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Hello there!

This looks interesting. Are you still accepting players?

I don't think I have got very far into RWBY though. Maybe like til Volume One or Two. Is that alright?
Necessary changes have been made to my CS. My apologies, I think I might have misunderstood at the beginning. I ended up using a god that appeared in canon, even though the only thing they share is probably the namesake. Please tell me if that's alright.

Here's my CS. Finally done!

Oh hello, I would like to register my interest for this RP. I quite like the premise and I think I can remember watching a few episodes of that anime a while back?

I think I can my CS up in a few hours, is that okay?
In sup 4 mos ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Hello there,

Finally return to RPG after a long, long hiatus, so I figure I make a new account for the occasion. Hoping I can get back into some fun roleplaying!
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