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4 hrs ago
Current Fever, weakness, sweats, exhaustion and a pending COVID test. Not how I wanted tonight to go.
12 hrs ago
Looks like another double in the unit today when I'm not feeling well myself. Anyone feel like joining the nursing mafia?
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1 day ago
I was just informed that people are nebulizing hydrogen peroxide. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
2 days ago
Posts hopefully tonight or tomorrow!
3 days ago
When you're so mentally and emotionally exhausted that you threaten to shove your Jeep up someone axx in a drive thru, it's probably time to eat and nap.


Welcome, welcome!

The short and sweet:
I'm an old lady of thirty-one,
A veteran of many years of writing,
Female and pansexual,
Dog mom and outdoor enthusiast,
A workaholic in the health care field that now works on the office side of nursing.
I also do volunteer firefighting, first response, search and rescue, and I'll be returning to school in the fall of 2021, so my schedule will change then.

I'm a fairly open book that has written just about everything at some point or another. I tend to write decent to long posts, play female characters, and I'm amenable to most ideas. I love slice of life, historical, fantasy, and apocalyptic adventures.

World building is fun, but so is quick play. I have a few partners that go back with me for years that I've built entire worlds and multiple generations with.

I tend to have "flawed" characters; perfection is boring, character development is not. Learning to work through their flaws, or overcome fears, is a driving point to play for me. Some of them have profiles, some of them do not.

This will keep growing with time, but feel free to PM with any questions or ideas you have in mind! I prefer one on one, but a good group might be able to catch my eye.

As a mention, I tend to prefer writing original ideas as opposed to any fandoms. With that said, I do welcome things like Fallout and Skyrim.

Discord: Honor and Pride#7694

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Welcome! Hopefully you find something to scratch that writing itch!
<Snipped quote by honorandpride>

All of you are brave, I'm not sure I could do the same in your shoes.

Thank you for your service.

Military shouldn't be the only ones we thank, all the nurses and doctors who lay their own lives on the line to save us or family members, etc.

Thank you! Once all of this calms down, I want to return to working hospice. It definitely isn't for everyone.
<Snipped quote by honorandpride>

So do you wish that you statyed with the original ? Or ara ya happy where your at?

I still have a passion for history, but nursing is where my heart is at. I definitely wouldn't have done it if I didn't enjoy it. The new pandemic surge is definitely a recipe for burnout, though.
I originally went to college for a Master's in historical warfare studies before switching to nursing and emergency medicine.
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