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Current mid term on the 19 so slight delay in all my everything
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I have learned I'm allergic to deer. Still had a fun time though
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Today I have aged another year. Yay aging lol
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I passed biochemistry. Hell yes no more chemistry to deal with woo! Now to go calm my nerves before i vibrate through the floor
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I have my biochem final on Monday and am still not feeling well. My apologies for the delays.



On hiatus from here until further notice

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Damon Fawkes

Location: side room stark tower
Tattoo count: 1 dragon 1 wolf

Damon felt like time slowed down as the dragon struggled out of his arm for freedom. It always hurt when the dragon was set free. Unlike the others he hadn’t worked with it as much so his ‘ability’ wasn’t as smooth.

Once the dragon is free it stands and shakes its head. Being horse sized meant the room was now somewhat cramped and Damon was still holding to leave it before he mutters. The wolf positions itself at his side and the dragon charges ahead as soon as the door opens.

Damon had a second to observe everything that was going on before starting to rush to the injured while his tattoos acted as shields. The dragon being surprisingly well behaved for once.
Damon Fawkes

Location: side room
Tattoo count: 1 wolf

Damon nodded at dean and started working on just breathing. Everything was fine...pretend magneto wasn’t out there. The wolf snorted and he sighed doing his best to remain calm. He looked at dean ”Thank you...and uh...kind of my fault for being the silent type all the time” he ran a hand through his hair ”Im....sorry just hard to remain calm with someone like magneto out there” he put a hand on the wolf’s head an direction sighed focusing on being calm again.

Damon looked up when he heard the crash the wolf letting out a snarl. ”no promises” he gave a half hearted smile and watched dean leave before looking at the wolf then his arm. ”Okay here’s the plan. If that door opens reveling an enemy we attack. If we hear panic screaming we go out there. That means you as well” he glanced at his arm and saw the excited glint from the dragon. Bad idea? Probably but there were others out there more important then him.

Damon exhaled and stood slowly positioning his bow his wolf standing in front of him and began allowing the dragon out. It would take a bit longer then any other tattoo being that it was larger and not technically a real beast. But he had to start it now when he was calm if he hoped for a small amount of control on it. He winced as a claw then the rest of the taloned paw cane out.
Damon Fawkes

Location: barricade room with dean (a+ dude)
Tattoo count: 1 wolf

Damon chose not to respond to the guy that clearly didn’t understand why he went by the host. His ability wasn’t like mindless fire these were parasites in the form of ink. Another claw found its way out and he winced before he found himself being pulled into a room. Thank god. He panted a bit and nodded at dean before the wolf on the center of giants chest broke free shredding husband shirt and snarling looking around before seeing dean and huffing.

Damon slowly shoved the dragon claws back into his arm with a wince and looked at the wolf who whimpered. ”nice thinking but......I just....I don’t know if I can just trust them” he shook husband head and sat up grabbing the scruff of the wolf and forcing it to lay down. ”I know I seem calmer now but.....I’m not okay. I have to pretend to be so two more don’t pop out.....but I’m freaking out” he looked at Dean and if the guy looked he could probably tell Damon was not okay.
Damon Fawkes

Location: magneto choas

Damon kept his bow held true. He was trying hard to keep his parasites contained but they trusted less then he did. Scales slid around his arm brushing at the edge of his flesh taking on an odd realistic yet not look. ”It may not do anything but I’d rather hold this then let the things on my body know. I don’t trust him. I don’t trust them.” this was the first time he was visibly working with effort to both hold the stance and hold the tattoos. Only three at a time could get out and he could feel the strongest ones fighting to get out first.

Then someone grabbed his bow and lowered it. ” tell me how well you’d handle angry animals of ink trying with effort to escape your skin” he winced. His bow had been lowered they sensed he was no longer aiming. He hisses in pain as a dragon claw suddenly pierced through his arm the claw partially outside of his flesh took on a realistic onyx gleam that became more dull when it reached his flesh and became ink. ”....if you really want me held together help me get to that training room....or just out of” when the tattoos behaved he had full control of them except the dragon....and now he barely held all of them in.
Damon Fawkes

Location: stark tower....magneto fiasco

Damon continued to hold his arrow steady. Steady and pointed directly at magneto damn the foolish thoughts of being able to hit him. He remind silent save for the growling and shrieking coming from his various tattoos as each tried to break free of his flesh. ”....still don’t trust you. Sorry” one of the wolves gave a muffled snapping snarl as its muzzle suddenly protruded from him making a shape in his shortbread like something from a 3D movie.

Damon ignored the harmonica and was barely registering what all was being said instead he kept his arrow aimed true and his creatures in his skin. Especially the dragon which was starting to prove difficult. The need of the tattoos to break out and attack was growing and thus it made it harder to keep them in. He wouldn’t be able to hold back the first three that tried hard enough to burst out for much longer but he kept his face neutral. He was not about to show weakness in front of a man he was holding an arrow to.
Damon Fawkes

Location: stark tower top floor
Personality: Loyal * Bottles emotions * Listener * Sarcastic * Empathetic sometimes * Very closed off

Damon was silent letting others do as they do and then the speedster was vaulting over a couch and looking terrified. That made him tense and start to stand. Someone looking terrified like that was not a good sign....then lo and behold magneto and scarlet witch. Definitely not a good sign. So in a matter of seconds he was up and standing with his bow and a knocked arrow aimed at them. Could he hit them...probably not but it was better then not being armed.

As he stood there listening yet armed his body was a mass of noises. Growling from his chest as the wolves pushed against the skin and snarling from the panther as it did the same...however as always the dragon was silent merely pushing against the skin on his arm causing the scales to become more real as the slid about. “how do we know you aren’t going to just team up with that common enemy? Not exactly like you’re the most offense” he meant offense that was clear.
@AnaSilan Sunja
Am still interested just figuring out how posting will work for me now with work

Damon continued to zone out. Part of him wanted to run from person to person but what would he do? He couldn’t really be helpful and everything had already passed. Feelings of uselessness grew as he sat there. He hoped he would be of use soon.

Damon sighed heavily and ran his hands through his hair before sitting back more. He looked from person to person then looked at his hand before removing the glove revealing the spider tattoo. He was a host...couldn’t he do something more useful then just be that. He rubbed his face and looked at his hand seeing one of the legs move. He couldn’t approach anyone now they were busy. Damn he really needed to stop being introverted.

Damon was helping the best he could in the hour that past. Anyone that required help from pushing the buttons and handing it over to just being there during the phone calls he offered his assistance for. Though, this entire thing wasn’t helping him not think about the lack of calls he himself but had made. There was no one to call. No one waiting for it.

Eventually he found himself silently sitting and just zoning out. His thoughts wandering off to the pain that was how he had ended up at the institute. He was isolated and more then ever did he feel it. He was in a team sure, but he did not interact enough. And now....what if it was too late. He shook his head free of the thoughts and just sat waiting for his next set of orders or for someone ask for help. That’s what he could do now. The best he could do.

Damon unpeeled his twinkie and started nomming it the white filling that made the pastry so great started to spurt out the end but he shoved the rest in his mouth before it could make a huge mess. While this was happening he was listening intently to people once more. The outburst of dean had him pause mid chew like a panicked gerbil. He took a moment finished up the twinkie and let everyone else speak first.

The he inhaled "So...since I do not have anyone to call" He mentally shoved the last image he had of his mom with her shooting up out of his mind. "I can help...i can lend my phone or emotional support...whatever is needed" He gave a thumbs up then exhaled a bit. The only one that would probably want to know about his well being would be Xavier. "Oh or if im needed to call others I would be down for that too" He refused to let the fact that it was not his choice that he had no one to call effect him. He refused.
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