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@Doc Doctor

I am going try to get to post. But started 7 day 10-hour day job thats 2 hour 30 min from my house. I am run around like a mad man.

I try post soon.
A few and take that deal.
@Doc Doctor
I don't see how the ribs do not come out broken. They're not guarded in any anyway so they take full force of the punch. I definitely agree to compromise with the sprained finger.
@Doc Doctor

I don't agree with your assessment at all. So were at an impasse.

So if you want to use the dice roller or a way for we can use something in a fairway of ending the dispute that I'll be happy with that.\ I believe we are past the point of logically changing either one of our minds. I believe we both feel that our logic is sound.

So this point I feelt is were not on the same page at all or close. I don't get how you see the events. In my mind, your left arm is fully extended straight no bend, when I grabbed it. My half-step makes my body evenly parallel with your left arm. (if I describe that wrong I apologize) When I put pressure on that arm it shifts your elbow and your shoulder in an improvised arm lock/elbow lock. (which you seem to agree by your response). So my left hand has a minimum of 12- 14 inches for to your ribs from my understanding. It is 100% completely unguarded. Twisting your wrist then breaking my thumb does not guard your ribs in any way so they would still be 100% unguarded. So I can't miss them. Unless you do something drastic. Which I did not see you do in your post.

Like we look like this L_. (you)
(my left) ^ I am the arrow, The dot you hand kind of but more like the outside of my torso. My body is not as skinny as the arrow but if that makes sense. The long part of the L would be your torso. The short part of the L and the _ would be your left arm.

If that helps any my understanding of the position that we are in.

Which is why I'm completely confused about how I cannot hit your armpit or your ribs at all because nothing is guarding or stopping me in any form or fashion in my mind that I can see. Regardless if you grab my thumb or not
Red was gripping Kull's forearm and seeking an armlock. Kull's eyes briefly widened in surprise and Red took his half-step, casting out his hard-trained technique with confidence.
from what I'm reading with what you did happens after I take the half a step which is at the exact moment that my punch starts. You are countering my first attack while my second attack is happening. I feel my punch would land against your ribs as you were turning your wrist or within milliseconds of.

When you try to turn your wrist I would also have the chance to not allow you to turn your wrist.when you turn your wrist in your arm is fully extended your arm doesn't completely flip over without rotation of your elbow which is impossible in that particular scenario. You have to pull me into you for you could twist your elbow because you're in an elbow lock to mean can't turn it or come inward either without great effort. So you have to reach over your arm and my hand to grab my thumb. The difficulty of that goes up a lot. That is the hardest finger to grab in this scenario. Now my pinky, on the other hand, would be the most effective. I have no guard against that particular finger at all or just punch the shit out of my hand. The only way to twist your wrist enough my thumb is on the outside facing you would be you have to pull your arm in towards you and up. Your arm should be to be about relatively even with my nipples when you start. Because when I pulled it into me would pull it down to my chest.

Are we seeing the events completely different or are we over arguing over semantics is I'm confused at this point. Absolute confused.

@Doc Doctor

I looked, I never seen happen in a professional sanction fight. Mostly because professionals know to guard their ribs. I spent some time looking for the last few days and I can't find one. From personal knowledge of doing in martial arts and the few times, I've actually done it in a street fight. But everything that I can find, that is legitimate. Talks about the nerve cluster a little bit under the armpit. That makes your arm go dead for several moments. Because most everyone wants to talk about if you get someone in armpit you're supposedly supposed to poop in your pants. There is like a crap ton of stuff about it saying it works,then a more legitimate say it doesn't work and is just a dumb.

But I will concede the notion of the armpit knock out. At this point all I arguing for is the punch land on the ribs and breaks some.

Oh no, you don't come off as an ass. Reading text and trying to figure it out versus voice is always a bit different because you lose the inflection. I've had a lot worse squabbles when you're trying to come up with a solution for a misunderstanding or a miss communication in a fight. You're pretty civil actually.

As I reread the post to make sure that I got this correctly. I pulled arm closer and turn into the half step. Which to me would be a hard counter already, but just putting more force into it and just pulling down some little bit harder and a little more force or speed in the half step. Would counter the reach would it not or make it a harder for you to grab it. Because it would force the distant your arm to mine to be at a greater distance. You would have to then reach more across your body and mine. While your body was being forced to shift by pulling the shoulder and arm. That I'm grabbing in one direction while pulling the other shoulder the opposite? Forcing you into my punch even better?

With your permission. I'll write my counter to the grab and nailing the punch home. If you feel the post needs fixing hit me up and I'll fix it.

@Doc Doctor

Here's an idea so we don't spend forever trying to figure out if were going to move to the next post because we go back and forth for a while and I would have spent hours going through post and clipping them together to mostly explain my point. That is not like there's a whole bunch of studies on being punched in the armpit. I can post about them many pressure points in the armpit. What happens when you hit them what it does to the body how deadly at can be. And so forth and I would have to link like a whole bunch of articles me clipping the parts that are important of them are going back and forth about them. We could go back and forth about this for several days. Which I believe would result in some point. Me feeling that I prove my point and you disagreeing. Coming back around to just saying then just take it to the ribs. I can do that if you like but I feel like that would be a waste of both of our time. It would take the wind out of the role-play fight.

So if you want to concede the armpit punch knockout, that's fair. Which is why in the post I gave the option of rib shot which was more feasible and likely to hit.I think at this point the ribs would be the less argumentative and fair response.Instead of saying that you broke my thumb that you went for the grab and attempted to break it leaving me an open-ended response to your attack.

I'm not going to say landed a hit because that is auto hitting.

Auto-Hitting is one of the most infamous tools of God-Modding altogether. Auto-Hitting is the common name for "Automatically Hitting", which is pretty self explanatory. That is when you post your reply saying what you do, but you explain it as it just automatically hits the person.
@Doc Doctor
I have done it my self and seen happen more than once in reals. If it left open it's just very rarely left open. The move doesn't stop the heart and definitely it's more like a shock to the system. Cause your heart skip a few beats in a very violent fashion stopping it for a second few seconds and your nervous system to get a hell of a shock. Is very similar to the Muay knee knockout to the chest. Which is why also put in the post if he missed he would still hit him in the ribs cracking the ribs. Which was in the original post.

The likelihood that my hit would land before you able to reach my hand is highly likely and even if the land at the same time I still have time to counter. My thumb can only be broken if I choose to stay holding on. You are assuming a lot of my characters actions in that post. There are multiple easy answers to you grabbing my thumb as countermeasures and attacks.

Which is why you noticed in my style of play I say I aim or tries to do or another way of saying the same thing. I never claimed that I connect. I cannot tell you what damage your character takes. I can suggest what damage would be likely from my attack and what I am aiming for does if it connects and where it is intended. But I cannot write in my post that you take the damage. That an auto-hit. Because I don't know if you have a counter for that or what your Dodge will be. Your a tricky bastard and so am I.

I know I'm new to this particular server but I'm deftly not new to the style of fighting.
@Doc Doctor

What about the punch to the armpit? Would happen same time tried to brake his thumb. If landed it stopped his heart and knocked him out or at least sent him to his knees as body stalled or be a rib shot an it crack a few ribs.

Which was my counter I knew you go for the grab.
@Doc Doctor

Red's eye's watered as it was a biological response as his nose cracked. Some blood began to trickle out of his nose. But there was no reaction of pain on his face. Besides his body having to be forced to react to the pain there was no indicator that it registered with him. Red's original plan was countered and both were playing chess. Red wasn't quitting.

Instead of hitting him where he originally planned his right arm came up and a quick twisting arc aiming to it his opponent dead in the elbow. Knowing his opponent would not have enough time to get his arm completely out of the way even if he let go of his nose. Even if his opponent pulled more on his nose which would cause him more pain it did not delay his aim. If he manages to hit on it in the elbow he did not use enough force to break it but enough that it would sprain that elbow severely. If his opponent moved or even if he didn't that he did make contact with the elbow opponent. RED would immediately grab the forearm after hitting the elbow or not. Then take a half a step quick twisting turning his body in toward his opponents sliding his right foot forward putting his body parallel with his opponents. Forcing his arm to be locked straight and pushed against his shoulder bearing down along his joints.

Not stopping his momentum as he did pull his opponent's body into his. The left hand would come up to him hard in the armpit knowing that if the hit lands if you would stop his opponent's heart. He figured this guy wouldn't go down but it would deftly shake him inside for a few minutes. If he missed his intended target he would most likely be able to hit him in the ribs hopefully giving them a nice crack.
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