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I am merely a typist, ready and able to fill a need in a storyline no matter how long or short.
One post? One thousand posts? Somewhere in between?
Whether male or female, good or evil, whatever species or genre.
I'm there.

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Cravings now include Mer, either both Mer or Mer x Human/Fantasy Race.
I'll DM you so we can further plan.
This actually sounds pretty awesome, I'm totally down for this!
Lists updated.
Unfortunately I don't have a concrete idea at the moment, but I would think it would be more planetary.
@The Goblin King I have an idea for a combination of sci-fi and cyberpunk. A cluster of planets, set off in the middle of nowhere at the edge of impossibility. All sorts of species and tech, for the sake of flexibility and creativity.
I rather like the idea of brother against brother in a royal feud, and prefer the older brother so it works perfectly.
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