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8 mos ago
Current mid term on the 19 so slight delay in all my everything
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10 mos ago
I have learned I'm allergic to deer. Still had a fun time though
1 yr ago
Today I have aged another year. Yay aging lol
1 yr ago
I passed biochemistry. Hell yes no more chemistry to deal with woo! Now to go calm my nerves before i vibrate through the floor
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1 yr ago
I have my biochem final on Monday and am still not feeling well. My apologies for the delays.


The time to update this is here woo

I am a 22 year old student at a university somewhere in America. I currently hold a Associates of Arts degree (took the wrong math for a science one)
I am dead inside thanks to school dragging on (Will be done next year though...thank god)
I'm going for a degree in biology with a minor in both chemistry and photography
I love diving into characters.

Though I play male characters....I'm a weird female I guess

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Well I cannot revive at this current time

in fact I was thinking of doing something completely different

We shall see what happens


location: With the team!

Castan blinked as she was blatantly insulted by a man she did not know. Her smile faltered and her gaze started to harden, her opposite hand starting to ball up before she exhaled and ignored what happened. She gave a small oft smile toward jake and made sure her handshake was firm but not too firm. As she let go of the hand and gave a smile to isis. "Thank you. I am perfectly fine. An insane male is not worth my time nor my effort" With that said she moved away and worked on preparing herself.

Once time was up she made her way down with the rest of the team and finding herself settled she let herself zone off a bit. That is until spook spoke to her. She gave a nod "Oh, I am indeed a biologist and if you want to do that for me you can" A smile was given as she listened to the rest and glanced at the journal being written in. "Oh you have? That is awesome! and don't worry abut being sudden, its fine" A brighter smile. "Do you prefer spook or vitra? because I know sometimes nicknames aren't always what you want." She lightly taps her chin. "Oh and you can call me castan or cass"

Caftan decided to continue ignoring anything and everything that prophet was doing until it was more relevant. She soon lightly tapped her own forehead and started pulling out what looked like an all black outfit. "Since we are going out I should suit up a bit huh?" And with that she pulled it on and was soon covered with this black suit that didn't have a very visible way that it was if it held a hidden zipper to make sure there was no opening for attack. Her face was hidden in it and she had claws at the end of her now covered fingers, her bag held on her was now hard to tell her facial expression.

Location: tournament grounds
Interacting with: no one yet

Zevi had made his way to the tournament grounds and felt a sigh. While many would be participating zevi decided not to. Instead of fighting he would watch...especially those that had weapons that he himself had made at some point. Though no matter how unique very very few received the twisted blades he kept for himself. If he was going to fight he wasn't about to be kind about it.

Zevi glanced around himself and made his way to where he was intended to sit the metal in his hair glinting with head movements and the bands on his horns added to it. He was dressed to impress and along with it should he be forced to fight what he was wearing allowed for quick movements. Though if he had to impress he would rather do so with his skills at the forge then his fighting skills.

Zevi knew that some if not all of the men he arrived with would be participating and the most that meant to him was making sure his weapons did well in battle. He settled in and his eyes focused on the grounds now in front of him. Steel eyes giving him a strong silent look despite his more gem features. Hopefully he was not forced to interact with those gems in sheer clothing. He could fake it and fake it well but that did not mean he would enjoy it.

Damon Fawkes

tattoo count: 2 wolves

Damon blinked at the chaos in front of him. There was a lot to take in and given that magenta of all people were present his arrows would probably not be as helpful as they could be. With a quick motion he started moving. He could at least help out someone...he did not quite know who yet, but he was moving. As he was doing so magneto was taken out so that was a plus.

What Damon soon realized was that he was heading for Marigold and Allison while his wolf tattoo was heading for magneto. The wolf laid on top of the man as if to keep him down, which given how the wolf's maw was near magneto's throat in case the guy did chose to wake up it was a pretty safe bet.

Damon made it to them and nodded. Clearly he was there to help however he was needed.


condition: ??

Othello looked at the chaos in front of him and slowly a grin swept his face as his watch began to go off signaling to him that he needed to take his pills. In his vision each individual changed and warped and while he heard what was said it was processed differently. Just in time he moved and avoided being taken out by what looked like to him a neon pink wolf.

Vacant lavender eyes looked around and Othello shook his head his voice slightly off. "Well, it was quite fun while it lasted but I think I shall take my leave rather then get captured. After all what kind of time waste would that be for me." A laugh escaped him. "Almost as good as being locked away while knowing you can leave out the front door."

With that said, Othello made a dramatic bow and seemed to vanish in a puff of purple smoke abandoning those he had teamed up with, but they probably were prepared for that from someone who was clinically not right in the head. However, given Othello, if he was really needed he would not be terribly difficult to find if one were to really look for him.

Zevi Mael

location: the capitol exploring while he heads to where he is supposed to be
interacting with: Vonnath --> no one

After zevi parted ways from his mentor he walked fairly slow. It looked like he was walking with a purpose as he kept his head held high and his gaze straight ahead, but reality was he was taking his time to get to where he was supposed to be. After all, after this he would not have as much time to himself. If anything he would barely get to be himself. The thought was upsetting but at least with a bride he would seem far more drakken and that he would not complain about. At least not too much.

Zevi seemed to ignore pretty much everything around him from bars to the market rather keeping to where he was going. He was taking a slower route, but also not letting himself get distracted.

understood apologies for delays

i will be working on all of the everything and getting as much done as fast and efficiently as possible
*dies from poke*

Understood *salute*
i will be working on my part of the post collab hybrid and it should be done tonight
i apologize for the delays
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