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Current Oooh, we do status' here now? Hello there world of roleplayers! I am but your humble explorer!


"This is the story of a girl.. who cried a river and drowned the whole world.."
"And while she looks so sad in photographs, I absolutely love her.. when she smiles."

Call Me: Ruby.
Age: est:1991 (27).
About My Roleplays: I prefer to deviate towards FXF roleplays though may be convinced to do MXM or MXF if coerced enough and the story is engaging enough. I do sometimes have days where I really just don't have the energy to form a coherent reply - or just simply don't have the time too. I am a parent and I also work a fair amount of hours, so you will need to be patient. I will try to the best of my ability to keep in contact if a prolonged absence is expected.

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Making it to the locker had been a godsend, the cool metal on her forehead helped to relieve some of the dizzying sickness that was swimming throughout her body and she reached inside, taking out the small amount of things inside. She felt like she had the worlds worst hangover whilst in the middle of a flu bug. Not appealing.

The voices of the people around her seemed to echo inside her brain and she felt a small burp of sickness rise from her throat as she opened the bottle of vodka she took from her locker and swallowed a mouthful, swishing it around to remove the acidic-bile taste from the back of her throat.

Once she had better control of herself she turned and leaned her back against the locker, pulling the lapels of her jacket around her more securely. "You don't need to be smart to figure out we're pretty much out of choices.. We can either stay here and freeze to death - or do what he says and hope for the best."
Ooh, this sounds interesting.

Ruby Moon
United Kingdom.
Assigned Wing:
Mining Wing.
Every cliche of the little orphan child, Ruby had lived through. She'd grown up in the system, thrown from foster home to foster home because no one wanted to keep around the stubborn and rebellious girl. The adults didn't have the patience and she didn't have the ability to trust. She had little recollection of most of her childhood aside from the knowledge that ever since she was left at the orphanage at seven she had been prone to uncontrollable temper tantrums that had soon graduated to full on aggressive acts that she herself wouldn't always have a recollection of afterwards.
It wouldn't be until she turned seventeen that she found an answer as she was diagnosed with Disassociative Identity Disorder - or Split personality - and she would finally have some answers. Knowing there was a problem had made things easier for the girl, but the damage to her education and early life still hindered her ability to find a decently paying job. Having been kicked out of multiple Secondary Schools and being unable to get into college with the abysmal exam results she had achieved; she had no real skills or professions by the time she had turned eighteen and for the longest time she just flittered between odd manual labour jobs.
It was from there that she heard of an incredible opportunity that would pay substantially better than what she was currently earning and needed no educational qualifications. There had been a general health and fitness test that had concerned her, considering her diagnosis, but they had not seemed at all bothered by it and for the first time in her life, she believed things were looking up for her and she may finally find a place she could thrive.

Ruby is a reserved person, she doesn't trust people easily because she is used to them not being a very permanent fixture within her life. She has learned to be very self-sufficient and can find it difficult to ask for help in situations and by extension to open up to people. But deep down she does have a good heart and does just want to help, but when she is put under a lot of stress or anxiety, her other personality comes out. This other side of her is her own defense mechanism, full of a false bravado she didn't usually possess. This other persona - Whom ironically dubbed herself "Jade" - can be rash and unlike her counterpart, isn't afraid to speak her mind. Ruby has no recollection of the times in which Jade is 'in control' and can become even more reserved afterwards.
Mining Wing Keycard, Bottle of Vodka, Dark Purple handkerchief, Pack of Cigarettes, Cigarette Lighter.
Extra Info:
Determined to be successful.

Is this okay? ^__^
Personally; I tend to take a quick (ctrl-a / ctrl-c) approach every time I take a break to read through what I've wrote, if that helps at all?
Would you be interested in some sort of FxF roleplay? We can bounce some idea's around if you like?
Oh, awesome.. I'll keep a look out then.
This could be interesting.. is it still open?
Hey, hey, sugar. What's crackalackin'? I decided to do some digging upon your offer on my introduction post.. and I must say, this "A Deal for Love" idea you have, sounds very intriguing.. I've no idea about the source material for your inspiration but I do not feel that will be necessary for this, no?

Either way, I'd be interested in discussing and exploring this idea with you. Hit me up, yo!
Arent you delightful, welcome back

Why, thank you dear. I also do so appreciate the nicer way of putting "crazy". ;)

We're all a little mad here - in my world - but I'll let you in on a secret, some of the best people are!

But again; Hello. Lovely to meet you and thanks for the warm welcome. ^__^
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