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1 day ago
Current I'm definitely missing my dad today. I hope you're okay out there in the cosmos, old man.
7 days ago
Due to personal reasons, I need to be on a hiatus for a while.
9 days ago
Owed posts should be up tonight! I get to sleep in, so I'm taking advantage.
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12 days ago
Fair skin is not a fan of the sun, as I burnt EVERYWHERE. My feet are honestly the worst of it because of being in the water, which is going to make tomorrow's shift painful.
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14 days ago
I apparently don't learn well. I did a twelve and now I'm packing up to do a three mile hike. Thank the Light for my Merrill boots.


Welcome, welcome!

The short and sweet:
I'm an old lady of thirty-one,
A veteran of many years of writing,
Female and pansexual,
Dog mom and outdoor enthusiast,
A workaholic in the health care field that tends to clock between 80-100 hours a week.
I also do volunteer firefighting, first response, search and rescue, and I'll be returning to school in the fall of 2021, so my schedule will change then.

I'm a fairly open book that has written just about everything at some point or another. I tend to write decent to long posts, play female characters, and I'm amenable to most ideas. I love slice of life, historical, fantasy, and apocalyptic adventures.

World building is fun, but so is quick play. I have a few partners that go back with me for years that I've built entire worlds and multiple generations with.

I tend to have "flawed" characters; perfection is boring, character development is not. Learning to work through their flaws, or overcome fears, is a driving point to play for me. Some of them have profiles, some of them do not.

This will keep growing with time, but feel free to PM with any questions or ideas you have in mind! I prefer one on one, but a good group might be able to catch my eye.

As a mention, I tend to prefer writing original ideas as opposed to any fandoms. With that said, I do welcome things like Fallout and Skyrim.

Discord: Honor and Pride#7694

Most Recent Posts

A woman is transported back in time during an archeological dig.
A family heirloom breaks to reveal it was holding a warrior within, bringing him to modern time.
Spoils of war turn out to be more than a berserker thought they would be.
Warring clans arrange a marriage to bring peace and prosperity.

There are plenty of possibilities.

I write high casual/low advanced most of the time, but I tend to keep up with my muse. Please know how to capitalize, punctuate, and spell for the most part.
Private message me if interested, as I'm terrible at checking my threads.

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