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4 mos ago
Current I still can’t return home because California doesn’t have their shite together and they have yet to contain any of the fires 🙃 guess I’m not going to Florida next week
5 mos ago
Moving to Arkansas, guys.. like what even is my life? Stupid military sending my stupid husband to stupid Arkansas..
8 mos ago
Heya y'all, I have really bad Tennis Elbow, so I'll be offline more as everything non-RP related is going to take longer and I'm going to have to try and heal this thing ASAP.
9 mos ago
Angel why are you so understanding? You're too good for this world T-T Preemptive apology to everyone that I 1x1 with, hubby just finished training so I'm going dark. Will PM y'all this same message
9 mos ago
Heya y'all sorry I'm so bleeeeh lately, I've had a crap ton going on (mostly high-school drama BS), and I have some final things to wrap up in accordance with my medical discharge from the military <3
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Real name is Kaitlyn, 22 y/o pansexual, medically retired Coastie, and Air Force wifey. Born and raised in Florida with a Boston accent and southern twang.

~My Past~
Grew up with physical and sexual abuse, I have NSSID (Non-Suicidal Self Injury Disorder), and have debilitating GAD.
Despite getting the short end of the stick my whole life, I'm overly trusting, and I laugh often and loudly. I will never change that about myself, no matter how much it gets me hurt.
~My Fam~
My husband is my biggest supporter, he's in Tech School to become a mobility and avionics.. guy... in the Air Force. We're awaiting his orders, first pick Japan, second pick Germany, and third pick is the good ole US of A. We both have wanderlust, and hate being American, if only because of the negative connotation associated with our country (that is based on much fact). Also, because Trump. I also love my daddy. He saw a baby girl with no father and always treated me the same as he treated my two older siblings. I have 3 super fucking annoying cats, but I love the shit out of them. I also have a niece that's now 5, and when I say she's smart, it's because I babysit a lot, and I can honestly say that these other kids have nothing on her.
~My Interests~
I'm a 3D artist, I mostly make miniatures out of polymer clay, but I also like to upcycle the hell out of.. Well, just about everything. If I could choose one way to dress and live for the rest of my life, it wold be in Steampunk fashion. I used to BMX for 9 years, did Tae-Kwon-Do for 5, and Yon Chu'an for 2. I only have 2 tattoos so far, and 8 piercings. Plan on gettin a lot more.
~My 1x1 Thread~
~My Quotes~
Various things I've said in RPs and OOC's that I find amusing.. ^^"
"You know what Owen? How about you take that self-righteous attitude of yours, and stick right up your arse, next to your fucking head." -Roy Edgar Nott
"There be no rich or poor, there just be survivors an' shark bait." -Joel the Pirate
"So little fucks were given when you killed Willow that I feel like I now owe you fucks." Me when V KILLED OFF MY RAVENCLAW BITCH.
"Hey now, I prefer to call it a paroxysm of vindictive and fiery rage.. Translation: Temper Tantrum." Me in an OOC.
"The body is Eira but the mind is not. The mind is me." -Eira's mind.
~My Obsession~

~My Poetry~
All of these I wrote 7 or so years ago.. I remember liking them, but I didn't bother to re-read them. Deal with it.

~My Musics~

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Are ya going to post the new thread here..? :D
So sad that this died.. :c
You interested in Harry Potter fandoms by any chance..?
Gonna make this short and sweet because I've been trying to fall asleep for a hot minute. I'm craving a good HP roleplay, as I've been really working on a Slytherin OC cosplay for a few weeks. I have a few characters ready to be used right now; two Slytherin boys, a slytherin girl, and a Ravenclaw girl or boy.

I prefer Casual, I'm fine with Smut if you are, I will do MxM, MxF, or FxF. I do lean towards sub/uke, but with my Slytherin boys I've been practicing writing as a dom/seme. I love angst, but it's not required obviously. Just know that I won't shy away from it if you wish to persue it. One of my Slytherin boys has a bit of a tragic childhood.

PM me the following info if you're interested.


Smut rating?

How many paragraphs per post are expected from me?
Long story short, I just rescued a newborn kitten. I should be able to participate in this RP, though. Want to watch little kitten grow? My Snapchat is bmxbrat484, my YouTube is NyxieNymph (no kitten videos on my YT yet, just me doing the things).

<Snipped quote by Alivefalling>
So in theory then a human could use demon and beast magic. Could a vampire or werewolf use demon & beast magic as well?

If the werewolves are the not lame ones then how come they can't use weapons?

There's a few reasons why they can't use weapons, I haven't gotten any sleep because of this kitten but I'll try to use words. First off, their claws are the best weapons they have. They are more agile and natural, and weapons would just be cumbersome. Also, depending on the lore, werewolves basically have the mentality and primal instinct of an animal. When a person shifts into werewolf form, they can't properly utilize a weapon.

Kitten just went to sleep, now is my chance to do the same. At 6 in the morning... Night.

Long story short, I just rescued a newborn kitten, so I'll get to my CS when I can. If you want to follow me on Snapchat to watch the kitten grow, have at it.. bmxbrat484 is my thing... raising this thing is like being a mother, ack..

Me gonna be spooky skeleton.

Lots of replies, how many people have displayed interest? Is it full? My tablet is wonky so me counting would be tedious @.@
Hmmmm, to be a Nymph or a Merperson, that is the question
I'm upside down look at me. .n.
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