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1 yr ago
Current Just started the new year off by sobbing for 10 straight minutes on the sidewalk. #GetOnMyLevel
1 yr ago
I met a faun in Vegas (as evidenced by my profile picture). You should go to Vegas. 10/10 would vacation again.
1 yr ago
Going to Vegas! Don't @ me for the next week, bro. (am I speaking proper millennial yet?)
2 yrs ago
Wowza, so much has happened. Finally settled from our cross-country move. Family drama happened. Doesn’t feel like it’s been 5 months since my last log in.
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3 yrs ago
I still can’t return home because California doesn’t have their shite together and they have yet to contain any of the fires 🙃 guess I’m not going to Florida next week


Real name is Kaitlyn, 23 y/o pansexual, medically retired Coastie, and Air Force wifey. Born and raised in Florida with a Boston accent and southern twang.

~My Past~
Grew up with physical and sexual abuse, I have NSSID (Non-Suicidal Self Injury Disorder), and used to have debilitating GAD.
Despite getting the short end of the stick my whole life, I'm overly trusting, and I laugh often and loudly. I will never change that about myself, no matter how much it gets me hurt.
~My Fam~
My soul mate is my biggest supporter, he's a mobility and avionics.. guy... in the Air Force. We're currently stationed in Arkansas but hopefully not for too long. We both have wanderlust, and hate being American, if only because of the negative connotation associated with our country (that is based on much fact). Also, because Trump. I have 3 super f*cking annoying cats, but I love the shit out of them. I also have a niece that's now 6, and when I say she's smart, it's because I babysit a lot, and I can honestly say that these other kids have nothing on her.

~My Interests~
I'm a 3D artist, I mostly make miniatures out of polymer clay, but I also like to upcycle the hell out of.. Well, just about everything. If I could choose one way to dress and live for the rest of my life, it wold be in Steampunk fashion. I used to BMX for 9 years, did Tae-Kwon-Do for 5, and Yon Chu'an for 2. I only have 15 piercings, and so far only 3 tattoos. I plan on getting a lot more.
~My 1x1 Thread~
~My Quotes~
Various things I've said in RPs and OOC's that I find amusing.. ^^"
"You know what Owen? How about you take that self-righteous attitude of yours, and stick right up your arse, next to your fucking head." -Roy Edgar Nott
"There be no rich or poor, there just be survivors an' shark bait." -Joel the Pirate
"So little fucks were given when you killed Willow that I feel like I now owe you fucks." Me when V KILLED OFF MY RAVENCLAW BITCH.
"Hey now, I prefer to call it a paroxysm of vindictive and fiery rage.. Translation: Temper Tantrum." Me in an OOC.
"The body is Eira but the mind is not. The mind is me." -Eira's mind.
~My Obsession~

~My Poetry~
All of these I wrote 7 or so years ago.. I remember liking them, but I didn't bother to re-read them. Deal with it.

~My Musics~

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