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@Joshua TamashiiNot sure if my character would interact with a first year other then a mentor mentee relationship.
@Apokalipse Well Im fortunate I finished classes in early Dec sooo Ive had way too much free time lol:P
Ohh the seeker of house Good, Bludgers will be coming at you! <3@Prints Avoid

@Apokalipse Well we will just have to see, I wonder how many will be around. Has your club had not much activity lately?
Post c:

Hmm welp not sure how my relationships with the others are and would need to discuss this with the others:P But he will have some fwends maybe:P

Sweet, now what ms gm of justice?:P
Here is my character, if there are any discrepancies I'll edit accordingly. I hope to rp with you all :)

I've used pirate pad but I'd recomend using a google Doc as it is a bit more user friendly then pirate pad
Hey guys, potential French Canadian Muggle born 6th year coming to a thread near you. :)
This Roleplay intrigues me and will happily begin to draft up a CS for 6th year in Tituba:)
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