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4 mos ago
Current mid term on the 19 so slight delay in all my everything
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6 mos ago
I have learned I'm allergic to deer. Still had a fun time though
9 mos ago
Today I have aged another year. Yay aging lol
10 mos ago
I passed biochemistry. Hell yes no more chemistry to deal with woo! Now to go calm my nerves before i vibrate through the floor
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10 mos ago
I have my biochem final on Monday and am still not feeling well. My apologies for the delays.


The time to update this is here woo

I am a 22 year old student at a university somewhere in America. I currently hold a Associates of Arts degree (took the wrong math for a science one)
I am dead inside thanks to school dragging on (Will be done next year though...thank god)
I'm going for a degree in biology with a minor in both chemistry and photography
I love diving into characters.

Though I play male characters....I'm a weird female I guess

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okay so the backstory is a bit out there and the suit is not described fully just yet
but I plan on creating a few critters and using some that trinity might make
as always I am flexible to changing things but I figured this was a start

@Deos Morran
@Deos Morran
i am working on her
i swear

just trying to perfect that backstory >.>

*evil laughter*

Ah zevi
You're gonna weird out everybody

Poor gem that ends up with him >.>

Speaking of I'm almost done with em
*slams down fist*

Interest ye have it

.....wanna know more about bug people though
Can't help it

Because bug people

Damon stared at ayita and slowly shook his head. "I'm not about to go back to the van" His gaze met hers and did not waiver. "I am more useful out of the van then in it. To you and to the"

With the pause Damon straightened more and looked determined. "What is the plan?" where ayita was fierce Damon was purely determined. This was not going to turn into another mission where he was a battle medic. He refused.
Will do my apologies


I made a slight edit that should make it more clear and again I do apologize
My apologies that my post was not clear

I will edit in a moment

And I do apologize for not posting sooner
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