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Current I broke free of what has shackled my heart, and what someone has taken advantage of. However, another someone has shown me the way out of that. I am breaking more and more limits and records, now..
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Writing has a certain peace and calming effort to it. I still write on that story I've been known to write years prior, but now I've actually had the time to focus and flesh it out, free of negativity
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Rest in peace, Cartoon Network. Your acquisition by Warner Bros Entertainment is grim tidings: but even the Champ's gotta step outta the ring one day..
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Taking the bus gives a relative good peace of mind, especially if it has free wi-fi, wood flooring, and comfy seats. All for two dollars. [Beat.] Waiddasec.
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I've been busy with college. Might edit my list of stuff.. maybe. Eventually. (Eh, don't count on it.)


I but wander from place to place, no need to concern yourself over me unless you wish to get to know me.

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The Kindly, Hasty Stranger

Already in Ul'dah for a simple acquisition (barring having been lost for a while, all this sand looked the same to him), and this part of the city was chaos. He had been tracking down a thief he had witnessed liberate a coinpurse, 'Bloody right magnificent 'though dirty that was,' were Cyrus' words in his mind, taking an alternative route to not arouse suspicion. He had been running for a good few minutes. He heard commotion up ahead, which started to quiet as he elbowed the door as a breeze met him shortly after he entered. It was to his misfortune that there had been a barfight, "Brilliant." he put under tones of silent sarcasm: the one word he could find. His mind worked quick, two avenues, and he had all but hope that no one stepped in his way. "Right then, pardon, fellows! In a right rush 'ere!" Once he had his attention from bursting the door and being loud, that would get people to notice him and most to probably stop. His eyes gleamed over the crowd, seeing a certain man along his way, and what better - a certain cat. He then darted, quick as he could, and started a parlor trick - unable to keep himself from entertaining the crowd. He tapped on a fallen chair, leaping over the railing after a table. His shoe hit one part as he landed on his other foot, the momentum dictated he either got "hurt" and landed into someone, or tumbled.

And what better man to tumble into than the man from the opposite end, the one he got a good look in that tattered cloak, now in something out of place for him. "Oh, beg pardon ol' chap. Earnest mistake really, I'm jus'na hurry. S'all, last few minutes of my break." He dusted the man's tunic off after rising him up to his feet. "Trust me, it's a few rounds on me." Sure, out of place, but Cyrus gave him a grin, patting his shoulder as he nodded, but only a grin the other man would understand - a grin that a code among thieves would be kept under Cyrus' word. Nonetheless, Cyrus took his own gil out of his pocket and gave him worth a round, winking. He then made sure everything was alright, thirty seconds, and the man looked back - bewildered that he'd been targeted by his own kind so quickly. Hook, line, sinker. Cyrus had the coinpurse in his possession through simple sleight of hand while dusting the man off, he turned around as he trusted the man to keep his word. Otherwise, Cyrus would start a brawl, or worse: get the Blades involved. He slipped a low-ranking Rogues' insignia on his breast pocket for him to see and sunk it down. Although Lominsan and no jurisdiction here, Cyrus had affirmed to him with that grin that he's letting him off easy. Giving him a few drinks to think it over and promising not to turn him in, he had effective blackmail as a sharp-eyed witness. He then strode over to the Miqo'te, the one with the purple hair, sitting next to her if he could. He would be ready to dodge what went around him in reflex, having now entered soft focus. Like an eel, he slipped past patrons, rowdy or otherwise and he would take his seat.

His voice hushed, trying to be gentle, unsure if her ears would pick up. " 'scuse me miss. Might I ask f'a moment of y'time? Y'look like y'need some lightin' up.." He opened up his surcoat as he looked to the man as a friendly warning: 'Act like none happened and I'll be sure not to buddy up with this lass and put ya in like a cap'n does the ol' wenchmaid if he's in need of relief, but it won't be as any bit fun as it sounds, oh no, it's a punishment, rough only second to the Seventh Hell, friend! A bloody right brayin' t'would be, we'll threp ya, twat.' He then placed the coinpurse to the cat-like girl while still appearing to straighten his collar to the rest of the crowd. Cat with a purple mane - odd as it is to him. "Judgin' from the make and the timing, this looks like your own, but it ain' all of it. Don't fret, I did recover what I can." He then tapped the bar thrice, paying in advance, his voice going back to normal like he wasn't chatting. "If it's not much trouble, sometin' ligh' and subtle, just need something to keep me in a good mood when I get back home when the order's ready for an old friend.". Whether or not his intimidation would work on the man was up to him, although Cyrus did give him his warning.


Might make a jaded cynic who's also an aspiring actor and a jerk with a heart of gold.
I suppose I might be interested.
The White Dragon and the Twilight Dragons (Flareborne-Watatsuki)

Posting more whenever I'm not lazy.

To do list: Vestisse's profile.
Note: I'll be reusing characters from Dear Anonymous, as they're considered to be in the same universe. The Video Game portion is hugely inspired by S4 League. Recommended 16+ for some sensitive and dark material

Aside to that, slice-of-life school with potential romance and definitely some video game (and probably PvP) things. This is sort of a two in one story.. so I'll split it up in technicality whilst the characters can be part of one, the other, or both stories.

Any other questions, just feel free to DM me or whatever.
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