Any room for some muscle? Big old simple minded orc Fire-breathing space lizard? Or does a biological breathe weapon fall under the no powers deal?

Here is my updated Fafnir sheet, I'll work on Vlad next.

Changes include: Moveset expansion, backstory expansion/modification, current home(?), and a current size estimate for the ult he rarely uses.

Just gonna move my oldies here, might modify them particularly in the backstory around the time the ooc is up.

Fafnir didn't talk as much afterward his rally speech, instead shouting war cries as he cleared through waves of stone oni. So involved in the moment that he even forgot that he was standing beside other nomads, the thrill of battling such masses of enemies brought with it a powerful sense of nostalgia, it had taken him back to his 'glory days' as a knight fighting beside humans.

That trip of nostalgia was ended with the arrival of a large and real oni. With all attention on the one responsible for the attack, Fafnir couldn't help but feel a tad bit of sympathy. A fellow monster, like his own kind, that had been driven to near extinction by mortal hands; it was a plight he could understand. Perhaps it was the small inkling of a fiendish monster within him that pitied the oni rather then his 'mortal' identity.

Pity wasn't enough to change his allegiance of course; but that anger that had brewed from his tournament, his next path of honor, being interrupted had ceased. Instead now finding honor in the 'villain' the same as he saw any true warrior. One that desired vengeance.

Of course in the middle of his speech a less honorable nomad had already attacked the vengeful warrior. He felt some distaste in that action, but it couldn't be helped in these circumstances he supposed. This warrior desired the extinction of mankind after all.

"Daichi!" Fafnir shouted after Al made his attack, Smashing the bottom of his shield onto the earth to garner attention. "On behalf of mankind, you won't be killing any mortal until I fall!" With his lance readied at his side, he began to charge up ki within it's blade. He would have much preferred a one on one battle, but if the previous attack was evident he doubted the honor his nearby allies had. Besides, the weight of humanity rested on their shoulders anyway.

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