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1 yr ago
Current I play a lot of Pokémon Ultra Moon. If you have any requests for specific eggs/babies, let me know and I will see what I can do.
1 yr ago
Lot of old folks I knew in the past are checking me out. I wonder what they are plotting. :3
1 yr ago
I wonder how I should address all the shade people have thrown at me during my time away. My mind says to let it go, but my heart says "with a chainsaw". Decisions.


Oh, you want to know about me? Not sure why, but ok.

A long time ago, in a bedroom far far away... my mommy met my daddy... and they did it.

What? Not that far back? Oh. Ok.

I'm a mechanic by trade, though a work-related injury nearly a decade ago has really hampered my life since. I'm what some would call a folkish heathen, if matters of spirituality interest you... though I lean more toward tribal rather than folkish. I live in Cleveland, have a nice little apartment in a decent neighborhood, and have two cats.

As far as RP? I like things with anime elements to them, as well as modern and traditional fantasy. Not interested in romance or furry or anything like that. Miss me with that stuff.

I'm brash. I do not sugar coat things. I will call people out on things. I will likely frustrate you at some point. ... however, I am one hell of a loyal person, should I ever decide you are a friend.

So there it is, I guess.

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Granted. Now you ARE a pie.

I wish my neighbors would stop ahooting guns.
Granted. Now every wish you make gives you cancer instead of what you wish for.

I wish for Big Chungus to save us all from 2019.
Granted. You have ultimate power, but also ultimate responsibility. Have fun micro-managing literally every detail in the cosmos so that things don't immediately go tits-up.

I wish I had money to order chinese food for lunch.
Granted. You are now drowning in a vat of syrup from which there is no escape.

I wish someone would have told me this thread was still active. Holy crap.
Granted, but since every superpower needs a weakness... yours is nitrogen. Good luck dealing with 73% of the atmosphere.

I wish for the ability to safely hibernate for extended periods of time.
Granted. All art now contagiously infects others with the ability to create similar art. However, each type of art also spreads a different debilitating disease auch as Malaria or the Bubonic Plague.

I wish I was immune to all of the art diseases.
Granted. It now drives only marginally better and results in many serious accidents and deaths.

I wish for dank memes.
Granted. You are now stuck instead.

I wish for delicious, non-toxic, ripe plums. Because they are yummy.
Granted. Good luck fitting into a house no larger than a large soda cup.

I wish the person making the next wish had no arms.
Granted. You are now a coma patient in a vegetative state, literally trapped inside your flesh prison and unable to escape or die.

I wish I had a nice heathen girl to settle down with, a cabin on a nice little plot of land, a truck that was old but reliable, and enough resources to live in relative comfort for the rest of our lives.
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