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Accepted! You don't need to worry about stepping on any toes, I'm sure everyone agrees that having someone hunt their pirates would add a little more spice to the RP. Anyhow, you may post your sheet in the character's tab when you're ready. ^^

@BlondyMcHuggles Thank you very much! I'll start on a post shortly.

By the way, stumbled across this map resource that could prove helpful.

Thanks for that! I'll put it into the OP; I'm sure it'll help people out!
The seas just off the coast of Jamaica sat fairly still for the first time in several days; the waves brushed along the coastline like an artist painting a picture, and the powerful sun illuminated the water and the islands for hundreds of miles around.

Jamaica had become somewhat of a playfield for pirates lately, and the captain of the ship 'the Devil's Anvil', one Nolan Francis Kirkwood, fully intended to take advantage of the ever-increasing British trade in the region. The Devil's Anvil was a somewhat modest brig with a less-than-modest name; she bore 18 guns and simple, plain white sails. Her figurehead, bearing a naked man carrying a trident and shield, along with a Corinthian helmet, was easily one of the better-designed pieces of the ship.

In many ways, Kirkwood, or 'Old Ironwood' to his crew, was like his ship; rugged but sturdy, and he carried himself with a bearing more befitting an ancient king than a pirate. All of his crew looked to him for guidance and even purpose.

The crew stood at their posts, many wearing bored and disinterested expressions. After days of waiting for the weather to calm down, they were ready to hunt for merchant ships which so far, had failed to show themselves.

Captain Kirkwood stood beside his helmsman, keeping a watchful eye over the deck of his ship. His eyes were currently following a small girl in her late teens. She was carrying a small barrel of gunpowder to a pair of cannons, when she suddenly tripped over. The barrel flew out of her grip and landed on the deck with a thud, breaking its top off and spilling its valuable contents all over the wooden boards.

A rancid odour quickly began to fill the air, and Old Ironwood grimaced at both the smell and the waste of propellant. He walked down the stairs from the helm and towards the girl, who wore an expression of total dread. Kirkwood walked with his head held high and his left hand on the hilt of his sabre, and his long jacket fluttered in the breeze.

"What do you think you're doing?" he asked with a noticable edge in his voice. His eyes, full of fury, stared directly into the girl's own; she immediately averted her gaze to the deck.
She hardly ever spoke on the best of days, but with a man like Kirkwood one wrong sentence from bursting a vein standing right in front of her, she felt like she didn't have a choice. "I-I tri-"

She was silenced immediately by a vicious backhand, which already left a stinging red mark on her face. "Did I say you could open your whore mouth, Chambers?" his face was red too, though the cause was much different. "Clean that up." he spat, before turning on his heel and heading back for the helm. The other pirates on the Devil's Anvil paid the interaction no mind, and continued working at their posts like nothing had happened.

Chambers preferred to avoid contact with everyone else on the ship, but of course it wasn't ever that simple. Some pirates would simply rant at her if they didn't ignore her completely, and other pirates used her for... well, different things. She sighed quietly and did what she was told, trying to avoid nursing her bright red cheek or give up due to the eggy smell of gunpowder still in the air.

Judging by how well-written that backstory was, it'd be a crime not to let you in! Accepted! Feel free to post in the characters tab when you're ready. ^^
He did, experience from killing rogue sailors (Pirates)
I might have to change the history so that the ages are specific
Or is it accepted?
Either it will appear changed if it's accepted in the character tab

This RP is supposed to be completely historical; I mean, small additions can be made, but I'd rather everything be as historically accurate as possible. Since @Beany McBean knows a lot more of this than I do, I'll defer to his judgement on this.


Okay, now your're accepted!

Accepted! You can post your app in the Character tab when you're ready! ^^

I can't accept the application without a ship description; as soon as Rob posts his application, I'll accept yours.

Accepted! You may now post in the Char tab. ^^
By the year 1715, the so-called 'Golden Age of Piracy' was in full-swing; vicious men prowled the seas in search of fame and fortune just as the mighty European powers did. Many pirates had already made names for themselves, and a handful had entire fleets to call their own. Others marauded in simple sloops or battered brigs, nothing more than petty bandits. The life of nautical adventure and piracy attracted men and women from all walks of life, noble and common.

Unfortunately, not everyone found riches; many merely found warm, watery graves without making their mark on the world. Those that find success would have bounties put on their heads, and find themselves going from hunter to hunted. Truly, the life of a pirate was one of profit through danger.

Plot & Rules
This RP is, in essence, a collection of much smaller RPs that may occasionally come together. These 'smaller RPs' take place on your ship, giving you players more of an opportunity to create your own little plots. At this time, there is no large overarching plot in play, so reave and pillage to your heart's content!
Your characters may be captains, crewmen or whatever strikes your fancy. If you would like, you don't have to be a pirate either; being a member of a European navy, privateer or a pirate hunter is also a valid option!
The date for the start of this RP is 1 June 1715.

Now, the dreaded rules.

1. Do not, under any circumstances, do anything that seriously affects another player's character without their consent; shooting at a character without telling the player is fine, but actually shooting them is not, for example.
2. If your character has a ship completely their own with no other players, you have the freedom of posting whenever your feel like it; those players that share ships or plots will have to be at least somewhat active.
3. This isn't a rule, just a recommendation. Please avoid starting your character off with an entire fleet of ships to call their own; there will probably be little progression for them, and unless they're written extremely well, it will likely become stale.
4. It is possible to join the crew another player's ship if you get their permission to do so.
5. This RP is purely historical, meaning that there will be no magic, krakens, etc. That said, tales of such things are completely okay.
6. You can have as many characters as you wish, but one, maybe two is recommended.
7. If you find anything wrong, do not hesitate to tell the GM or any co-GMs that may be appointed.

Map of the Caribbean for who owns what.
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