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hello! this is my official 1x1 request thread that will most likely never close.

i have all kinds of things on here that may or may not interest a moderate percent of the RPG populace. we're talking pairings, fandoms, and original plots! i guess that's kind of common to find around here though, so i'll try to make this shit unique and fantastic as possible! it's a work in progress. just bear with me. it'll be unique and fantastic when i'm done with it. ;)

before we get to the fun stuff, however, i gotta tell you some information/guidelines/requirements/rules/whateverrr to see if we'd be compatible as partners. without further ado!


• i type casual-high casual; my minimum is 2 paragraphs a post, while my maximum is limitless. i want it to be roughly the same for my partner.
• i can play male and female, and i prefer to play multiple characters(and would love for my partner to do the same).
• my favorite genres of roleplays are slice of life, romance, fandoms, and supernatural.
• character development is (that means it's good, so do it)
• cursing, sex, and gore is just fine in my roleplays. i don't care.
• heterosexual and homosexual relationships are fine too. i can play either. oh, and i don't like the whole "dom" and "sub" thing when it comes to homosexual relationships. people are what they are, man.
• i like to socialize w/ my partner(s), so ooc talk is a must!
• it depends on my partner, but i usually make character sheets w/ the minimum being appearance, name, and age.
• i really get invested in the story and characters, so if you plan to go AWOL after awhile, we ain't right, man.
• my posting time depends on the time of year/the roleplay. i need a partner that isn't sitting on the computer all day, just waiting for my reply. typically, i can usually reply at least once a day, unless i say otherwise.
• if you're not interested in the roleplay, tell me before leaving me hanging. i'll do the same for you. deal?
• you better have read these rules. that's a rule: to read the rules.

kay, that's over with. now, i have to type up a lot of stuff. here we go then.

Pairings w/ Original Plots



i know this isn't a lot.. it's still a work in progress. i hope i get some PMs though! i should be editing this more and more and more every day. thanks for your time!
bahmp. :3
hiya! i have a plot here that i've been itching to do to that involve multiple characters and loveable gangs of boys being all homo w/ each other. i guess that was obvious from the title, but i'm just making sure the clicker knows what they're getting themselves into!

before i tell you the plots, i do have some requirements to see if we will be compatible as partners. c:
。 this a partnership! you have to chat with me! i guess i've never been a fan of the whole "stuffy-and-communicates-just-for-the-roleplay" kind of partner. i like to talk and meet new people! if you don't want to talk, maybe we aren't right for each other.
。 i really like intelligent responses to my posts. not a fan of the kind of partners that kind of dismiss my posts and steer the plot in a weird fucking direction. i take the time to get to know your characters, to take great interest in them, to write and consider them in my posts, so pleeeaaase do the same. ;u;
。 at least two paragraphs a post. at least.
。 for posting frequency, i can fluctuate, but i usually get in a post daily or every two days! i won't ask the same of you, to get posts in daily or every two days i mean, but i would appreciate a couple of posts a week at least. that'd be nice!
。 if you read all of these, tell me your favorite color in the PM you send me!
。 i don't mind cursing or dark elements in a roleplay at all. if you get to know me, i become a little sailor, if you know what i mean.
。 i do love character sheets, so expect to do those!

okay, that stuff is all over with. let's move on to the plots!

it's kind of a teensy bit complicated, but i hope you get the gist of it! PM me! c:
the semester is over. <3 really craving some multiple characters MxM!
The search is still on!
this is absolutely my fault for stumbling on some music from Black Butler and listening to it. yes, i am craving a Black Butler RP more than anything right now. i say we just take away the original characters and plug our own characters in. i expect that we play multiple characters in this RP, just like the anime contains, so i hope my future partner is ready for that! i also expect at least two paragraphs a post, though i obviously hope for more when introducing a character.

what i'm looking for right now is someone to play the demon butler! i had this nice idea for a human seeing a contract. we can always double up later on, though. c: i don't mind.

anyway, i hope i get some PMs~ have a nice night/day!
hello, all! i'm back at it again with another 1x1 request thread, one that i hope many will answer to. after watching a bunch of slice-of-life anime, i realize that i've been craving an RP with a Japanese high school theme(obviously from the title), and i'm looking for a partner to collaborate with me! the requirements for this roleplay is pretty basic: more than two paragraphs, the ability to play multiple characters, character development, and a developed sense of writing. hopefully, my standards(and yours) will be met with ease!

now that that's out of the way, i have this plot in mind for the time being, though i plan to type up a couple more. this is the one i really want to do though!

note: i'll use things like "character A" and "character B", etc.. just to clear up confusion!

[from wherever and whenever, character A moves and attends the infamous (insert prestigious Japanese High School name here) that only accepts the best and brightest. most of the students are financially well off, while others entered the school through hard work and determination. character A is first welcomed by the student council, which consists of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and class reps. character A isn't quite yet adjusted to his/her school life yet, so the council keeps an eye on him/her, even going as far as to welcome him/her into their classroom or group at lunch. things begin to heat up when the president enrolls into their rival school (insert other prestigious Japanese High School name here), and the vice president, character B, replaces the president. with no one to fill the vice president's role, however, the student council quickly elects character A, as they like his/her personality.

and, of course, romance could blossom, as well as tensions and bullies from the other school. sports events, festivals, all that high school stuff. oh, and we'd be playing the secretary, treasurer, and class reps as well too!]

so, what do you think? shoot me a PM, and we'll discuss, discuss! can't wait to hear from you!
really set on some Naruto rn! n-n
searching, searching! in the mood for some M x M.
sure! just shoot me a PM! :3
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