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3 days ago
Current People do crazy things all the time. I've got stories - like the guy that dropped a car on himself, or the chick hat swallowed a whole tube of toothpaste... in the tube.
3 days ago
Make me. (As I'm one with the couch.)
4 days ago
Sounds like the same guy who told me he didn't want to use telehealth because "people are so much better" at recording data post stroke.
7 days ago
COVID has never hit me as hard as this round. Holy cats, I can barely sit in the shower.
10 days ago
I apologize to peeps, but I'm extremely sick with COVID. Be patient with me!


Welcome, welcome!

The short and sweet:
I'm an old lady of thirty-two, so I ask my partners be 18+.
A veteran of many years of writing - I started way back in the days of wolf packs on AOL.
Female and pansexual; I write with any and all genders.
Dog mom and outdoor enthusiast; I also have a special needs Manx old enough to vote.

Important: I'm a workaholic in the health care field - I mainly work in the emergency department and juggle that with being a full-time student (including clinical rotation). I hold a handful of certifications as well as a degree, so I wear many hats and do what is needed to help my small community with their needs. I also do volunteer firefighting, first response, search and rescue, and am working to help with wildlife rehabilitation.

Due to my obligations, I will sometimes drop off the face of the planet. Even if I'm casually online, it doesn't mean I'm really here. That doesn't mean I don't want to write, it's just that I sometimes cannot due to writer's block, pure exhaustion, or even time constraint. Be patient with me - and keep in communication. I'm prone to mentally replying and not actually doing it, so getting me on Discord is the easiest way to make things happen/

I'm a fairly open book that has written just about everything at some point or another. I tend to write decent to long posts, play female characters, and I'm amenable to most ideas. I love slice of life, historical, fantasy, and apocalyptic adventures.

World building is fun, but so is quick play. I have a few partners that go back with me for years that I've built entire worlds and multiple generations with.

I tend to have "flawed" characters; perfection is boring, character development is not. Learning to work through their flaws, or overcome fears, is a driving point to play for me. Some of them have profiles, some of them do not.

This will keep growing with time, but feel free to PM with any questions or ideas you have in mind! I prefer one on one, but a good group might be able to catch my eye. It's been literally a decade since I wrote in a group because of a mixture of work, mental health, and obligations outside of the online world.

As a mention, I tend to prefer writing original ideas as opposed to any fandoms. With that said, I do welcome things like Fallout and Skyrim. Preferences are for the dark, gritty, and rough - I don't go for fairy tales because everything being perfect would be boring.

Discord: Honor and Pride#7694

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