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I feel like I should write something here.

My name is Belgard and I’m too young to be old and too old to be young. I like fancy words that don’t overstay their welcome. I don’t like talking about myself. I work a demanding job where I’m expected to be charming enough to get paid while also looking out for other people’s safety. Sometimes that means I don’t respond for days while I try to recharge. I’m not as intimidating as people tell me I seem, I get excited easy but hate feeling like someone is trying to impress me.

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Bump for a new plot idea, as there are evidently not enough undead present in my stories already. Love a good lich.

The word for this bump is Photopsia. Photopsia are the stars you see in your eyes during headaches. Of course there are other instances in which one can see stars or flashes of light that aren't there, but a headache is the least spooky and worrying reason.
It's late but since I spent half my weeks up till six am that's not much a problem. I've got a few solid RPs goin' on but I think I could use just one more so here we go, a bump and a word, and this bump's word is callipygian. Callipygian just means. . . a big ol' butt. A bubble butt, if you will. Just. . . huge. I laugh every time I mutter it under my breath and honestly I think that's just swell.

I'm here and I'm bumping!

Today's word is bucolic. Bucolic is meant to convey the pleasant side of country living. It's synonymous with pastoral, though it relates a little closer to shepherds than pastoral does (at least colloquially??). I, for one, would like to live bucolically and the only thing keeping me from absconding to a place full of cute sheep is money and a distinct lack of experience as a shepherd.
Well, it's the weekend so here's another bump!!!

This time the word is confelicity. Confelicity is the pleasure one receives in another's happiness.
A bump for my final day off, what a bummer! In the interest of not being horrifically spammerific (and to account for any pickups in my weekly workload) I think this’ll be my last bump for a bit. I’ve added some prompts to the post and a few more plot ideas. I don’t know what’s up with me and divine and infernal themes with a bit of weird America on the side but it’s just the train of thought my brain has been riding, lately.

Here’s an archaic word, but frankly I think it still holds up functionally:


Appetency is a strong longing or desire, a craving. I’ve seen it as applied to hunger. . . Though what if hunger if not a powerful urge? Whatever the matter, I like the way it feels when I say it. Ap-pe-ten-cy.
Good Afternoon to anyone reading! Today is my day off so I figured I'd bump this again. As per my habit I'll give you all another not oft used and mostly retired word:


This is a bit of an abstract concept. It means "well minded" or "beautiful thinking" in the literal sense, but it's actually applied to the goodwill audiences feel towards a public speaker or some such. I think a more modern way to think of the word would be the para social bond that forms between internet personalities big or small with their audience. I suppose it could also be applied to political speakers, or. . . Oh, hey! Mr. Rodgers is a good example of this, too!

In mental health this word is sometimes applied to a "normal" state of mind in adults.
Another bump for a lazy Sunday thus far. While I'm at it, here's another lovely but defunct word:

Selcouth. Selcouth means strange or unusual. I believe it was being used before the 12th century though I don't know when it fell out of fashion. Which is a shame, really, because it's a very pretty way to call someone weird.
Tentative bump to keep visible during my slow work weekend. In the interest of not feeling too spammy here's another pretty but obsolete word: Apricity. Apricity describes the sun's warmth in winter. Here's hoping any and all reading feel some welcomed apricity this weekend. It's cold out there!
Hey I'm Belgard. You can call me Belgard. It's short for Belgard. It's the obsolete word for a loving look and not the paving company. But I mean, if you wanna associate me with bricks I can't stop you (I know I said that in my intro post shut up). I never know how to write about myself and my preferences with any degree of concision so here's a bunch of bullet points.

-Writing style is high casual. Is that a thing? I can write two paragraphs or twelve but I don't want to waste anyone's time writing "the amber liquid" when I could've written "whiskey". My job involves babysitting folk through their egos and editing/writing on the side so I'm pretty picky about this stuff. I'd rather feel like two folk collaborating on a novel than two people trying markedly hard to impress one another with fanfic diction. If you hate the overuse of epithets and love clever but accessible literature then you're my kind of person.

-I'm friendly but private. Ideally I like to make friends but I've dealt with some wackos. If you wanna shoot the shit about plot, characters, or random tv shows I'm down, just don't get weird if I go radio silent for a bit. Work is rough! Sending me a headcanon or popping in with a thematically fitting song for plot/characters is always a good opener. I make playlists out the wazoo.

-Will drop any folk who think slurs and racism are an ok thing like a hot stone. Same goes for homophobia or transphobia. Not in my house.

-I prefer fantasy and sci-fi to realism any day. Granted I guess I like science fantasy more. Fiction is mutable and the unknown is fun so if I'm in a setting of my own creation I never like too many rules. I'm always a slut for loosely crafted period settings and cultures not oft used like middle eastern settings, the steppe, or Aztec inspired areas.

-Oh you said romance? I thought you meant Romance, wherein the woman who rebukes my advances is a metaphor for the unforgiving American wilderness and the stories centered around the six ha'pennies gifted to me by the devil are actually an allegory for the dangers of capitalism and in a fit of jealous rage my my brother fucking kills me. Which is to say that I love writing about people but I love not writing about people. Sometimes characters are just set dressing for a concept.

-I love dark stuff but I love funny stuff. My humor tends to be a little dry in prose. Think Lemony Snickett or Douglas Adams. I don't tend towards grimdark as much as I explore human follies, less the world being bad and more so the characters. If a world is terrible it's not as fun for me without some sort of revolt (so I guess I like. . . noble. . . dark?). Unless it's Bloodborne. Gotta love Bloodborne.

-I do any pairings except guys with guys, or at the very least I don't main them. I'm a lesbian so if there's not a girl involved my interest takes a nose dive. I tend to main girls or enbys and while I love shipping a whole goddamn lot I'm pretty persnickety about pairings. A series of romantic tropes spoon fed to us by the media? Hard pass. Two people falling in love on account of mutual respect either implicit or eventually earned? Nice. Horrible abusive ships that we KNOW are abusive? I guess nice isn't the word but I still dig it.

-I'm in my late twenties and don't want to talk to minors. Hell, I don't even know anyone under twenty four that I'm not related to. I won't make any boasts to being an old soul but I do tend to get on better with folk my age and up.

-I prefer PMs generally. I could do Skype or something eventually but I'm a little gunshy about giving out messengers.

So I guess this is the part where I write down my ideas.

How I Lost My Eye And Spoke To Gods Along The Way

Direct The Water, Bring The Rain

Everyone Is Grieving Except For You (And Don't You Feel Bad About It?)

I Met Old Scratch And He Whisked Me Down The Gold Road

Something’s Inside The Greenhouse But I Don’t Know What

The Phylactery Incident

For the sake of fun, here are some titles I came up with on the fly. Tell me what kind of story it evokes. Or, conversely, give me a title (one of these or your own) and I’ll give you a story:

That's about all I can think of for now! I'll update this if I get any other ideas. Feel free to PM me with whatever suits your internet, or even other ideas! The more you've got stewing in your brain the better.
Hey I'm Belgard, it's short for Belgard but you can call me Belgard. It's the obsolete word for "a loving look" and not a reference to the paving company, but if you want to associate me with bricks I can't stop you.

Anyway I'm kind of an old hat at this forum stuff, been on and off for maybe over a decade now. Well, probably more but I like to wipe the embarrassing wolf rp I did as a preteen from my mind. Currently I'm working a job where I'm either ALL BUSY ALL THE TIME or sitting on my hands for hours. My only RP is a weekly tabletop and I'm dreadfully bored. So yeah, here I am!
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