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2 mos ago
Current mid term on the 19 so slight delay in all my everything
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4 mos ago
I have learned I'm allergic to deer. Still had a fun time though
7 mos ago
Today I have aged another year. Yay aging lol
7 mos ago
I passed biochemistry. Hell yes no more chemistry to deal with woo! Now to go calm my nerves before i vibrate through the floor
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7 mos ago
I have my biochem final on Monday and am still not feeling well. My apologies for the delays.


The time to update this is here woo

I am a 22 year old student at a university somewhere in America. I currently hold a Associates of Arts degree (took the wrong math for a science one)
I am dead inside thanks to school dragging on (Will be done next year though...thank god)
I'm going for a degree in biology with a minor in both chemistry and photography
I love diving into characters.

Though I play male characters....I'm a weird female I guess

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Clifford Norman~Red

Clifford accepted the pet and mentally hoped she would stop doing that to him. Why was she so insistent on petting him, he was not that soft and he was not that much of a dog. That and he was not comfortable with that smell that had graced his nose earlier had him beyond on edge. He wanted to leave and he wanted to leave badly.

With a heavy huff clifford looked toward civilization and the opportunity of leaving. That being said he did not see the dog when it barreled through and got hit in the shoulder as it ran past. He grumbled and huffed again before turning and padding toward his things. With heavy grumble he picked them up in his mouth and promptly trotted off toward home. He was not about this. Sulfur smells never lead to good things and he was not about to stay here surrounded by death possibilities. He was too old to do so.

waiting to see if anyone notices that the mouse and damon are both no longer in the van

interacting with (eventually): Noah

Yin rolled his eyes as he chose not to respond to the annoyances given by the other fae. Of course he was being poked at, it was much like second nature for them. Perhaps they could not stand his splendor so they had to resort to trying to downplay it to survive in it. Yin moved away with a small flounce to his steps. He was going to have some fun now, he felt that he deserved it after all.

Yin made his way to a bathing chamber, without any full intentions of messing with noah. But, after he smelled a certain scent he developed that plan rather quickly. With quick movements he stripped and sunk into the warm waters that occupied the space. Said water ended up covering the face that he was completely nude, but he wanted to have some fun until the humans fell asleep....when the real fun would begin for him. He leaned against the side of the water and with eager eyes as he awaited for the human that would be coming into the bath at any point. Of course after his dip he would have to go grab some clothing, but for now it would be more than worth it.


Yusuke tilted his head as he walked through the gates behind the others. He had no idea what he had been expecting, but what he saw was not it. What unexpected sights he saw he committed to memory and as soon as he could made a bee line for a place to put his things down. Once everything was settled, he made his way to where he could bathe and did so at a surprisingly quick speed that soon had him out and in a pair of pants before yin appeared and nodded to him as he pulled on the softer tunic he found and left.

Once Yusuke passed his things he picked them up and made his way back to the other mortals. He quickly found a corner and sat where he could watch how the other humans acted. The were after all, acting nervous and he wanted to see if he could figure out why. His black hair dripped onto him as he failed to try it, but he seemed to be ignoring it in favor for his self assigned task. He could just ask them, but where was the fun in that.

so shall i just post Barachiel and finish up athos and Toni or? lemme know what i shall be doin

Damon Fawkes

Tattoo count: 1 hummingbird

Damon raised a brow as the mouse Ayita looked offended at the hummingbird. Why did she look offended? The small bird hadn't done anything. He was now only half paying attention to the people in the van while the mouse that was Ayita slid down his leg and made her way out of the van. He watched, blinked and sighed. "Ill keep an eye on her" He was tasked with being in her group after all. With a shrug he opened the door and exited following the mouse.

While Damon went to follow the mouse, the small hummingbird went ahead of him to scout out where they were going. Toward an alley it seemed, he tried to sneak as best as possible with his bow and arrows...along with the small bird flying a good bit ahead of him. Why did Ayita have to leave the van...why? least he was not combat medic this time.
*pokes thread*
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